Little Secret Revealed

By Jubalog.

The sunlight coming in through the windows forces you awake. The effects of last night’s escapades are still present on your body. Evidence of poor decision-making show in how you decided to crash on your stepmother’s couch. You feel the cool ceiling fan on your exposed skin and shiver. Your heart drops as you notice the air on your groin.

You open your eyes and look down towards your crotch to see your two-inch (ca. 5 cm) erect penis. Your pants had been pushed down underneath your ball sack.

You begin quickly rolling through the possibilities. Maybe you had not been exposed for so long? You just accidentally pulled your front down in your sleep only for it to be snagged on your ball sack? Your mind then drifts into a darker area.

What if someone had intentionally exposed you? The only two people here are your stepmother and dimwitted stepsister. You could not fathom your stepmother doing this. But your stepsister was another story.

With all other people, she seemed kind and reasonable. The way she treats you, on the other hand, could only describe her as a vicious idiot sociopath. If she were to find out about your small genitals, your life as you know it would be over.

You are alerted out of your panicked haze when you hear someone approaching down the hallway. You quickly fix your pants just before your sister enters the living room. She wears a mocking grin on her face.

“Rough night, huh?”She says in a condescending tone. “You were always a fucking lightweight.”

“I’m not in the mood for this shit, Abigail. Just fuck off.”

“What? Did you crash here because you couldn’t get laid? Why is that little brother?”

You cringe inside at the ‘little’ comment. It always seemed like a backhanded insult at your height, although she is older than you. You had just turned 19 the day before, and she is three years your senior.

“I said fuck off.” You try to hold your ground.

“Or maybe there is another reason why women don’t like you. Ever thought of that?.”

“Will you please-” She cuts you off before you can continue.

“Anyways, mom said you might as well cut the grass since you slept here. See you, little guy. I’m going to the mall.” She walks out before you can get another word in.

After resting for another hour, you decide to get the lawn out of the way. You greet your stepmom as you step out onto the porch. She is relaxing in a chair while reading a newspaper.

The sun warms your skin while you cut the grass. This helps calm you down from the events of this morning. If Abigail had seen your penis, she indeed would have mentioned it.

Eventually, you spot a group of girls walking on the sidewalk. You recognized them as your sister’s friends and neighbors. They were always rude to you, so you had an easy time trying to ignore them.

They stopped on the sidewalk and began pestering you for your attention. You were apprehensive because this was unusual behavior for them. While approaching them, you notice they struggle to hold in laughter.

“Hey, I wanted to ask.” The girl in front asks. “is this really your dick?” She pulled out her phone and shoved the screen in front of your face. You are staring at what seems to be a close-up photo of your penis. It was obviously taken while you were sleeping this morning. You were too stunned to respond. The morning’s fear and shame quickly came back.

“I ask because your sister has been sending this photo out to everyone and claiming it was you.” she takes a long look at the photo, “Which is hard to believe considering how fucking small it is.” She finishes.

It was obvious. You recognize it as your dick. You are thankful that your sister was not smart enough to include your face in the photo. This made it easier to deflect and lie about it. The only thing to do now was damage control.

“That is absolutely not me. She probably stole it off the internet and spread it around as a prank.” You say defensively.

“I figured it was photoshopped or something…” She seemed almost disappointed about it. “Hey, can I check to make sure!? I know guys like to lie about that sort of thing.”

This threw you off guard. The mix of surprise and shock reveals itself on your face. Before you could react, she had a rugged grip on your dick and balls. You immediately became submissive. Unable to retaliate in any meaningful manner besides clutching onto the wrist that seized your goods.

“Please…” You whimper.

You watch her face morph from an expression of shock at the minuscule size of your dick into amusement.

“You’ve got a baby dick!” She shouts, not relenting on her rough grip.

The other girls are hysterically laughing now. She was painfully tugging on your genitals with each burst of laughter. You look towards your mother sitting on the porch. She is smiling sympathetically.

“This is a micropenis!” While aggressively pulling on your dick and balls, she says, “The whole thing fits in my hand!”

You finally pry her hand away from crushing your testicles. You jog your way towards the house to get safely inside. Your stepmother slowly makes her way down the front porch stairs towards them. The pain in your testicles prevents you from moving properly. “Don’t be such rough girls! You might break his thingies!” She says as she walks toward the group. “Why don’t you take a break, kiddo. That looked pretty painful.” She shouts in your direction. She says bye to the girls, and they continue down the street.

She meets you inside as you are removing your shoes. “Do you need to take a quick break? I noticed you were limping.” She says, taking a glance at your groin.

You want to relax for the rest of the day. “I don’t think ill be able to finish the grass today. She got me pretty good.”

This brought a sour look to her face. She wanted the grass done today. You just wanted to sleep off the worst day of your life. “Your cousins are coming over tomorrow. What will they think when they see a half-cut lawn?”

After a bit of silence, she makes her way toward you. You quickly stand to meet her. You are uncomfortable by how close to you she is standing. She looks down on your slightly shorter stature. You can feel her hot breath on your face.

“Well?” She watches you expectantly. You stand there, unwilling to give in. You shrug your shoulders. She sighs deeply. “I need to check your testicles. You may have been injured. It’s important.”

The small space between you is unbearable. You take one step back, and she immediately closes the distance. This repeats until you are backed up against the wall next to the front door. She sighs deeply after some time.

“Okay, listen, I saw what happened. She said something about you… about your..” She flicks her eyes down towards your crotch as you fidget nervously. She waits for you to respond, but you are too overwhelmed to say anything.

“Anyways, obviously, something like that isn’t physically possible, right? It can’t be that small. I know things like that can make a guy insecure, so stop being weird. You probably have no reason to worry.”

You nod in the hopes of quickly escaping this awkward situation. You attempt to push past her, but she forces you back against the wall.

“Hold it. I need to see.” She says forcefully.

“What?” You respond meekly.

“That girl grabbed you roughly, and I need to see if you are hurt. It’s for your health.”She glares.

“Oh, that’s okay, i’m fine.” You try to push past again, only to be forced back.

Her eyes narrow as she takes on a demanding tone. “Not with that limp. This can go one of two ways. Number one: You make things difficult, and I call Abby’s friends back here to hold you down while I rip off your pants to check or… Number two: I pull the front of your pants open to peek inside. It is for your own good.”

You are too stunned to react. Wholly frozen in embarrassment. You stare at her with hopeful eyes that she will relent.

After a moment, you watch her eyes drift down towards your waistline. You feel her fingers dip into the front waist of your pants. You sense the space open up as she pulls your front waistband towards herself. You watch her face react in genuine shock. You feel her eyes on your penis.

You look down to see the damage. Her manicured hands are holding your pants wide open. You and your mother look down at what’s supposed to be your penis. Instead, what sits glued to your crotch is what you call an acorn resting on a sack.

After about 30 seconds of the both of you staring into your pants, you in horror, and she in shock/amusement, your sister walks through the door, followed by one of your sister’s other friends, Delilah.

Your mother begins to speak finally. “It looks… it looks-”

Your sister walks by, glancing into your pants. She cuts your mother off mid-sentence. “It looks fucking microscopic! You could use that thing as a toothpick!”

Her friend was not so casual. She stopped and gaped at the sight that was in your pants. A few moments pass, and she decides to take her photo. The shutter effect of the camera snaps you and your mother out of a daze. You watch her follow Abigail into the next room. “I’m sorry, Abby, I didn’t believe that photo you showed me. From here, though, I can clearly see your brother is hung like a chipmunk!” Delilah says.

You slowly melt your mother’s eyes. She is visibly cringing with teeth clenched while you are absolutely horrified.

“It IS tiny…” She whispers before bursting out into laughter. She lets your waistband snap back to your abdomen, and she follows Delilah into the next room.

You can see the three of them joking about your lack of equipment. You stand there for a long while, listening to the laughter at your expense. You go back to cutting grass to try and distract yourself from the changes your life is going to undertake.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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