Fitting In (Gay SPH)

By G_T_H


I never felt like I belonged.

I came from a broken house. My parents had divorced when I was very young. I don’t even remember them together. Thankfully, they were both sweet people, especially my father, who was always kind to his obviously-out-of-place son. Anytime I felt scared or weak, I knew I could run into his strong, thick arms, and the fear would vanish. He was a big guy, well over six feet, hairy, with a muscular chest but with a bit of a belly. Dad was a human teddy bear, and I knew I could always come to him for protection, love, and a big hug.

Growing up, I had friends, neighborhood kids, cousins, and all the usual suburban assortment of people. They all seemed to have so much more figured out. It all seemed to orbit around one idea—girls.

I’d try to join them in their vigor of describing women they wanted to fuck, classmates they were into, all of that. I had them fooled, sure, but I knew deep inside it wasn’t authentic. Still, appearances were everything, and I played the part as well as I could.

At eighteen, I wasn’t what you call ‘built.’ Whereas my friends were tall, muscular, some growing beards, I couldn’t be more different. I was five foot five, slender, and mostly hairless. The only difference was that I had this round, soft, chubby butt. I had inherited from my mother, a curvy Irish woman who loved displaying her big tits and even bigger, lily-white ass. Whereas she wore tight clothing almost every day to show off, I usually kept my clothes loose-fitting and baggy. I hated my ass. It didn’t belong to a man. It was a woman’s ass. Therefore, my clothes stayed loose, my secret secured.

Well, most of my secrets. To continue keeping up appearances, I went out with a handful of girls. Usually, the girls, my friends, would never ask out on a date. The sweet, shy, sometimes bigger girls were just happy to have the attention, and I was grateful for each of them and always made sure they had a great time.

However, occasionally, one or two of them would want to take things further at the end of the date. While many were OK with a peck on the cheek, there were definitely girls who wanted more. For the most part, I was able to come up with excuses and stop things from going too far, but there was one girl, Savannah, who was committed. She was plump, spirited, and knew exactly what she wanted.

We were in the back of her car, kissing passionately, her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her heavy tits pressing against my chest, her nipples poking through. She ground her body against me, softly moaning as she did. For me, though, it did nothing. Eventually, she stopped.

“Is everything OK?” she asked, her body still on mine.

“Y-Yeah,” I lied, not sure how to escape this one.

For me, this was a test to see what would happen if I let things go further if nature would kick in, and my body would finally play along. Nevertheless, the answer was no. Now I was stuck. She eyed me for a moment, and then a wicked smile crept across her face.

“I know exactly what you want.”

I was petrified. The only thing I wanted was to get out of there, but Savannah had other plans. She kissed her way down my chest-which continued to do nothing for me until she got down to my crotch. She put her hands under my ass and squeezed. She seemed surprised.

“Ooh, a nice, full butt. I like that. Usually, boys can be so flat assed or just all muscle. I like this more,” she said, continuing to massage my booty.

Her fingers occasionally grazed against my asshole as she did. That sent a sensation shooting through me. Finally, I felt something. Sadly, her hands left my ass and made their way to the front of my jeans. I knew what she was doing, and I was terrified. However, I had come this far. I might as well see if there was any hope. She pulled my pants and underwear down.

Her eyes told me everything.

I know my cock is small. Enough time in the school locker room told me that. My pathetic penis is barely four inches when hard and little more than a stump when soft. My balls aren’t much better, tight, tiny, and hairless. My whole crotch was hairless, nowhere for my little dick to hide. Nowhere for me to hide, really. For a second, I thought I heard a small giggle under Savannah’s breath. I didn’t blame her.

“I’m sorry,” I said, pure shame.

“About what?” she asked. Sweet girl. We made eye contact. I knew she knew. “Oh, it’s fine, sweetheart. It’s…kinda…cute.”


My pride took a hit at that one. Savannah knew it wasn’t the best choice of words. She scrambled.

“Uh…look, I had a great time tonight. I want to make sure you have a great time, too,” Savannah said and started kissing right above my dick. It wasn’t doing much, but I tried to make her think otherwise. I moaned, all pretend, and she continued in earnest. Eventually, her lips reached the head of my dick. She kissed it. It felt good, but still, the blood wasn’t flowing. I knew there was no way I was getting hard for her.

Her hands returned to my ass as her mouth tried working my small, soft penis. She really did seem to love how soft and big my ass was, as her hands strongly massaged it. That felt better than anything she was doing with her lips, and this time when I moaned. I meant it. Again, her finger grazed my asshole, sending an electric shock through my entire body. The soft, sharp moan that flew out of my mouth gave me away completely. Her mouth left my dick. She looked up at me.

“Did you like that?” her voice was husky.

Her finger inched towards my asshole again. I was breathing faster. The sensation was amazing. But I couldn’t let her know. Men were not supposed to like that.

“N-no, no. Look, can we…”

I’m stopped short as her finger pressed right on my tight, hairless asshole. My own moan was what stopped me.

“Ohhhhhh,” my moan was soft, just shy of a whimper.

The pressure, light as it was, felt incredible.

“Yes, you did,” she said, something different about her voice.

Whereas before, it was sweet, bubbly, and fun, this was something much more serious. Savannah’s mouth left my cock entirely as the girl pressed more firmly on my asshole. I moaned again, my voice high.

“Yeah, you really like that,” she was sitting up now, her hand under my ass. She was smirking. She had found out something she wasn’t supposed to know, and she loved it. “Lay down on your stomach,” she said.

No, she commanded. There was definitely an authority to her request. I wanted to resist, but my body decided otherwise. Her hand stayed close to my asshole as I turned over. She adjusted so that my ass was in her lap. I turned my head over and looked at her. There was a hunger in her eyes as she looked at my round, full ass. I bit my lip. The hunger was turning me on,

“I love this big booty.” She slapped my ass. I squeaked—pure pleasure. “Look at that jiggle,” she slapped it again.

I could feel it shake. Savannah ran her hands across my ass cheeks, groping, and pinching, and slapping. All I could do was try and hide my moans. I mostly failed. I was burying my face in the seat when I felt her hand pull my head up and turn it towards her.

“Watch me,” she said, her voice uncompromising.

I was helpless. Savannah spits. I felt the warm saliva land on my ample ass. She used her finger to bring it to my asshole. Her smirk returned. I knew what was next. Her finger penetrated me. There was no hiding my moan this time. Her finger went as far as it could. I moaned again. Our eyes never broke. Her eyes were pure evil. She liked her new toy. She pulled out and then went back in repeatedly. She was finger fucking me, something I had never done to myself but was always curious.

“Oh, God. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” there was no hiding my moans this time.

They sounded feminine, I realized, but I didn’t care.

“More?” she asked.

There’s evil in her eyes. All I could do was nod lamely. She spits right on my asshole this time as she inserted two more fingers. It hurt, I had never been stretched that far, but it was a pain I realized I was enjoying. I started pushing back. I wanted more.

“Yeah, fuck that fat ass against me,” she sounded like a man from porn. One I had tried to jerk off too once.

My soft, feminine moans were contrasting against her husky, masculine dirty talk.

“Fuck yeah, you fucking bitch.”

The name-calling took me over the edge. I suddenly felt my little cock explode with thin, watery semen. I kept fucking against Savannah’s fingers as my small dick leaked out the last of its weak semen. She knew what was happening because my moans told her everything. Her smile was sinister. She earned it. Eventually, she pulled her fingers out. She gave my ass one last slap. Then, surprisingly, bent down and lightly kissed the soft skin.

“I’m so wet right now,” she said, as I lay there, spent.

“Oh. Want me to uh…do something for you?” I asked, completely unsure of how to move forward.

“I like you, but your cock is a little too…cute for me,” she said, smiling warmly.

This time I smiled back.

“I get it. I could do something else?”

I offered, but I really didn’t mean it. Savannah knew.

“That’s OK, sweetheart. How about I take you home? I can take care of myself later,” she lightly rubbed her hand across my big butt.

It felt nice. Safe.

“OK,” I said, smiling.

She gave my ass one more kiss, and I got dressed. She was pulling into my driveway. She looked at me, equal parts sweetness but also that hunger I had seen in her earlier.

“I want to see you again,” she said, not exactly asking.

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, yeah,” the hunger was definitely there in that response.


I wasn’t against the idea, but I was scared of something else. I couldn’t imagine what might happen if Savannah told anyone, well…anything. About my big ass, my small dick, my love of having my asshole fingered.

As if she could read my mind, she leaned in close. “Your secrets are safe with me,” she whispered, then kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled back.

“I’ll text you,” she said.

I smiled and nodded. As I was getting out of Savannah’s car, I caught her staring at my ass. To tease her, I pretended to drop my keys. I bent over to pick them up, my loose jeans pulling back onto my fat ass, giving her the show I knew she wanted. She was smirking as I stood back up. She pulled away. I went inside.


I spent time equally between my father’s house and my mother’s. This week I was with Dad. I expected him to be out. He had a date that night, and usually, that involved him coming home later in the evening, if not the next morning. This time, however, he was in the living room, nursing a beer, watching some dumb show. He hit mute when I walked in.


“Hey, Mitch,” he smiled warmly at me. He hadn’t shaved in a few days, and there was stubble. It worked for him, though. “How was your date?”

“Actually pretty great,” I said, taking a seat on the couch.

He was in a t-shirt, which clung tightly to his thick chest and stomach. There was chest hair peeking out through the top, dark with streaks of silver. His skin was lightly bronzed, his Cuban heritage made sure he always had at least a light tan. The hair agreed with it. I bit my lip lightly. I realized I was staring at his chest, something I’d never really done. What was going on with me? Thankfully, his response snapped me out of it.

“Really? That’s great! Usually, you’re not coming home smiling. What was special about this one?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. “We just really…connected,” that was true enough. “Savannah is a sweet girl.”

Less true, remembering the undeniable evil in her pretty blue eyes.

“Oh, Jack’s daughter? I didn’t realize you took after your old man,” he said with a small smirk.

I was confused. What did Dad mean?

“I prefer a woman with some meat on her. That’s why I couldn’t stay off your mother once upon a time,” he said.

He was right, Savannah was as pleasingly plump as my mother, but I was grateful that I didn’t have to explain why we actually connected. There was a sadness in his eyes, though I decided to investigate.

“Your date not go so well?” I asked.

He nodded. “You ever feel like you just don’t belong, son?” he asked.

“Every day…”

It just slipped out. I hadn’t meant to say it, but there it was. Dad’s fatherly instincts kicked in.

“Really? How so?”

His concern was genuine. Even though he had had a bad night, he still couldn’t help but be my loving father. He got up and sat next to me. His strong thigh against my slim one. He smiled warmly. I felt a familiar electric shock run through my body, the same I had felt when Savannah first teased my asshole. I was mostly able to ignore it, but it stayed in the back of my mind, never fully leaving. I knew there was no lying to him. He’d see right through me. So, I decided to tell him everything. How I never fit in with the other guys. How I was afraid, they’d make fun of my fat, round ass, how my dick was so much smaller than them. How I just always felt intimidated and out-of-place. How I struggled so much to connect with girls. It was here where he stopped me.

“But I thought you just had a good date with Savannah,” he had caught me.

Fuck it. I had come this far. I told Dad about the entire evening, how Savannah had discovered something about me, how I had discovered something about myself. He listened patiently, nodding. Finally, I was done. He looked at me and smiled.

“Stand up,” his voice was warm, kind.

“OK. Why?” I asked obeying.

“You need a hug,” he stood with me.

He was right. A big hug from my dad sounded perfect. With how much of a whirlwind this night wound up being, the assured safety of his arms sounded perfect. We embraced. It was heaven. Warm. Strong. Secure. I melted into his chest. He was taller than me and breathed in. His skin smelled clean. Masculine. I felt safe. I was safe. Then I noticed something. He was completely hard, and his dick was pressing against my body. He held me out a few inches. My breathing was faster. There was electricity throughout my body. What was happening? He smiled, then brought his face to mine. We kissed. His stubble rubbed against my soft skin. It was coarse but pleasant. My mind was shocked, but my body fell right instep. What I was hoping would happen with Savannah was happening now instead with my Dad. I kissed him back. We made out there for a little bit. Father and son, two males, surrendering to lust. His tongue explored my mouth, and I explored his right back. Both our breathing came faster, our bodies pressing closer. We parted.

“Do you like kissing me?” he asked.

“Yes,” I was barely able to get out.

My breathing was so fast and short, I felt I was going to burst.

“How does it feel?” he asked, his voice getting less sweet, more authoritative.

There was only one word:

“Right. It feels right,” I answered.

He nodded. “Of course, it does because this is where you belong. Not with girls like you thought. With men. Do you understand?” he kissed me again. More rough this time. I moaned into his mouth. He smirked. “Yeah, you understand.”

He took me by the hand. “Where were we going to?” I asked.

“There are a lot of bad men out there. Men who want to take advantage of you and hurt you. You need to learn the difference between that kind of man and the men who really care for you. Men like me,” he squeezed my hand with that one.

It felt so good. So right. We were in Dad’s bedroom. He kept the lights off but lit a candle. Our bodies flickered in the candlelight.

“I want you to kiss my body all over. And if for a second it feels wrong, you can stop,” Dad said, taking off clothes.

He lifted his shirt over his head, giving me a full view of his hairy, strong chest. Full Pecs, with big nipples surrounded by coarse black hair. And his round, hairy belly. He wasn’t fat. Just thick. It felt right. Male. Masculine. I bit my lip again.

“Come here, baby,” there was still warmth in his voice, but the feeling of authority felt stronger than ever.

I couldn’t resist. So I didn’t. I went for Dad’s lips, but he redirected me to his chest. Every inch of it was beautiful to me. My lips took control, and I started kissing. I started below his neck, where his hair began. He grunted lightly and offered more of his chest to me. My eyes fell on his pec, and on the thick, hairy nipples sticking out. I kissed my way down until I reached them. I stuck my tongue out and licked. He moaned.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” masculine, deep moans.

Not the higher, feminine, womanly moans I made with Savannah. A man’s moan. I sucked on his thick nipple like most guys would probably do with the girl they were with. But I wasn’t most guys.

Dad moaned again. “Suck Daddy’s tits, boy. That’s what they’re there for,” he said, pressing me into his chest.

I licked my way between the two nipples, switching back and forth between them, savoring the musky, masculine flavor of his muscle, nipple, and hair.

“You owe that girl more than you realize. She gave you the push that all boys need to realize what they really are. The second I saw you staring at my chest. I knew something had changed about you. Something I’d seen in plenty of other boys, but never you. But I always suspected,” he pulled me away from his nipple and made eye contact with me. “Like father like son.”

He smiled at that, then pushed me back down. My mind raced at what he had just revealed.

“Well, mostly like father like son. From what you told me, I don’t think you have much interest in women. But that’s OK. More for me to fuck, he said. “Ooohhhh, yeah, baby, you’re so good at that. My good, sweet boy sucking on daddy’s tits. I love it.”

So did I.

“But there’s more to your journey, baby,” he said, pushing my head down.

I let go of his nipple and started kissing my way down. His belly was round and furry and warm. It felt perfect under my mouth. I kissed lightly, stopping at his belly button to lick inside. The taste was bitter, with a kick of salt presumably from sweat. All of it: completely delicious. Dad was sitting on the edge of the bed. At this point, I was between his knees. I could feel his impressive cock straining against his jeans. He held my head still.

“The next step is yours, baby. If any of this feels wrong, if this isn’t who you are, if you don’t think this is where you belong, then we stop here. We’ll never speak of it again, and I’ll still love you with all my heart. Look at me,” he said.

I obeyed. Dad’s eyes were kind, sincere. I knew he meant it. Then, energy overtook them, a hunger, similar to what I had seen in Savannah’s eyes. I bit my lip.

“But if this is what you want if this is where you belong, then I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it all to you. It’ll be our little secret, now and forever,” Dad said and let go of my head. “Search your heart. Tell me how it feels.”

There was still only one word. It only felt one way.

“Right,” I said and unzipped his jeans. I pulled them down and was surprised by two things. One: he wasn’t wearing underwear. Two: his cock was absolutely beautiful. It was right around seven inches, thick, and uncut. His balls were full, big, hairy, and hung very low. A patch of dark black hair surrounded the base of his genitals. He trimmed, but not often, and it looked like he had gone a few weeks without for sure. To me, it was a work of art.

“Kiss it, my sweet boy,” he said, a touch of menace in his voice.

He knew he was tempting some creature inside me, some demon of lust. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. So I didn’t. I kissed the head. There was already a drop of precum on it, and I could taste it on my lips. Warm. Salty. Divine. I kissed it again, more fully, with love. Dad pushed against me a bit. He wanted more. So did I. Nature took over as I started kissing and licking my way down the shaft.

“Fuck yeah, baby, uhhhh,” Dad groaned.

I was so turned on by his masculine moans. A man’s moan was so much sexier than a woman’s, I decided. I wanted to hear more. I returned to the head and opened my mouth. Even though it was my first time sucking a dick, it felt completely right. In a past life, perhaps, I was a servant to a great man, expected to pleasure him with my mouth whenever he wished. Perhaps that’s where this skill came from. I continued blowing him. His moans increased—music to my ears.

“Yes, suck daddy’s dick—my bad, dirty boy. I always knew this was within you. I always knew there was a cocksucking bitch inside my son,” his name-calling made me melt, and I sucked him even more energetically. He caught me. “You liked that. You liked being called a bitch. A whore. A faggot,” there was evil in his voice. I ate it up. I couldn’t help it. It all felt right.

“Take off your clothes, you little pussy bitch,” he commanded.

In seconds I was standing naked before him. His eyes fell to my inferior manhood. He laughed.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding, son. Look at that tiny little baby dick. I can’t believe you’re my son. I guess my genes lost out….”

He laughed again, cruelly, and touched my tiny dick with his big strong hand. He used his pointer and thumb finger to try and jerk me off. Meanwhile, he was stroking his much more impressive manhood with his entire hand wrapped around it.

“You see how I have to use two fingers for your dick but my entire hand for mine? That’s because I have a man’s cock, and you have…I don’t even know what I’d call this.”

“Cute?” I moaned.

His trash-talking was mesmerizing me.

“Heh, sure, cute. Turn around, I’m ashamed to look at that. Hopefully, your older brother is more of a man than you,” he put his strong hands on my hips and turned me around.

My big, fat, white round butt was on full display for him. Hairless and plump.

“That explains it. You take after your mother, not me. You definitely inherited her fat ass,” he slapped it. I felt it jiggle. “Fat, delicious ass,” he said and pulled me into his face. I felt his tongue land right on my asshole. I was on fire.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, Dad,” I moaned, womanly, weakly.

He lifted his head. “Daddy. When we’re together like this, it’s Daddy,” he commanded, returning his tongue to my asshole.

“Yes, Daddy, yesssssssssss!”

I moaned with lust. Dad expertly ate me out, occasionally slapping and biting my fat ass. He seemed to love its plumpness just as much as Savannah. And I definitely didn’t mind the attention. To my surprise, his hand returned to my crotch. But instead of trying to jerk me off, he placed the tips of his forefinger and middle finger on my dick and made a circular motion. It felt wonderful, and I moaned accordingly. He continued consuming me, playing with my tiny dick. I could’ve let him do it forever, but eventually, he stopped entirely.

“I figured it out, son. You don’t have a dick. You have a clit. A cute, sweet little clit. Like a woman…” He turned my body around and kissed me right on my dick. No, my clit. “Does that feel good? Daddy’s lips on your little clitty?” he asked sweetly.

“So good,” I breathlessly managed to get out.

“It all makes sense. This is your clit,” Dad said, a strong hand on my small, soft penis. “And this is your pussy,” he put his finger right on my asshole. “And of course you have a fat, fucking ass. Because that’s what real women have. Like you. Do you want to be Daddy’s woman?”


No?“ He was stunned.

“I want to be Daddy’s daughter,” this time, I managed to meet the evil in his voice with some of my own.

“Perfect. My perfect, fat assed daughter. Michelle. Do you like that name?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, stepping closer to him.

“What are you doing, Michelle?” he asked as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“Returning the favor,” I said, lifting his legs up. His asshole, dark and hairy, was on display for me. It was only fair. I stuck my tongue out and started to lap at his furry asshole. Salty again, musky for sure, and entirely delicious. I licked him up like ice cream.

“Yeah, eat Daddy’s asshole, Michelle. My good ass-eating, faggot daughter. Eat it up,” he moaned, obviously loving the attention. Once he was good and lubed up, I stuck my middle finger in, all the way. “Ohhh…ohhhhh!” he moaned, only this time not so masculine. There was a definite feminine quality to it. Was there more to Daddy than I realized? I continued finger fucking him to find out. “Yessss…yesss fuck my ass!” he moaned, thrusting back on my middle finger, which then became two fingers, then three.

He pushed back hard, and he really did love getting fucked. He moaned as I had earlier. A bitch’s moan. Eventually, he grabbed my hand and pulled it out. He knew I was onto him, but OK, I decided to let him keep his secrets…for now. Instead, he returned my head to his impressive cock.

“Suck Daddy’s dick, Michelle. Suck Daddy’s superior, thick dick.”

I obeyed. I couldn’t resist. “You’re so much bigger than me,” I moaned between sucking. “A real man’s cock.” I licked his heavy, thick, sweaty balls.

“Exactly, a real man. Whereas you, my beautiful daughter, are a woman. And what do men do with women?” he asked, pulling me away from his hairy balls.

“They fuck them,” I said, biting my lip.

“Bend over,” he commanded.

I got on the bed on all fours, keeping my head down, putting my fat ass on display. I wiggled it lightly, trying to mesmerize him.

“God, your fat fucking ass is so beautiful. Just like your mother’s,” he said, stroking his thick cock as he eyed me hungrily.

“Like mother like daughter,” I said, giving my own ass a slap, enjoying feeling the jiggle of it.

“She took it in the ass, too, ya know. She was a real whore. But those are stories for another day,” he stepped closer. He slapped the head of his deck against my soaking asshole. No, my soaking pussy, wet with Daddy’s saliva. “Tell me what you want,” he said, pressing the head of his dick against my hairless, feminine man-pussy.

“I want Daddy’s cock. I want Daddy’s cock all the way inside my tight, little pussy. I want to be a good daughter for Daddy and make him feel loved and welcomed. I want him to stretch my pussy all the way open and fill me with his superior Daddy seed. I want to feel every sperm trying to wiggle its way through. I want to be Daddy’s whore. Daddy’s faggot daughter. I want to feel right,” I moaned.

It was all true—every word.

Daddy spits on my ass. That told me everything: he wanted the same.

He pressed his cock against my tight asshole. The saliva helped get the head in, and at first, I tensed up.

“Breathe, Michelle, breathe…” he commanded. I did, and my pussy eased up.

Eventually, I took the head all the way in, then inch-by-inch Daddy made his way inside my pussy. This was a lot more than Savannah’s fingers. This was a real man’s cock. Wordlessly, he reached into his nightstand and pulled out some lube. Thank God, the saliva had more or less run out. He squeezed a large amount on his cock and my ass. It was cold, but I was grateful. He continued pressing in, much more easily this time.

He brought his head close to mine. “It’s all the way in,” he whispered. We kissed.

“Prove it.”

And he did.

My body was on fire and electric all at once. My pussy stretched farther than I thought it could go. The pain was everywhere, but also fullness, pleasure, and, above all, rightness. He started slowly at first, but eventually, something was unleashed in him, and a beast came out. He was fucking me roughly, pounding my pussy. At this point, though, I was much more used to his size and was able to take the assault on my virgin pussy. My virgin fat ass. It was hell. It was heaven.

It was right.

I felt his heavy balls slap against my fat ass. I knew he loved the show. He slapped my ass repeatedly, fucking me harder after every jiggle. My fat, soft, white ass, something I had been ashamed of for so long. Now I knew its true power. It was once my least favorite feature. Now it was number one.

“Your pussy is so good. Fucking faggot. My faggot, little-dick daughter. Ugghhhh. So tight. Perfect pussy,” he grunted animalistically and gave my fat ass a good slap. I moaned, and you’d never know I was born male the way I sounded. “Love fucking that fat ass.”

The wrongness of it all hit me. This was my father, another male, and here we were breaking countless taboos. Two men making love, sodomizing each other, whispering wicked words, giving in to sin and lust, it was pure evil and pure bliss.

“I’m transforming you,” he grunted between thrusts. “I’m turning you into something else. When you’re done, you’ll never be the same. You’ll never want pussy. You’ll never become the man you thought you should be. You’re becoming a bitch, a beta boi. You’re completely surrendering to it. Daddy loves you. That’s why Daddy is giving you what you want. What you’ve always needed,” he kept thrusting.

He was right. Thinking of myself that way, as being subservient to men, to owning my small dick, thick ass, and tight pussy, it all felt like what I’d been looking for my entire life. He was right. It was right.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned, my tiny dick spewing thin cum everywhere.

In my fantasizing about what my future would be, something in me was overwhelmed, and I couldn’t help but cum.

“Aw, did my sweet daughter just squirt? How cute,” Daddy growled, evilly.

He continued fucking me wide open as my little dick dripped out its last pathetic, inferior drops.

“It’s time. Time for the last step of your transformation,” he said, and I turned to him. What did he mean? “Once I breed your pussy, you’re transformed. No coming back. You won’t be able to even if you wanted.” He kept thrusting, and he was covered in sweat. It glistened off his nipples. I wanted to lick them clean. “Tell me it’s what you want.”

I decided to do him one better. “Show me it’s what I deserve,” I moaned and thrust back against him.

He didn’t need any further instruction. We were both dedicated to my transformation. Our fucking switched between animalistic to passionate lovemaking, back and forth. Love and lust and sin and sweetness. Back and forth and back and forth. I was his son, his daughter. Back and forth. He grunted. I moaned. It was time. He clutched my fat ass and filled me to the hilt.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he screamed.

Throaty, husky, strong. I whimpered as I felt torrents of semen fill me up. Squirt after squirt after squirt, all hot and thick, and reach deep within me. I felt every jolt of cum enter me and moaned with each one. Daddy kept his strong arms clenched around my soft, jiggly ass cheeks as he continued emptying within me.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided. I thought he was going to pull out, but to my surprise, he reached into the nightstand again. This time he procured a decently-sized butt plug. As he pulled out, a small bit of semen leaked out with him. I could feel the rest trying to follow, but Daddy had other plans. He inserted the butt plug into me, stopping the sperm from escaping. I felt it all the way inside my freshly-fucked, thoroughly stretched man-pussy.

“Keep it there as long as possible. It belongs there. Let it enter your bloodstream as much as possible. Be my good daughter,” he gave my big ass a small slap then laid down.

I looked at his body. Sweaty, hairy, beautiful. He was right. I was transformed. No more holding back. No more pretending otherwise. I knew what I was, and it was because of Daddy.

“Clean Daddy’s dick, Michelle,” he commanded.

I went right to it. The flavor was a mixture of semen, sweat, skin, my pussy, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Ambrosia. Heaven. Bliss.

“Why were you sad earlier, Daddy?” I asked as I started licking his sweaty, heavy balls. The hairs tickled my tongue.

“Eh…my date wasn’t so great. Sometimes you meet people, and it’s perfect. Sometimes you meet people, and they make you realize just how different you are. Just how much you don’t belong when you always thought you did,” he shrugged. “It happens.”

I worked my way up, kissing his dick, his belly, his thick nipples, all the way to his lips. He kissed me back. For a while, it was just that. Passionate kissing while his strong hands caressed my soft body. I pulled back.

“You always belong here, Daddy,” I said. And kissed him gently, sweetly.

“And you always belong here,” he said and kissed me back.

I finally belonged.

But where would I go next?

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean the major flaws in a story are fixed.

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