Giving in to Perfection

By RosieCheeks13.

“Can you rub my feet?” Kate asked Randy as she put her book down.

She was sitting on the opposite end of the couch, her legs up alongside him. She wiggled her toes next to his side.

“Actually?” Randy asked, surprised by her forwardness yet already feeling himself get rock hard at the question.

“Yes?” She moved them up into his lap and wiggled her toes again at him, her heels pressed slightly against his bulge. “You said you would if you got the chance. This is it,” she said matter-of-factly, her tone suggesting he had no choice even if he didn’t want to.

Randy put his book down on the coffee table next to the couch and began rubbing her feet, taking in every inch of them. He felt up the sole of her feet and rubbed deep into them, feeling himself start to get hard at just how soft her feet were. Their size was smaller than average, making them cuter than any feet he’s seen before, and his fingers went in between her toes. He glanced up at her while he continued the message, only to notice she wasn’t even paying attention to him, her face back into her book as if he didn’t even exist. Her lack of care for him only strengthened the erection that was beginning to rage so eagerly. He wanted so badly to lean down and suck in her toes, to lick them and serve her like a Queen.

“You like this a lot, don’t you?” she asked him, not even looking away from her book.

“Yes,” Randy replied, his breath clearly heavier than normal as his nerves shot through the roof.

“I can tell,” she said and laughed and nudged his small hard bulge. “I bet this is the closest you’ve ever been to a woman.”

“I mean, well, no, but… I haven’t been that far…” he said embarrassed, “and it’s been years since anyone has shown interest.”

“No surprise there,” she put her book down and looked right at him. “You’re the perfect little virgin. So easily unlovable.”

Kate then rubbed the heel of her foot into his cock, just a few layers of clothes blocking their direct contact. Randy took in a deep breath and held back a moan as she applied the pressure.

“Take it out,” she said sternly, moving her foot a few inches away.

This is it,’ Randy thought, ‘I’m finally going to lose my virginity.’ And to Kate, someone so beautiful. He frantically unzipped his pants and slid them down his legs, pushing his underwear down with them. His cock sprang free and stood up straight, oozing with pre-cum.

“Wow.” Kate stared directly at it before letting out her iconic sultry laugh. “Thank God you’re a virgin. That’s the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen!” She could barely contain herself. “I’d feel bad for any girl that put that inside her. I mean…” she put her foot back into his lap and began touching his dick with her big toe, “it’s literally only twice the size of my toe, Randy! That’s so pathetic!”

Randy felt her words cut deep, as he knew what she said was entirely true, and yet…it only made him harder and more turned on. With the punch of her words, his dick only produced more pre-cum, and he felt his orgasm building.

Kate began pressing her foot to his and rubbing it with her toes, his pre-cum getting onto her beautiful foot. She grabbed the blanket that was on her and pulled it aside, exposing her outfit. She was wearing another one of her iconic dresses. With her one foot pressed to his cock, she bent her opposite leg up, so her dress began to ride up and reveal her legs more. Randy watched intensely, taking in her gorgeous skin as her thigh began to show.

“You know, Randy,” she pressed her foot a bit more, adding pressure and rubbing slightly more with every word she spoke. “You’ll always be a virgin. Begging for me, for anyone really, to fuck you.”

She grabbed her dress and began pulling it up her body as she laid down, her foot pressing, her other leg bent up.

“But never…” she said with her dress pulled up high, her thighs fully on display showing how beautifully thick they were, making Randy weaker as he imagined his head between them, “Ever … Will you get to…” Her dress came up all the way, exposing herself completely as her pussy was on full display, the first pussy he has ever seen in the flesh, and her pressure on his dick only went further.

“Touch this … with your pathetic … little … dick.”

And with that, he came.

His little dick began to spasm and spew out cum, shooting out violently all over the beautiful foot that he so deeply admired. The words, the images, the touching, was all too much for Randy and his body shook as his orgasm soared through him, the most powerful orgasm he’s ever felt. Her foot was covered in cum as he began to slowly calm down and recover from the mind-blowing orgasm he had just felt. His breath was heavy, and he was lost in his own world.

“Oh my God!” Kate said with a sense of sternness. “Are you fucking serious? You came that easily? Holy fuck, you’re even more pathetic than I thought. And look…” she said with such a tone that demanded Randy’s full attention as she lifted her foot to his face. “You fucking came on my foot. That’s disgusting.”

She was furious with him and didn’t show any signs of playing. Randy gulped. “I… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! It was just so exciting,” Randy said.

“I don’t give a shit what you meant to do, clean it!” she shouted at him, waiting. Randy looked around for paper towels. “No, you dumb, sad virgin, lick it off!”

Randy’s eyes went wide as he looked back at her foot. The white gooey cum in between her toes oozed out as she moved them back and forth.

“Don’t pretend like you haven’t wanted to taste my feet since you first saw them. Now fucking do it!”

And with that, she pushed her toe into his mouth, and instantly Randy gave in. Even with his horniness fleeting, he was overcome with a rush of adrenaline as he began to suck his own cum off her toes, going to each one and enjoying the taste of her feet and cum mixture, enjoying each morsel like it was the last meal. He finished with her toes and began licking the sole of her foot next, licking every inch of it clean. By the end, her foot was as clean as if she had just washed it.

“Good job,” she said with a smile, her angry and bitchy attitude suddenly gone. “You’re such a good friend.” She pulled her legs away and got up from the couch. “I’m so hungry. I think I’ll make dinner now.”

“Oh?” Randy said, still mentally and physically recovering from what happened. “What are we having?”

“We?” Kate laughed at him and walked past him. “You just ate your dinner, silly. But if you’re good…” She came back over to him and patted his head, making him feel even smaller than she previously had. “Maybe you’ll get dessert.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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