Life After “Operation Tiny.”

By Babydicklover.

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Life After “Operation Tiny.”

It’s been seven months since thousands of Stephen’s classmates and many rugby teams saw his tiny, little micropenis. After being replaced on the rugby team, he transferred to another university, where he focused solely on completing his studies. Even after much time has passed, Stephen’s reputation for navigating life with a teeny baby weenie persisted and challenged his ability to find a girlfriend. Many constantly reminded him how small the little mini knob between his legs was. All you could see was a little pinky-like head attached to his little raisin balls. Seeing a grown man with such a child-like baby weenie was remarkably hilarious.

Stephen needed a break from his stressful studies and decided to visit the beach. He didn’t invite anyone because he wanted solitude. Stephen always revered men with adequately-sized cocks who could bring pleasure to their partners. Unfortunately, due to Stephen’s little boy-sized cock, he can only produce ample laughter radiating miles from the epicenter of his nakedness. It indeed was something remarkable and entertaining.

Stephen took a deep breath and bathed in the sights of the beautiful beach. He gleaned from the ocean’s inviting atmosphere. He laid his towel on the clear, smooth sand. He confidently walked, knowing women were checking him out. He dived into the water and shivered from the intense coldness. Full of glee, Stephen floated calmly in the ocean. He was genuinely relishing this vacation and was entranced with the scenery.

Before he could react, surprisingly, Stephen was hit by a rumbling wave. The enormous impact made him tumble into the water. He felt utterly disoriented and didn’t realize his trunks slipped gracefully off his body. After a few minutes of composing himself from the giant wave, he walked back obliviously to his ice-cold condition. Shrinkage is never kind to the under-endowment, and Stephen was no exception to this discriminatory law. There was practically nothing where his penis should be.

After surviving that horrifying crash with a chip on his shoulder, he walked determinedly with less than half an inch to show everyone. His tiny little thing momentarily squirmed and wiggled with each movement. Several beachgoers exhaled loud gasps from the minuscule grape dangling. Unbeknownst to him, everyone started silently laughing at his revealing predicament. The moment a man is naked, and his dick is exceptionally tiny; his fate is set.

No one could believe a man with such physical assertiveness and alluring attraction would be operating such a small, little nub bobbing seamlessly between his solid and masculine legs, joyfully dancing for the giggling crowd. The stark contrast between his manly legs and a penis entirely below the scale of dignity was painfully hilarious. It bounced swimmingly with determination and zeal like a little boy’s hopping pee-pee. Stephen should be applauded and awarded for having such a tiny tee-tee.

He saw many girls checking him out, which fostered his superior ego. Even with everything that happened, he never learned. He smirked with a cocky grin and didn’t realize they were checking out his super teeny winkie. Ignorance truly is blissful. He came to where he left his stuff, but his towel was missing. His entire body shivered from the freezing water and peaceful breeze, so he looked around and couldn’t find it anywhere.

He held his hips with his hands, standing proudly with his half-inch pinky winky, severely cold, sunken, hidden, and withered in his chiseled body. Everyone played along with Stephen’s unawareness.

Stephen walked to a group of men and women. They all stared at him, using every piece of physical dexterity to hold back their inhumane laughter. They wanted to savor and foster this moment for as long as possible. They couldn’t help but glance at Stephen’s little baby boy cock as it rested quite nicely on his undeveloped boyish-like balls.

“Do any of you have an extra towel? I’ve somehow misplaced mine.”

One of the girls looked at his teeny weenie plaything and stared into his eyes, “No, little baby, sorry about that.”

A man with a deep voice said, “Yeah, sorry about this tiny predicament you are in.”

“How could you lose something so important like your towel?”

Everyone mutedly giggled, and Stephen noticed they kept looking away from him or toward his crotch area.

He looked confused and asked, “What is it? Why are none of you looking me in the eyes?”

There was an awkward silence from the group. A chilly breeze brushed past Stephen’s insignificant, under-sized body parts. Horrifyingly, he looked down, and his little cold nub of a penis greeted him fearfully. He gasped and covered his very small penis. The entire group laughed loudly as he realized he unintentionally flashed his little baby boy bits to everyone.

“My newborn has a tinier penis than that,” one of the group members shouted.

“Poor guy, I don’t remember ever being that small, even in my mom’s uterus.”

“What a freaking tiny cock. Even your nuts are comically small. That is the tiniest penis I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Before Stephen could endure any more humiliation for having such a tiny penis, he dashed away from the verbal abuse and horrifying pointing at his meager genitalia. Allowing this to happen again, Stephen felt shameful and livid. He had no choice but to retrieve his trunks somehow. He cupped his bite-sized junk with both hands and sprinted to the water where he had left.

He hurried and frantically searched for them while the crowd had a fantastic view of his bodacious, full moon gleaming in silky white. Stephen felt chills wrap through his body as the wind kissed his bare butt. He knew his scared hole was facing a satisfied audience.

Someone said, “He better get used to having that tight hole readily available. His little penis won’t be getting any action anytime soon.”

An older woman who witnessed everything giggled with her husband, “Honey, there’s the guy. He’s the one with the little micropenis. Did you see how tiny it was?”

The husband gave Stephen the small dick symbol, causing his wife to laugh.

He giggled. “Not really. I can’t see anything from here. Man, he has such a tiny little cock, and a big ass. Too bad he’ll never get a girlfriend with that little, tiny thing. His courage is admirable to have that baby ding-a-ling—no, a little bell—no, more like a shirt button.”

His wife laughed hysterically, gasping for air, “Oh honey, stop. That is just cruel. Give the poor boy a break. It must be awful having a doodie smaller than an acorn.”

The husband laughed even harder, echoing throughout the beach.

Stephen’s face burned with red-hot fumes as he heard people pointing out how tiny his baby dick was. More people provided their exhausting-to-hear and hurtful perspectives on smaller dicks, and were inconsiderate of Stephen’s insecurities. Older women laugh at men with small penises because they know they can’t do anything with them.

He searched and searched but couldn’t find his trunks anywhere. Pretty soon, he was about to give up until he found scraps of his swimsuit. His father gave him these for Christmas, so he had no idea why they fell apart. It hit him faster than his reaction to first being naked—this was a dissolving swimsuit. His father knew this would happen. When he and his uncle continued to make fun of his little sausage, they tried other moments to expose him.

Stephen was dumbfounded and felt betrayed. He held his head down in shame and walked back without covering his little icicle. Stephen didn’t feel compelled to cover because it was already too late. Everyone already knew how tiny and pathetic he was.

At least he could provide these people an entertaining show of the jiggles from the little pee-pee boy. Everyone laughed loudly, catcalled, hooted, and filmed his little penis twitching and shaking with every slouched movement. Unfortunately, he walked, but it was thirty minutes away. On the journey home, Stephen sprinted without covering his mushroom-sized micropenis because he was faster that way. His little wee-wee is very small. It never got in his way as an athlete.

After non-stop jabs and jokes about his unfortunate situation, he finally reached his house. He covered his little penis as he walked to the front door. The door was unlocked, thankfully, so he let himself in. His stepfather and uncle were watching a football game and weren’t startled to see him completely naked from head to toe. They both laughed ruthlessly at Stephen.

“Stephen, my boy, haha. Why are you making this a habit? I told you not to be like the other men with tiny willies. They love to expose them, and you should be ashamed.”

Anger fumed from Stephen’s head, “You are the one who gave me the dissolving swim trunks.”

The uncle walked behind Stephen.

“Your stepfather was just trying to play a little joke on you. Stop being such a hyper-sensitive little baby boy.”

He suspiciously looked at his uncle, pondering why he stood behind him, “I am not a baby.”

His stepdad raised an eyebrow and said, “Really, we will just see about that.”

His uncle crept behind him and pulled his hands away, leaving his unlucky crotch wholly exposed.

Stephen shouted, “Hey!”

The stepfather quickly snapped a photo of Stephen’s cute little boy cock.

He pointed at Stephen’s small manhood, “Haha, there’s the little guy. He’s definitely still a baby with all that between his legs.”

His uncle looked over and laughed loudly at Stephen.

“Whoa, my nephew. I still can’t get over how tiny your penis is. I probably never will.”

His stepfather said, “And this will probably always be funny. How can you not think this little thing isn’t funny?”

Stephen finally fought from his stepfather’s grip and shouted, “You two are such assholes for doing this to me.”

“Don’t get mad at us for having such a tiny dick. This wasn’t our fault. You lost your towel.”

Stephen’s eyes widened with concern, and he asked, “How did you know I lost my towel? I never mentioned it.”

His stepdad walked to the couch and threw Stephen’s towel at him.

“You stole this from me, didn’t you?”

“Yep, we wanted to have a little fun,” his stepdad said.

“How is this fun at all?”

“Definitely not for you—for us.”

“I hate you both.”

“You can’t take a joke, babydick,” his stepdad said. He looked at Stephen’s exposed one-inch cocklette when he said, “Babydick.”

Stephen’s uncle flicked his little wiener, “This little wee-wee is a joke. Better get out of here, little boy. Go play with yourself because that’s the only way you’ll get any pleasure.”

Stephen felt the stirrings growing in his tiny penis from his uncle’s touch, and it promptly grew to a fluffy, unimpressive 2.5 inches.

“Aww, you must not be getting any action if my touch promptly gave you a little erection smaller than my pinky finger. That isn’t surprising because no woman wants a useless nub near her.”

Stephen was bewildered and ashamed.

He walked to his room, defeated and humiliated, as his little teenie weenie boner stuck straight out, throbbing from his uncle’s touch. He went straight to bed and discovered many videos published on several tiny dick blogs and forums for people to tease and criticize the little inch of his body. He could not defend his pitifully small penis, incapable of pleasuring anyone. He couldn’t do anything but cry and comfort himself.

He grabbed his little boy’s boner with two fingers and aggressively made love with his right hand. Within a minute, he screamed with ecstasy and ejaculated a massive load, spreading across his entire chest. That little thing was so tired Stephen felt it go inside him. He felt demeaned as it softened to be a flaccid, little-innie-winnie.

Afterward, he and his little cock slept and dreamed about a better life. Poor Stephen will always experience horrible humiliation for his very tiny penis. He either must embrace the humiliation or always struggle to accept his body.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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