Diego’s Hot New Job 2

By username55.

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Part 2…

Diego’s alarm went off, another wonderful day at Grayson Manor. Despite having to sometimes work several hours of back breaking labor, he felt like he was almost in heaven. Now that he’s settled into the groove of his job and learned how to use the more advanced gardening equipment, it’s been a breeze.

Mrs. Grayson even hired a full team of people to help him so all he had to do was that one patch of land that he was tested on. He did note that it was weird that the rest of the team that were hired were female, but it made his job easier.

Much, much easier. To the point were he even wondered if he was even doing any work at all. It’s like he got paid just to be there. Yup, this was almost heaven. But I bet you’re asking yourself, “Why was it almost heaven?”

Well, after that hot tub incident he kind of had difficulty looking both Gracie and her mom in the eye. I mean, they both saw him naked for one thing so that was pretty awkward. This was of course a fact that Gracie in particular would not let him live down.

She was the one who got him out of the tub after all so his small secret was absolutely noticed by her. Sometimes she’d even giggle and subtly wiggle her pinky whenever she saw him out and about. While Mrs. Grayson would tell her to stop it if she caught her doing it, he’d also notice that she too would chuckle from time to time.

Gracie seeing it was embarrassing enough, but idiotically standing up and letting his towel fall in front of a beautiful woman like Mrs.Grayson was down right humiliating. This of course was on top of that dream he had while he was passed out from hyperthermia. Stranded naked in a hot tub while a beautiful woman was watching him like a hawk and then forcing herself onto him was something that was so vivid he could’ve sworn it actually happened.

Luckily, Mrs. Grayson would never be that perverted, right? Gracie on the other hand was what worried him. He had heard horror stories about what she’s done to some of the other staff. She apparently was quite the prankster and loved to mess with everyone.

Some of them were mostly harmless, like the time she mixed in several pink articles of clothing in with all the maid uniforms while they were being cleaned, leaving them with pink maid outfits for about a week. Or the time she stole all the Valet’s underwear so she had to go commando. She pansted her just as one of Mrs. Grayson’s male guests arrived on the the scene. Those, while embarrassing, were also kind of funny. Majority of her pranks, however, were actually quite malicious.

Like the time she mixed in chocolate laxatives into a cake that was going to be served to a guest of honor for their birthday. When everyone started to feel the effects of that (Mrs. Grayson didn’t partake in the cake luckily. She tried to keep away from sweets to keep her figure.), the poor chef was blamed and fired on the spot.

Or the time she took a picture of one of the maids looking through a drawer and photoshopped it to look like she was stealing valuables from the mansion, then planted said valuables on her person. The police were called! Thankfully when the truth came out both lawsuits were settled out of court.

The common thread between all the victims, was the fact that they annoyed her in some way. While Mrs. Grayson felt awful about those firings once the truth came to light, for some reason, those two weren’t exactly eager to come back to those jobs once she offered them back.

She had a high turnover rate, and Gracie was the cause of it. Gracie was punished for sure, but being stuck in a mansion all day with everything she ever wanted with people who waited on her hand and foot didn’t exactly send the message that she should behave more. To put it simply, Gracie was a spoiled brat of a woman and Diego made sure to try and stay on her good side. This was hard, mainly because she annoyed the hell out of him and wouldn’t leave him alone for some reason.

He always assumed that Gracie got out of most things due to both her status as the heiress to the Grayson fortune and her good looks. With all that money to throw around you really could do anything you wanted. Plus she looked like a younger version of her mother, which given Mrs. Grayson’s beauty made her look like a dream come true. All the beauty of her mother, but much closer to his own age.

Unfortunately, the many other differences between her and her mother, included her lack of empathy for anyone less rich than her, a complete lack of financial knowledge, which meant that Gracie was on a rather tight budget as she would probably have blown it all on various things she wanted and of course she knew very little about how life in polite society worked.

She was usually seen wearing a purple floral dress with purple heels. Her hair was brown, unlike Mrs. Grayson’s naturally black hair, which Diego assumed was either dyed, or her father was a brunette. It was styled into this strange combination of twin ponytails and one big spiky ponytail. Diego assumed, much like her personality, it was fake.

On the surface she seemed like a nice, if very hyperactive woman who never quite matured past high school. But she used that as a façade to get people to let their guard down to hit them where it hurt. Usually their ego, but if she was truly mad, she could be quite cunning and ruthless in her “pranks”. Which is why Diego wanted to spend as little time as possible in her company.

It seemed to be going well. Until today, when he was trimming one of the bushes, trying his hardest to get it into the shape of a cat as he wanted to surprise Mrs. Grayson with some topiary. But then as he was putting the finishing touches on the tail…”HEY GROUNDSKEEPER!”

This startled him, causing him to cut the tail off. “Damn it, Gracie!” He sighed and then thought to himself, “Well maybe I can pass it off as a manx cat.”

He then asked, “Did you need something?”

“I just wanted to see how my favorite little peon is doing today.”

“I’m doing just fine, thanks for asking.” he said, trying to bite his tongue and not tell her off for patronizing him like this.

“I need to tell you something, in private.”

“Whatever it is, could it wait until after I’m done for the day? This is a delicate process and I almost had it!”

She giggled and said, “I can see you’ve been practicing at least.” noting the row of vaguely cat shaped hedges. Some of them barely definable as cats.

“I’m beginning to think you aren’t a professional groundskeeper.”

“I’m learning as I go, Gracie. Your mom thinks I’m doing just fine. Why else would she have hired me?”

“Cause she thinks you’re hot.”

As she said this, he accidentally cut off one of the cat’s ears. He blushed red as he thought of the possibility of Mrs. Grayson actually liking him as more than just an employee. He then screamed and hastily took out his phone and started to google if there were any cat breeds without tails or ears.

“I don’t think I’m her type, Gracie. Even if I was, she’s married. It wouldn’t work out.”

“I mean, she hasn’t talked to Mr. Grayson in years. You have a shot.”

…”What happened to him?”

“Hehe. Why do you want to know?”

“Uh…b-because I…want to get to know your father of course. I would love to know were he was when you were messing with all the other employees here.”

“Oh, he’s not my dad. I have no clue who my father is. Mr. Grayson is just some guy my mom married.”

“So she is married then.”

“Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. Maybe my mom did something silly like, say, change her legal name to Mrs. so she wouldn’t have to deal with perverts like you hitting on her.”

Diego stammered a bit before saying, “I know that’s false cause her name is Grace.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you clearly have it bad for her!”

“No I don’t!”

“You were moaning her name while you were out cold or should I say….out hot.”

“I-I….wuh…no, I-”

“Oh! MrS gRaYsOn! No, MrS. gRaYsOn! PlEaSe DoN’t JeRk Me OfF iN tHe TuB. iT’s SoOoOoOo EmBaRaSsInG!”

Diego angrily stammered a bit before correcting her. “SHE DIDN’T JERK ME OFF IN THE TUB!”

“Well, what did she do then?”


Gracie giggled at that outburst, until Diego added, “Need I remind you by the way that you apparently tried to give me CPR, with your tongue.”

“W-what!? I didn’t use my tongue.”

“That’s not what the maids told me.” he chuckled as it was her turn to blush.

She stomped angrily like a small child and said, “Whatever. Just come meet me at my room after your done with your stupid cat hedge.”

He sighed and then said, “Fine, just leave me alone. Maybe I’ll go, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll even kiss you again, now that I’m awake. Hahaha!”

“You’d love that wouldn’t you!?”


“You bring it up so often that I assume it’s all you’re thinking about.”

“Yeah and you keep bringing up that time in the hot tub. So maybe we should both just shut up about it!”

“Oh don’t pretend you don’t want to give me “CPR”, you nasty pervert, you!”



He sighed with annoyance at her still talking to him and then said, “Gracie. What I want from you is to stop bugging me! If you keep bothering me, I will tell your mom and maybe this time she’d actually punish you!”

“Heh, good luck with that. See you later, “Mr. Grayson”!” she said while giggling her head off as she walked back to the mansion.

As he angrily tried to salvage what was left of the cat, he wondered why she kept teasing him in particular. Some of the other staff even thanked him, due to the fact that she focused more on him than them. For the past week, she’d just been annoying him and no one else.

As it became clear that this cat hedge was the closest it would ever get to looking good, he decided that this would do for today. So he went back to his room to rest up for the next day.

After taking a shower and changing into some other clothes, he sat down to play some video games. He had arranged for some personal items to be brought from his house to here, among them being his game systems. Mrs. Grayson did give him the option to live back at his house and commute to and fro when he needed to work, but the commute was too much of a hassle.

Plus, this place was still nicer than his house. It was almost like a hotel of sorts. Yup, even with Gracie annoying him, he was still living the life of luxury. Nothing could ruin it.

That’s when his phone went off. He got a text from someone. He checked it and it was a number he didn’t recognize. It was an audio file. He hit play and heard a bunch of clattering and banging noises. It was almost like someone was putting up a fight against some sort of assailant. That’s when he heard a woman screaming. But it wasn’t just any woman, it was Gracie!


[shut up-! I’m go-ing to punish you!]


[OH BELIEVE ME, I’m go-ing to ma-ke sh-u-her THAT- you learn to stop bugging me-, If it is THE LAST THING I do-!]


At this point Gracie started to sob, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, YOU MONSTER!?”

[Gracie. What I want from you is to JERK ME OFF-!]


[That’s not all, Gracie. I want you to do- it, with your tongue.]


It’s at this point Gracie started to choke on…something, as “Diego” then said:

[Your mom, will al-so give it CPR. Hahaha! THAT’S what I’ll do- to you, Grace. when I’m done with Gracie. Hahaha!]

That’s when the audio file ended. Diego stared into space for a bit trying to process what he just heard. It seemed to be a poorly spliced together recording of himself forcibly having his way with Gracie.

He started to hyperventilate. It was clearly obvious it was fake, but who would be so cruel as to edit a recording of him to say all this horrible stuff!?

He texted the number back, demanding to know who it was and what the meaning of all this was. Not even a second later, he got a call back!


“Hehe, I think you know who this is my silly little groundskeeper.”

His heart sank….”G-G-Gracie!?”

“Yup. How did you like it? I was pretty convincing, wasn’t I?”

“WHY!? HOW!? WHA-!? YOU-!?”

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions…I’ll answer all of them, once I talk to you in person. Come see me in my room. I’ll be waiting.”


“YOU’LL WHAT? Choke me out with that little gardening tool of yours? That’s probably the most unbelievable part of that recording.”


“I have a feeling you wouldn’t, but do you think my mom knows that?”

Diego’s heart sank as he realized where this was going.

“She’d never believe you!”

“…wanna bet?”

Diego shivered. If she didn’t believe him, he’d be arrested for sexual assault. Given he’s heard that Mrs. Grayson usually believes Gracie over most anyone else when it comes to crimes at Grayson Manor, he realized that his chances of getting out of this without Gracie letting him, are slim to none!

“Meet me at my room in five minutes or this goes to my mom and all the other employees here. Ok? Oh and make sure you wear that uniform of yours. See you soon…hehehe.”

As she hung up, Diego let out a scream of frustration and anger. He knew that she had him metaphorically by the balls here. He quickly put on his groundskeeper uniform and walked to Gracie’s room. Thankfully, he memorized the layout of the mansion so that he wouldn’t get lost.

As he climbed the stairs to the second floor, he turned a corner and saw a pink door with flowers all over it and a large sign on the front that read, “Gra¢ie’$ Room. Keep Out Or El$e!”

She always had a habit of replacing C’s and S’s in whatever she wrote with cents and dollar signs. She thought it was a cute way of reminding everyone she was rich. Everyone else, thought it was annoying as hell. Especially if she was forcing someone to type it out on a computer, because the cent sign is not easily found on most keyboards!

But anyway, Diego knocked on her door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Diego.”


“Diego! The Groundskeeper!”


“Doesn’t ring a bell! Hehehe…”

He groaned and then through clenched teeth said, “Your favorite little peon…”

“OH, DIEGO. What a lovely surprise! Door’s unlocked, by the way.”

After angrily flailing around for a bit, he calmed himself down and opened the door. No one, aside from Gracie (and her mom) were allowed in her room. When the maids had to clean it, she had to be there to “supervise”. She trusted no one to be in there and very few people aside from the maids and Mrs. Grayson have seen it.

It was a neon pink room filled with stuffed animals, a computer with a very advanced streaming setup, a king-sized canopy bed and a tv twice the height of the room that Diego was staying in. It was all so garish that he felt that he needed sunglasses to be in there without going blind.

Incredibly loud and annoying music was playing from a massive stereo as he was taking in all this. She shouted over the song that was blaring from her speakers. “Welcome to my room, Diego. Isn’t it amazing? I bet you’d love to be here all the time!”





“I SAID JUST…Oh for the love of…”

He then walked over and turned off the stereo that was playing it.

“Hey! I liked that song.”

“Let’s just get this over with, what do you want from me?”

“Whatever do you mean?” she said, with a smug grin on her face.

“You made a clearly fake recording of me abusing you and told me to come to your room in my uniform. I assume this is some sort of blackmail thing.”

“You catch on pretty quick for a groundskeeper.”

He scowled at her. “Look, just because I happen to work a menial labor job, doesn’t mean I’m stupid, alright?”

“Sure, sure. Anyway, I want you to take off your clothes.”


“You heard me, my little peon. Time to show me that little peon again. Hehehe.”

He groaned and immediately started to strip off his uniform.

“Wow, just going for it without even any fight, huh?”

“Would you have spared me from it if I argued?”


“That’s what I thought.”

As he removed his overalls, Gracie immediately started to giggle. “Did we forget our wittle undies today?”

“The uniform doesn’t come with underwear…” He muttered through clenched teeth as he covered himself with one hand.

“I wouldn’t have ever guessed! There was no way there would ever be a bulge with how small that teenie weenie is!”

As he handed her the remainder of his uniform, he stood there with his hands covering himself.

“Very good, Diego. Now, what I want you to do next is something very simple.”

She started to walk closer to him. “I…want…you…to…”

She was now mere inches from his face as she then said, “…kiss me.”


“Did I stutter? Kiss me. I know you’ve been wanting to.”


“Don’t deny it. You keep bringing it up.”

“Because I know it gets under your skin! You kissed me first!”


“Then why didn’t I feel any chest compressions when I was out?”

“As if you felt the kiss!”

“I did feel that kiss!”

Gracie gasped and then asked “You actually felt my kiss!?”

Diego stammered for a bit before confirming that he did, which made Gracie start to tease him about it.

“Haha! I knew it, you dreamt that I was kissing you! Ewwww! You perv!”

“I didn’t dream about you kissing me!”

“Oh yeah, then who…” That’s when Gracie remembered that Diego was constantly calling out to her mom when he was out. She put two and two together and realized who he thought kissed him.



“YEAH RIGHT, AN OLD WOMAN LIKE HER OVERPOWERING YOU? PLEASE. Maybe that fake recording had some truth to it after all…” she said, punctuating that by sticking her tongue out.


“Whatever. Maybe you’d rather kiss someone close to your own age instead of my ancient mom.”


“Ugh, please don’t. Now shut up and kiss me.”


Gracie puckered up and Diego proceeded to…give her a peck on the cheek.

“Happy now?”

“Hey, you were supposed to kiss me on the lips, idiot!”

“I gave you your kiss, ok? Now what do I-”

She got into his face and screamed, “ON THE LIPS! NOW!”

“Gracie, I’m beginning to think you want this kiss a heck of a lot more than I do.”

“N-NO! I just want to see you squirm. I know you hate me and I want to see you as you kiss your worst enemy.”

“Gracie, while you’re annoying, I wouldn’t call you my worst ene-”

“THEN KISS YOUR MOST ANNOYING ENEMY RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!” she said, jumping up and down in anger.

“Gracie. Think about it. I don’t want to kiss you and you say that you don’t want to kiss me. Yet you seem hellbent on getting me to do so, so who really wants this kiss more, huh?”

Gracie stared wide-eyed for a few seconds, a blush slowly appearing on her face as she realized that Diego had her pegged. Diego smirked as she stammered a bit as she tried to find anything that could deny the fact that it seemed that she had a crush on him!

Eventually though, with an angry face as red as Diego’s body after the hot tub incident, she said, “Kiss me or I send the recording out.”

“Ugh…fine. But regardless of what you want or say, this is entirely platonic.”


She puckered up once more as Diego brought his lips towards hers. They touched and stayed there for a few seconds before Diego slowly broke off the kiss.

“Alright, are you happy now Gra-MMMPH!”

He was then cut off by Gracie pulling him back in for another, more intense kiss. She held him by the back of the head as she forcibly wrapped her tongue around his. A flood of feelings went through his mind as he was forced to give her “CPR”. He was of course, still upset with her making him do this, but at the same time, there was no denying that this kiss was exactly the same as the one he received in his dream.

After a while, with an audible pop, Diego pulled himself away from her. With his eyes wide open and an intense blush on his face, he tried to compose himself as he was still unsure of how to react here. Gracie however had the biggest smile on her face.

“Hehe, well I’m glad you enjoyed that as much as I did.”


“Really? Hmm…could’ve sworn your tongue was moving around towards the end of that.”

“I-I was trying to get it away from yours!”

“Really? Well I see at least one small part of you enjoyed it!” she said looking down and wiggling her pinky while giggling.

Diego looked down to see that in the midst of all that, he had stopped covering himself and though both his hands were at his side, he was pointing right at her. With a short scream he covered his 4 inches of shame and gave Gracie an angry look.

“Ok, well you’ve stripped me naked and made out with me. What’s next?”

“Now…you’re free to go.”


“Yeah, you’re good…for now anyway. Just go back to your room and wait for further instructions.”

“Huh…alright then.”

Diego then went to get his uniform that Gracie carelessly tossed to the side. But that’s when she stood in front of him, blocking him from reaching it. “I said, you’re free to go.”

“Gracie, I need my uniform to get back to my room.”

“Why? It’s not like you have anything worth covering…”

“I-I’m not going out there naked.”

“Well, you’re not sleeping in here. You’re too short for this ride. Hehehe.”

Diego’s stomach sank as he realized that while he was free, his uniform wasn’t! The thought of him walking out in the halls, completely naked in front of the other employees or worse, Grace herself, made him break out into a cold sweat.


“Why what?”

“Why are you doing this to me?”


“Actually, better question. Why are you doing this to anyone? All the employees here have told me stories about you, about how you make their jobs miserable and even frame them for crimes to get them fired. Why are you this cruel to people who are trying to make your life easier!?”

“You really want to know?”

…”I mean, I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.”

“All of them annoy me. They take all the attention away from me!”

“Gracie, you’re very hard to ignore. Believe me.”

“YEAH, but do you know who finds a way to ignore me constantly? MY MOM!”

Diego stared at her as she continued. “Everyday, she’s just way too busy to even speak to me. She’d rather talk to everyone else and tell them what to do than to even acknowledge me! I thought it was bad before, but ever since you got here, she’s been talking non-stop about you!

It’s always about you and how amazing you are and how much you make her swoon!”

Diego started blushing harder than before as he attempted to ask, “Wait, I make her sw-?”


There was a bit of silence in the room as Gracie than realized what she said. “I-I MEAN…How you seem to get her attention more then me. Yes, I’m jealous of you taking her attention and not vice-versa.”

Diego chuckled slightly at this, “Gracie, let me just say that you’re kind of cute, but you’re also a spoiled brat.”


“Yes you are, you are spoiled and nasty and are in desperate need of someone to make you straighten out. If you behaved better and you were nicer to everyone, maybe I’d consider spending more time with you. This whole blackmail thing didn’t exactly make me think of you in a better light either.”

“Well, if you want, I can stop bothering you completely and I’ll even give you your uniform back. All you gotta do is just one thing. QUIT.”


“Quit working here and go back to your little house. I’ll never bother you again and I’ll even delete this recording so you aren’t arrested for being the pervert you are. What do you say? I’ll even throw in my phone number in case you…want to hang out or something, without my mom interfering, I mean.”

“So three things about that. One: I already have your phone number. Thanks to you sending that recording.

Two: I need this job to make money. It pays out super well and other than you, everything about it has been a dream come true for me.

and Three: Not only am I not going to quit, I’m going to march out there with my head held high and not a care in the world. Do you know why?”


“Because now that I know that I make your mom swoon, you’re going to feel weird about doing this to me a few years from now.”

“Why a few years?”

Diego then got up to her face and then said in a whisper, “Because that’s the point you’ll have realized, that you just kissed your future stepfather.”

Gracie went pale as that thought went through her head. She gagged a bit and then screamed at him, “YOU ASSHOLE! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME THINK OF THAT!?”

“Hey, I’m just playing your little game, Gracie. This isn’t even the worst thing I’ve had to go through. I’ll await your next order in my room.”

“Grrr…just get your naked ass out of here. This is only the beginning! You’ll regret that!”

He chuckled as he walked out of her room, head held high just as he promised. Seeing her blanch from the thought of her being related to him made him happy. He was bluffing of course, as he wasn’t entirely sure if she was telling the truth and nothing short of Mrs. Grayson outright proposing to him would make him think she was actually interested.

As for whether he’d accept or not? Well, that’s something that his mind was currently debating over as he walked. But as he walked he felt the air conditioner all over his body and the tile beneath his bare feet and quickly remembered, “Oh yeah, I’M COMPLETLY NAKED IN A MANSION FULL OF WOMEN!”

Diego covered himself and turned bright red as he wondered what the hell he was thinking! He thanked his lucky stars that no one saw him and that his room was not too far. So he just started sprinting to his room, hoping that no one would see him and report him to Mrs. Grayson.

He got about twenty steps from Gracie’s room when he smack dab into someone, knocking her to the floor. “Oh god…listen, ma’am I am so sorry, I can explain, just please don’t tell MRS. GRAYSON!!!”

He screamed as that was exactly who he ran into. She picked herself off the floor and dusted herself off, no worse for wear. “Diego you don’t have to yell. Also, watch where you are going. You could’ve broke someth-”

Her words were cut off by her realizing Diego’s state of undress. He was blushing burgundy red as she looked him up and down. Her mouth was agape as he was naked in front of her once more, only this time, nowhere near a bathtub or anything that would justify being nude.

He shivered as he tried to form any coherent words that would get him out of this humiliation. His hands covering up that tiny spot between his legs as Mrs. Grayson was staring right at that spot. He could have sworn he heard her chuckle before clearing her throat and asking, “Why are you running around my halls, in the nude?”

He stammered as his brain seemed to be fried from the thought of her seeing him again. And this time, as far as he could tell it wasn’t a dream! But as he tried to come up with an excuse, Gracie walked out of her room having heard the commotion.

“Still walking around with your head held high, little peon?”

She then noticed her mom standing before them and greeted her, “Oh, hi mom! Like Diego’s new uniform? He’s been dying to show it off for you! Hehehe.”

Diego made a sound which sounded like a chuckle and a sob combined as he tried to inch past them both, but Grace blocked his path. “Diego, why are you naked near Gracie’s room?”

“I….uh….well…there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this….see…umm…”

Gracie cut him off as she said, “So I invited him to my room and he got naked in front of me.”

“WHAT!?” said Mrs. Grayson, in shock. She looked at him like she was about to rip his head off for that. He’d never seen her that angry before.

“Wait, Mom! Before you have security drag him out of here in his birthday suit, you should know that I let him do that.”

“Gracie! He’s been here only a week! I’m glad you’re finding romance but at least let me know about it first!”

“Actually, ma’am it’s not like that, you see I…”

“What other reason could you have for getting naked in front of someone if not romance?”

“Yeah, Diego. Tell her what possible reason you could have for exposing yourself to me that wouldn’t involve us being together in any way.”, she then added, with a whisper, “Of course, I’m fine with you dating me as an alibi. Hehe.”

Not wanting to be forced into a relationship, Diego thought quickly as he tried to think of any non-sexual or romantic reason for nudity. Without thinking any further, he blurted the first thing that came to mind. “I’m a nudist.”

…Both Grace and Gracie stared at him wide-eyed with surprise as he said that. Diego himself also was wide-eyed as he mentally kicked himself for that stupid excuse. There was no way that she’d ever believe…

“It’s true mom, he told me that he practices nudism at home. Why do you think he has such a good tan? Hehehe…”

That was just his natural skintone though. In reality he was just a pale man of Hispanic descent. They didn’t know that though. But maybe he could bluff his way out of this. “Yup, I can barely keep my clothes on…or so you’d think.”

“But why are you walking out in the halls where anyone could see you completely and utterly naked?”

“I was so…free…that I forgot to put them back on. I’d love to put them back on so I don’t offend anyone here. Let me just go to my room and…”

“It’s alright, Diego. I don’t mind your nudity.”

Diego gulped audibly, “Y-y-you don’t?”

“Of course, all my staff are free to dress how they want off the clock. Although, I’ve never imagined anyone would be running around in the buff. Especially, my male employee. I mean, it’s a good thing you’re a nudist and not some pervert trying to show off his dick or else you’d be out of a job right now.”

“I wouldn’t think of being an exhibitionist. Yup, I’m just a plan ol ordinary nudist, but if you don’t want me to be naked in front of any of the staff here, I’ll gladly put my clothes back on and we can forget this whole thing ever happened.”

“Well, if you really are a nudist then, you shouldn’t be covering yourself.”

“To tell you the truth ma’am, I’m just a beginner. I’m not completely confident yet.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t laugh or be offended. I mean, you do remember that I saw it before, right?”

Gracie was giggling her head off as Diego blushed. “Yeah…I remember.” he said.

“Well, then go ahead. I won’t mind.”

Gracie then whispered to him. “I can bail you out of this you know…all you have to do is say those two words. I. Quit. This is your last chance.”

He really didn’t want Gracie to win. That spoiled woman wanted to make his life hell, well 500 dollars a day was worth hell. Though at this point it was a tough call. But he had to do it!

Diego shivered like a leaf as he forced himself to move his hands. Slowly but surely, he moved his hands to his side and presented himself to his boss. He forced a smile as she blatantly looked right at it.

As soon as she laid her eyes on it, she grinned and tried to cover her mouth. He could swore that he heard her giggle, but then she quickly cleared her throat and said, “Well…this is quite the sight isn’t it? Such a lovely little thing.”

Gracie doubled over in laughter at that as Diego turned even redder. But for some reason, Mrs. Grayson got flustered. “WAIT, I mean, you’re quite lovely. Yes, don’t fret over your body, you are quite…er, manly. A wonderful specimen. Such lovely muscles and an adorable blush.”

She smiled that beautiful smile that made Diego’s heart started to beat at a mile a minute. Was Gracie really telling the truth about him making Grace swoon?

As he felt the blood start to rush from his head to his other head, he decided to book it. “Well, Mrs. Grayson, I’m gonna go rest up for tomorrow in my room and while I appreciate the compliments, I’m probably going to wear clothes tomorrow, OK BYE HAVE A NICE NIGHT!”

He ran so fast that all she saw as he ran was a bright red blushing streak. He didn’t cover himself until he turned the corner out of Grace’s line of sight. But just before he did, a maid saw him running towards her with his gardening tool bobbing around. She screamed as he ran past.

“THISISGRACIE’SFAULTI’MVERYSORRY!” screamed Diego as he ran past. He covered his shame and ran right to his room, opening and slamming the door behind him as he walked in.

He was shaking and breathing heavily as he replayed those last few moments in his head. From him running into Mrs. Grayson, to that maid’s eyes becoming as wide as dinner plates as she saw his hairless erection waving around as he ran.

He got one of his pillows and screamed into it. He then smacked himself in the face with said pillow a couple of times. That was bar none, the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to him!

He tried his hardest to move past everything that has transpired. Despite the intense feelings of humiliation, something about this made him somewhat excited. He saw Mrs. Grayson of all people blush as she complimented his body.

Everyone who has ever saw him naked, never commented on anything other then his smallness before. Something about that turned him on to the point where he had to take care of it. It didn’t take much for him to get those feelings out. Just some lotion, a few tissues and him replaying that moment of Grace staring right between his legs with that sexy smile of hers.

In this fantasy of his, Grace was staring unabashedly at him, with his hands to his side. With him wearing nothing but a blush and her in her sparkling purple gown, she had that same smug sexy grin she had back in that hot tub as she rubbed his “thermometer” off. Everything around them seemed to disappear as she looked right at his twitching member.

It slowly got hard right in front of her. With each second he felt like he’d explode just by her staring at him. She then said to him, “Why Diego, Is that stiff little thing for me? You know how much I love the little things in life. Especially your little thing. Hehe~

Let me just have a little taste.” she said as she licked her lips.

She then knelt down in front of Diego as she brought her lips to his dick and started to bob her head up and down, giving him a blowjob. After a bit of panting and stroking, he released into the tissues and cleaned himself off.

Once he relived himself of all the pressure built up from this situation he put some clothes on and went back to his video games. All seemed well and good until he another text from Gracie. It read, “$ee you at dinner time, little peon. My mom ha$ a rather big announ¢ement to make there. You’d better be pre$ent, or el$e. ;3”

Mrs. Grayson’s generosity wasn’t limited to just letting her staff live there if they wanted to, they also got free meals. Mostly from the kitchen staff, though on occasion she’d send out for a massive order from local restaurants. Due to this, the kitchen staff were among the highest paid of her employees, aside from security.

Diego wasn’t particularly hungry after what he just went through, but he had little choice in the matter. Just avoid Mrs. Grayson, Gracie and that maid and listen to the announcement, then he can go back to his room and pretend this never happened. Simple….right?

Fully clothed and breathing slowly to calm himself he entered the dining hall. As soon he did, all conversations, noises and even sounds grinded to a halt. All you could hear was the sound of his footsteps as he went to sit down.

He looked around and saw everyone looking at him. Some were giggling and were clearly excited for something, others seemed somewhat unwilling to look him in the eye, which was fine by Diego cause he was unsettled by all the eyes on him. Something in his brain told him he should run, but he sat down.

Did that maid tell everyone what she saw? Did Gracie go back on her word and send out the recording? Maybe he was just imagining things. But that’s when Mrs. Grayson got everyone’s attention and stood up at the head of the table. Due to the length of the table she had a microphone in her hand so that everyone could hear her.

“Attention everyone! Some of you might be aware of an incident that occurred earlier today where one of you might have been caught in a rather unusual state of dress. Before I continue I should tell you that while I demand you wear your uniforms for what ever job you are assigned while on duty, when you’re off duty you are free to wear to most anything you want, no matter how much…or how little.”

As most of the others giggled at the double meaning there, Diego gulped as he realized what she was about to talk about. “Your comfort here is of the upmost importance, as long as you’ve done a good job at what you’re paid to do of course and I want you all to know that effective immediately, the off duty clothing policy has been updated to be…clothing-optional.”

Some of the employees gasped, but a few of the ones who were in the know, including that maid from earlier, looked at Diego with a smile.

“While any of you are free to strip yourselves and walk around, provided that you won’t be a complete pervert about it and of course that you don’t do it while guests are here, don’t feel like you’re being forced to do so…”

Diego breathed a sigh of relief. Relief that lasted all of five seconds as she then added, “…However, one of our employees has stated that they’d like to increase their confidence in their body. So with that in mind, why don’t you come up to the front of the table, Diego?”

He felt his blood run cold as he realized where this was going. He looked around and saw Gracie near the front of the table with her mom. She waved her phone around subtly, reminding him what was at stake here.

“Well, don’t be shy Diego. Get up here so we can discuss your new state of dress.”

He marched up to the front as he passed rows upon rows of his fellow employees, each one with smiles on their faces as they too realized that he was about to be stripped of his uniform, but not his job. He eventually made it to the end of table and stood next to Mrs. Grayson.

“Now, Diego here is very shy. Way too shy, if you ask me. But to celebrate our new clothing-optional policy, he will now be the first one to take FULL advantage of it.”

As he started to take off his shirt and handed it to one of the maids standing by (they usually handled laundry duties for the household as well as cleaning duties) he looked at Gracie who was gleefully filming the whole thing! He looked at her and made a brief gesture like he was angrily strangling something and continued stripping down.

Her response was a simple pinky wiggle while still filming. As he dropped his pants and stepped out of them he turned to Grace and tried to plead her not to do this. “Ma’am maybe you could start me out small, like maybe no clothes in my room only or maybe just walk around in my boxers or something?”

“Diego, unless you have something to admit to me, you’re going to be naked in front of all these people. I know they don’t mind nudity so you’ll be ok, you won’t be in trouble. But the question remains, do you have anything to say?”

He wanted to tell her it was Gracie’s idea, but what could he say? Gracie would immediately show her the recording! Would she realize it was fake? He had to power through this, if only to prove to Gracie that she would not beat him down!

“No ma’am.”

“Then, proceed.”

With that he closed his eyes and with one fell swoop, he yanked down his boxers and stood with his arms outstretched in front of everyone. A silence fell over the room. He heard a few snickers but strangely no laughter. He opened his eyes and saw the other employees stunned, but not willing to say anything. Perhaps cause they knew if they made fun of him, Mrs. Grayson would be upset.

That’s when Gracie mockingly wolf-whistled and screamed out “Nice dicklette, Diego!”

Many other employees broke down in laughter at that. Seems they were also thinking the same thing as the instant she said that, they too burst out laughing. Some of them turned to each other and wiggled their pinkies while trying to hide their smiles.

Mrs. Grayson however, immediately shouted out, “ENOUGH!” and the whole room stopped. Even Gracie quieted down. “He is not here to be laughed at, he’s here to be praised. He was brave enough to bare himself for us and I will not have you make him feel small and insignificant!”

He could hear most of them choke back their laughter at the phrase “small and insignificant”. Not being allowed to cover himself, he instead covered his face, which looked like it was sunburnt at this point.

“Come on, Diego. Keep that chin up. You look great, you know that?”

“Uh….T-thank you?” he said, shaking and trying his hardest not to run away.

“I mean that. Look at that body of yours. So lean, so strong. You’d make any girl swoon.”

“Uh, Mrs. Grayson? Are you just trying to make me feel better about being naked or do you mean that?”

She then brought the microphone away from her mouth as she whispered in Diego’s ear, “Both.”

His heart started to pound as he stood there trying his hardest not to get to his hardest. All signs point to the fact that she thinks he’s sexy! But that still did not make him feel any less humiliated about the current situation he’s in.

“Ahem, anyway! He will be working like this for the next 24 hours. So don’t be alarmed about his appearance. If you see him doing anything unsavory, report it to me immediately, but I don’t think he’d do anything untoward to any of you.”

She then turned to Diego, with a somewhat menacing glare, she added “At least, he’d better not…”

It was rather strange how she could flip between calm and sweet to threatening and angry in an instant. But he assumed that’s why she immediately fired those other workers that Gracie framed for those crimes. Even if he knew he made her swoon, he needed to tread lightly. She was still his boss after all.

“That will be all ladies and gentleman. Does anyone have any questions?”

One maid way in the back raised her hand. “Yes?”

“Are you sure that’s a gentlemen? I can’t see anything between their legs from here!”

As she and a few others burst out laughing at that, Grace responded with “You! You’re on garbage duty for a week!”

After some level of decorum was brought back to the room, Mrs. Grayson allowed them to leave to their rooms. Diego immediately tried to go, but just before he walked away he realized he might have a way to have some level of cover.

He went back to Mrs. Grayson and asked, “Umm, I’m not expected to work like this right? As in to actually perform my groundskeeping duties in the buff? I might get sunburned or get cuts on my foot or something.”

“Don’t worry about that, someone will be covering for you tomorrow. I have a very special job for you. I’ll brief you on it when you wake up. Now get some rest, you’re gonna need it. Hehe…”

He walked back to his room, feeling eyes on every inch of his body. Once he got back to his room, he locked the door and went to bed. Tomorrow was gonna suck…

Diego yawned as he woke up. He looked around and saw Miss Grayson and a few others standing there, with angry looks on their faces. “Uh, good morning, Grace.”

“That’s Mrs. Grayson to you, you horrible pervert.”


“I know what you did to my poor, innocent daughter! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!”



Two burly looking women burst into the room, pulled Diego up by his shoulders and yanked him out of bed. Dragging him out the door and taking him to the entrance. He was still naked of course as he was lead by all the staff members, who took the time to jeer at him and call him horrible names. Some of those names weren’t even related to his tiny dick.

As they dragged him through the door, they lead him to the front gate, where he saw all his stuff that he brought with him, his game systems, his clothes, his belongings and even his car, being pushed through what looked like an industrial sized shredder.




“Can’t I, boy? I OWN THIS TOWN…and everyone in it. If I want you gone, THEN YOU’RE GONE! TAKE HIM OUT WITH THE REST OF THE TRASH!”

Diego, or rather the person formally known as Diego was thrown into the back of an empty garbage truck. With all the scrapped remains of his stuff soon following him. He was being crushed by all of it. He struggled to breathe as he felt the truck being driven from the mansion. But just as quickly as it drove off, it stopped and dumped its load right in front of the big gate leading into the Grayson Estate.

As he dug himself out of the shrapnel that was once all his stuff, he saw the truck do a U-turn and then start driving toward him. He dodged out of the way as he saw the truck come to a stop as soon as it was on top of all his stuff. The window rolled down and the driver of the truck was revealed to be Gracie!

“What a shame, you could’ve been someone. You could’ve been mine. But instead you just had to be a stubborn, poor little boy. Well, farewell, my former little peon!” and she drove back through the gate, with it shutting behind her as he heard her cackling.

“NO! PLEASE, LET ME BACK IN!” he tried to open the gate, but the second he touched it, several alarms started to ring and the police showed up. With their guns drawn, he put his hands up and begged for mercy.


A single gunshot rang out. And that’s when he woke up with a start. He looked around, he was still in his room. He breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps all of last night was a dream. He then turned to his side and saw Gracie right next to him, in bed. “Morning, little peon. Hehe.”

With a blood-curdling scream, Diego fell off the bed and hid behind his blankets before angrily asking, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?”

“What? Can’t I just check how my favorite little peon is doing today?”

…”Gracie, how long have you been here in my bed with me?”

“That’s not important.” she said, getting out of bed, revealing that she wore her full dress and heels while she was in bed with him.

“What is important though is that you’re gonna miss breakfast if you sleep the day away.”

“I don’t have to do my job today, THANKS TO YOU, so let me sleep.”

He got back into bed and attempted to go back to sleep. Gracie then pulled the covers off of him and then yanked him off the bed by his foot. As he laid sprawled out on the floor of his room, Gracie giggled while looking right between his legs.

He was so humiliated and done with everything yesterday that he forgot to put on his pjs! “Nice morning wood, Diego. Or more accurately, morning twig. Hehe~”

He slammed his hands over his sunrise stiffy. “How did you even get in my room!? I made sure to lock the door.”

“I have a master key. Mom gave me a copy of it.”

“Why would she give you a key!?”

“Well, to be fair, I might have borrowed it without her knowledge. Now get to breakfast…or else.”

“Fine, I’ll be there. Just get out please.”

“Hehe, see you there. Hope to see your head held high, like you promised. Maybe both heads as you proudly walk down the halls with your tiny little-”


She walked out of his room, giggling. After he took a very brief cold shower to make things a bit softer, he dried off and walked towards the door.

He took a deep breath and gave himself a bit of a pep talk. “Ok, you can do this. Everyone here has seen it already, so the initial shock should’ve worn off. Besides, Grace thinks you’re sexy, so there’s that…right?”

Shaking and reaching for the doorknob, Diego turned it and walked out the door, naked as the day he was born. He felt the blood rush to his face as he walked through the halls. Even though no one was around as he made his way to the dining hall, he still felt like his heart was about to pop out of his chest.

He walked there almost like his brain was on auto-pilot, trying not to look at anyone in the eye or panic as everyone got a perfect view of his one-incher and his chubby butt. No matter what he did, no matter how much exercise he did, he always had that accursed ass.

He got his food from the chef, who he swore made a joke about small sausages and big buns under her breath as he walked away and went to sit down. His breakfast of choice? A cheese omelette with pork sausages on the side with an ice cold diet cherry soda to drink.

At least the food was delicious. But he made the mistake of looking around the hall as he ate. He saw a couple of maids giggling. They too had sausages on their plates. One of them clearly looked under the table and wiggled the sausage while giggling. That’s when the other one shook her head, took the sausage, broke it so only a little bit was in her hand and then pointed at him and giggled.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what that tiny sausage was being compared to as Diego looked back down at his breakfast and turned bright red. It felt like high school all over again as some of these mean girls made him feel as small as his dick.

Just then, he saw those two maids suddenly get very quiet and go back to eating their food. “Ahem, Diego?”

He looked behind him and saw Mrs. Grayson. “Oh, heh. Good morning ma’am. How’re you?” he asked, crossing his legs and trying not to faint from embarrassment.

“Good to see you up so bright and early. I must admit, I didn’t think you’d be awake yet.”

“Well…I did skip dinner last night. So I got up to eat breakfast, ma’am.”

“So about that job, Diego. All you need to do is come to the library at around 3pm.”

“What exactly do I need to do?”

“I’ll tell you then. Just shower, put on some cologne and look your best. It’s say dress well, but, you’re already in your nicest outfit.” She giggled and winked with that line.

As she walked away, he started to scarf down the rest of his meal and ran back to his room. At least he could wear clothes in his room, he thought to himself. But just as he got there he saw a few of the maids haul away several baskets full of clothes. Baskets full of very familiar clothes.

He went inside his room and sure enough, all his clothes were gone. All his shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, everything. They even took his shoes, the blankets from the bed and the bath towels!

On his bed was a note that read:

Hey, little peon!

I had the maid$ ¢onfi$¢ate all your ¢lothe$. Why? Well, ju$t ¢ause I thought it’d be funny. x3

You won’t be needing them anyway. But don’t fret, I left $omething to ¢over up what little you have in the top drawer. Not that you’re allowed to wear them out$ide but at lea$t it’$ $omething.

Gra¢ie <3 P.$: $ay ¢hee$e! "Cheese?" At that moment he heard a click, saw a bright flash of light and Gracie emerged from the bathroom with a polaroid camera. As the picture developed, Gracie was giggling at his stunned expression in said picture. She then showed it to him. "That teenie weenie is so photogenic, isn't it?" After shouting a few things way too colorful to repeat here and kicking her out of the room he looked at what she left him. It was a collection of wash cloths and tea towels, as well as a post-it note that read, "Put thi$ on your weewee and I bet it would ¢over it". Out of curiosity, he held it over his dick and looked in the mirror. He didn't know which was worse, the fact that Gracie thought his dick was so small that post it note would fully cover it, or the fact it turned out she was right. "She's not gonna beat me! SHE'S NOT GONNA BEAT ME!", he thought angrily to himself as he took in the situation. At this point it wasn't about the money, it wasn't about the blackmail, it wasn't even about impressing Mrs. Grayson. No, at this point, what was keeping Diego from giving up was pure, unadulterated spite. He crumpled it up and went to take his shower. At the very least, the wash cloths helped him dry off after the shower due to the lack of towels. As he got ready for whatever Mrs. Grayson had planned for him, he wondered what it was. Why did he have to freshen up for it? Was it a date or something? No...that'd be silly. A date where he was naked and she was clothed. That wouldn't be the case right? His heart quickened imagining her going on a date with him. It wasn't even the thought of him being naked that made him blush there. Well, ok, it was a factor but still. Why would she like him? Was it just the fact that she's seen him naked twice or was it something else? Maybe she was messing with him like Gracie is. Whatever the case, with his hair combed, him smelling like cheap cologne, a forced smile and a blush on his face, he walked to the library. It was 3pm on the dot as he got there. Mrs. Grayson was talking to someone inside the room as he approached. She turned to walk out and saw him. "Well, hello there. You're just in time." "H-hello, Ma'am. What am I here to do? Organize some books or something?" "No, Diego. I just needed you here for something. Step inside, won't you?" She opened the door and he walked into the library. Inside was a large room filled with books on various bookshelves. While it wasn't as big as the name implied there still where a lot of books. Along with a lit fire place and a big fancy couch. A big fancy couch that currently had 5 other women sitting on it! Diego froze as he saw them. They were all women who looked close to Mrs. Grayson's age. Both parties were stunned for a few seconds before they started cheering and cat calling him. "Woah! Look at him!" "It's so tiny and adorable!" "Hey there, cutie-pie!" "Come here, little guy. We don't bite...hard." "Speak for yourself." with this one licking her lips as Diego stood there shaking like a leaf, with a deer in the headlights look. "W-w-wha....M-Mrs...? What is this?" "Oh this? This is my book club. We get together every week to discuss the latest novels. Usually romance novels, or some trashy smut we find on the internet." "Or both." said one of the women holding up a Chuck Tingle novel. "I guess, Grace had a pervy side to her after all.", he thought to himself. "So what book are we reading today, Ma'am?" he asked, trying to change the subject to anything other than his nudity "Nothing actually, our book club is supposed to meet up tomorrow. But I thought I'd invite them over to get to know my favorite new employee." "Personally, I love him already, but you can't judge a book by its cover." said one woman. "Or rather his lack of cover...Hehe~", said another. "Well, go on then, take a seat." He looked around the room and the only unoccupied seat was on the couch, in the midst of the women looking at him like he was a piece of meat. "I...I'll just stand if that's ok with you." Mrs. Grayson just turned to him with a stare that seemed to see into his very soul and with a smirk, said only two words. "Sit. Down." "Y-yes ma'am." he said, trembling as he went to do so. His heart was beating a mile a minute as he sat in between two of them. Grace wasn't threatening him or angry with him or anything. As far as he knew Gracie didn't put her up to this either, so why was he even doing this? He had no idea. All rational thought seemed to be clouded as he sat down, trying his hardest not to panic at the sight of these ladies. He felt one of them start gently tracing the small of his back with her fingers. Should he tell her to stop? What if Mrs Grayson got mad at him for doing so? The sound of a cell phone ringing snapped him out of these thoughts. It was Mrs. Grayson's. She looked at it and sighed. "Sorry girls, I gotta step out to take care of something real quick." "Oh thank goodness." Diego thought to himself as he swore he was about to be molested by these women. "Diego, stay and entertain them while I'm gone. I won't be long." "WAIT, GRACE DON'T LEAVE-" Too late, she was gone and out the door. "... me alone." He was trapped with 5 lascivious women with no one to protect him. He felt like his heart was gonna explode. He felt the women on both sides of him gently squeezing his cheeks with their other hands running down his thigh towards his currently stiffening and very confused penis. He was absolutely terrified at what they could do to him. So why is he getting excited at the mere thought of that? Just before they reached his little one, he stood up, almost falling over with how fast he stepped away from the couch. As the ladies chuckled and giggled at his blushing face and frantic breathing. "Hehe, are we a little shy?" "With a little thing like that between his legs, I don't blame him." "Oh shush. I think he's just as adorable as his little cock." As he stood there, trying to calm himself down, he debated covering himself. Grace didn't tell him not to, but despite her not being here, he didn't dare try. That's when a few of them had their eyes go wide. They stared right between his legs as they saw that he was standing up, in more ways than one! "Oooh...it's pointing at me." "That means he likes us. The feeling is mutual...Hehe~" "It's still really small." "Yeah, but its sooooooo cuuuuuute!" "Bring it here, boy! I want to pet it~" He was too flustered to do anything but stand that as stiff as a board. In more ways than one. As he stood there, it suddenly got a bit quiet as the ladies stared right at him. Until one of them broke the silence. "Well?" "...W-w-well what?" "Entertain us." He audibly gulped and asked. "How?" The ladies all looked at him with a smug smile as one of them answered his question by extending her pinky, taking her thumb and forefinger and rubbing it in an up and down fashion. Diego immediately understood what she meant, but tried to feign ignorance. Maybe they'll back off if they think he doesn't know what they mean. "I-I mean...if that's what entertains you I guess..." He then started to rub his pinky in the same way she was doing. They all booed as he did this. "What? I thought you wanted me to rub my pinky." he said, sort of amused at this little joke. The women however were anything but amused. "Don't pretend you don't know what we meant." "Yeah, we want to see your rub your pinky dick not your pinky finger!" "Jerk it for us." "Make that little thing cum. Just for us." "But...I can't do that." "Why not?" "Because...I might get the carpet dirty and then it would be a whole thing and I wouldn't want any of the poor maids to clean THAT up, you know?" "Why would they clean it up when you have a perfectly good tongue to do it for them?"

Diego retched at the thought of licking up his own cum from the floor.

“Well, I’m not doing that.”

“But she said, entertain us. That would be very entertaining.”

“Y-yeah but…Maybe she meant just to talk or something.”

“What’s there to talk about?”

“Yeah, we don’t do small talk.”

“Unless of course we’re talking about that small dick!”

They all giggled as Diego wished he could crawl into a hole and never come out.

Diego tried to get them to stop. “Ladies, please! I’m not very comfortable with this.”

“Oh like you aren’t enjoying it!”

“Yeah, why are you running around all nakie if you didn’t want us to see your stiff wittle weewee?”

“You seemed fine with Grace watching that little thing wiggle around. Why not us?”

“C-c-cause she’s paying me! I work for her and have to do what she says!”

“Well, how much is she paying you?”

“500 dollars a day.”

They all looked at each other and smirked. “That’s all?”

“That’s more than enough for me!” he said as a rebuttal

“Not even if I give you $5000 right now if you let me do anything I want with you.”

“…$5000?” he asked, stunned that he was apparently attractive enough for someone to try and buy him!

But then another woman said, “No, way! I’ll give you $6000 if you let ME do whatever I want with you.”

“7k! If you come home with me, right now. I could use some eye candy around the house.”, said another.

“8k and I’ll marry you!”

It was like an auction broke out. Each one of them trying their hardest to outdo each others bids. It eventually got to the point where one of them stood up and walked towards Diego with one final offer in mind.

“1 million dollars and I’ll suck you off.”

All of them, including Diego were stunned by that. While all of them were beautiful in their own way, none of them held a candle to Mrs. Grayson. This one in particular was rather heavyset but other wise stunning. Though Diego was not interested in any of them.

Just as she preemptively kneeled on the floor in front of him, Diego backed up slightly and said, “That’s a generous offer, ma’am. But I….have a non compete clause in my contract so I wouldn’t be able to work for any of you. Plus, I’m very happy here so, you know its not really about the money.” he said, lying about the contract details.

“What, so you think Grace is hotter than us?”

“Yes.” he said bluntly, before slamming his hands over his mouth. “WHY DID I SAY THAT!?” he internally screamed at himself.

“I get it. When she said you were her “groundskeeper”, she was talking about you taking care of her “grounds”, if you catch my drift.”

“You trim her bush too?”

“As if that hoe would ever feel that little acorn anyway.”

“OK, HOLD UP. ITS NOT LIKE THAT, I JUST HAPPENED TO GET CAUGHT NAKED BY HER AND SHE’S….fine with that I suppose? There’s nothing between us.”

“Yeah right! An older rich woman just so happened to catch you naked and you’re just ok, with her paying you to stay that way? I don’t think you know what a groundskeeper is.”

“W-well I mean…this isn’t exactly one my groundskeeping duties. It’s just a…bonus job?” he said, very unsure how to make this not sound like this was a sex thing on either of their parts.

“Oh, I get it. You get paid extra to be her concubinatus.”

“Her what?”

“You know…a male concubine.” said the one who offered a million for one bj as she rose to her feet and had a smug look on her face.

He had his breath catch in his throat as he realized what this looked like to them. “A…a…m-male…c-c-concubine!?”

“Yeah. I mean, come on. 500 dollars a day just to do yard work!? Are you that dumb?”

“Maybe he’s a virgin.”

“With that puny thing, I’d bet he is!”

“Awww….that’s so cute. A servant boy and his Mistress. A forbidden love for the ages. Wasn’t that the plot of one of last week’s books?”

“Oh yeah! That one where her servant gets stripped naked and gets trapped in her hot tub while trying to hide from the rest of her female servants.”

“God that was hot.”

They all looked back at him as he was blushing burgundy red, realizing that something about that story seemed familiar. He gulped audibly, was that really the intention that she had for him? I mean, in that dream he was stripped naked due to a joint effort between Gracie and Grace. But that was a dream. Right? It wouldn’t happen for real.

This wasn’t what Mrs. Grayson wanted from him. She hired him to be her groundskeeper, plain and simple…right? This definitely wasn’t in his job description. To be her concubine. Just a slave to be toyed around sexually with for her amusement.

To be hers and hers alone. To be shown off like he was some sort of pet. 500 dollars a day did seem like a lot to just do yard work. A part of him wanted to run screaming from the mansion at this moment. But a much smaller part of him, wanted nothing more than to stay and do anything she wanted.

A very small part that the women definitely took notice of. “Hehe~ Given the way he’s twitching, I think he likes that story too.”


“Do you want there to be?”


“I think he does!”

“NO! I mean, she’s my employer. Nothing more. It wouldn’t work. I mean, she’s married still. So it couldn’t work!”

“So you don’t think she’s sexy?”

“N-no, I think she’s beautiful it’s just that-”

“If it’s not for the money, the romance or for the sex, then why are you naked?”

“Do you just enjoy her looking at you?”

“Maybe you just enjoy strutting your chubby ass and your bald little dick in front of women. Is that it!?”

Despite being naked from head to toe, Diego was getting a severe dressing down from these women. He wanted to tell them that it wasn’t true, that he wasn’t a pervert who got off from having women looking at his smallness. But at this stage, even he wouldn’t believe him. Was this whole thing somehow warping his mind or did he always enjoy it subconsciously?

The other 4 women got up from the couch and started advancing towards him. “Well, if you want us to look at you…”

“…then you’ll be fine with us touching you. Right?”

“I-I-I don’t want you to look at me…”

“That twitching little thing is saying otherwise.”

“You’re not even covering it. You baby-dicked little liar.”

“Let me grab those cheeks of yours again.”

“With a wiener that small, I wonder if he’s good with his tongue…”

They backed him into a corner. With no way out, he closed his eyes and braced himself for their horrible loving. He felt their hands all over him, their breath all over his body and heard them arguing amongst themselves over who got to make him scream first.

Just as he felt one of their hands brush his little dick, he did scream out. But it was in panic, rather than pleasure. “MRS. GRAYSON!!!!!!!”

That’s when she ran right in through the door, as if she heard him from wherever she was.

The entire room stopped as she stared at what was going down. “Diego, what is the meaning of this!?”

“Oh thank goodness, you’re back. Look, I might be a nudist, but could you tell them not to….you know, sexually assault me?”

“You heard him girls, step away from my groundskeeper.”

As the book club backed away, Diego covered himself for the first time in a while, trying to keep Grace from seeing his stiffness.

“Ok, I’ll see you all tomorrow.” said Mrs. Grayson, ushering the other women out of the room.

As they left, the heavyset one popped her head back in to ask, “Will we be seeing him tomorrow?”


Mrs. Grayson then closed the door on her as she walked away disappointed. She then turned to Diego who was blushing a dark red by this point and trying to calm himself down.

“Diego, why are you covering yourself?”

“I…uh, didn’t want them to touch me there. So it was out of protection, not the fact that I’m humiliated beyond belief. I swear…”

“Well, they’re gone now. It’s just me. You can uncover now…”

Diego was still a rigid as steel. Despite the fact that he was actually humiliated beyond belief, he uncovered, letting it point towards the ceiling.

She stared right at it unabashedly and said simply said, “Wow…”

He felt like he could faint at this point, but stood his ground.

“Look, Diego. If there is anything you want to admit to me at this point, anything at all. Now is the time. I have one more thing I need you to do, but if you have any secrets or…confessions you need to tell me. You might just get out of it. Is there anything you’re trying to keep under wraps?

Perhaps relating to me or Gracie…? Whatever it is, I promise you won’t be in trouble.”

Diego was not thinking clearly at this point. All he was focused on was trying not to panic and curl up into a ball after everything he’s been through. So rather than admit that Gracie was blackmailing him, like what he should of done, his flustered mind instead had him admit the other thing he was trying to keep secert from her.


He immediately realized what he just said as he practically vomited the words out of his mouth. He covered his face as he felt more blood rush to his head. At this rate, he wondered how he even still had blood left in his heart seeing as all of it seems to be coursing through both of his heads.

Grace stared at him, with a blush creeping on her face as she didn’t expect that at all. “Uhh….wow. I…uh…Oh dear. That was not what I expected you to admit to at all.”

She then had a smug look on her face as she added, “Though, I kind of had a feeling that was the case. I mean, I know you’re beginner when it comes to your nudist lifestyle, but something tells me you might get a thrill from people watching you.”

He stammered trying to find a way to walk back his previous statement, but couldn’t think of anything. All he could think to do was stand there, feeling like he was 4 inches tall, in front of this beautiful woman who was now fully aware of his kink.

“Well, if there’s absolutely nothing else you want to tell me, then come with me. I want to introduce you to a few other friends of mine.”

He was about to tell her about Gracie, but just before he could, she gently took his hand and lead him to another room. Despite everything, the touch of her hand on his, made him blush harder. Though he felt slightly happy rather than utterly humiliated.

After sticking his foot in his mouth, she couldn’t still be into him now, right? If she ever was in the first place anyway. All these thoughts prevented him from realizing where she was leading him. It was to a large ornate door in the back of the mansion.

This door lead out the main garden. A place where she had some of her gatherings and get-togethers. But as he was distracted with warm fuzzy feelings that Grace’s hand was giving him as it touched his own hand, he walked into the door.


“You alright, Diego?”

“Yeah, I’m ok. I just got a bit *ahem*…distracted. Heh.”

“I can see that.” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“Umm..so what exactly is this last thing I’m doing?”

“Diego, have you ever heard of CFNM?”

“CFNM?” he said, wondering where this was going.

“Yes, I thought I’d teach you all about it out in my garden.”

She said this to him as she stared into his eyes. It almost looked like she was about to go in for a kiss. But Diego didn’t want to risk anything more by going for it.

“So, what exactly is CFNM?”

“Close your eyes and walk out this door and you’ll find out.”

Diego did as he asked, certainly this couldn’t be any more humiliating than the library thing, right?

…he was dead wrong.

“Ok, Diego. You can open your eyes now.”

He did so and as soon as they were open, he came face to face with the a massive crowd of women of various ages. Many close to his age but most ran the gamut from 20 to even close to 60, he wagered.

Every one of them had cameras of various types. There were flashes of light every few seconds as they gleefully captured his itty bitty erection, bright red face and huge posterior for posterity.

He froze, his heart almost seizing up as he saw all those women cat call and tease him for his nudity. He tried to ask Mrs. Grayson what this all was, but he couldn’t form any words. He was just stuck out there like a deer in the headlights.

“What’s wrong? I thought you liked being naked in front of me? I assumed you’d be fine with being the guest of honor at my Clothed Female, Naked Male party. Hehe~”

As he processed the fact that he was the only naked man in a sea of clothed women, like in his worst nightmares, he did the only thing his panicking mind could think to do.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH….”, Diego let out a massive scream as his naked form was captured by a paparazzi filled with very horny giggly women. But then he turned to Mrs. Grayson who was looking at him with bemusement. He tried to calm down as he had to maintain the lie that this didn’t bother him.

“…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’M COMPLETLY OK WITH THIS! Y-YUP, DEFINITLY FINE WITH THIS….very ok with this….definitely not the worst day of my life…” He said, trying his hardest not to cry and run away.

“That’s good, Diego. Why don’t we introduce you to our guests?”

The intense humiliation made him unable to respond with anything resembling English.


She put a hand on his shoulder. He twitched at her touch as he looked back at her. “Don’t worry, I’m here. Just introduce yourself to everyone and you can go back inside.”

“T-t-that’s all?”

“Yes.” she said to him, before addressing everyone else. “Attention ladies, I’d like to introduce you to my new(d)est employee.”

He swore she chuckled slightly as she said that. She then whispered to him, “You have the floor…cutie-pie.”, and pinched his butt!

He flinched as he felt her pinch. As all the eyes were on him, he began to introduce himself. His heart was pounding and his voice kept giving out as he talked. He hated public speaking and that’s when he was clothed. Picturing everyone naked was not going to help now, not when he was already so hard that even just the mere thought would make him burst.

“H…H-h…Hi, e-everyone. M-my name is…D-Diego. I’m Mrs…Grayson’s new groundskeeper…”

“A bit louder, Diego. So everyone can hear you.”


“…and what else, Diego?”

“What do you mean?”

“Explain to them why you’re completely and totally naked, right now.”

“D-do I have to?”

She nodded and he gulped as he went to continue.

“I…I’m a n-nudist and c-completely unashamed about my….my…”

He started to hyperventilate as he looked around the crowd. He saw those women from the library, a few of the employees, a few other women he didn’t recognize and in the way back of the crowd, was Gracie.

She was giggling her ass off as this was going on. No one really heard her cause the crowd was to busy staring at this naked guy in a sea of clothed women. She had a few other girls her age with her.

Among her entourage was a red head in a green dress who was currently giggling along with Gracie, a goth girl who was just filming everything as this was going on and who wiggled her pinky as she saw him staring toward her, a blonde girl who was outright drooling with zero subtly over the fun sized eye candy in front of her and a girl with dirty-blonde pigtails who was also eyeing him up and down.

Something about that one with the pigtails seemed familiar to him somehow. “Ahem, Diego?”

“What…oh right. Heh…Umm…I forgot what I was saying.”

“You were explaining that you like it when women see you naked.”

“Oh right, I-WAIT WHAT!?”

“Don’t lie…you told me as much.”


She then whispered in his ear, “Tell them. Tell them that you love it when they see your twitching, little, throbbing, erection. Your completely nude and hairless body. All on display for us while we keep our clothes on. Tell them, in excruciating detail. That you’re no nudist. You’re. An. Exhibitionist.”

“B-B-But…I’m not…”

“You are…admit it. That tiny thing is leaking so much, it’s twitching with each passing second. I bet you want to cum right now. Well, go ahead. Cum for us.” she said, taking her pinky and stroking it

All he could respond with was heavy breathing. He had no ways out of this. He looked down at himself and he was as hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum like a faucet.

With Mrs. Grayson’s breath on his neck, the many pair of eyes all on his embarrassed naked form and the intense humiliation mixed with intense arousal, Diego didn’t know whether he was about to cum or pass out from anxiety.

His breathing was so rapid that he started to feel light headed, his knees started to quiver. He tried to hold himself steady but eventually he…did both. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he shot out without any one even touching it. Everyone was far enough that they didn’t get hit, but close enough to see it spurt.

He heard all the women gasp and start laughing and cheering as he let loose. He heard comments about people thinking it couldn’t shoot out that much! When he was done, he felt so lightheaded that he collapsed to the floor. As he went under, he could see Mrs. Grayson’s face go from titillation, to concern and then to outright panic.

“Diego? DIEGO!?”

“Oh…my head…”

Diego opened his eyes and saw a beautiful blue sky above him. It had a few puffy white clouds scattered about but other wise was a perfectly peaceful looking sky.

He looked down at himself and found himself laying on a large, very soft white thing. It looked like a cloud as well and it was very soft. He noticed that hw wasn’t naked, he was wearing a white robe.

Wait, white robe? Laying on a cloud, amongst the clouds!? Diego was stunned for a few seconds. No…he couldn’t be….

…he started to laugh. “Wow. I literally died of embarrassment. Hahaha! You know…that’d actually be really funny. If you know…I WASN’T DEAD!”

He then started angrily pounding the soft cloud like bed under him as he started to panic. But that’s when he heard someone distant call out to him.

“Diego? Is that you? Are you awake?”

He sat up and looked around, He saw that he wasn’t in heaven. No, it was a bedroom. He was laying on a novelty cloud shaped bed. The ceiling was painted to look like the sky but everything else was just a rather fancy bed room.

He checked his pulse. Nope, still alive. But how did he get here? That’s when a he heard someone walk in. It was Mrs. Grayson. She was wearing a sheer nightgown that easily showed off her lingerie. “Are you alright, Diego?”

As he saw her in this risque outfit, he started to doubt his living status once more. “Uh…..am I in heaven?”

“No, dear. You’re still living. This is my bedroom.”

It took every ounce of Diego’s willpower not to immediately respond to that with “What’s the difference?”

“Thank goodness you’re alright. Maybe I overdid it with you…”

“Overdid it?”

She sighed and then asked him “Tell me the truth, why were you really naked near Gracie’s room?”


“And don’t give me that nudist nonsense again. I want the truth!”

At this point, he could only hope that she would believe him on this one. Or at the very least, not have him arrested. “So, Gracie forced me to walk out of her room naked.”

“She forced you? Why would you let her do that?”

“…Yesterday we were having a conversation while I was trying to create a cat shaped bush for you and-”

“Wait, those were cats?”


She chuckled, “Stick to cube shaped bushes. It was a nice attempt, though.”

“Heh…thanks. Anyway, she recorded said conversation and spliced together my side of the conversation to make it sound like I was abusing her- AND FOR THE RECORD, I’D NEVER EVEN DREAM OF DOING THAT TO ANYONE, SHE JUST WANTS ME TO QUIT MY JOB AND-”

“HOLD ON…you mean this recording?”, she then took out her phone and played the recording.


“Yes, I was actually on my way to her room to confront her about this when I bumped into you, completely naked.”


“Yes, she did.” She replied, getting a stern expression on her face.


“Diego, let me ask you something.”

He looked at her with tears in his eyes. “…HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM!?”


“I cannot believe you’d think for even a fraction of a second that I would ever believe…”

Well, this was it…goodbye cushy job at Grayson manor, goodbye freedom, hello jail, hello registration to a sex offenders list or at the very least, poverty.

“…anything Gracie told me.”

“Wait, what?”

“Diego, that was so obviously fake. Not only did everything you say sound unnatural, but you ended it by threatening me, despite it being supposedly recorded spur of the moment by Gracie. Why would you threaten me if you didn’t think it would end up in my hands?”

He breathed a sigh of relief, but then he realized that he did all of this for absolutely nothing. He utterly humiliated himself and he apparently needn’t have bothered.

“You knew she was lying the whole time?”


“Then why did I have to go through all that!?”

“Because, I wanted to punish you for lying to me.”

…”But considering all those stories of her framing other employees-”

“I KNOW. I feel awful about those firings everyday, so that’s why I take everything she says with a grain of salt. Unless another employee can back her up.”

“So all that, the forced nudity, the library thing, the whole confession at the garden. That was just to punish me for not telling you?”

“Yes….well at first.”

“At first?”

“You do remember that I heard your little wet dream about me, right? I thought that it was the end of it and you were too shy to do anything else. But then I caught you naked again. Seeing you force that smile, with that adorable little thing twitching as I saw you. Well…all those comments I made about your body weren’t just for show.

I knew you enjoyed it or else you’d have ran screaming.”

“I was just scared an-”

“Diego, you’ve been hard as a rock since you got to the library. Plus you outright said you liked it. Or did Gracie tell you to tell me that?”

“She…didn’t tell me to say that.”

He covered his face again as he added, “Alright, maybe I do like it. But I didn’t want to do it. I’d never willingly do this.”

“Don’t worry, Diego. I know you love it…and I love it too. Seeing a man so submissive and willing to do anything I ask, is just so hot. Either you wanted this very badly, or you’re very stupid.

…and something tells me you’re smarter than you think. Hehe~”

“Umm…so Gracie said that I make you swoon. I assume then that what she said is true, right?”

She then sat next to him on the bed and said, “Will this answer your question?”

She then leaned close to him and gave him a slow, gentle, kiss. Diego wrapped his arms around her as they made out. The thing about this is that, while he did have thing for her, he never, ever, in a million years ever, thought she’d have thing for him too.

Was it love or lust? Cause truly, while she was beautiful, he had no clue if he was just so horny at this point or it was genuine love for her. That’s probably a question he’d truly ask himself later, as right now, after everything he’s been through, this kiss to him was worth it all.

He thought it couldn’t get any better until she gently pushed him onto the bed and undid his robe. With him naked once more, she stared at his little one, which was just now waking up.

“Aww….there he is! Diego’s wittle baby dick. He’s just as cute as the man he’s attached to. You made a big mess out there in the garden, didn’t you?”

Diego felt like he was about to burst once more as she was mere inches away from his 4 incher. “You know, I always take time to enjoy the little things in life and right now, I’m gonna enjoy your little thing.”

She blew on it gently, making him shudder with anticipation. She then give the head a brief kiss, making his whole body twitch as he gasped at the feeling of her soft lips on his head.

“Hehe. Don’t explode yet. I’m just getting started.”

She then opened her mouth and slowly engulfed his cock. With her lips now fully wrapped around it she went to work. As her beautiful head bobbed up and down, the only thought that went through Diego’s mind, was “Is she sure this isn’t heaven? Cause right now, I don’t believe her.”

He hung onto the bedsheets for dear life as she made his toes curl. He couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure as he felt his balls tighten and his seed shoot out right into her mouth. She looked momentarily shocked but continued on.

He slumped over with a big dopey smile on his face as she got up from her position. As she looked down on him with a stern look on her face and a bit of white stuff on side of her lips, she said, “You know. Most men would warn me when that was about to happen.”

His eyes went wide as he realized he committed a bit of a faux-pas there. “I’m so sorry! It just snuck up on me, I didn’t mean to…”

“Hehe…I’m joking, I would’ve let that happen regardless. But still, next time try to warn me so I can expect it.”

“I will.”

That’s when he realized what she said, “Wait, NEXT TIME!?”

“Yup. But don’t expect this very often…just consider it a bonus if you do an exceptional job.”

“So…does that mean…I’m Mr. Grayson now?”

“What!?” she said bursting out laughing.

“You’re quite funny, Diego. This was pretty much a fling. You’re my groundskeeper and nothing more.”

“Oh…” he said, disappointed. He wondered if that was for the best. If only because this whole thing kind of changed his perception of her. Was this whole thing just a fetish thing for her to begin with or did Gracie’s horrible prank give her the opportunity to make it one?

“Besides, I think you’d be happier with someone closer to your own age.”

“Like who?”

That’s when the door to Mrs. Grayson’s bedroom opened and in ran Gracie, panicking. “IS HE ALRIGHT!? IS HE OK!?”

She then immediately composed herself and cleared her throat adding, “Not that I care. I just want to know if he’s….you know.”

But upon seeing them she was stunned. First she noticed that Diego was naked with purple lip stick marks on his face and a purple smear on his dick. Then she noticed that Grace had a bit of “cream” on the side of her lips. She put two and two together, had her eyes go wide and screamed like she just saw a murder.

“GRACIE! I-Umm…I thought you’d still be with your friends…” said, Mrs. Grayson, trying to discreetly wipe her lips off with her hand.

“How could you do this to me!? He was supposed to be mine!”

“You call blackmail, a forged recording and utter humiliation, love? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”

“B-but I-”


Gracie looked like she was about to cry. Diego just had a smug look on his face proceeded to flip her off.

“I HATE YOU SO MUCH!” screamed Gracie as she ran out sobbing.

Diego sighed contently, but then he heard Grace mutter to herself, “What am I going to do with her?”

“How do you usually punish her?”

“I send her to her room usually. She’s forced to stay there for the rest of the night.”

“…in her room with a massive tv, her computer and practically everything she has to entertain herself?”

“…I guess that’s not really a punishment is it? Well, its better than hitting her. My last husband wanted to spank her constantly, but I didn’t like it when he did. Poor thing didn’t walk for a week last time he did it.”

“Dang, he hit her that hard?”

“I meant him. We divorced soon after.”

“OH…Wow…” Well there went his first suggestion, but then he remembered all the stories the other employees told him and then had an idea.

“You know, she really needs to appreciate how well she has it here compared to the rest of your staff. She keeps making them miserable with all her so called pranks. Wouldn’t you agree that she’d be a lot nicer if she knew what it was like in our shoes?”

…”That’s not a bad idea…what did you have in mind?”

It was another beautiful day at Grayson manor. Diego woke up at around noon. Thankfully he didn’t have to go to work for the next few days. Put on his clothes and walked out of his room.

Though he was still a little embarrassed seeing all the other employees again, knowing full well that they knew what every inch of his naked body looked like, he was happy.

Not just that he survived this whole ordeal with his job and some of his dignity in tact, not just that the other employees treat him like a celebrity for what he did, but because of what he was about to see.

Despite not needing to head to his plot of land to tend to it for a few days, he went to check on it anyway. As he walked outside, he saw a woman in his white shirt, green overalls, white hat and yellow boot ensemble that he called his uniform.

She seemed to look miserable and was sweating up a storm. As she was pruning a large shrub, Diego walked up and asked her, “So, how’s my favorite little billionaire heiress doing?”

“Just fine, Diego. Thanks for asking” said Gracie, through clenched teeth.

“You know, blackmail is a serious criminal offense. You should be thankful that I didn’t get any lawyers involved here. Besides, after a few days you won’t have to do this anymore. Of course, afterwards you’ll have a few days of being a maid, an assistant chef, a valet and of course you’ll have to-”

“I GET IT. ALRIGHT, I’M SORRY! Just get out of here while I do this. It’s so humiliating, being seen in this ugly uniform.”

“Maybe you’d rather do it all in the same clothes I wore yesterday.”

This made her blush with the mere thought of him and everyone else seeing her naked. “I’M GOOD. I LIKE THIS UNIFORM!”

Diego laughed, and teasingly added “I don’t know. Personally, I think you’d look good in my outfit from yesterday. Just imagine, you out there with nothing but a blush. I almost considered making your mom do that…but I thought that was too cruel. Though, I’m sure I could persuade her to if you don’t do a good enough job.”


…”Wanna bet?”

She went wide eyed as she realized that the shoe was on the other foot here.

“I can see the tabloid headlines now, “Local heir to the Grayson fortune, caught naked outside of her house, doing yardwork.” Oh the scandal of it all…HAHAHA!”

This flustered Gracie to the point where she lost her balance and landed in the hedge. She got a bit scratched by the branches as she fell but was otherwise unharmed. “SHUT UP! UNLIKE YOU I AT LEAST HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!”

She tried to walk out of the hedge but her overall straps got caught on one of the branches. “Hey…I’m stuck! Diego, help me!”

He wondered if he should. But then he realized that he had the perfect opportunity to get back at her. “Sure thing, Gracie.”

He got the pruning shears and used them to cut her loose. She walked forward, now free from the branch. “Heh…thanks Diego. I’m surprised you helped me th-”

That’s when she felt a breeze…Diego did indeed cut her loose. Not by cutting the branch, but by cutting the straps. With both straps gone, her overalls fell to her feet.

Diego immediately noticed something interesting about her grooming habits and started to snicker, before bursting out laughing. “Well, that’s a first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pubic hair in the shape of a dollar sign before…pfffftHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

She looked down and immediately covered herself. “SHUT UP! THE UNIFORM DOESN’T COME WITH UNDERWEAR!”

“Yeah, it doesn’t does it? I should really talk to Mrs. Grayson about that.”

“WHY YOU PIECE OF-” with that she tried to run forward to smack Diego across the face, but she tripped on the remains of the overalls. Diego quickly pulled the remains off of her, leaving her in just the shirt, hat and boots.

“You know, I’ll just take this in to one of the maids so she could sew it back up. It will be good as new by tomorrow…maybe. Good luck!”, and he ran back inside, laughing his head off!

Gracie got up, realized her predicament and hid in the hedge. “MARK MY WORDS DIEGO! THIS ISN’T THE END! YOU WILL BE MINE!! …I MEAN REVENGE WILL BE MINE!!”

He had fond memories watching her face turn red from anger and embarrassment. As well as gathering some of the other staff she’s tortured over the years and gathering them outside her room to watch her as she ran covering her front with her hand and her ass with her hat, while running back to her room.

Yup…life at Grayson Manor was heaven.

A few hours later, Gracie was sitting in her room, still in the remains of the groundskeeper uniform, bored out of her skull. In addition to being a temporary worker for a few weeks, she was pretty much cut off from all forms of entertainment. Aside from reading or anything non-electronic.

It might as well been jail for all that mattered to her. “Stupid Diego, with his stupid little dick and his stupid smug face! How I hate him so much!”

She was busy ranting to herself and mulling over how her blackmail scheme backfired and actually made him more into her mom than her. “I mean, who wouldn’t want me? I could have done it better than her! Not that I’d ever even want that tiny thing near me.”

She punched a few of her stuffed animals in anger. “I mean, he seemed like the type to fall in love with someone who treated him like dirt and teased him. Something about him gave me that impression. I mean, that kind of shit works in anime, why wouldn’t it work here!?”

She then took off the white shirt and boots and stood in her room completely naked and looked in the mirror. “Why wouldn’t he want all this? I mean, he saw my…my…vagina and he still didn’t want it?”

As she came to grips that she might not be able to use her money, status, blackmail or even her looks to win him over, a humiliating thought occurred to her. “Wait, he saw my VAG! My most private of parts! He even saw my ass! That horrid pervert! I’m supposed to be the one in charge!

How dare he think he can get away with humiliating me in front of everyone like that! He should be the one cowering in humiliation, not me. I shouldn’t be the one who is blushing as someone mocks them for being naked. I shouldn’t be the one who runs covering themselves as the…entire mansion…laughs at me…my innermost secrets revealed by some tiny dicked…poverty stricken…little…peon.”

She was rather upset by those whole thing, but she also felt another feeling. As she saw that smug face in her mind looking down at her, pointing and laughing at him like she did to him, his eyes locking onto her lips exposed in the breeze, she felt strangely excited.

Her clit in full view of this guy who by all rights should be groveling at her feet, not the other way around! No one, not even the other employees ever stood up to her like that. So the knowledge that some random guy who would never be in the same league as her not only captured her attention but also managed to turn the tables on her made her feel rather…moist.

A male, dominating her? That was unheard of and she’d never want that. Imagining him going through with that threat and making her mom strip her bare, forcing her to work with him watching her like a hawk as she performed all the menial nonsense that was supposed to be done by people not as important as her?

That would be the worst thing imaginable…right? As she felt her fingers start to rub her that sensitive spot that Diego now knows in great detail, she cursed him under her breath. “I’ll….hah….get him for this…ooh…”


The End.


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