Humiliated by my Wife & Son

By humiliated daddy.

Here is some of my backstory before I get to the main incident. I was born with a very underdeveloped penis; it was almost non-existent at birth, and just about the head was visible in the first few years of my life. By the time I hit puberty, all it could manage was popping the head out my groin by about an inch and reaching three inches erect, but it still disappeared into my groin if it got very cold.

I have been made fun of all my life because of my size. I was bullied at school and forced to strip in front of people. Friends, family, and strangers, whoever saw me naked or heard about my penis size would end up making fun of me. Because of my constant bullying and humiliation from childhood to my twenties, I developed a kink for small penis humiliation.

I’ve been married for over twenty years, and I have two sons, Eric, aged nineteen, and Ian, aged thirteen. Even though I have a micropenis, I’m always horny, but my wife doesn’t care much for sex, and that’s a once-a-month thing if I’m lucky. Fiona knows I like being made fun of, so she’s happy for me to strip naked in front of her and jerk off while she verbally puts me down till I cum. This normally happens on a Wednesday or Thursday on most weeks as it’s the only day we both get home early from work, and the boys won’t be home yet.

I’ve never been naked in front of the boys, so they had no idea about my micropenis. I haven’t seen the boys naked in years, but one time I accidentally walked in on Eric having phone sex with his girlfriend, and I saw his cock. It was only for a second, but I got a good look at it. He had an average-sized cock that looked about five to six inches, just a normal ordinary cock. I was glad he wasn’t underdeveloped and had a normal life at school, and not be bullied and treated like a freak like I was.

A few weeks after, I saw Eric naked on a normal Wednesday afternoon. Fiona and I had our usual verbal humiliation session. I was standing naked in front of her, jerking off while she was making fun of me (I’ve heard all her humiliations hundreds of times each, but I still find them a turn-on). She told me things like, “Jerk it with two fingers, big man, baby cock. Dickless,” and how pathetic my size is and that she’s seen bigger cocks on toddlers.

We were well into our sex play, and I was close to cumming when suddenly we heard the front door open. It took us a few seconds to realize Eric was home. Normally when he gets home, he knocks on the door, and if I’m naked, I quickly run upstairs to get dressed while his mum lets him in, but we recently gave him his keys to let himself in. so now I was naked, and my clothes were upstairs, and I had nowhere to go except run and hide in the kitchen. Fiona, at first, was startled by Eric coming in and got flustered getting me out of this situation. I was hiding in the kitchen out of view, and Eric came into the living room and started talking to his mum.

After a minute, I noticed the wife’s tone had changed. She had gone from tense to relaxed. I stood in the kitchen waiting for her to get him out of the way so I could go upstairs to get my clothes on, but she seemed happy talking about his day. I could sense the excitement in her voice. She was enjoying me being naked and trapped in the kitchen.

After chatting more, I heard her say to Eric, “Your dad’s in the kitchen. Go say hello to him.”

I froze on the spot. I didn’t know what to do. I looked around the kitchen to see if there was anything I could cover up with. There was nothing except a hand towel. I just stood in the corner with both hands covering my cock. The door slowly opened, and my heart was racing at 100mph. I could feel the vibrations. I could hear my wife giggling in anticipation about what would happen. Eric walked in and saw me standing naked and burst out laughing. He didn’t know how to react, and I couldn’t get any words out, so I just stood there with both hands on my groin. He turned around to walk back out, but his mum followed him in and stopped him.

“Oops, I forgot to say your dad hasn’t got any clothes on,” she said. I just looked at her, and she smiled at me. “What are you hiding? Why have you got your hands on your front? Are you embarrassed to show something?” she asked me.

“I need to go get dressed,” I said.

Fiona replied, “Let’s see what you’re hiding first.”

I refused to move my hands. Fiona asked Eric if he wanted to see something funny. Eric didn’t know how to reply. I think he was finding it just as awkward as I was.

Fiona stepped forward, saying, “Move your hand,” and I refused. “I’ve seen it thousands of times, and Eric’s a guy, plus your son. Why are you embarrassed to be naked in front of him?” she asked.

I don’t know what I replied, but I felt so vulnerable she grabbed my wrists and started trying to wrestle my hands away. We started in the kitchen, hand wrestling all over the kitchen while Eric laughed at my exposed bum and the rest of my naked body. I was trying my best to turn to angle my wife in between us so he couldn’t see me. I was trying to escape her, and we ended up in the living room. She still wouldn’t let go of my wrists, and for about ten minutes, she was trying to pry my hands away from my groin. I ended up on the sofa with her on top of me, still trying to move my hands. She repeatedly asked Eric to help her, but he laughed at us. I don’t think he knew what to do and how to react.

It was his first time seeing his dad naked, and his mum was trying to expose his dad’s intimate parts to him. All through the hand fighting, I was telling her to stop it. I tried asking her in many ways—begging, nicely, aggressively—I tried every emotion, but nothing worked. Fiona was hellbent on exposing me and was laughing while trying to remove my hands. She was being playful and funny.

However, to me, it felt like life or death situation. She had me half lying on the sofa, her knee on my leg, and sweat rolling down her forehead. She tried yanking my hands off again but couldn’t. We were both laughing. It was like a playful fight but with serious consequences if I lost. Fiona turned to Eric again. This time, she sternly asked him to help her. This time he listened to her and came over.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

Fiona adjusted herself into a better position. “I’ve got this arm. You grab the other one, and we both pull same time,” she said to him.

I was still telling them to stop, but I was laughing. At the same time, they weren’t taking me seriously. If anything, my jolly laugh was probably encouraging them to keep going.

Eric grabbed my wrist and asked his mum, “Are you sure about this?”

Fiona looked into my eyes with a big smile and replied, “Yes, I’m sure it’s time to expose the family jewels. Ready pull on three. One… Two…”

Eric looked at me. “Sorry, Dad.”

“THREE….” Fiona shouted.

They both started pulling on my arms and for about half a minute, I put up a good fight keeping my hands gripped firmly on my tiny cock and balls. Still, then Fiona started pinching my nipples, and I reacted to that, and Eric managed to pry my one hand away, and Fiona quickly pulled my other hand away. And there I was, fully naked with my tiny soft one incher on display in front of my son, who was seeing it for the first time in nineteen years.

Eric laughed and said, “Bloody hell, I wasn’t expecting that.”

His mum replied, “Were you expecting it to be bigger?”

They both laughed.

I was still fighting to get my hands back to cover up, but it was useless after all that fighting. My arms were tired in the end. I just looked down and let them do as they wanted. Fiona flicked my penis several times, asking Eric what he thought of the family heirlooms. He was laughing and not replying to her.

My wife was finding her position uncomfortable on the sofa, restraining my arms, and feeling the effects of all that physical battle. She said we would let me go, but I must stand before them and do as she says. I said OK, but I was waiting for her to let me go so I could make a run for it. Still, she knew I would do it, so as I got up, she held on to my balls tightly, squeezing them and pulling them downwards so I was forced to kneel. She told Eric to slide the sofa in front of the door, Eric slid the sofa, and she let go and sat back down laughing. I was trapped with the only option of going to the kitchen or garden.

I covered up, and she laughed. “Darling, it can’t be unseen once it’s seen. Besides, Ian will be home soon, so you can do as I say or wait for the last family member to arrive before we continue.”

I reluctantly moved my hand, and they laughed. The wife continued humiliating me, telling Eric about my small penis humiliation kinks and stories of my school days and the humiliations I got. I just stood smiling at them, shaking with nervousness. Eric just sat with his mum laughing at the verbal humiliations she was throwing my way.

Eventually, Eric said, There is this kid in school with a tiny cock. He was the smallest I had seen.”

Fiona said, “Was?”

Eric laughed. “Dad’s is definitely the smallest I’ve seen now, and I understand why he’s kept it hidden away. If I were that small, I wouldn’t show anyone either.”

Fiona took out her phone, started taking photos of me, and showed Eric the photos.

He laughed away, saying, “God, the photos make it look even smaller.”

After about ten minutes of verbal humiliation from my wife, she finally moved the sofa to let me get dressed. The rest of the day, all three of us kept smiling at each other because they had humiliated and embarrassed me. They were laughing at my reactions to being exposed to them.


On Thursday, I went to work early and didn’t see my wife or Eric. I returned from work, and Fiona asked me how I felt humiliated in front of our son. I said I could kill her, but then I would have no one to turn me on verbally.

She laughed. “I was first thinking about how to get Eric away so you could get dressed,” Fiona said. “But then I thought it would be funny to see his reaction seeing you naked. Plus, you had seen Eric naked a few weeks earlier, so it was only fair for him to see your private parts too. Do you want another humiliation session today?”

“No. Yesterday was enough, thank you,” I said. I made myself a cup of tea, and just thinking about another humiliation had my cock twitching. So I returned to Fiona and said, “OK, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“Go undress and come back here naked,” she ordered.

So, I did as she said and started jerking off to her verbal humiliation, but this time with more emphasis on what Eric was thinking about me and what he said to her afterward. It didn’t take long. I quickly cum onto the towel I had on the floor before me. I put the towel in the wash, and Eric arrived home.

He laughed, seeing me naked, saying, “Is this what you guys do all day when I’m not home? I had a friend coming home with me today, but he had to do something else. Imagine if he had walked in and seen you naked, Dad. You would have died of embarrassment.”

Fiona joined in making fun of me. It was the same as the day before but without the wrestling.

Fiona asked Eric, “You know how you said your Dad’s got the smallest cock you have ever seen?” Eric nodded, laughing. Fiona looked at me, rubbing her thighs with nervous excitement. “What if I told you he gets even smaller?”

Eric looked at her and then at me, confused. “What? How? How could it get smaller than that? I don’t believe it. It can’t be possible.”

His mum laughed, saying, “I can prove it if you want to see.”

I was standing, shaking with nervousness. If I hadn’t just cum I think I would have cum from being so nervous. I had a strange sensation in my cock like I was going to cum, but I already had.

Eric looked at me, then said to his mum, “I don’t know, I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m curious now.”

Fiona asked him, “Shall I make it smaller?”

My son just shrugged his shoulders, looking at my one-inch nub.

Fiona got up and passed me my work top and hoodie. “Put these on and go into the garden,” she ordered.

It was a very cold morning. It had been raining all night and all morning.

“Do I have to?” I asked.


I put on the clothing and went into the garden. My wife closed the door, leaving me just standing like an idiot with the lower half of my body exposed to the cold weather. The cold air glided over my privates, and I could feel my cock tightening up, slowly digging into my groin.

After a few minutes, Eric and Fiona came to the garden door and opened it. She told me to remove my tops and return to the house. Eric’s reaction was priceless. His jaw dropped, seeing my cock almost fully disappear to become a flaccid inny. Fiona started taking photos of me while making fun of me, and even Eric took a few photos. He couldn’t believe the smallest cock he had ever seen got even smaller to the point it wasn’t there anymore.

I stood before them for about thirty minutes, slowly returning once it warmed up. My wife was telling him more stories of my childhood bullying and humiliation. I wasn’t finding it as humiliating as I first did. I found it liberating being naked, hearing and telling my stories of humiliating times with the subject matter firmly on display as the center of attention. I was so into the storytelling that we only stopped when Ian came home, and I quickly went up to get dressed.


Since those two embarrassing experiences, Eric has seen me naked several times. I’m not as embarrassed to show it as I used to be. I’ve gone from never letting anyone see me naked for twenty years except for my wife and a few doctors/nurses to walking around the house naked if it’s just him and Fiona home. I’ve even shared a urinal in a public toilet with Eric, we didn’t look at each other, but I was comfortable having my small penis out.

Fiona told me that her dad and brothers growing up, were always naked around each other, going swimming or doing other sports. They used to be naked around each other every weekend, so she found it ‘different’ that I had never done anything like that with our boys. Since my outing, Ian found out my little secret from his brother, and since they all know my size, I’m a bit more relaxed with being naked around the family. Sometimes just let it all hang out just for a few laughs from them.


The End.


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