Hooked (Gay SPH)

By CF.

I waited nervously in the passenger seat as instructed by my Dom, Sir Mark. Twiddling my thumbs, fidgeting with the radio, looking out the window for any sign of a hint as to where we were going as I watch Sir Mark gather his last couple of items like his keys and wallet. And also, to make sure no neighbors could notice that I was only wearing an oversized black hoodie over my leather harness, my sneakers and nothing else. Well, besides my CB-6000s of course, locked with one of the numbered plastic tags the cage came with. He told me that we were on our way to an interview, or was it a meeting? Whatever it was, it involved a bit of a drive and Sir Mark had to confirm it a few weeks back.

“This trip will hopefully expand your sexual horizons even more so than I have been able to stretch for you just with our own sessions. If you’re a good boy, this trip will be worthwhile in more ways than one. Don’t disappoint me, boy,” he said with a casual smile as he entered the car and entered the final destination into his phone GPS.

I only responded with a loud gulp due to my nerves, and replied “Yes Sir, I will always do my best at whatever task you ask of me, Sir.”

I tried to smile back but I think he could tell I was feigning it, as I was completely out of the loop from what was about to happen and didn’t feel mentally prepared. But this anxiety was also the reason my dicklet had been straining and leaking non-stop in its clear cage since this morning. What was going to happen? Who are we going to meet? Where are we going? How many times will I get bred? Do I get to see this time?

“Did you only have liquids today like I asked?”

“Yes Sir, I had a protein shake this morning for breakfast, and another for lunch,” I replied.

It was now around 4:00pm in the afternoon, and the drive would be about an hour or so.

“Good boy,” he said as he rustled my hair and gave me a playful slap on my right cheek.

Sir Mark had given me a number of instructions this morning when I woke up in my bed. His grooming request included shaving all hair from the neck down to make sure I was completely smooth (without unlocking of course, leaving a few spots behind), message all my friends and family that I had a 48-hour report due for my first year sociology course and could not be bothered over the weekend so I could concentrate on school, and finally, the liquid diet. Sir Mark typically doesn’t ever check as to whether I have completed my tasks or not, he simply accepts them to be done.

I’ve known Sir Mark for 4 months now. He’s 46 years old, 5’11”, built like a former football player that still likes to play a few games once in awhile, but is usually in a suit and tie for his job working in communications, and t-shirt and jeans on the weekends. Sandy brown hair with wisps of grey which also appear in his beard. That’s just the surface, literally, and I’ve barely scratched it.

Sir Mark started off like any other normal Grindr hookup I’ve had, with a daddy dom messaging me telling me to come over so they could drop a load in me, which is what I explicitly ask for on my profile. As a college freshman that looks like a typical medium-height lean muscled twink bottom, getting older daddy dick was very easy in this town. Except the difference is, usually tops use me as a pump and dump. Drop a load in me and then kick me out of their house before they’re even soft. But I noticed Sir Mark was different once I arrived at his house. He took his time with me, and seemed to analyze every facet of my being as he fucked me for the first time. He was also very focussed on making sure he had eye contact with me the whole time, slapping my ass every time I’d break his gaze even if it’s because my eyes rolled back from the pleasure I was feeling, making me stare deep into his eyes again. This was new for me, this intimacy though from a complete stranger, but I fucking loved it.

Seeing how naturally obedient and submissive I was upon our first encounter, Sir Mark started to use hand signals to speak with me like I was his dog. Keep in mind, I didn’t know anything about the pup community yet at this point, but, I instinctually I knew what he meant already. Turn over. Flip around. Arch my back. Ass up. Open my mouth. It felt right. And I felt so comfortable, despite his thick uncut 8″ raw cock hitting my second hole very aggressively, as if to punctuate every thrust to make sure I felt it. And boy, did I ever. I would gasp at every thrust. And after about 20 minutes of fucking, I finally heard his voice as he said his first words behind me as we looked at each other in the mirror.

“Do you know what you are?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I stuttered confusingly.

“Your little boy dick has been leaking non-stop. Take a look, boy.”

My eyes bulged out in both surprise and embarrassment immediately at the words ‘little boy dick.’ I know I’ve always been less endowed than my peers at school at the locker room, and to be perfectly honest, yeah, I have a tiny dick. I’m 2″ when I’m soft, and maybe 4.5″ hard (even though I say I’m almost 6″ on my hookup apps so I have a chance at getting noticed). I’ve been bullied my whole life for my little dick which has brought a lot of pain and shame, but this was the first time someone had so boldly and casually uttered those words without any hint of disgust or disapproval. He said it so normally, as if he was telling me the sky is blue. This further confused me.

“I know it’s not the first time someone has told you your dick is very small like a young boy’s,” he said as a response to my being taken aback.

“Um, well, I mean,” I was stammering and before I could continue he interjected and cut me off.

“You have a small uncut penis. A very little dick,” he said as my face grew a shade of bright red. “Your bush is bigger than both your cock and baby balls combined. And do you feel mine?” he asked gently as he thrusted balls deep hard.

“YES! Fuck yes, I do, it’s so big!”

His aggressive thrust and slow pull out before slamming into my hole again slapped me out of my embarrassment for a split second, finally making me look down at my leaking dick to see what mess he was talking about, and to see exactly how small my dick was. I wanted to see what he was seeing.

I thought and maybe even hoped that my cock maybe went soft as he was fucking me which urged him to tell me what a small dick I had, but to my surprise and even further embarrassment, my dick was rock hard, foreskin fully retracted at my hardest size of 4.75″. He must’ve saw the confusion on my face as he slapped my cheek to make me look into his eyes again.

“I can’t even imagine how small it could be soft if you’re fully hard right now. Your little cock head is bright purple and so shiny with all your precum leaking everywhere. You made a mess, boy.”

He smiled as he finished that sentence. In a span of a minute, I went from being in sexual ecstasy (and a bit of pain from Sir’s size), to astonished fear, then scared confusion, and well, more confusion. And there wasn’t a moment in between where Sir Mark wasn’t still exploring my insides with his raw cock. Seeing him smile put me over the edge, my mind was in absolute overload and I felt like bursting!

Turns out, I did. Burst. And I fucking bursted everywhere.

Without knowing or seeing since my eyes rolled up so high in my head, I had jizzed hands-free all over his duvet, and that was the first time I heard Sir Mark laugh. And he was not hiding his amusement either. He was roaring laughing, pinching the bridge of his nose, going on for a good minute before he finally subsided. The entire time I looked at him in the mirror with of course, more confusion. What the fuck was going on? But does that mean he likes fucking me despite my little dick? After he wiped a few tears from his eyes he knelt down until I felt his whole torso on my back as he cradled his head into my right cheek, reminding me that he was still inside me as his weight pushed his cock even deeper inside me. It felt incredible to feel his whole body against mine for the first time since I walked through his front door.

“I’m glad you had fun boy, but I didn’t cum yet. But I’m not going to punish you for that, not yet anyway, because you learned an extremely valuable lesson today,” he said.

“I’m sorry, but I’m so confused right now. What do you mean, I don’t understand anything you’re saying, I just ahhh-” I exclaimed as he moved his hips in a circular motion, essentially grinding his cock into my hole more while pulling me closer to him with his right arm around my neck.

“You’re not confused boy, not in the least. You just saw with your own eyes exactly who you are,” he calmly explained.

“I-I, I don’t, what do y-” I stuttered.

“You’re a fag,” he said.

“E-ex-cuse me?!” I asked incredulously. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

“Even though you already came, every time I pulse my dick into you your little boy dick twitches and starts leaking precum again. Look,” as he pulsed again. He’s kissing my second hole with his cock head. And I see a trail of precum dribble out again. “You’re made for this. Your profile said vanilla, which I normally don’t do, but I needed a hole tonight and you were too willing so I took a chance. But I can tell you’re built for much more than that from the minute I saw you.”

He held my face and re-averted it back to his eyes again. He could tell I was nervous. Okay I was more than nervous, I was freaking the fuck out. This random 40 something guy I don’t know just said over and over that I have a little dick, laughed at it when I came, and calls me a faggot on top of everything else, the whole time with his own raw cock inside me. What does he want with me, just a fuck, or is he gonna beat me up too? I mean yeah, I’ve jacked off to Tumblr videos where the top is non-stop degrading the bottom while fucking him, calling him a pussy cunt and a fag, but I barely know this guy and that was never the tone of our convo on Grindr. Where did this all come from? I had never been so scared, curious and turned on at the same time. He pulsed his dick again and continued just to see my eyes hold his gaze as they bulged from my second hole being kissed.

“I repeat. You’re a fag. Plain and simple. You don’t crave cock. You need it. You need it especially because your dicklet is, well, a tiny dicklet. More foreskin than cock. You’re curious to know what a real cock is supposed to be like because you’re told you’re a man, even though you doubt it yourself. Whether you want to admit to or not. Look right here, it looks like I poured a glass of water on my duvet from the amount of faggot precum and cum you sprayed everywhere, and when you did cum, your face looked like it was in heaven. You looked free.”

I was in a state of stupor by this point.

Every. Single. Word. Every one of his words hit me like electricity all of a sudden and it all just clicked in my head. Not like a lightbulb was going off. But like a million light bulbs shining for the first time together making a new sun I had never known existed, which would become the new center to my universe. Never in my life, have I had a stranger that I’ve barely exchanged words with let alone bodily fluids, understand my psyche so blatantly just from seeing who I was. The person I couldn’t see. Me. I am a fag. I truly am a fag. He was right. Being in the closet at school with a small dick on top of it all, and as a result not having a lot of close friends for fear or people finding out especially my family, I can feel that I’m retreating inwards sometimes. Which makes the hunger to connect with a man, any man, every man, so much more powerful inside me. My fear of admitting to myself who I really was, made me an even bigger fag. It makes complete sense.

HE makes complete sense.

He loosened his grip on my face as all the clicks in my head occurred in rapid succession. I assumed it was because he could see that I now understood what he said. But right before I could even mutter the words ‘thank you’ to him he cut me off by lifting me up by the neck until we were upright in the bed, on our knees still facing the mirror looking at each other’s faces.

“By the way, my name is Mark. But you’ll call me Sir,” he said as he quivered all of a sudden and closed his eyes.

“N-nice to meet you, Sir. I’m Jason,” I replied.

“I’d say nice to meet you too, Jason, but you’re being very rude right now,” he said.

Dumbfounded, I asked, “Why?”

“Because my load is leaking down your leg and not even a sorry is said. This is how you repay me after I showed you who you really are?”

My immediate reaction was to cry, so I did. I started sobbing and sobbing while seeing a trail of white cum pooling behind my left knee in the mirror. I don’t even know why, but that was my most natural instinct, to cry because I felt so bad. Mark, I mean, Sir, was right. About everything. And I absolutely felt like I was being disrespectful, despite feeling this feeling for the first time ever. Everything felt so right, even though at that moment I felt like a terrible bottom for not even noticing that I just got knocked up and it’s leaking out!

“Yeah, I know. You feel bad about it, but that still doesn’t fix the fact that you’re wasting my load, boy.” Hearing that made me feel even more terrible, my mind racing faster with how I could fix this problem until I felt his wet fingers in my mouth. “You’ve got more than one hole, be polite and make sure you’re always offering both. Don’t be a lazy fag, you have to earn your keep, boy. You basically have no dick, all you have is your holes.”

I closed my eyes as I tasted his load swirling on my tongue as I engulfed his fingers. Then a sharp slap on my cheek.

“Look at me, boy. Look at me. Don’t look away unless you have permission to do so. You always obey those who have bigger cocks than you, even if that happens to be everybody,” he instructed. I nodded in earnest enthusiasm to show him my utmost obedience. “Your little clit is still hard after soaking my bed, I can see it in the way you’re looking at me. You’re mine now. Including this,” as he flicked my dick. I yelped but I didn’t dare take my eyes off his while in pain. “We’ll fix this too, boy.”

“What do you mean by fix? Fix my dick? Are you gonna make it bigger? And why didn’t you tell me you were cumm-” another slap to my cheek, this time the hardest I’ve felt forcing me to turn my neck.

“No more questions tonight, faggot.”

I felt so shut down and belittled, but the submission to Sir Mark made it feel, almost, right? Yeah, it felt right. Yes, definitely feels right, because my little cock head is bright purple as I hung my head in shame after being slapped like a bitch.

“Close your eyes,” he demanded.

I did. I felt him slowly pulling his softening cock out and gave me an automatic empty feeling, both in my heart and my hole, maybe this was the punishment he was talking about? Until right after his head popped out he quickly swung me around to face him, and I felt his mouth ravage mine in the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had in all my 18 years of existence on this planet. After what felt like hours he pulled away to look at me, and I began to collapse and fall backward before he held me tightly on both arms, eventually enveloping me in a full-on bear hug.

He sighed.

“It’s okay. I’m right here,” as he continued to hold me.

He looks over in the corner where all my clothes are gathered in a pile with my student bus pass sticking out of my jean pocket. “You’re not taking the bus home are you?”

“I-I’m, sorry, brain. Um, not working, I-I’m…” I stuttered as he looks into my eyes and just holds it for a few seconds.

He starts to smile and said, “Don’t worry. I’m going to get you washed up right now and I’m driving you home. Or wherever you want me to drop you off. I’m not letting you stumble home, you’re too out of it to think properly.” And before I could say anything, he simply lays me down on the bed and asks me to wait as I hear water running in the ensuite bathroom.

He ran me a bath. And then he carried me from the bed to inside that bath. And then he fucking bathed me.

To be honest, knowing how completely out of my mind I was, I wouldn’t have even been able clean myself off let alone walk. I was in a state of complete shock over what just transpired in the past hour. I thought I was going to be pumped and dumped. And now here I am, laid, and bathed. I never cum during my hookups. I always take my slutty loaded ass back home and jack myself off. Probably because I feel self conscious about my cock, I just want the top to focus on getting what he wants and nothing else. My small cock is probably another reason I don’t go for guys my age, I’m scared they’re going to be so cruel about it, but a pervy daddy? He’ll fuck anything that’s young, and I’m happy to be that hole.

But right now, my mind feels like a giant hole. A big gaping hole. And honestly that’s a perfect analogy for it. Because I didn’t just only get fucked. I got mind-fucked. That, and driven home that night after he cleaned me up.

Ever since then I was hooked. Hooked on Sir Mark. This complete stranger just came into my world and flipped everything upside down (much like his cock did to my ass). Even after 4 months of getting to know Sir Mark, he’s still a mystery to me. Not in terms of who he is on paper I mean, that’s simple. But I’ve never met a man that thinks the way he does. That speaks the way he does. That looks at people the way he does. How did he become so in tune with a bottom’s mind? Or more specifically, my mind?

We’ve ever only met up for sexual play, we’ve never gone on a real date or anything which I always assumed would happen based on how he kissed me the first night. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish it went further than just hooking up, but I will admit, it’s also the not really knowing what’s going to happen next is what keeps me so excited to get fucked by him every time. And maybe one day he’ll do more than just kiss me?

For now and tonight, I’ll sit in his car like I did the first night we met. Except this time he’s not driving me home.

Where is Sir Mark taking me this time?

The End.


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