My Life as a Sugar Daddy

By frenchie789

“I just love the presents you brought me, Chris! I’m impressed you followed all the requests in my ad. Our first date is going to be amazing. Most people that contact me thru my website are so lame. Just because my profile says I’m a sugar baby, they just think they can buy me a few presents, get in my pussy and then disappear. But, I liked your profile. You said you’re 45, Chinese, have a successful job in high tech. And you claim to be a REAL gentleman. We’ll see about that =) But, that’s what I really want, a nice guy. I haven’t dated Chinese guys in the past, truthfully. I’m quite tall, so I usually date white guys. But, sometimes, they can be so arrogant. They think because they have big cocks or something, they can get whatever they want. I think dating a man like you is just what I need right now in my life. Someone sweet and gentlemanly. Also, with your master’s degree and your great job, I’m sure you can mentor me as well while I’m going back to college.”

“Let’s look at what you brought. A black evening cocktail dress. Ooh, and a sexy short red dress. Of course, some matching high heels. And my favorite, some victoria’s secret lingerie. Maybe I’ll model some of these later tonight. Let’s start driving. I picked out a great restaurant for us.”

Now we’re at the restaurant…

“So Chris, a little more about how I’d like for us to build this relationship. I can’t lie. I do like the finer things in life. I know this is an expensive seafood restaurant, but life is short. Let’s enjoy every moment to the fullest, right? =) And, I promise to give you what you need, but you do have to earn it. I’m not some slut on Craig’s List. And, I can tell from your kind face, you’re not going to treat me like some hooker, right Chris? Ah, you’re a sweetie. I know a lot about divorced guys like you. You want to feel young again with a young hottie. Relive your youth during your ‘mid-life crisis.’ Well, I’m going to make that fantasy come true for you!”

As we’re eating our meal, I say, “Oh Chris, I see an old friend working at the bar. Do you mind me going over and saying hi? I’ll be right back”. As you wait for me, you notice that I’m taking a few shots with the bartender, a tall, handsome American man. Next, a few other men at the bar take a shot with me as well as we all toast and laugh. Finally, after about 20 minutes, I return…

“Chris, sorry that took so long. That’s an old friend, Jake, and his buddies, and he promised to pass my resume on to his friend who works at a company I’m dying to get into. I had to drink a few shots with them to give them a face. You have to know the right people to move up in life, right?”

During the rest of the dinner, I’m drunk and giggling as I keep receiving texts, which I take the time to answer. The bill arrives finally, and it’s a LOT bigger than you had expected. “Sorry, hun, they must have billed all those shots to our table. Hey, but if I get that job, this will all be worth it! Oh, hold on, he’s texting me about that, um, job. Let me go say bye while you take care of this bill.” I take another 15 min to chat with the bartender while you wait for me. You see him hug me goodbye and even pat me on the butt.


Once we arrive back at Chris’ place.

“Thanks again for dinner! That was so fun. Oh, so how about I try on some of those clothes you bought me?? Make yourself comfortable and pour us a couple of glasses of wine.”

I come back out wearing one of the dresses you bought me and twirled around a bit. I then go back into my room and come back out with the lingerie. Then, you move toward me and put your hands on my hips and try to kiss me.

“Chris, not so fast, sweetie! Remember, I want to build up our relationship. This is about building something stronger. I don’t want you just to buy me something and get a quick bang out of it. That would make me feel cheap. But, I can see from your little hard-on, you have needs to take care of. I’m not naïve =) And, as you remember from my profile, I’m a FREE spirit. So, if you don’t mind, why don’t you sit back and, uh, just relieve yourself. Yeah, that’s right. You can do it in front of me, and I don’t mind. I’ll just keep trying on these clothes, take a few selfies, and drink my wine. Why are you hesitating? Don’t be shy. Whip out that big cock and jerk it for me. You can do it while I’m wearing this lingerie.”

After some convincing, you finally get undressed. Then, you start playing with your cock while sitting on the chair across from me. “Sorry to giggle, hun. I’m nervous too. I know it’s a little odd that I’m over here dressed, and you’re over there completely naked and jerking off. Lol. Well, let’s just keep going and see how this plays out. Ooh, there you go, stroke it. I’ll go get you some lube.”

“Yeah, I see you going faster and faster. Come one. Oh, Sweetie, don’t take this offensively, but are all Chinese as small as this? What do I mean?? Well, I’m used to seeing guys, white guys that are like 8-9 inches. Yours looks a little on the smaller side. About 3-4 inches. Sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. =) Just keep going. Cum for me. I’m sure you’re really good with that cock. Dick. Or whatever. I bet you really go the extra mile when you’re making love =) Just relax and keep going. I’m going to finish my wine and send out a few texts. Work it, baby.”

“Ooh, looks like you’re about to cum. Do it! Wow! What a big load. Now, eat it, eat it. Eat it! It would really turn me on. Please? Don’t be silly that doesn’t make you gay. You don’t realize this, but eating your own cum really turns a girl on =). I’ll help. Let me push your head down. Wow, that was hot! I’ve never seen a man eat his cum before. You really are opening my eyes up. I’m so glad we met. I bet with your experience, you can really teach me things. Ok, well, I have to meet up with some friends now. So, I’ll let you get some rest, after all this, uh, sex action =) I had a great first date! Hugs! See ya”

I take my shopping bags and leave. Over the next couple of weeks, we have a few more dates. I’m ecstatic as these dates go the same. You bring over some fantastic gifts, outfits, shoes, etc., and you jerk your little dick off in front of me while I model the clothes. Then, if you take a while, I just sit on the couch and text while you finish.


“Sweetie, this is our 4th date. I just wanted to let you know how happy you’ve made me! And, from all that jerking and cumming I’ve seen you do, I think you’re having a great time too, right? I think it’s time we get a little kinkier, right? This time, I’m going to flash my tits while I model. And, I have a present for you! Remember at dinner, I told you about how I usually date white guys because they have these massive cocks. My friend Jake from the bar has a big one. I mean, he probably has a big one. I wouldn’t know =) Well, I want you to know what that really feels like. I bought this big dildo with a suction cup on it. Baby, I want you to really turn me on and sit on it while you jerk off.

“Why the disappointed face?! What did you expect? I just thought this level of kink would really get me in the mood. I told you, sweetie, we have to build our relationship before I let you in this pussy. I promise, once you turn me on with all this kinky stuff, I’ll give you what you want. Now, lube up, and sit on this big dick. No one will know. It’s just us, sweetie. You’ll be AMAZED at how good it feels with a big cock in you. ”

I flash you a little titty action, and you immediately lube up and sit on the cock.

“Chris, you little slut! =) I knew you could do it. Fuck your ass with that big cock! I know it’s big, you can hardly get it in. But trust me, it’s, uh, really turning me on. Lol. Bounce on it faggot! I mean, sexy man. =) Just do it for me. Look, here’s another flash of my tits. Wow, your tiny cock is getting hard. Keep going, and I’m going to try on more clothes.”

“I’m just taking a selfie of my new outfit. Don’t worry, and you’re not in the photo (giggle). Keep fucking your ass. (while I keep fucking your wallet). Just kidding! There you go, look at all that cum that just squirted out. Come on, don’t lie. You loved that. Look how hard you came. No, sweetie, this doesn’t make you a fag. This is something you do for your woman to make her turned on! Oh, don’t forget to slurp it up.”

“Now, I brought you one more present before I go. See how nice Courtney can be?! It’s called a chastity device. It took a while to find an extra small one on Amazon, but I did it. I just want to be sure you’re mine and no one else’s. This relationship is going so well. I just want to make sure we’re true to each other… Look, if you’re going to complain, maybe this is not the right fit for us then. But, if you want to keep going, then this is the deal. Wear it, or else we can end the relationship. I mean, do you know how many messages I get on the website site? You should feel really special that I chose you. Are you cool? Ok, that’s what I thought. Now, let me put this on. I swear, Chris, we’ll get to where you want soon enough. This pussy is waiting for you, but all good things come to those who wait.”

“LOL. Look at your little dicky in that cage! So cute! Don’t you feel turned on, knowing that I’m the only one with the key?? You’re going to be extra turned on in between our dates. As soon as you arrive at our date with new presents, I’ll unlock the key. You’re going to associate spoiling me with presents with sexual gratification, and it’ll be so much more intense. Let’s take a selfie together. Come on, just for my own sake. You with your little dicklet in a cage, and me in the sexy outfit you got me. Smile!”


Near the end of the month.

“Sweetie! Thanks for coming over. Did you bring your checkbook, as I asked? Well, this is a special date. No presents or clothes are needed. But I did think you might want to help me out with these bills over here on the table. It’s the end of the month, and I have all my utilities, rent, and credit card bills due. I’m just a struggling student remember? And I need my sexy, sexy Chinaman to take care of me. I know we usually wait for the weekend so you can release yourself, but I’m going to let you do it early. Here’s the key hun, as soon as you write out all the checks for these bills, you can play with your little dick. I’m going to relax and drink some wine while you write out those checks, ok, hun. Muah! Air kiss! =) ”

“Thanks so much. I hope your hand is not too tired from writing all those checks because you have some serious jerking to do! Lol. Look, I have your favorite, big fat cock over there in the corner of the room, all lubed up! Let me unlock you, and you can have fun. Oh, I’m feeling bloated today. I don’t want to put on the lingerie. Here, I’ll pin up a picture of one of my selfies on the wall, and you can look at it while you bounce and jerk. Then, I’m going to the balcony to have a smoke. Have fun!!”

As you’re staring at my picture on the wall, I’m outside smoking and talking to one of my friends. You can barely hear, but you do make out a few words and sentences. In a soft voice you hear me say, “Hey Lisa, my daddy is over again. Yeah, he’s off in the corner jerking himself. Just paid all my bills too. Little chinaman can’t stop touching himself. Lol. Oh hell no, we haven’t done anything yet. I know, easy right!? As soon as little Cha-Ching finishes, I’ll head over. Jake and his buddies are taking us out tonight…”

I open the sliding balcony window and check on you. “Chris, let me know when you’re finished, ok? I have to meet up with Lisa later. Are you having fun by yourself? LOL. Ok, sweetie, work it, and don’t forget to gobble up your cum after. Oh, Lisa says to bounce it, baby! Just kidding, she doesn’t know. LOL.”


Another Date

“Chris, thanks for taking me to the spa today! I’m going to enjoy my 2 hr massage, and I’ll be getting my nails and hair done too. You’re so sweet for waiting while I get all these things done. Imagine how sexy I’ll feel once I’m back at your place? The girls here in the salon think you’re such a hottie. None of their boyfriends would wait hours for them at a salon. However, that’s why you’re special! I’m sending them a few of my selfies with all the hot outfits you buy me. Don’t mind their giggles. They’re just jealous bitches. Although, I did show them a glimpse of your chastity device, and they’re all so amazed I have that key right around my neck.”

Back at Chris’ place

“Well, now, that was a fun date. Look at how relaxed I am after the spa. So, Daddy, one thing I haven’t shared with you yet is how turned I am with the BDSM world. I especially love spankings. Once I unlock your chastity device, let’s try it. Well, in this scenario, you have to obey me, no matter what I say, ok? We’ll start light. Just a few spanks on your ass. What are you waiting for? Baby, I can’t go over there and spank you. I just had my nails done. And with all the facial creams they put on me, I don’t want to sweat it off. They were expensive! What do you mean it’s not the same if I don’t touch you? Ah, come on. I’ll be here to direct. Here’s a paddle I bought on your card.”

“Stop being a pussy. Now, give me 10 hard whacks. Count them out! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Wow, you’re so good. Oh, I did mean 10 on each side. Now left cheek! And say, “I’m Courtney’s bitch!” each time. This is hysterical. Let me call Lisa. She loves this shit. Wow, you’re dick went limp. Don’t puss out. Lisa is more dominant than me, and she wants to watch and command while she’s on FaceTime.”

“Lisa is on the line. She said she wants you to do TWENTY whacks. Either cheek is fine. But…after each one, yell out, ‘I have a SMALL DICK!’ ”

Courtney talks on the phone. “Damn, Lisa, I didn’t know you roll like that. Ok, you heard her, Chris. Look, if you keep hesitating, this will turn me off, and you’ll never get this beautiful, AND BALD, white pussy. Are you going to turn me on or what? I get off knowing you’ll do anything for me, ok Daddy. Let’s go, bitch!”

You start spanking your ass. We stop you to remind you that you have to yell out the phrase. “Start all over! Ok, 20, 19, 18, 17, Louder! 16, 15, 14. Say it as if you mean it. 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 8 7 oh, Lisa is pleased…6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Yeah!”

Suddenly, you hear a muffled sound outside, like some neighbor yelling. You’re mortified. “Sounds like a neighbor just yelled ‘shut up!’. LOL. I hope they didn’t hear =) Ah, fuck him, some old loser next door. Let’s keep playing. Lisa, are you touching yourself over there? Yah. She’s getting hot watching all of this. Make Lisa cum on the other side of the phone, OK.”

“Ok, once more, and this is a fuck you to that neighbor. Come over away from that corner. Kneel right here. Fucking bitch, right here! In front of the balcony window. I know, intense, right. Anyone could walk by and see you. Time to do 20 more. This is how I know you’re my daddy and will do whatever I ask, OK? Twenty more and each time YELL OUT, ‘I’m Chris, and I’m a small dick bitch!’ Yeah, of course, you have to say your fucking name. That makes it fun. Don’t freak out. No one will really hear.”

“Ready, 20, 19, 18. 17, 16, 15 Wow, you’re really yelling it. Stop for a sec. Fuck, it’s hot in here. Better open the sliding window. LOL. Don’t bitch out on me, or I’ll leave and not call you ever again. Ready, start again. 20, 19, 18…3, 2, 1.”

Lisa can be heard laughing her ass off each time she hears, “I’m Chris, and I’m a small dick bitch.” But, she’s not happy. It’s hard to hear on her end. But, truthfully, she could even hear some neighbors in the background. You’re shaking on your knees, feeling so vulnerable.

“Chris…START OVER. Lisa can’t hear. I know you feel so exposed with your window open. I think I even sense neighbors starting to open their windows to see what is going on. Oh well, you have to do this: twenty good ones, spanks, and no mumbling your catchphrase. Go! 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. You’re face is so beat read. Take a breather but stay right there in front of the window.

“Ok, catch your breath? Stand up and get closer to the window. Now, 10 hard whacks, and say, “I’m Chris, and I like a big cock up the ass!” You HAVE to do this, just to show you love me, ok. Don’t fuck with me, Chris. Now get going. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Wow!”

You spank your ass beat red. And your face is even redder knowing that people in your neighborhood probably heard that. From now on, you had better walk outside with a hat and shades on. I start to put your chastity device back on, and that’s when you realize that you already came. With the beating you gave yourself, you didn’t even notice shooting your load. While you’re cleaning up, you hear Lisa and me talking on the phone.

“Wow, that was incredible. Did you see all that, Lisa? Yeah, of course, my nails are intact. I didn’t even touch him. But, girl, you’re just as much of a biatch as I am, so don’t hate. Love ya. See you later.”


Next week, I call you up for a special date.

“Chris, I want tonight to be really special. Let’s go to the jewelry store at the mall before dinner. I want you to get me that necklace and matching ring that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. And for my special, sexy man, I want to do something tonight to make you REALLY turned on, ok? I’m so HAPPY to have met you, Chris. So let’s go crazy on the town tonight.

At the jewelry store, I’m trying on the necklace and ring. “Look how beautiful I look with this on? Stop staring at the price tag Chris. I know it’s a few G’s. You’re a Director at your company, right. Ok, I know it’s a lot. But if it hurts your wallet, that’s how I know you really love me. You can do it for your beautiful baby, right. Don’t be embarrassed in front of the saleswoman. She’s my friend. She knows ALL about my special daddy, right Lisa. She’s giggling out of jealousy. She was the one on FaceTime the other night =).”

I take the chastity key hanging around my neck and dangle it off my pinkie finger right in front of you. “Chris, see this key? It’s all that stands between you and an awesome time tonight!” I start to stroke my pinkie finger up and down, and Lisa and several of the staff there start to laugh. You finally pay and even have to use two different cards to buy the jewelry. While you’re paying, I’m sending out a text. Lisa and another woman at the store get a chime on their phone. As they look at their text, they burst out laughing. I flash my phone at you, and you look in horror as you see a pic of yourself straddling on a big dildo and playing with yourself.

“Look, hun, no one else except Lisa knows. And I guess her co-worker too. LOL. I don’t really know that bitch. But don’t worry, they won’t spread that pic around as long as I’m happy. Ok, Hun? Look, here’s another pic of you licking up your cum. Watch as I send it to Lisa and her friend. Shush, don’t talk back to me. Watch. Here we go. Send! LOL. They’re laughing hysterically. Don’t worry, with that fat commission she just got. She’ll shut up. Let’s go home.”


Back at home

“Don’t I look beautiful with my new jewelry on Chris? Of course, I do =). Let’s have a drink. I want you drunk for my surprise gift for you. I want you to have an incredible orgasm tonight, and what better way than to see me naked and fucking, right? ”

“Oh, there’s a knock on the door. See who it is… Hi Jake, come on in! This is my Chinese sugar daddy that I’ve been telling you about. Chris, remember him from the bar? That nice handsome, tall man? I told you he was going to get me a job. Sorry, that was a little white lie. Really, I just saw this hot guy and wanted to fuck him. So I got his number that night. We’ve been fucking ever since, along with some of his friends. This is the real world, Hun. A beautiful girl like me needs a monster cock to feel good. But I still love you, baby. You’re my world. I just love spending time with you and spending your money. But that little pee-pee locked in that cage is not going to do it for me. You still get to be with a beautiful young woman like me, to spend your money on, and be close to me. You’ve even seen me half-naked from time to time so you can get off to. Isn’t that a great arrangement? Look with that little dick. You’re lucky to have this nice thing we’ve got going on here, ok?”

“In fact, I’m going to treat you to a show tonight. Get ready to see how a guy with a huge dick fucks a hot woman like me! Keep your cage on for now, and stand by the bed and watch. Oh, be a good little boy and help us prep the bed. Honey, no more hesitating, or sour looks ok. If you don’t like it, you can get the fuck out. And good luck finding a locksmith to cut off that cage because I’m not giving you the key. Oh, there you go. Good boy. Now, I’m going to change into my lingerie that you bought and get ready for Jake, ok?”

We start to fuck. You’re going crazy seeing what you’ve been dreaming of these past few months. I moan and thrust. You can see that massive dick going in and out of me. I bet no girl you’ve ever been with has made these kinds of noises. You see Jake, with his strong arms, rip apart my lingerie. Hmm, I guess you’re going to have to buy some new ones for me. Your little dick is getting so hard, but that cage is blocking you from touching it. You see my tits bouncing all around while Jake ravages my body. Sometimes I even lock eyes with you and smile while that monster cock tears into me. I even put my pussy close to your face, and as you move towards it, Jake pushes back your head and sticks his big cock back inside my cunt. I cum and cum and scream for a long time.

Finally, as we lie in bed, I lean over and say to you…

“Chris, I’ll make you a deal. You can taste my pussy juice if you want. I know you’ve been dying to taste it. But, how about you treat me to something nice, too. Go into the other room, log into the computer, and deposit $1000 into my bank account. I need some spending money to go party with my friends. The bank info is on the table. And after that, you can taste all the pussy juice you want. And, of course, I’ll let you out of your chastity device so you can go to town, on yourself.”

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With reluctance, you head out and make the transfer. When you come back, I unlock your cage. Both Jake and I laugh. Then, after getting fucked royally with that huge fucking dick, we roll over laughing at your dripping little pee-pee that’s just been let out of the cage.

“Chris Baby, stand next to Jake. I want to take a photo of you two side by side. Holy fuck, that thing is small. And his cock is limp after fucking me, and it’s still twice your size. LOL. Let me take a few more snaps. Oh, damn, the girls are going to get a kick out of this.”

“Well, now, I’m true to my word. Taste my pussy juice… Whoa! Whoa! Where are you going? Not my actual pussy! Are you crazy? You have to treat me a lot better than that before you can actually put your tongue on this beautiful pussy. This is a young woman’s pussy. It’s only for big dick guys. I am keeping my word, Chris. What are you talking about? You can taste my pussy juice…OFF…OF…HIS…COCK! There’s plenty of it, just dripping off that big schlong. There’s even some on his balls. Go ahead and suck on it and taste my delicious pussy!”

“Jake, Chris is wimping out. Grab him and put your dick in his mouth. Stop messing around. Chris or Jake might slap you around. There you go, wow, look at that big cock in your mouth! Get it into. Bob up and down. Doesn’t my pussy taste great? Oh, that’s enough, you say? I don’t think so. Once Jake gets a taste of your bitch mouth, I doubt he’s going to stop. He needs to get hard again to fuck me. I don’t think you should fight it because he might have to kick your ass. LOL. Keep sucking. Let me go to the other room and check on your deposit.”

A long time seems to pass. Jake keeps fucking your mouth. You’re too afraid to push off, knowing how strong Jake looks. He’s whispering into your ear, ‘hey buddy, I’ve been fucking this bitch for months since the first time you came into the restaurant.’ Finally, he looks you right in the eye with his enormous cock deep in your mouth and says, ‘come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even spent a dime on this girl this entire time. LOL. Now keep sucking, bitch!’

And on and on it goes. Suddenly, you hear me say, “Hey Chris. Look up faggot!” You didn’t notice there was a light on you for some time now. You see a dreaded red dot blinking, and you know there’s a recording of this. “Jake, stop for a second. Hold it right there. Ok, smile! Ah, nice shot. Let me take a few more.”

Jake continues fucking your mouth. Occasionally, he lifts his balls and sticks them in your mouth. You’re turned on by all the pussy juice down there, yet disgusted you have some big hairy balls in your mouth. But, you can’t do anything about it. Sometimes, I take Jake’s cock and stick it in my pussy just to refresh the taste, then stick it back in your mouth. You can’t believe the pussy you’ve been lusting after all this time is right in front of you, but another cock is inside of it instead. And after a while, you feel a sudden swelling in his cock. Then, he pulls out quickly and shoots his load all over you. You feel this hot sensation dripping down all over your face. You can’t see with all that cum in your eyes, but you can hear my phone clicking away. Jake even wipes up some of the cum off your face and sticks it back in your mouth.

“Damn, this is hot. Like shooting a porno. LOL. Smile baby! Remember when we had that spanking session. Remember that line. Repeat it for us with that cum on your face. You weakly say, “I’m Chris. And I’m Courtney’s small dick bitch!”

“That’s perfect, and it’s all on video. Now go clean up. Oh, Chris, Jake, and I need to get some sleep. Can you go into the other room to jerk yourself off? Put your cage back on after, and leave the key on the table. Then, get the fuck out. LOL. Just kidding. But, seriously, jerk it, then leave. I’ll call you tomorrow, OK? Nite night!”

To Be Continued…


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