Master Humiliates Alan (Gay SPH)

By peachykeen22.


Alan does as he’s commanded immediately, knowing better than to disobey his master. He pulls off his shirt and jeans, followed quickly by his binder and boxers, until he’s naked, hidden tits and pussy on full display.

His master steps forward, reaching out to rub one of his nipples. “Your tits are so small and ugly. No wonder you keep them hidden under that binder. I think they deserve to be tortured.”

Alan’s face flushes in shame, but his pussy is wet immediately. His master shoves a hand between his legs, middle finger thrusting up into his tight cunt, and he grins. “You’re already so turned on. Do you like having your master humiliate you for having such tiny, imperfect tits?”

“Yes, Master, please…” Alan moans. “Please hurt my tits.”

His master grabs his nipples, pulling and twisting them until Alan gasps in pain. “It makes you so wet. The humiliation of having tits like these. Being a man with saggy little tits.”

He slaps Alan’s tits hard, right and left, until Alan cries out, “Master!”

“Say that your tits deserve to be punished.”

“My-my tits deserve to be punished.”

He grabs Alan’s tits in his hands, squeezing and digging his fingers in, bruising his nipples. “Say that you love being a humiliation slut.”

Alan whines as his master pinches his nipples. “I love-I love being a humiliation slut, master!”

“Good boy. Good.” His master lets go, giving his tits one last slap. “Get on your knees, slut.”

Alan kneels in front of his master. His hard clit pokes out between the wet lips of his pussy. Master strokes his chin.

“Master…” he pants, rutting against nothing. “Please…”

His master’s hand tightens around his neck, and he grins down at him. “I bet you’d love something to rub against that little cock of yours.”

He gasps as his master leans down and flicks his clit with a finger. “You like it when I abuse your tiny bitch clit, don’t you? You’d probably do anything I asked just for me to torture it.”

“I’ll do anything,” Alan gasps. He’s desperate, clit hard and glistening, his cunt dripping.

His master hands him a glass of water. “Be a good little cuntwhore and drink it all.”

Alan downs the water, gulping hastily and ignoring the growing pressure in his bladder. His master takes his clit between his fingers, rolling it back and forth harshly and rubbing the sensitive nub just under the hood.

“I love how sensitive your hormones have made this,” he says, squeezing his clit between his fingers. “But it’s still so small. You have the tiniest little cocklet I’ve ever seen.”

Alan’s face burns in shame. “It’s normal size for someone like me…”

“I love how small it is,” his master whispers, biting his earlobe and tugging on his little clit. “It must be so humiliating, getting so wet from having me rub your tiny cock. God, it’s so fucking small, it hasn’t even gotten fully hard from me abusing it.”

Suddenly, his master has an empty glass bottle in his hand and brings the mouth up to his clit, pushing it over the head. “Here. Your cock is too small for a real sex toy, so you can fuck this bottle if you want to cum.”

Alan fucks into the narrow head of the bottle, moaning. It’s so tight over his clit, pulling the hood back so that the overly sensitive head rubs up against the cool glass. His master lets him rut against it until he shouts and cums, hard, but he doesn’t stop. He grabs Alan by the neck and forces him to keep fucking his clit into the mouth of the bottle, ignoring his pleas as his overstimulated little clit is tortured.

After two more orgasms, he removes the bottle from Alan’s clit. It’s red and swollen, sore from the overstimulation. Alan nearly collapses backward, but his master keeps him on his knees and teases the head of the bottle against his soaking wet pussy.

“Should I fuck you with it?” he whispers, bumping it against his swollen clit and eliciting a whimper. “Shove it into your tight cunt to remind you that you’re a girly little whore with a pussy?”

“M-master…” Despite the tingling soreness in his overstimulated clit, Alan grinds his pussy against the bottle, and the head of it slips into his wet hole.

“Oh, what a good boy.” His master slides the bottle further up into his cunt. “Do you like it when your master fucks your pussy?”

“Yes, master, please,” he pants as his tight hole is violated, “please, fuck my pussy. I deserve it.”

“Yes, you do.” He punctuates each word with a hard thrust of the bottle, forcing Alan’s pussy open.

“Master! Fuck, ah…”

“Is something wrong, fucktoy?” He fucks Alan’s cunt at a ruthless pace, brushing against his sensitive clit with every movement.

“M-master, may I-I need to use the bathroom,” he says, face flushing red. “The water-”

“You need to pee, don’t you, little slut?” Alan gasps as his master continues to fuck his tight pussy. “No, you don’t have permission. I’m in control here.” He grabs Alan’s neck, squeezing it tight, not allowing his slave to breathe. “Say it. Say I’m in control.”

“You’re-you’re in control, master,” Alan pants.

“I control you.”

“You control me, M-master.”

“You aren’t allowed to piss until I give you permission.”

“I’m not allowed-” he breaks off in a moan as his master releases his neck and tugs on his sore clit, continuing to fuck him with the bottle. “I’m not allowed to piss until you give me permission.”

“You are mine.”

“Master, I-I’m yours!” He screams, squirting onto his master’s hand as he fucks him through another orgasm.

His master discards the bottle and drags him to his feet, leading him to the Sybian in the corner. Alan winces as he’s shoved down onto the machine, the large vibrating dildo stretching his used pussy.

“Your little cock is so red and sore.” His master crouches beside him, stroking his clit with a finger. “I want to make you cum until you cry from a single touch to the tip of it.”

He turns on the Sybian with a click, and Alan cries out as vibrations rock through his body, torturing his overstimulated pussy and clit. His master stands, patting his head, and walks away.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, my little humiliation slut.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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