True Stories: Living with a Small Dick

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by goamz86

I just wanted to write this little essay as a response to the many comments I have read on some stories about submissive males being wimps and all.

I understand how some guys would see a submissive man as being a wimp, but I am sure most of those guys wield a larger tool than I and most submissive males do. I always had a small cock, and to add insult to injury, I didn’t hit puberty until I was in the 11th grade. I could not wear tank tops because of the snickers I got from people, especially girls when I raised my arm and there was no hair. I had a girlfriend my sophomore year who told me she was easy, and I had to break up with her because I knew she would laugh me out of bed if she reached down there and it was smooth.

I finally sprouted hair my junior year and got so excited that my cock would finally begin to grow. However, I was greatly disappointed when by the time I graduated, a virgin of course, my dick had not only not become long, it had not gotten much thinker either.

Over the next 5 years I had a few girlfriends, and each left me shortly after we had sex for the first time. It does not take a genius to figure out what is going on at that point. One of them even told me, “The sex is kind of one sided.” That was a bit hard to take.

This series of events series caused me to do two things. First it caused me to admit to any girl I dated that I had a small dick the first time anything came up about sex. This helped me because it lowered the expectation they may have about my size. The second thing that it caused me to do was, to begin concentrating on oral sex. I knew I would not be able to please them with my dick, so I would make them cum with my tongue. I began to ask what they liked when it came to having their pussy eaten, and I began doing it just the way they liked it.

Both of these things both put me in a submissive position in all my relationships without me even realizing it at the time. If you think about it, oral sex is really an act of submission, and oh how I began to enjoy having my face buried in a pussy.

The next event that led me further down the submissive path was I began to date larger women, because I felt there was less competition for their attention. I soon found that this was just another step to succumbing to women. See Big Beautiful Women have been teased and made fun of their whole life, as have I, but most of them on the other hand develop an attitude. This attitude along with my insecurities led to my further demise into submission. I became obsessed with BBW. I love big round ass, and large huge tits. I learned to accept the bellies and large thighs, and soon those featured even began to turn me on.

These women almost always took charge when we were in bed, and I began to really respond to it sexually. I ate pussy and they came all over my face, and then they would let me fuck them. I was in heaven. There was no pressure on me anymore, because they knew I had a small cock, and they didn’t expect much. They also knew five minutes into it, that they could have their way with me. They grabbed my head and buried my face in their snatches. They sat on my face and rode it to orgasm. The fucking was just a reward for my efforts. They rarely got much pleasure from it. I didn’t think it could get any better, and then I met my wife.

She was the nastiest horniest broad I had ever met. The first time I saw her 42DD tits, and her big round ass, I knew I had to have her. She worked with me in the office I worked in, and we talked all the time. It was not long before we began to sexually tease each other. She also knew I was a “nice guy”, someone who would treat her like a queen. I finally got up the nerve to ask her out and it was the end for me. She took me to bed that first night and treated me like a god. She sucked my cock. She swallowed my cum. She let me fuck her big beautiful tits and she let me cum all over them. Little did I know she was just setting me up for a bait and switch.

For the first six months, she let me be in charge in bed. She sucked my cock, and I fucked her tits and she even let me fuck her in the ass. I began to believe I could please her, but my submissive side came creeping back. One night we were lying in bed after sex when I asked if she would tie me up and take advantage of me. She apparently had been waiting for me to ask, knowing I had this side to me. From that day on, things were never the same.

She tied me up a few nights later and sat on my face and rode it to three orgasm. Then she sat on my cock and fucked me until I came inside her. This was the time she picked to tell me that she can’t get off on my small cock. She began to really tease me about it and it only made me hotter. She got off my cock and again sat on my face, feeding me my own cum. I couldn’t believe she did it, but it was not bad. Soon she began to do this all the time, and I found it totally hot. She would have me fuck her in the pussy or in the ass until I came, then feed it to me, making me clean her. This always got her off too, so everyone was happy. I told you she was nasty. Needless to say, I asked her to marry me two months after that first cream pie.

We have been married for 12 years now, and I am very happy. Sometimes I think about asking her if she wants a man with a bigger cock to fuck her, but I told you what happened last time I asked her for something sexually……..I am afraid of the answer.

Although I am not a conqueror of women, and I am a submissive man, I am also proof that a man with a small dick can be happy sexually and have a wife who is happy too.

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