Michael’s Pitstop 1

By sphcmnmguy.

Chapter 1

It was about 5 minutes until Michael’s shift ended. The weather was warm, humid, and sticky, and Michael had been working all night on his own at the garage. It had been quiet, which is unusual for this time of year, but he enjoyed the time to focus on getting things right in the garage and getting things tidy.

Michael was a mechanical supervisor at a 24-hour truck repair center, where he had been working for the past eight years.

He was counting down the minutes for the day shift to start so he could take a quick shower and be on his way home for the weekend. The guys arrived, and Michael made a beeline for the shower rooms to wash off.

Michael was always quick in the showers, so no one else saw him, he was a modest guy, even though he was buff, but his dick was not the biggest if he was honest with himself. Michael stripped off and threw his uniform in the washing basket for the team to clean during the day. He took his time, washed off all the grease and dirt from the shift, he slowly massaged his body as he was sore. He had a semi as he was doing this, as it had been about a week or so since his last release.

Michael finished up in the shower, dried himself off quickly, strolled to his locker, and threw his old, ripped gym shorts on. And as it was so hot, he left his shorts in the locker for next week. He grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone and almost ran to the car. It was a hot January morning in the Australian countryside, so the shorts were fine. Michael always took the back roads as they were faster, and this time of the morning, the cops were still in bed.

About 30 minutes into his 45-minute drive home, he noticed what looked like a tractor across the road. He slowed down as he got closer to see what was going on. The guys had blocked the whole road, with no space on either side to get around as the tractor had its trailer on the back. Looks like they got stuck halfway from paddock to paddock. ‘Great,’ thought Michael, ‘of all the days to block the damn road.’

Now, Michael is a mechanic and thought he would go and offer some help, so he gets out of the car, strolls over, and asks, “How are we going, guys?”

The two farmers looked like a dad and son, and they mentioned they had been trying to get this thing moved since last night. Hard to believe there were no cars that had passed. That’s how remote this part of town was.

The dad was Kieran, and the son was Mark. They exchanged pleasantries, and Michael noticed Mark was looking at him weirdly. But he didn’t think anything of it. The people out here are isolated and don’t get into the town much. It might be the fact that this big muscle guy in tight, nearly see-through short shorts just rocked up at 6 a.m.

They chat for a little while, and Michael lets them know he is a truck mechanic and is happy to have a look at the tractor for them. They are thankful for the help and get out of the way to let Michael inspect the machinery. Michael scoots under the front of the tractor to look and see what’s wrong. As he hurries under, he doesn’t realize, but his shorts get slightly torn by the loose gravel on the road on his ass. He fiddles around and doesn’t see any issues underneath, so he goes to slide out from under the tractor. As he does, his shorts stick to something on the road, and they rip right off him. They’re ripped in half, and Michael can feel the air on his dick and balls.

He takes a second to think about what to do but decides that he is around other guys. They’ll be fine with it and slowly get up, covering his modesty.

Mark and Kieran turn around and see Michael standing butt naked, covering his manhood and asking for something to cover up with so he can get home.

They start laughing hard! They tell Michael they’ve got nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Michael starts to go a bit red and heads for his car. As he gets closer, he sees his keys are in the front seat and the doors are locked.

“WHY?” he exclaims.

He then realizes he left his other clothes at work, and he keeps nothing in his car as he hates clutter, so even if he could get in, no clothes or coverings were in there. He leans against the car with his ass facing the guys. He thinks.

“Hey, ahm, Mikey, we might be able to help you get home and get yourself looking a bit more respectable.”

Michael turns around and heads over to them to see what they mean. As he approaches, Kieran motions his hands away from his junk. Michael looks confused and just jeeps, walking towards them.

Kieran says, “Put down your hands, boy, and show us what you got.”

Michael scoffed and was annoyed he would even ask him to. Shook his head and looked down.

“Drop them, or you’re out here on your own, buddy,” said Mark.

Michael sighed and obliged. He lowered his hands to expose his dick and balls. The guys looked at each other and snickered a bit, making some finger signals about his size. Michael’s dick was about 2 inches soft and four and a half inches hard on a good day, so not a micro, but below average.

“Aww, look at that cute little dicklette, Dad. It’s so small,” said Mark.

Kieran agreed, and they chuckled to themselves. Michael hurriedly re-covered himself and asked if they’d help him get home and safe.

“Yeah, don’t you worry about it? We will get you home, my little dick boy,” said Kieran.


Chapter 2

Michael was still standing there nude and now more embarrassed. The guys told Michael to get the tractor fixed for them, and they would drive him home. Michael was motivated to get home ASAP, so he hurriedly got started looking for the problem. He climbed under again and checked everything, but nothing. He jumped up into the cabin and checked the electrical. Ah ha, he found it: loose wires. He reconnected them and went to turn the tractor over. Success!

Kieran smiled, and Mark clapped. Michael felt a sense of relief.

“Will you help get me home now, please”? Michael asked.

The men responded, saying they would get him there very soon, as promised. They grab his address and put it on their phones. The guys grabbed their toolkit and threw it in the trailer and then went around the other side to discuss how they’d get Michael home. They were whispering and smiling. Michael was a bit nervous but more anticipating getting some clothes on.

“OK, little buddy, let’s get you home. Mark will set you up.”

Mark motioned for Michael to follow him to the trailer of the tractor. “OK, little guy, jump up for me.”

Michael scowled at Mark and asked him why he needed to get up there.

“Because, boy, that’s how we’re getting you home. There is only room for two in the cabin, and it’s hot. I’m not going on the trailer, so you are.”

Michael sat with that for a second and realized he would be naked and driven all the way home on the back of a trailer. He responded, “You mean I’ll be up there for all to see, naked?”

Mark chuckled and nodded. Mark grabbed some rope from the trailer storage box and motioned Michael to jump up onto the flatbed trailer. Michael sighed and did so.

Mark followed him up and took him to the front of the trailer where the railings were, “OK, take a seat for me, Mikey.”

Michael sat down and covered his dick. Mark looked down at Michael sitting there in the bright sun, naked and exposed, and thought this might be a good time to let him in on how he would be taken home.

Mark started, “You see this rope, Mikey? Yeah, we need to secure you to the trailer. It’s the state law that any cargo carried on this trailer be secured and safely tied down.”

Michael looks puzzled and starts to question Mark on why he would need to be tied down. He can hang on, can’t he?

“I’m afraid not, Mikey. Here, hold this.”

Mark hands Michael the rope and makes him hold his arms up to start. Mark starts securing him to the rails at the front of the trailer. Michael is sitting down, legs crossed, facing the rear of the trailer, looking into the paddocks. His heart begins to beat faster, and he is getting nervous about this. Michael isn’t paying much attention, but his little soldier starts to get hard.

He is at full mast before he even realizes what is happening, and Mark points it out. “Oh boy, look at your little red rocket down there, buddy.”

Michael realizes and goes to cover himself but realizes his hands are tied up against the rails. His shiny pink head is pointing straight up and is hard as a rock.

“Liking the ropes, are we? Kinky little dick fella, aren’t we?” says Mark as he continues and is chuckling to himself. Michael is secured, his hands are tied above his head, and he has a rope secured across his muscular toned torse to keep him secure. “OK, we’re done out here dad, let’s go,” Mark yells out to Kieran.

Michael realizes what’s happened and begs to be untied. He doesn’t want help getting home. He will figure it out.

“Oh, don’t stress, boy, we will have you home in 15 minutes,” and Mark jumps down and jumps in the front with his dad.

Michael is nervous. He is naked, tied, and now boned up. He is praying as it is so early, he will be home before anyone else is on the road. The tractor starts, and they are on their way home. The sun is shining down on Michael’s now sweaty body. His hands are tied above his head, he has uncrossed his legs, and his boner is standing proud between his muscular thighs. His big, manly, low-hanging nuts are sitting on the base of the hot metal trailer. Michael starts the relax; he knows he is close to home, and he will be OK soon.

His boner starts to deflate slowly and go back to its tiny self. Michael is replaying all the things that have led him to this point. If only he had his keys, he would have been able to drive home, and it would all be OK. Instead, he is here, naked and embarrassed.

As they get closer to town, they begin to slow down. Michael can’t see in front of the tractor, but up ahead is a detour sign. The road through the back of town is closed, and there is a detour in place. The guys slow down to talk to the roadworkers to understand where they must go. Michael wonders why they’ve stopped. He is trying to see, but he can’t really get a clear view.

He can hear the guys talking to someone else. He listens intently. “Yeah, just go through town, mate. Will be the easiest way, even with the trailer, I’d say.”

Michael panics and starts to sweat. “Go through town,” he thought.

The tractor starts moving slowly and stops just as they get to the roadworker. The man looks up at Michael and starts laughing. “Oh man, what did you do to deserve this? They’re going to love this in town.”

Michael hangs his head, and the tractor drives off. Michael is really nervous now; aware they’re heading through town, he is just hoping it’s a quiet morning and no one sees him.

A few minutes pass, and the tractor rolls down the main street of town. No one sees anything yet until one of the men outside the barber asks his mate, “Is that fella naked?”

Michael hears this and puts his head down, hoping the guys continue driving through town and get him home. But they don’t. They slow down, and the two guys wander over to take a closer look at the naked guy tied up in the tractor.

“What did you do to deserve this big fella?” they ask.

“He’s big everywhere that counts,” one said with a smirk. “That tiny dick is pathetic.”

Michael keeps his head down and grunts back with anger. The guys laugh and poke fun for a bit. Michael keeps his head down, hoping they don’t stick around for long or draw attention.

The boys driving the tractor yell out to the onlookers, “OK boys, enough fun, we got to get little Mikey home.”

The guys smile and move away. Michael is red. He is angry he is embarrassed, and nervous about the rest of the drive now. They continue through town, and to Mark and Kieran’s disappointment, there are no more onlookers to show Michael off to. They round the last corner, and Michael’s house is in view.

Michael feels relieved he will be inside and safe soon. The tractor pulls up front, and the boys get out and stroll around to the trailer to untie Michael. They jump up, and Mark takes a pic of Michael tied up with his legs spread open so his nub is in full view. Mark chuckles, and Michael scowls at him and tells him to delete it.

“Boy, this is my insurance policy. You tell anyone, and this goes out to the whole town, so you better keep quiet.”

Michael nods his head and asks to be untied now. The guys agree.

They untie his arms and help him up and off the trailer. Michael runs up to his front door to get inside. He realizes no keys mean no entry. He sighs.

Mark and Kieran laugh and get back in the tractor, “Good luck, little guy.”

Michael quickly makes his way around the side of the house; he usually leaves one of the windows open and a crack in the laundry, so he wants to try that one. He is in luck. However, it’s a bit awkward to get in. He must climb up a bit and then go in headfirst. He uses a chair from his back deck to get himself up and puts his head through. He jumps up and is teetering on his belly, half in and half out.

As he is about to slide in, he hears a voice, “Come out with your hands up.”

His heart sinks.

It’s the police.


To Be Continued…?


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