Daniel’s Wedding Surprise

By HymenCleverpants.


Daniel Levine was so happy. He was about to be married to Leah, the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, after knowing her for just one year. His family and all of his best friends had flown out to Israel just for the ceremony, which was to be on the beach. Daniel looked at himself in the mirror and was mostly pleased with what he saw- a handsome Jewish man with a short manly beard, wearing a white yarmulke, black shirt, and white pants, with a Kittel, a white silk robe, over the rest. He was quite short, which sometimes bothered him, and he often worked out to compensate for both that and for a penis he feared was very small.

His best man Noam Goldfarb, who was tall, bearded, and handsome, entered, also wearing a yarmulke, “It’s time,” he said and led Daniel out of the waiting room and into the roped-off area where he was to be married.

Daniel was surrounded by a group of four of his best male friends, all wearing yarmulkes and dressed for the occasion; Daniel was surprised since he’d expected them all to be seated already.

“What are you guys all doing here?” he asked.

Berger, a somewhat chubby man, smiled, saying, “We have a surprise for you. Noam?”

Noam turned Daniel to face him, solemnly. “Now, Daniel,” he said, with a rakish glint in his eye, “We’re beginning a new tradition. We’re ALL walking you down the aisle. So grab him, boys.”

Daniel felt his friends link arms with him and hold him tightly. On one side was Berger. The other was Ben, a well-muscled handsome friend who had been crowned Mr. Israel just a few months before. Noam walked up in front of Daniel and closed and tied his Kittel. Then, to Daniel’s surprise and horror, Noam reached under the robe and loosened Daniel’s belt, then undid his pants, unzipped them, and lowered them to his knees. Daniel struggled but was held fast by Berger and Ben.

“Noam, what are you doing?” Daniel cried as he felt his pants descend beneath the robe, “This isn’t funny. I can’t go out to get married like this!!”

Noam smiled, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, Daniel bubble,” and with a swift motion lowered Daniel’s boxers to his knees as well, leaving his wang exposed to the breezes, which made it shrivel up a bit in fear and cold. “Come on, fellas, it’s time,” he said.

With that, music began, and Daniel was forcibly marched down the aisle to the chuppah by his friends, who sang as they went. The wedding guests laughed and cheered, not knowing Daniel was close to flashing all of them with every step. The guys deposited Daniel in front of the rabbi, then took seats in the front, which had been saved for them. They all took out cameras. Noam put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder, grinning, and everyone took pictures. Daniel was horrified. He could kill Noam for arranging this. To pull a stunt like this, in front of his friends and family and his fiancée’s friends and family! He certainly couldn’t pull up his pants now, with everyone watching. He blushed furiously; thank god they didn’t know.

The bridal march began, and the crowd turned to look at Leah as she walked down the aisle. Daniel began to get a boner as he saw her and willed it back down. While the crowd was turned away, Daniel thought that perhaps he’d be able to fix something, but a pat on the ass from Noam and a slight shake of the head settled that. Besides, Leah was looking right at him. She finally arrived in front of the rabbi, who smiled at them.

“Daniel Israel Levine, do you take Leah to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

Daniel felt humiliated but said, “I do.”

He could kill Noam for ruining this special once-in-a-lifetime moment for him.

“And Leah, do you take Daniel to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Leah opened her mouth but was interrupted by Noam, “Just a moment, Leah. Before you say anything, there’s something you should know.” Daniel’s jaw dropped. Noam came up behind him again and said, “Don’t move.” Noam grabbed the tie of the robe, and as Daniel trembled, he untied it.

Daniel grabbed Noam’s hand and whispered, “Wait, no! What are you doing?”

Noam smiled, saying, “This is for your own good, Daniel,” he turned to Leah, “Leah, I know you and Daniel have been very good and not had sex before marriage, right?”

“No, we haven’t,” said Leah, quite confused at this turn of events.

“Then there’s something you should be aware of,” said Noam, with a wicked smile. He put his hands on Daniel’s robe as if about to open it. Daniel again tried to stop him, but Noam suddenly slapped his face. Tears started in Daniel’s eyes, “No. Please,” he begged, but to no avail.

Noam went around behind Daniel and opened the Kittel, exposing Daniel to Leah. Her eyes got huge, and for a moment, she simply stared, stunned, then there was a giggle, then she started outright laughing.

“I thought so,” said Noam, and roughly turned Daniel to face the crowd, exposing his tiny penis to all of Daniel’s friends and family, as well as all of Leah’s crowd.

There was a gasp from the crowd, a horrible, sickening silence. Then the whole crowd laughed at Daniel’s tiny penis, which was shrunken even more than usual in his shame and humiliation, nearly hidden in his hairy bush. Flashbulbs went off all over, especially from the guys in the front row; it was all being videotaped as well. Even the official wedding photographers were snapping away, knowing this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Daniel’s father, in the crowd, hid his face in shame, and his mother started smacking the guys in the front row with her purse.

Daniel’s brother Eytan thought it was as hilarious as everyone else. So he shouted out, “What a tiny schmeckel!” which only made the crowd laugh more.

Noam turned Daniel around to the rabbi so that he could see. The rabbi snickered for a moment, involuntarily. Daniel was spun around again to face the audience, and his pants and underwear were lowered to his ankles as the humiliating laughter redoubled. Noam unbuttoned Daniel’s shirt, showing off Daniel’s manly hairy chest, which stood in stark contrast to the pathetic dicklet on display beneath. The Kittel and shirt were removed in one swift motion, leaving Daniel naked except for a yarmulke. Daniel felt helpless, completely exposed, rooted to the spot, as his girlish tears began really to flow.

All of his friends and family were watching him weep like a woman and laughing at his tiny little penis as it sat sticking out of his pubes, a sweet little acorn above his hairy balls.

Noam began unbuckling his belt. “Hey Daniel, check this out.” He undid his pants, and out came an extremely long and thick Jewish cock. Leah gasped in astonishment.

“Yeah, you like that, huh Leah? Maybe I’ll give you a taste later. But first. Guys, take some photos.”

Noam put his arm around Daniel and posed, the difference in size glaringly obvious. Noam grinning, Daniel in tears. As the cameras continued, Daniel’s mother and father got up to leave.

Noam waved at them, “Goodbye, Mr. and Mrs. Levine!” the assembled crowd waved goodbye as Daniel’s shamed parents fled the scene.

Noam held his own big cock in one hand and tickled Daniel’s hairy balls with the other. Daniel jumped at his touch and flushed red. But, to his horror, the stimulation made his dick begin to get erect; this development was not lost on the wicked Noam.

“Well, boys,” he said to the assembled men, “Looks like we’ve got a live one! Let’s see if it gets any bigger.”

Daniel gasped, “No, oh please no!” but Noam took his little dick between two fingers and began to lightly stroke it. Daniel decided this was enough and started to try to run, but the pants around his ankles hobbled him, and he fell over, face-first on the ground, his round little hairy ass up in the air. Berger and Ben leaped up from the crowd to help him, “Oh thank you, thank you,” Daniel said, assuming they would help him to leave, but the two men dragged him back under the chuppah in front of everyone and held his arms tight pulled out at his sides so he couldn’t move; Daniel saw they had given their cameras to some girls from Leah’s family in the front row, who were eagerly snapping photos of this latest degradation. Noam gave Daniel’s butt a stinging slap.

“Don’t be a naughty boy, Daniel. This is going to happen, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” With that, the men pulled Daniel’s arms behind his back, and Noam reached out and began stroking Daniel’s miniature penis again.

As he smoothly stroked him, with just a couple of fingers, all he needed, Noam began whispering in his ear, “What a useless little dick you’ve got, Danny, my boy. It’s not good for pleasing a woman, you know. It’ll never be any good for that. Little boys like you were made for pleasuring real men.” Daniel’s little cock grew to its full 3½ erect inches in front of the crowd to his disgust and disgrace as Noam continued. “This is what you really need, isn’t it, a man to show you what you really want.”

“No, no,” said Daniel, the tears choking his voice, “I’m straight, I like girls.”

“That’s not what my man’s hand on your tiny boy’s cock is saying. Look how hard you are. I know you like it. Doesn’t he like it, Rabbi Weismann?”

The rabbi looked and said, “Well, it does seem so.”

Noam smiled, “Now, Danny, I’m going to pump a load out of you right here in front of everyone. And then I’m going to do it again. And then two more times. So four times you’re going to cum here right in front of the rabbi, your brother, your best friends, and Leah’s family and everyone, till there’s no more cum left in your balls.”

“No, no, please,” Daniel begged through his tears, even as he knew his big ‘friend’ now had control over his sex. “This isn’t happening, this can’t be happening,” he said to himself, but it was all too real; he was completely naked, and his little dick was responding to a man’s touch in front of all his friends, his family, his fiancée, and a laughing Rabbi Weismann, who he’d known since he was a child. As he’d been saving himself for his wedding night, it didn’t take long at all for Daniel to shoot his first load. His balls contracted and shot a surprising amount onto the carpet that had been put down on the sand for the ceremony. Some got onto Noam’s hand, and he held it up to Daniel’s mouth.

“Go ahead and lick it off, boychik,” Noam smiled, but Daniel wouldn’t. Noam smiled at his futile rebellion and rubbed the jizz into Daniel’s beard and down over his hairy chest.

“Number two,” Noam announced, beginning again, “Let’s make this more interesting. Berger, why don’t you start with the taint?”

Berger smiled, and Daniel felt his fingers begin exploring his hairy nethers behind him.

“You assholes,” Daniel raged, bucking against the hold they had on him but unable to escape, “I’ll kill you all for this! You’re all going to be sorry!”

Noam simply grabbed Daniel by the balls, and with his other hand slapped his face a couple of times till the hairy little man’s rage was under control. Then, with Berger’s fingers massaging his taint, Daniel’s little dick was coaxed to another shuddering climax, the issue of which was again rubbed into his hairy chest.

“Again,” Noam said, with a calm smile, “And this time, Ben, why don’t you put a finger up his ass?”

Danny began to beg, tears once again streaming down his face, “Please guys, please, no more. You’ve had your fun, you’ve humiliated me in front of everyone. Please, just make it stop. I’ll do anything! Anything! Please!” his voice went higher as he felt Ben’s presence behind him.

Noam held up his hand, and everything ground to a halt, “You’ll do anything, Danny boy? Like what?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! Anything you want!”

“Will you suck our dicks? Lick our balls? Kiss your brother’s bare ass?”

Daniel shuddered, “Oh god. God, no, please. Please don’t make me.”

“All right, then. We go on. Eytan? Why don’t you come up here to help with your brother’s intervention?”

As Eytan jumped up onto the stage, Daniel sputtered out, “—s-s-stop, I’ll do it, I’ll suck your dicks!”

“Wait a minute, let’s get that on tape,” Noam said. He motioned to one of the cameramen, who Daniel realized had been videoing his debasement. The cameraman came up to the front and framed Noam and the nude, shaking Danny in his sights. Noam smiled, “Go ahead, Danny. Face me. Look me in the eye. Tell me what you want to do.”

Daniel gulped and blushed even redder. His whole body seemed like it was burning with shame. “I’ll suck your dick.”

“No, bubbie. Tell me you want to.”

“I want to suck your dick.”

“And why?”

“Because you’re making me.”

“No, boychik. Because you want to.”

“I want to.”

“You want to suck my big fat dick because it’s so much bigger than yours.”


“Say it, Danny.”

“I— I want to suck your big fat dick because it’s bigger than mine.”

“So much bigger.”

“So much bigger.”

“And you crave cock, don’t you? You would love to suck off every guy here.”


“Out loud, Danny. You’re a cock slut.”

“Yes, I would love to suck the cocks of every guy here. I’m a cock slut. I crave cock.”

“But especially my big fat one.”

“But especially your big fat one.”

“Again, but say my name.”

“I especially want to suck your big fat dick, Noam. …Because it’s so— It’s so much bigger than mine.”

Daniel choked on his words as he looked up into the eyes of his best man, his tormentor. He was lost in the heat of the moment. Noam stroked his hairy cheek, then turned him to face the audience and the camera.

“Go ahead, boy—one more time for the camera. Introduce yourself and say everything you just said. The camera guy zooms in on his face, then gradually pan out as he talks to show everything he’s got. Or doesn’t.”

A few more members of the wedding got up to leave, mostly the women. But, unfortunately, most of the men stayed to witness Daniel’s exquisite degradation.

Daniel shuddered, and more tears streamed down his burning cheeks, but he did as he was told. “My name is Daniel Levine. I am a complete cock slut. I crave dick. I want them all in my mouth. I want to suck off all the guys here, but especially Noam. Noam’s big fat dick is so much bigger than mine, and I need it. I need to suck it.”

To his surprise, as he spoke, Daniel was hard again. He didn’t know how it was possible, but the humiliation had him once again at his unimpressive full size. Noam was now in the frame again and had taken out his flaccid monster cock once more, saying, “Go ahead, Danny. Beg me for it.”

“Please, Noam, please. Please let me suck your cock.”

Noam slapped his face, “You want to suck my what?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please let me suck your big fat cock. Please, Noam. I need it. I’m a total cock slut. And your big dick is so huge, I want it in my mouth, I want to suck off all the guys here, but more than anything, I want to blow you. I want to choke on your huge monster dick. I want it down my throat. I want to drink your cum.” Daniel fell to his knees to worship Noam’s giant dick.

Noam gave him a pitying glance for the cameras as he said, “I’m sorry, Danny buddy, but I don’t swing that way. I’m straight.” He tucked his giant schlong back into his pants.

Daniel could have screamed in frustration, here he’d bowed to this superior man, acknowledged his authority on camera, accepted that he should worship his supreme phallus, and wasn’t even allowed to follow through.

Noam motioned to the Rabbi, who had been still standing by in wonderment. “Rabbi Weismann, come here. How would you like your balls licked?”

Daniel gasped, “No, please, not the rabbi!”

The handsome rabbi smiled, unzipped his pants, and took out an impressive fat dick and large, low-hanging, extremely hairy balls. Daniel gasped back tears as he saw him coming to him. Soon the hairy nuts were in his mouth. Daniel licked and sucked the powerful factory of the rabbi’s seed. Soon all the men of the wedding party were lined up for a ball-licking. In a daze, Daniel paid homage to each of them, his tongue tasting the sweat and hair of their testicles. Last in line was the chubby Berger, whose long dick began to leak pre-cum onto Daniel’s yarmulke below him as the hairy man slavered his balls.

“Can I, Noam?” Berger looked to the dominant man.

“Go ahead, Berger.”

Berger grabbed Daniel’s head by the sides of his beard and pulled his face up and onto his tumescent cock. Daniel sucked cock for the first time, gagging on the taste, on the feel of the giant dick in his mouth. His lips tingled as Berger thrust in and out and quickly came in a few powerful bursts. The first went right down Daniel’s throat, and he gagged on it, coughing as he swallowed it. Berger pulled out and creamed on Daniel’s face, beard, and chest. Daniel was drenched in cum.

Noam approved, “A little quick on the trigger there, Berger, but you sure covered him in your spunk.” Noam quickly stood Daniel up and jerked him to another shuddering climax. He caught Daniel’s load in his palm again, and this time Daniel sucked it off his fingers without prompting.

“Eytan, your turn!”

Daniel said, “No, not my brother! I can’t suck my brother’s dick!”

Eytan smiled, “No, bro. You’re gonna kiss my ass.” Eytan turned and displayed his hairy buttocks to Daniel, who groaned and began to kiss them. This was humiliating but not as bad as having dicks and balls in his mouth. It was more the shame of doing such a thing to his brother that made him weak.

And then, as he kissed his brother’s hairy cheeks, Aryeh announced that any guy still in the crowd who wanted his dick sucked could come up and get a buffing from Daniel. Only a few guys took him up on it, thank goodness, Daniel thought. He ended up sucking off his college roommate and one of his work buddies before he lay spent again.

“Now, Leah, it’s your turn,” Noam announced, “Come back up here.”

Leah arose from her seat, looking pure and virginal in her wedding dress. She ascended the stage and stood next to her ravaged fiancé.

Noam smiled at her, “Sweet Leah, I’m kind of sorry for you about what happened here tonight. But I think it was for the best for you to see what kind of man you almost married. Now, we can all go back to the United States after this, and only the people who were here tonight will know. Of course, you can still marry Danny if you want. What do you think?”

Leah, speechless, shrugged. Noam continued, “I have a suggestion. You’ve seen Danny Boy here get his rocks off for all these guys. He might still be straight, though.”

Daniel still had a streak of rebellion in him, “I AM straight.”

Noam slapped his face again. “He might still be straight. Sex is the woman’s right, not the man’s. A man has to give his wife sex regularly and to ensure that sex is pleasurable for her. If he can get it up for you, right now, you can still marry him, and no one back home will have to know. If he can’t get hard for his own wife, well… I’ll be happy to take you to the Yichud room and give you the fucking you deserve. While Danny watches, of course.”

Leah smiled, “Very well.”

Noam patted Daniel on his hairy ass and said, “Okay, Danny, go ahead. Satisfy your wife. You have 2 minutes.”

The whole assembled parties watched in suspense as Daniel tried to masturbate himself to erection, but the night had taken its toll, and his useless flaccid acorn just flopped around. Daniel panted and stretched, imagined all the sexy women he could, Celebrities, Porn Stars, Jews, Gentiles, but it was to no avail. Soon enough, his time was up.

Noam took Leah and Daniel by the hands, “Come on, girls,” and led them to the secluded Yichud room, where the bride and groom should have spent their first few minutes of married life alone. The other wedding guests went on to the reception, and after a while, a festive mood once again prevailed and there was food, drinking and dancing.

Alone in the room, Leah had an idea, “Listen, Noam, this has been fun and all, but I don’t really want to lose my virginity if it isn’t really my wedding night. So I’ll get naked for you, but why don’t you fuck Daniel instead?”

“WHAT?!” Daniel cried. He realized his nightmare was not yet over.

“Here, little boy,” Leah smiled. She pushed the naked man over to Noam.

“I’m straight,” Noam said.

“Of course you are. That will make it even worse for Daniel. He did beg you for that giant dick earlier. Look, you can see me naked and fantasize about me while you fuck him, see? I’ll even let you touch my breasts. That’ll get you hard. Look.”

She opened her dress, and Noam smiled. He took out his cock, which began to spring to attention. He pushed Daniel to his knees. Daniel knew what was expected of him. He wrapped his lips around Noam’s cock. Noam pulled him off and slapped his face. “No, boy. Balls first.”

Daniel licked and sucked Noam’s pendulous sack. Before him, Noam was getting harder and harder, his cock swelling to an outrageous size as he watched Leah display herself. Soon enough, Daniel was indeed sucking the member he’d begged to suck before. Noam took out his cellphone and took some photos.

“No pictures of me, Noam,” Leah warned him.

Noam had already taken one of Leah nude with Daniel before him, but he said he hadn’t. He kept that for his personal collection. He took some more photos of Daniel with his fat cock in his mouth. Daniel tried to pull off, to not be in the photos, but the damage was done.

“All right, enough of this,” Noam said and threw Daniel onto the bed on his hands and knees and spread his legs.

“No, no, please,” Daniel whimpered, but he was powerless to resist. He could see Leah’s naked body in front of him, the body he now knew he would never have. Behind him, he felt Noam lining himself up and slowly pushing his dick into his hairy virgin ass. Daniel stifled a scream. He didn’t want anyone outside to know that he was the one losing his cherry in the room. Noam kept it slow for a bit but soon was pistoning in and out of Daniel’s butthole. Daniel was overcome with pain and pleasure as Noam’s dick hit his prostate over and over. He was moaning and crying, whimpering and babbling nonsense words as the giant cock claimed him. Noam handed his phone to Leah, who took photos and video of Daniel’s latest disgrace. Daniel was erect again, painfully so.

“Tell Noam you love this, you love his big dick,” Leah commanded.

“Ahhh, no! Ohhhhh, it feels so good. I love it, Noam. I love your big dick. I love it in my ass.”

Suddenly Daniel’s little cock shot one last gasp of jism onto the bed as Noam unloaded into him.

“OH GOD, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUR BIG FAT DICK, I LOVE YOU NOAM,” Daniel shouted, too overcome to be any longer inhibited.

Noam pulled out and wiped his dick on Daniel’s ass, saying, “Danny, I told you. I’m straight. But that was an okay BJ. Once we’re back in America, any time you crave cock again, ask me, and I might let you suck it again. Or ask any of our buddies here tonight. I suspect you’re going to be very popular from now on.”

Daniel nodded. He knew his whole life had changed.

“Now, let’s get to the reception. Danny, you probably shouldn’t wear many clothes for the rest of the night. There’s really no point.”

“Here,” said Leah, “He can wear this.”

She held up a white lacy thong that she’d been wearing.


And Noam and Leah escorted Daniel out to the dancefloor to greet everyone in only that g-string. His wedding humiliation was complete.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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