SPH Shorts

By Significant_Ad_9446.

Caught Cheating

“Hey, there, cutie. Do you wanna lay down with me?” she asked.

I said yes.

She started kissing and touching my face.

Then another female voice screams, “What the fuck is this?”

I looked up and saw my girlfriend scowling at me.

“Stand up right now, you cheating piece of shit. What the fuck do you think you’re doing? You know what? I don’t wanna hear it. We’re fucking done. It’s over!”

The new girl said, “You have a girlfriend?”

My now ex-girlfriend said, “Oh, so you just conveniently left out the fact that you were in a relationship, huh. I bet you also didn’t tell her about your other secret, you fucking baby dick having ass bitch.”

“Baby dick? What do you mean?” my new girl asked.

“Go ahead, show her, you fucking pussy. If you don’t, then I’ll post all those nasty ass pictures you sent me of your lil gummy-worm assed dick.”

“Wait, do you have pictures of his dick?”

“Yes, I got so many I could fill a fucking museum. Do you wanna see?”

“Fuck yeah, I do.”

“OK, what’s your number.”

The new girl gave my now ex-girlfriend her number and laughed when she saw the pics. “Oh my God, it looks like a fucking clitoris. That is so embarrassing. I can’t believe you we’re gonna try and have sex with me.”

“Yeah, we dated for five years, and I didn’t fuck him once,” my ex said, “and now I’m going to make sure he never gets the chance to fuck anyone ever again except his hand. Fucking beta ass simp baby dick bitch.”


The Prostitute

“You’re so cute. I love your eyes.” She touched my face and chest. “Maybe we could go somewhere a little more private and get to know each other better.”

Another girl walked up. “Hey, baby, I see you got a girlfriend. That’s really sweet, and all but you still owe me the $80 you said you would pay me for sucking your pathetic little dick. You didn’t think I forget, did you?”

I said no

“So where is it then, baby dick? Am I gonna have to squeeze it outta your balls again? You wouldn’t want that now, would you?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? You’re really cheating on me with a hooker?” my potential girlfriend said. She kneed me in the balls and left.

“Aww, that’s so sad. The poor little fucker got kneed in his tiny sack. I still need my money, though. Do you have it or not?”

I said no.

“Looks like it’s squeezing time then,” the prostitute said. “Let’s see those balls. 1…2…3…4…5. All done, have a nice life, fuckface.”


The Pool

“Are you just gonna stand there forever like a lil bitch,” an impatient girl said to me on the diving board.

“I’m going.”

“Then go, pussy.”

I hopped on the diving board several times before falling off headfirst into the pool. I looked up and saw the girl holding my trunks with an evil smile. “Would you like these back? Then go get them, you fucking pussy.”

She threw them into the bushes across the pool and flipped me off with both hands. A girl swam up behind me and tapped my shoulder. “Hi, I think you’re in my chemistry class.”

“Yes, I am.”

“You look so much cuter without glasses. Can I touch you?” She rubs my arms and chest and pushes her crotch on my dick. She jerks back. “Oh my God, you’re fucking naked.”

“No, I—”

“Fuck you pervert,” and she slaps me and gets out of the pool screaming, “This fucking creep is naked. Run.”

Everyone got out and surrounded the pool looking at me. Then I saw someone grinning while holding the pool drain.

The water was utterly drained, and everyone could see my dick.

“That’s what you get for being a fucking pervert. I can’t believe that I ever thought you were cute. I’m gonna tell everyone at school about this.” She took a picture of me. “Aww, look, it’s the perfect picture for a helpless little pervert.”

“I think I found his trunks,” the other girl said.

“What should we do with them?”

“This…” and she threw them onto a car driving by.

I tried to get out of the pool, but two girls shoved me back in and laughed. “Not today, pervert.”

They kept me there for another hour, teasing and laughing at my tiny dick until they got bored.


The Beach

A girl on the shore said, “Hey,” and beckoned me to come to her. I walked over, and she said, “You wanna swim together?”

I said yes and followed her until the water was up to our stomachs.

“The waters so warm and soothing I could stay here for hours,” she said. “Do you want a handjob?”

I said yes and handed her my trunks. She threw them over her shoulder and began to slowly stroke my dick. I came in 30 seconds, and she said, “That’s it? Oh my God, you’re pathetic. You probably came so quick cuz your dick is so small.”

“No, I—”

“Save it, baby dick. Oh, and by the way, these trunks are now mine. You’re not man enough to wear them. I bet nobody would even be able to see your pathetic excuse for a penis.” She walked away with my trunks over her shoulder, flipping me off. “This guy has a baby dick,” she screamed.

Everyone on the beach was shocked, putting their hands over their mouths as they giggled at me.

“Can we see your dick?” a girl asked.

“Yeah, show us,” another said.

“Come on, stop being a pussy.”

I walked out of the water, and everyone pointed and laughed.

“Oh my God, he does have a baby dick,” someone said.

“What a fucking loser,” another added.

“It’s not even two inches,” a girl said.

I walked up the beach, and one girl blocked me. “Hey there, baby dick. How’s it hanging?”

“Like a fucking inchworm, that’s how,” a girl said, and everyone laughed again.

The girl who blocked me said, “I have a proposition for you. If you walk around this whole beach naked, I’ll give you a hundred. If you don’t, I’ll send this pic to all my friends.” She showed me a pic of me wet and naked with my dick shriveled up. “We gotta deal?”

I said yes.

“Well, get walking then, baby dick.”

After we had walked for a bit, she pointed to a hot bikini babe and said, “Go and ask that girl if she would fuck you.”

“Would you please fuck me?” I asked this gorgeous girl.

“Fuck no, why would I when your dick is shorter than my fingernail,” the bikini babe said and laughed. “Fingernail dick ass bitch.”

The girl who dared me said when I told her, “Go ask her if she would suck your dick.”

I went back to the bikini babe, and she just said, “Fuck no, I’m not sucking your lil pacifier ass dick.”

“Go ask her if she’ll go out with you,” I’m again told.

When I asked the bikini babe, she said, “Only if you pay and let me get a picture of that thing you call a dick, you fucking simp ass bitch.”

The girl ordering me around then said, “OK, we’re done. Here’s your money.”

She pulled out a one-dollar bill. “I thought you said $100,” I whined.

“Do you think your pathetic ass deserves 100 dollars? Fuck no, bitch. Fuck no! One hundred cents is all you get, and I’m still sending that pic to all my friends.”


College Art Class

I was in art class getting some paint when a girl came up to me, rubbing her thigh on me, saying, “Do you mind if I get some paint real quick?”

I said no.

She slowly dripped the white paint onto the plate but then pretended to spill some on my pants accidentally. “Whoops, I’m sorry. Let’s get these pants off.”

Before I knew what was happening, she had pulled my pants and underwear down, revealing my dick. She stood up and pointed at it and said, “Oh my God, your dick is so tiny.”

A couple of other girls started to chuckle, point, and record me with their phones. “Look at how fucking tiny it is,” one said.

“His balls are bigger than his dick,” Another said.

The girl in front of me stared menacingly into my eyes and suddenly kneed me in the balls. “Fucking worthless ass little dick,” and everyone laughed as she walked away, and I rolled on the floor holding my hurting balls and moaning.


The Handjob

“I can’t believe you weren’t kidding,” screamed Kayleigh, “It’s even smaller than you said it was!”

“That is so fucking small, man!” said Quinn holding her fingers a few centimeters apart. “You can barely even see it. It’s so tiny! Do you even have balls? I can’t tell from here.”

“Can we see what it looks like hard,” Becca said. “Come on, you pathetic little worm, get it up,” Becca whispered almost seductively in my ear. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you? You like me touching your tiny mouse cock.”

My penis was quickly at its full gold member length, and the girls all laughed loudly again.

Kayleigh turned around and howled with laughter. “It’s still fucking tiny! I can’t believe that’s as big as it gets! You’re so fucking pathetic, you and your tiny little clit dick.”



I was jacking off in an alley to a pic of my ex when I heard someone say, “Wow, you’re still not over me yet. You’re so fucking pathetic.”

“How did you find me?”

“I tracked the location on your phone since your dumbass never stopped sharing it. Why are you jacking off here anyway?”

“I was too horny to wait till I got home.”

“That’s fucking pathetic. I don’t know why I ever found you attractive.” She took a picture of me and smiled. “I’m gonna send this to all my friends. I’m sure they’d love to know what you’ve been up to since I dumped your worthless ass.”

“Please don’t. I’ll do anything.”

“Oh really? That gives me an idea. My friend is celebrating her birthday tomorrow night at her house, and we could use some entertainment.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is you’re gonna get naked and play with your pathetic excuse for a dick, or I am gonna send this picture of you jacking off to everyone I know. Have we gotta deal, baby dick?” I nod. “Good, see you at seven PM.”


“Hey, you must be the entertainment for tonight. Come on in. The party’s just getting started.”

“Hey, baby. I’m so glad you could make it. I’ll introduce you to everyone, and then we can get started. Everyone, this is my ex-boyfriend Michael. He’s gonna be entertaining us this evening. You can start by showing us that little dick of yours.”

She pulled my pants down, and everyone started pointing and laughing at me.

“No wonder why she left him.”

“If my man’s dick were that small, I’d slap the fuck outta him.”

“I am so getting a video of this shit. The girls in my sorority are gonna love it.”

“Now that you’re naked, how bout you try extending the length a bit for us.”

She slowly jerked my dick. “It feels like it’s hard already.”

“Let me see it.” Another girl jumped up and grabbed my dick tight. “Ya, he’s hard right now. What a fucking loser. I wonder what his balls feel like?”

She squeezed my balls with an evil grin.

“Can I try?”

“Me too. I wanna make his balls fucking explode.”

“Good idea, let’s form a line. We’ll all get ten seconds to do whatever we want with his precious little balls.”

“I would squeeze your balls, but I don’t wanna put my hands on your disgusting little sack.”

“I can’t believe your dick is still actually hard. Just goes to show how much of a fucking loser you are.” She kneed me in the balls. “I knew that you were a bitch the first time I saw you kiss your girlfriend. You went for a mouth kiss but gotta cheek instead. Absolutely fucking pathetic.”

She punched me in the balls.

“Ok, we’re done here. You can go.”

“Where are my clothes?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Fucking find them, you naked little pervert.”

I walked up to a girl wearing my clothes. “Can I please have my clothes back?”

“Fuck, no, bitch. These are my clothes now since I am way more of a man than you’ll ever be. You better get going before it gets cold out there. You wouldn’t want your dick to shrivel up any more than it already has.”

I left the party naked, cold, and embarrassed.


The Lying Boyfriend

“When are we gonna have sex, babe?” my new girlfriend asks. “You are always talking about how you’ve gotta monster dick, but I’ve never even seen it.”

“I’m busy. We will later.”

“You know you say that shit every time I ask, and yet we never fuck. Are you hiding something from me because you are giving off real little dick vibes right now.”

“I told you I have a monster dick.”

“Then let me see it, bitch boy.”

I pulled down my pants.

“Oh my God, you do have a monster dick. Too bad it’s a tiny little baby monster. Now I know why you never wanted to fuck me. You’re too embarrassed about your baby dick. Good thing I’ve been getting fucked by my ex this whole time.”


“Oh? Did I not tell you? I guess we both have our ‘little’ secrets, huh, baby dick bitch.”

She left, and I never saw her again.



*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with the limited editing we do. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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