Hung Stepdad Makes Me His Little Girl (Gay SPH)

By Anonymous


He pulled me close to him, and calmly said, “Tell them you’re daddy’s little girl.”

Without missing a beat, I turned around, looked down at my naked smooth body, wrinkle little penis, and tight balls, and I said, “I’m daddy’s little girl.”

All the guys laughed and high-fived each other. How did it come to this?


My mom and dad divorced when I was very young, and she remarried when I was twelve or so. I’ve always gotten along with my stepdad. So much so, I call him ‘dad or daddy,’ and he called me son. When they divorced, and my mom moved out of state, I stayed living with him because I didn’t want to leave school. It was easy to be around him, we felt comfortable doing fun stuff, changing in front of each other, and sharing the living space. When I went off to college, I made a point of staying at his place every Saturday night.

Daddy became very strict with me after I turned twenty-one. He had always been very protective of me, but something seemed to change. For example, he demanded I stay at his place Friday to Sunday because he didn’t want me drinking or going out with girls, neither of which I was allowed to do because he thought I was ‘too little’ for that. He didn’t let me bring a change of clothes because he thought it wasn’t necessary and I could be in my tighty-whities as it was usually just the two of us. He also stopped letting me lock the door when I was in the restroom or shower because he didn’t want me touching my little willy, which he also thought I was too immature for. Whether I was showering or something else, he would come in and comment on my small penis or ask to measure it with his fingers to see if it had grown.

“Aw, the little guy is shy, maybe he’ll grow tomorrow,” he’d usually say as he laughed.

We’ve always been comfortable naked in front of each other even though he had huge testicles and a very thick and long cock and always made jokes about me being small. With my twenty-first birthday, it escalated a lot.

The next thing was that he forced me to start going with him and his friends to the YMCA on the weekends. The first time we went was very embarrassing because he is a lot stronger than I am, so the difference in our weightlifting and cardio was obvious and a little pathetic. It got even more embarrassing when he made me go into the sauna with him and his friends. Even the smallest of his friends, whom I call Uncle Joe, was a lot bigger than I was, and his balls were huge. I had to keep my clothes in his locker, which often meant waiting for him to finish showering while I was in my towel in front of everyone.

Eventually, I overcame a lot of embarrassment about being seen nude by them because there were other little boys in the locker room, but I was still self-conscious. One time, one of his friends, Mark, commented that he couldn’t see my ‘little peanut’ under my pubic hair. Dad became furious at me. When we got home, he demanded I trim and shave my pubes while he supervised me.

As I was shaving, I cried and protested, “The other guys like my friend Tim don’t have to do this.”

“Is Tim’s penis was as small as yours?” he asked.

I was quiet for some time because I knew it wasn’t, and he finally interrupted the silence by saying, “I bet it isn’t because we’ve seen him in Speedos, now keep shaving unless you want me to do it for you.”

Then, he said I had to trim off all my hair because otherwise, it looked weird, and besides, he didn’t think I was big enough to have chest hair. Since then, he has supervised me trimming and shaving my entire body every other week on Friday night. Sometimes if he’s in a bad mood he’ll make a comment like. “If you were grown like a man you could have hair like a man,” or something about how embarrassing it is to be seen naked next to me.

If he’s in a good mood, he’ll try to say something nice like, “Yeah, this way we can at least see the little winky.”

He has also started teasing me in other ways. For example, he has pushed my little penis inside my body saying, “You’re a girl now!”

I can’t really say anything back, so I just laugh it off and act like I am, touching my chest and making a high-pitched voice, sometimes crossing my legs. I like it when it’s just Daddy and me, but when he does it in the YMCA locker room I get really embarrassed.

I try to ignore it, but he’ll tell me, “Act like a girl as you do at home.”

Dad had a weekly poker game with his friends every Saturday night. A woman who they paid to go to the house just for the event waits for them. She was gorgeous; she had light skin, black hair, and wore a tight dress that highlighted her big breasts. Her dress was cut low and tight, and it was obvious that she didn’t wear underwear. All the guys kissed her in the mouth and put their hands close to her behind or between her legs, and she often sat on people’s laps. Dad made a very explicit rule that I was to go to my room when she was in the house. I thought the situation was very weird. Often I could hear her or one of the guys moan or moan and laugh, so I don’t know what that had to do with poker.

This is where the story gets very embarrassing.

Last week, I spied on them and saw dad pulling up her skirt and rubbing her ass, and kissing her. I was shocked. My shock didn’t last for long, though, as dad saw me. He jumped from his chair and ran toward me. He grabbed me by the arm and started yelling, “You’re not allowed to leave your room.”

He threw me on the bed and started trying to strip me. He pulled at the waist of my pants and swung me back and forth until they completely ripped. I was in shock. I fought back as much as I could, but it was useless because he is a lot stronger. When I was down to my tighty-whities, he grabbed the band and pulled with one hand, easily ripping them in their entirety.

I was naked, and the door to my room was wide open. I pleaded for Daddy to stop, but he ignored me and flipped me over his lap, telling me, “You want to look and behave like a little boy now you’re getting treated like a little boy.”

To my surprise, he grabbed me by the hair with one hand actually spanked me with the other hand. I was in a state of shock, but it didn’t hurt. I thought it would stop then. It didn’t. He spanked me again, and then again, and again. I could feel my butt cheeks get red as I flailed helplessly in his lap. He took a break, which made me think he was done but he was simply catching his strength and then started hitting me uncontrollably. I couldn’t pull away because I thought he was going to rip off my hair. I was ready to cry from the pain. I thought I was going to pass out, so I let go and started crying.

The embarrassing part is that when I let go and started crying, I accidentally started peeing. I was horrified, and daddy looked furious. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the living room while I was still trying to control my pee. All his friends and the waitress were laughing. I couldn’t believe he was doing this, a woman has never seen me naked. I tried covering my little penis with one hand while he was dragging me across the room, but it was impossible. He opened the door to the backyard and tossed me out.

“You like peeing?” he asked as he unzipped himself and urinated on me while I cried on the floor.

The humiliation of another man urinating on you in front of a woman is simply something I cannot describe. Uncle Joe went outside and stood next to dad. He whispered something in dad’s ear and smiled down at me.

“Stay,” dad said. I tried covering myself, but he said, “Hands to the side, now!”

He got the hose and turned it on, spraying me with cold water. As he did so, he shouted, “Now I need to clean you because you’re filthy.”

I was crying and fighting the freezing water when another one of his friends, who I call Uncle James, came out. Uncle James told daddy that they were waiting on him to keep playing and tossed me a towel. I quickly dried and followed them indoors.

When we were inside, dad said, “The towel is not for you to cover yourself, it’s to clean the mess you made in the living room.”

I looked at the floor, and there was some liquid on the floor, but I couldn’t believe he actually wanted me to strip and bend over to clean.

“But everyone will see, please don’t make me. Let me cover myself” I pleaded.

“See what? You’ve got nothing to look at, and we’ve already seen you once tonight.”

He had a look on his face like arguing would make the situation worse, and I already felt pretty defeated. I bent over and pulled off the towel, hoping to retain someone my dignity. As I did that, daddy took off his pants, which were stained from my accident. This added more to the humiliation. His huge bulge was visible to everyone who had just seen my tiny package.

He said, “See, this is what a man’s cock is supposed to look like.”

He kept pointing to different parts of the floor that he wanted me to clean which resulted in everyone getting a good view of me naked. They resumed their poker game, as I was ready to be done. Before I could leave, he asked me to sit on his lap. I sat my naked body on his lap, realizing that the waitress was also sitting on Uncle James’ lap as if we were both entertainments for the men. I could also feel the warmth from his naked thighs.

He grabbed my chin and said, “Now, you know daddy doesn’t like to punish you, but you need to learn to behave, OK?”

“Yes, sir,” I responded.

Next, he gave me a kiss on the lips and said, “That’s a good girl.”

I was utterly humiliated. Daddy has complete ownership over me in front of all these men and a woman. He had kissed me before in private but never in front of people. Then, he did it, he pulled me close to him, pushed my small penis all the way inside my body, and said, “Tell them you’re daddy’s little girl.”

Without missing a beat, I turned around, looked down at my naked smooth body, wrinkle little penis, and tight balls, and I said, “I’m daddy’s little girl.”

All the guys laughed and high-fived each other.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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