I’ve Finally Caught You, My Son!

By amachi

I. An Unexpected Surprise

Andrea had just finished doing a load of laundry and was busy folding towels in the hallway. She hurried to fold them as quickly as possible so she could set them down in the bathroom and catch Charlie before he got out of the shower. He was rinsing off unsuspectingly, but as usual, he’d left the door open. She barged right in without even knocking, setting the towels down on the counter.

She always found it easier to concentrate on her chores while she was wearing nothing but lingerie. Naturally, she was clad in nothing but a lacy red bra and a bright pink thong. The lace back of the thong was nestled gently into her tight bottom as she strolled into the bathroom.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the steamy bathroom mirror and stopped for a moment to fix her hair. Her long, straight brown hair had some blonde highlights in it. Her skin was pale and soft, and she was wearing her trademark bright red lipstick on her plump, big lips. It created a lovely contrast with her green eyes.

“Oh! Charlie! Mommy didn’t know you were in here! There are fresh towels on the counter for you!” Her soft, sweet voice carried into the shower, causing Charlie to blush.

Charlie peeked out to see what was going on and nearly fell over with shock. He grappled wildly to catch himself, and in the process, he accidentally threw open the shower curtain.

“Damn it, mom! How many times do I have to tell you not to come in here while I’m taking a shower?!” His voice was panicked and full of anger.

To her surprise, Andrea saw that Charlie’s cute little four-inch dick was hard. He must have been rubbing it only a few seconds ago, she thought with delight.

“You’re so disgusting, mom! Why the hell are you walking around the house like that?!” His face was beet red, but he couldn’t help but stare at his mom’s big tits bouncing around in her tight-fitting red bra.

Andrea laughed innocently, bending over to pick up a tissue off the floor and exposing her big, round ass. “I’m sorry, Charlie! I didn’t know you were in here, honest!”

Charlie snarled at her, doing his best to hide his small dick and whipping the shower curtain shut.

“It’s so cute and tiny, just the right size!” Andrea thought to herself. “I want to fuck him so bad. I don’t care if his dick is small. I love my son just the way he is!”

“Sorry, sweetie! I’ll leave you alone now!” Andrea shut the bathroom door behind her on the way out, slipping away to her bedroom.

She laid down on her back, immediately rubbing her fingers over her hungry pussy and imagining her son’s nice little cock sliding in and out. She rubbed her clit furiously, unable to hold back as she imagined pinning him down and riding on him. Her fingers slipped between her folds as she approached orgasm, and she pretended her longest two fingers were his tiny dick as she finished with a loud moan.


II. A Bad Influence

“I’m telling you, it’s driving me insane! I can’t take him rejecting me over and over like this. And he’s always so mean to me! It’s really starting to make me sad.” Andrea let out a long sigh, glancing across the table at Donna and Chelsea.

Donna’s bright red hair glimmered in the candlelight. She had a few freckles on her pale white face, and her eyes were alight, a crystalline shade of blue. Her low-cut dress did a great job at showing off her humongous breasts, which were at least a D cup.

“Do you think maybe he could just be insecure? I mean, you said he has a pretty small cock,” Donna suggested, taking another sip of her martini.

“I don’t know! I worry about him so much, and I don’t want him to feel insecure. I like his cute little dick. I really hope he doesn’t feel bad about it,” said Andrea, twirling her hair. “He’s always disrespecting me and acting rude when I try to catch a glimpse of it . . .”

“He’s twenty-four years old and never been with a girl. There’s obviously something going on there,” said Chelsea, rolling her eyes.

Chelsea had a petite, small frame and lightly tanned skin. She was of Japanese descent, and she wore heavy black eye shadow around her dark brown eyes. Her long, black hair was pin straight but had some red highlights on end. Everything about her was small and youthful, but her breasts were unusually large for a woman of her frame. They were on the larger side of a C cup, and she loved to show them off. They squished against the table as she leaned over to talk to Andrea.

“I don’t know how you can stand having him around. He seems really disrespectful, and he won’t even fuck you.” She frowned in distaste. “If he were my son, I would have had him inside me months ago,” said Chelsea.

“I want him so bad! It feels like sometimes I can’t even control myself. You don’t understand how much it’s wearing on me.” Andrea looked away, unable to face them after admitting such an intimate secret.

“Aww! Cheer up, Drea. I can’t stand you feeling so bummed out like this.” Donna patted her on the back, doing her best to cheer up her friend.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to get so down in the dumps over it. I’m just kind of jealous of you two. I mean, you get to fuck all kinds of guys whenever you want, and I’ve been alone for five years. I can’t even get my own son to look at me.” Andrea shook her head sadly.

“Hey, if it’s sex you want, I’m sure we can set you up with some of our friends down at the gym. We’ve been fucking Steve and Drake pretty much every day for the past month. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind adding in another face once in a while,” Chelsea suggested.

Andrea pondered her offer for a moment but realized she could never go through with it. “No, I can’t do it. Since Anthony left me, I haven’t wanted anyone else but Charlie. He’s all I think about!”

Chelsea sighed, and Donna looked sympathetic. After a long pause, Donna finally spoke again.

“Listen, Steve and Drake are good guys. I think they might be able to help us out. Maybe Charlie just doesn’t know what’s good for him yet. It’s time to force him to grow up, whether he wants to or not.”

Chelsea stared at Donna in disbelief, but eventually, her expression softened. “Yeah, I guess that’s the only way to find out if there’s something wrong with the little prick or not. We aren’t strong enough to hold Charlie down for you, but . . .” Her lips slowly curled into a wicked grin, and Donna finished her words from across the table. She was smirking mischievously as well.

“. . . but Drake and Steve are!” Donna looked ecstatic after finally figuring out a way to help her friend.

Andrea’s sad expression slowly softened, and she eventually understood what her friends were suggesting. She knew it was wrong by the standards of society, but she was far past the point of caring. She could think of nothing else but her son’s cute little dick sliding in and out of her, and she was willing to try anything.

“Are you guys busy tomorrow afternoon?”


III. Subdued and Whisked Away

“Charlie! Dinner’s ready. Come downstairs and sit at the table with mommy!” Andrea shouted up the stairs. Before long, Charlie stormed out of his room and down the stairs, grumbling under his breath.

Andrea made sure to wear her tightest red tank top, and her DD tits were practically popping out. To Charlie’s dismay, there was no way he could ignore them.

“She probably sleeps around, what a bitch,” he thought nervously. There was no way he could bring himself to fully admit it, but his mom’s soft, creamy cleavage was arousing him more than anything had in a long time.

“Why does she have to be so hot, making all of my friends jerk off while thinking about her? I’m so sick of them teasing me about it.” His thoughts were racing, and she caught him staring at her tits. He quickly pulled his eyes away and put on an angry front instead. He nearly knocked over the chair as he pulled it out to sit down at the table.

“Mom, you’re so damn annoying sometimes. I just want to eat up in my room, but I have to sit down here listening to your lame stories.”

Andrea giggled, setting a plate of fried chicken down in front of him. “Come on, Charlie. I made your favorite meal, that will put you in a better mood. Eat up!”

He grudgingly obeyed, picking up his fork and taking a bite of chicken. Andrea sat down across from him and pecked lightly at a plate as well, but her appetite wasn’t nearly as strong as her son’s.

“How’s it taste? I worked hard all afternoon to make a special treat for you!” There was a mischievous glimmer in her eyes, but he was too busy stuffing his face to notice it.

“Will you shut up? Can’t you see I’m trying to eat?” He ignored her, shoving big bites of food into his mouth one after another. Before long, he was nearly done with his meal, and a strange wave of exhaustion washed over him. He stood up, staggering over to the doorway of the kitchen and making his way to the living room.

“I’m really tired all of a sudden,” he shouted back at Andrea. “Must have eaten too much. I’m going to lay down on the couch for a while, so leave me alone.”

He barely made it to the couch before he collapsed into the soft purple cushions. For some reason, he was completely exhausted, even though he’d only woken up a few hours earlier. He figured he must have eaten too much for lunch and let his head fall back onto the pillow. Before he closed his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the front door opening in the entranceway in the distance.

“Weird, mom didn’t say anyone was coming over,” he thought, but he was too sleepy to think much into it. He tried to lift his head up to take a better look, but he was far too tired.

Before he could figure out what was going on, there were three men he didn’t recognize hurrying into the living room. He made out the faces of his mom’s friends Chelsea and Donna behind them, so he figured the guys were just their friends. He told himself there was nothing to worry about and began to doze off.

When he opened his eyes again, he was greeted by the shocking sight of one of the guys undressing in front of him. The other two soon followed suit, and before long, all three of them were standing there in their boxers. Chelsea and Donna waved cheerfully at Andrea, who was standing in the doorway overseeing the whole situation.

“It was so sweet of all of you to come over! He’s on the couch, and he’s really tired from his big lunch. You can get to work on him right away!” Andrea pointed at Charlie, and the three men made their way over to him with wicked grins on their faces.

Charlie was extremely surprised by the whole situation, and to make matters worse, Chelsea and Donna were stripping in the background as well. Donna was wearing a bra and panty set with pink leopard spots, and Chelsea wasn’t wearing any underwear at all, which caught him massively off guard.

He opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on, but he was so tired he couldn’t even move his lips. The men were much closer now, and one of them slipped his hand over Charlie’s mouth to prevent him from crying out. He couldn’t have made any noise if he wanted to, but still, he desperately tried to get his muscles to obey so he could shout for help.

“Is this really happening?” He thought to himself, powerless to resist as the guys began to carry him upstairs. All three of them had big, toned muscles, and they seemed to have no trouble carrying him around as if he was as light as a feather.

At the bottom of the stairs, his mom was stripping down, taking off her matching pink bra and panty set, standing completely naked before him. She blew him a gentle, soft kiss and smiled at him lovingly as the men carried him away.

“I finally caught you, my dear boy. You won’t escape mommy’s pussy this time!”

He tried to fight back against the men, but his muscles weren’t working. There must have been something in the food, he realized. They whisked him away to his mother’s bedroom, and before everything went black, he noticed four pairs of police-grade handcuffs on every corner of the bed.


IV. Powerless to Resist

Charlie slowly opened his eyes, taking in the strange sights around him. His vision was foggy, but he could make out the shape of many different figures huddled around the bed.

“Drake, look! He’s finally waking up!” He recognized his mom’s friend Chelsea standing on the sidelines, leaning her head on the shoulder of a tall man with red hair. That must have been Drake, he realized.

Drake snickered at him, and the two guys standing nearby began to laugh as well.

“Look at that tiny dick, no wonder he can’t get a girl. That’s so fucking pathetic,” said the blonde man standing beside Drake. His massive cock was already hard with anticipation.

“Be quiet, Steve. Don’t be mean to my Charlie. His cock is everything I need and more.” Andrea stared admiringly at her son’s four-inch penis, the lust growing in her eyes with each passing second. Charlie couldn’t look away from her gloriously naked body. Her beautiful, big breasts and her shaved pussy were too much for him.

Charlie tried desperately to scream, but he realized his mouth was stuffed with a plastic ball gag. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t emit any sort of sound except a few pathetic grunts.

Steve ignored Andrea’s pleas and continued to tease Charlie. “You must feel pretty fucking helpless now, you little dick. That’s what you get for being so mean to your mom all the time.”

Drake chimed in as well, rattling the chains at the end of the bed mockingly. “It must suck to have a four-inch dick, and I can’t even imagine.” Charlie’s eyes drifted down to the stranger’s massive cock, which must have been at least nine inches.

“Time to stop acting like a punk, little boy. You have no choice now but to stuff your hot, beautiful mom with your tiny little cock,” said Donna. “Do you realize how sad you’ve made her by rejecting her over and over? This is payback!”

The third man finally spoke. “Don’t even bother, Donna. This small-dicked loser is hopeless.” His black hair was slicked back onto his head, and his hand was on Donna’s plump, big ass.

“You guys are so mean.” Donna laughed, slipping out of her bra and getting on her knees on the bed. “Especially you, Jack. Sometimes I don’t know why I let you fuck me.” Jack grunted, taking his place behind Donna and whipping out his eight-inch dick. Before Charlie could stare for too long, he was distracted by his mother once more.

“I told you guys to stop it! Charlie’s dick might be smaller than yours, but I think it’s adorable and perfect! It’s all I’ve ever wanted. You stop making fun of him right now.”

The guys backed off, focusing their attention on Donna and Chelsea instead.

The chain rattled loudly as Charlie thrashed around, trying his damnedest to break free and run away from this bizarre situation. For a moment, he wondered if he was still messed up from the drugs and hallucinating. But the feeling of his mom’s lips kissing him gently on the neck brought him back to reality. She slowly worked her way down, focusing on his chest, then his stomach, and eventually on his cock.

A wave of anger washed over him when he felt himself getting hard against her lips. He couldn’t resist the supple, delicate feel of her beautiful red lips brushing over him. She was wearing the same bright red lipstick as always, and it smeared all over his cock as she slowly took him into her mouth.

He quickly became lost in his own twisted pleasure when her lips clamped down on him. “Oh no, my mom is sucking my cock. Oh my God! Why, why is this happening, and why does it feel so good?” Nothing could have possibly made him feel any worse.

The loud, unmistakable thumping of skin-on-skin could be heard from the other side of the bed. Donna was bending over with her ass in the air, getting fucked from behind by the black-haired man named Jack. Chelsea was busy deep-throating Steve’s cock while Drake threatened to take her from behind. All of their cocks were massive and fat, which made him feel even worse about his tiny penis. As it disappeared into his mom’s hungry mouth, he blushed with embarrassment.

Andrea looked even more excited now that her precious little boy had gotten hard inside her mouth. “You were always so mean to me, so I had to do this. Let me show you how much I want you.” He couldn’t believe how thrilled she was by all this.

Her tits bounced all over the place as she adjusted herself to straddle him, and the ball gag smothered his screams. He helplessly wiggled his hips around, trying to redirect his cock, so it didn’t slip inside her waiting pussy. Andrea giggled, grabbing him by the base and pressing the head of his little dick against her slit.

“Shhh, mommy’s going to fuck you so good you won’t want to fight anymore. This is what you get for being such a mean, bad little boy all the time!”

Charlie screamed into the ball gag, but his muffled sounds went unnoticed, and he could do nothing to stop his mother from raping him.

His dick slowly slid into her depths, gliding in effortlessly. It was instantly swallowed up by her warm, wet flesh. The small size of his dick made it easy for her hungry pussy to devour him completely.

Charlie’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt his mother’s warm, tight pussy devouring his small cock.

“Fuck, what is this? It feels so good, but no, no, this is my mom, my sweet mom. Oh my God, it so good” Charlie was lost in perverted and forbidden thoughts, with regret getting mixed up in it.

Andrea moaned loudly, savoring the feeling of her disobedient little boy’s dick getting even harder inside of her.

“Mommy loves you so much! Even if you’re a nasty, mean boy a lot of the time.”

She dug her knees into his thighs and rode him slowly, making sure to look him straight in the eyes as she fucked him.

“I love your hard cock! Even if it’s smaller than most guys, it fills me so good.” She stroked the side of his face lovingly, kissing him on the nose and slamming her hips up and down on him.

Charlie’s cheeks were beet red with embarrassment, but he couldn’t hide his enjoyment as his cock disappeared over and over inside his mom’s pussy. He hoped she didn’t realize how much he was enjoying the sensation deep down. He never imagined his mom could have this lustful look on her face, that she could moan in sexual pleasure like this and that she could move so sensationally. Her body was completely dominating his.

Off to the side, Donna was busy swallowing Drake’s cock while Steve fucked her in the ass. Chelsea was moaning loudly and laying on her back as Jack drilled into her. Their group was constantly switching positions and rearranging themselves, and the women clearly had an insatiable hunger for cock.

Drake paused every now and then to tease Charlie, mocking him between his loud moans. “What a fucking loser, getting raped by his mom. He couldn’t find a girl his own age to take his virginity.

Once in a while, he got the other guys going as well. Steve paused between thrusts to poke fun at Charlie. “What a sissy. Look at him struggling beneath his own mom. He’s never going to live this down!”

Charlie’s attention snapped back to his mother when she moaned loudly once more. She was grinding into him tantalizingly with every thrust, and although he did his best not to, his inexperienced cock burst quickly and spilled a huge amount of cum inside his mom’s hungry pussy.

“Oh yes, baby! Oh yes, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long!” Andrea was screaming in ecstasy as her son filled her with his seed. Charlie had a defeated look on his face. His orgasm was stronger than his embarrassment.

“Mommy’s pussy needs your cock every day!” His mother gasped, kissing him on the neck as she squeezed him with her tightness. “I’m going to fuck you so hard for so long, baby.”

Two hours have passed, and the room was still filled with perverted, forbidden sex.

Charlie came five times inside his mom’s pussy, and he couldn’t think straight anymore. Hearing his mom saying such dirty words and having felt her pussy – which was the first pussy he ever felt – for so long, cumming so many times, brought him to the state of complete sexual depravity.

Donna, Chelsea, and their three friends had switched positions countless times by now, and both the girls were currently having their asses stuffed by massive cocks. Chelsea was moaning loudly, but Donna’s mouth was filled with Jack’s dick, so she could only grunt with pleasure.

The loud, excited moans of the men filled the room as Andrea tirelessly fucked Charlie, never getting sick of the feeling of her son’s little dick inside her tight hole. She was getting exhausted from bouncing up and down on her beloved son, and her legs ached from being in the same position for so long, but her lust was insatiable.

Charlie was completely submissive and had long since given up on trying to break free of his restraints. He accepted his position and allowed his mom to ride him relentlessly. Suddenly, he sensed a newfound vigor in her thrusts and realized she was reaching the edge.

Andrea rode him with a whole new level of passion, slamming her hips down on his cock with every thrust and staring him straight in the eyes. “Cum for mommy like a good boy . . .” She gasped loudly, squeezing him violently with her pussy and looking back over her shoulder at all the others.

“Jack, Drake, Steve, get over here! Cum in my ass while I ride him. I want to feel you all inside me.” Andrea went crazy with lust.

Hearing his mother offering her ass to those three huge guys, Charlie started trashing his limbs once again. There’s no way that on top of having been raped by his mother and forced to cum five times inside her, he will be forced to feel their massive cocks brushing alongside his. Not just that, but he also didn’t want to see his mother fucked by anyone in front of him.

“Shhhh, my baby boy. Don’t resist, and it’s going to be ok. Mommy really needs this. You will feel good, too, trust me.” Andrea tried to calm her son, kissing his cheeks and his nose, but Charlie was still trying to break free – even though he was completely helpless to do so.

The guys, on the other hand, obeyed immediately, pulling their cocks out of Chelsea and Donna and lining up behind Andrea. Steve had a hard time holding her still as she bounced up and down on her son but eventually forced his dick into her tight little hole. She shrieked with pleasure as she pumped her son’s dick, allowing Steve to pin her down and ravage her with his huge cock.

“See, my son, it’s so good. Mommy will always make you feel good.” Andrea moaned and teased her son. “No, no, no, no. This guy is so huge, and it’s so tight inside her pussy.” Charlie was still panicking.

“Oh damn, your ass is amazing. And look at the difference in size.” Steve groaned and mocked Charlie’s cock, which looked so much smaller in comparison to Steve’s giant shaft. Donna and Chelsea laughed hard.

It only took Steve about a minute to spurt endless streams of cum into Andrea’s perfect little hole.

Drake wasted no time in taking his place after Steve and used his seed as lube to drill Andrea with her cock. Charlie could feel the second man’s dick rubbing against his own even harder than Steve’s, and he was completely defeated as he felt himself approaching the edge. Before he could cum, Drake unloaded inside his mom as well, and he felt the stickiness dripping down her thighs as she relentlessly rode him.

It was finally Jack’s turn to ravage Andrea, and his dick was still incredibly hard from the passionate tangle with Donna and Chelsea only moments before. He only got a few thrusts in before he spent himself inside Andrea’s ass, and this was enough to push Charlie past the point of no return.

As he felt the gigantic ten-inch dick poking into his mom’s bum, rubbing against him with every thrust, he fought the urge to cum. His groans were muffled by the ball gag, but his unruly dick paid no mind to his protests, and he blew his load deep inside his mom’s pussy, as far as it could possibly reach.

They all laid there in the ecstatic afterglow for a few minutes, and Jack finally pulled out. Charlie caught a glimpse of his cock dripping with cum. Andrea was collapsed on top of him, resting for a long while after many hours of steamy debauchery.


Finally, all the others began to get dressed and leave as if nothing had happened at all. Jack strolled over to the bed and smirked down at Charlie, who was still completely naked and tied up.

“Your mom really ravaged you,” he said.

Steve came up behind him and didn’t bother smothering his laughter. “You should be happy that with a cock like that, you got to fuck a woman like her.”

“She’s the best a guy like you is ever going to get,” Jack agreed. With that, the three of them made for the door and headed down the hallway.

Chelsea and Donna kissed Andrea to say goodbye and mocked Charlie once again.

“How do you feel now? Did your mom’s pussy got rid of that prickly personality?” Chelsea smirked.

“If you continue to be an asshole, we’ll do this again.” Donna was serious. She cared too much for her friend and didn’t want to see her being insulted ever again.

With that, they left.

After everyone had finally departed, Andrea got the keys from the dresser and released her beloved son from his chains. They cuddled passionately for a long time, and she kissed the sore spots on his wrists where he fought against his restraints in the beginning.

“Mom, can I tell you something?” Charlie whispered. His voice was much softer than it had been for a long time, and there was no trace of the venomous anger.

Andrea’s lips made their way to his, and they shared a deep and passionate kiss. “Of course, dearest. You can tell me anything. Always.”

“I’m sorry I was such a dick for so long. I was scared, you know? I always thought you were really beautiful, but I didn’t understand the feelings, so I tried to run away. But now I realize I was wrong. Even though you were harsh with me, I want you as much as you want me.”

Andrea stared at him for a moment, drinking in his words. She wasn’t sure whether or not she should believe him. Finally, a huge grin crept across his face, and she realized he must be serious. His cute little dick was getting hard again, and that was a dead giveaway that he was speaking the truth.

“I’m so glad I won’t have to tie you up anymore, Charlie! It’s so nice being all alone, just you and me.” She laid down on her back, spreading her legs invitingly.

Charlie let out a soft grunt, mounting his mother and slowly easing his little cock into her once again.

“It was fun having everyone else around, but I want you all to myself now. Every single day.”

As his cock sank into her as far as it could go, he grunted in agreement. “Every single day.”

The End.


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