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By anand3

My feelings about being a cuckold started when I had been married to my beautiful, strong-willed wife Kavita for just two months. She was a virgin when I married her, but it became clear soon that she had a strong appetite for sex.

One evening Kavita was sitting on the bed, and we had just finished having sex. As usual, I had shot my load in about thirty seconds. “How come the guys in the movies always seem to take forever to come?” She asked.

It’s my fault; I was the one who first got her to watch porn movies. I got a kick out of her watching well-hung white men fucking eager Asian girls just like her. “Honey, these guys do it for a living. Besides, they are in much better shape than I am,” I admitted.

Of course, that was not news to her. She looked up and down my very slight body with a look of frustration and disapproval on her face. I learned to get her off with my fingers and my tongue. I also bought her a vibrator. She seemed to like it, but clearly something was missing. That’s how I started fantasizing about finding a real man to fuck her. These days, Derek gives her all the action she can handle.

Derek is my wife’s lover and my boss. I have to say I’m not exactly sure how I got to this point. I had talked to several people on the internet about it. That’s where I met Derek.

Derek is a rich white guy who owns a tech firm based in northern California. He was very good looking and well-hung, or so he said. I showed him some photos of my wife and he was very interested. In the course of our discussions I mentioned that I was looking for a job. One thing led to another and he offered to put me on his payroll. That’s when Kavita and I first moved to California.

Once Derek hired me things went fine for a while. He asked me if I was really serious about my wife and another man cuckolding me. I told him I was. He said he had always wanted to fuck an Indian girl so he was looking forward to meeting Kavita. My heartbeat quickened when I heard that.

Derek wasn’t around much since he travelled a lot. He came to work only when he was in town, which was probably a week every month. One of the first times Derek met me after I started work, he said he’d like to get together with my wife and I for dinner at our house. I said I would set it up.


That first dinner went fine. Kavita cooked a nice meal, clearly trying to impress my new boss. Derek was the perfect guest, very appreciative of my wife’s cooking. Kavita looked gorgeous in a short sleeveless dress that showcased her long raven hair, firm breasts, round ass and shapely legs.

I was a bit worried about how my conservative wife would get along with Derek. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried at all. Derek was tall, well-built and funny. My wife was laughing at all his jokes and she seemed very drawn to his striking good looks and his commanding personality.

After dinner I cleaned up and did the dishes. They retired to the living room to continue drinking wine. It was then that Derek said, “So you two don’t have any children? Must leave plenty of room for sex.” He had a sly grin on his face. My wife shrugged her shoulders.

He explained how sex was always exciting for him. “You know I travel a lot. I like to have a woman in each town I visit,” he said. “That way, it never gets boring.”

I pretended to be busy with the dishes, but I could hear them very well.

“You must be kidding.” Kavita was incredulous. “Surely you can’t sleep around forever. Sooner or later, one of them will want to marry you, being the rich bachelor that you are.”

“Oh, they are all married already, so that won’t be a problem.” Kavita seemed curious and asked what he meant.

“Well, the guys that these women are married to, they are real wimps. They can’t keep their wives satisfied even if their life depended on it. So you see, I am doing them both a favour by fucking these women.”

Kavita was speechless, so Derek continued. “Just last week, I was visiting this guy who had this fantasy about me fucking his wife in front of him while the two of us made fun of him and humiliated him,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, we all agreed and it was all consensual. It’s not like I want to steal his wife or anything. He got what he wanted, I got to fuck a beautiful lady, and she got to experience a thick eight-inch cock for the first time in her life.”

Kavita gasped when she heard the last part. After Derek left that first night, Kavita was incredibly horny as I fingered her to orgasm. That’s all I usually did anyway.


Two months into my new job Derek said he needed me to go to Boston for a meeting for three days. I packed my bags and kissed Kavita goodbye and headed off. Once in my hotel I met a couple of other guys from our office and asked where Derek was. They told me he wasn’t attending the meeting, but he was on vacation for three days. I was surprised. I picked up the phone and called Kavita.

“Oh hi, honey, can you hang on?” Click. Like I had any choice. “Okay I’m back, that was Derek on the other line. He told me he’s in town this weekend. He knew that you were out of town and asked if I’d like to join him for dinner.”

My heart sank. How could this be? “What did you tell him?”

Like I needed to hear her answer. “I told him I’d be glad to join him. He’s staying at a resort hotel about an hour away so I’m meeting him there for dinner. Well, honey, I’ve got to get going. I love you.” Click.

My heart sank lower. What the hell was going on? That whole evening I spent pacing my hotel room. Finally, at ten O’clock I called our house. No answer. I called each half hour until finally at one O’clock in the morning she picked up.

“Huh, Hello.”

“Kavita, it’s me. Where the hell are you? I’ve been calling home for hours.”

“Oh, hi honey. Well, I had a bit too much to drink so Derek didn’t want me to drive. He offered to get me a room. Unfortunately, they were all out of rooms. But Derek has a suite and he’s letting me stay in the extra room.”

“You mean you’re sleeping in the same room with him?”

“No, honey just in the same suite. He’s got his room and I’ve got mine.”

I was speechless. What the hell was going on?

“Honey, its fine. I’m a big girl and I’ll be fine. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Click went the phone.

I felt pissed. The next three days I couldn’t keep my mind on anything. Especially after I received a call the next day from Kavita telling me that Derek has invited her to stay three days. Kavita stopped working after I started working for Derek, so she had ample time on her hands. Derek’s paying me enough, so Kavita no longer needs to work.

When I got home that Friday night, aside from being extremely horny, I was curious to see how Kavita is. She related her whole three days with Derek. I noticed a special enthusiasm in her voice when she talked about Derek. I finally had to ask, “Honey, you didn’t uh, uh.”


“You didn’t sleep with him, did you?” I was expecting her to say absolutely not.

“Would you like it if I had?” She said with a sly grin.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh honey, you heard what Derek said that night at dinner, right? Derek told me all about how you like that kind of thing. Now would it excite you if I slept with him?”

“I suppose so. But did you?”

“No. Derek and I talked about it a lot. And we decided that if we’re going to do this, then all three of us need to be in agreement before it starts. Now if you tell me that’s what you want, then it will happen, but I have to be absolutely sure this is what YOU want. Derek says there’s no turning back once we start.”

“I understand.”

Kavita, smiling like the cat that ate the canary, asked, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” I confessed.

She seemed relieved that I agreed. “Good. Derek told me to call him over then.”

She called Derek excitedly, and went to the bathroom to freshen her makeup. Derek said as he came in, “Anand, you are my favourite kind of employee,”

I knew he just wanted to rub in the fact that not only was he my boss, but that he was about to fuck my wife and cuckold me for good. “Now, here are some ground rules for you, Anand.” He took out a list that he had printed out, and started reading out slowly. Kavita watched me with interest as he read it. It seemed like this had all been worked out by the two of them.

“One, you’ll always address me as ‘sir’. Two, you’ll always address Kavita as ‘dear’. Three, when I’m here this’ll be my house, and Kavita is my property. You’ll merely be a guest, and therefore you’ll sleep in the guest room. Four, whenever I visit, you’ll be responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and household chores for both Kavita and me. Are these terms agreeable?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I also noticed that I had a full erection. Without realizing it, I responded “Yes, sir.”

“Fine. Now Kavita and I haven’t slept together yet. However, we will tonight. You will be allowed to be present on one condition. We want you to be our servant boy. We want you to wait outside the bedroom and come in only when we call you. Does that sound agreeable?”

“Yes, sir.” What the hell was I saying? How could I let myself be talked into this? Actually, deep down inside I knew it’s what I’ve always wanted.

“Fine, then you better go to the bedroom and make sure that the bed is made and the sheets are clean. Oh, and one other thing, I want you to throw out all your underwear and buy panties instead. I want you to wear girly panties at all times, just to remind you that you are not man enough to keep your wife satisfied,” he said. “For today, you can wear a pair of Kavita’s panties.”

Kavita laughed when she heard that. I turned red with shame. Kavita got a pair of panties from her lingerie drawer and handed them to me. They were white satin ones with a pink floral print on them.

“You will look cute in them,” she grinned.

“Yes, dear,” I said.

I went to the bedroom, removed my clothes, and put on the panties. Although I was fully hard, my cock fit comfy in the snug satin panties. I changed the sheets on the bed, and put on a pink satin sheet set that we had gotten as a wedding present but never used. I couldn’t believe that I was making the bed for my wife to get fucked in.

The first night with Derek in our house went as well as I had ever fantasized. Derek and Kavita took their time as they put me through my paces. They laughed and made fun of me as I served them dinner. They made me stand at attention and wait on them during the entire dinner, clad only in the skimpy panties.


After dinner, Derek started making out with Kavita on the couch. I was in the kitchen doing dishes, but I could see them out of the corner of my eye. Kavita was giggling and squealing in delight as Derek’s hands roamed all over her body.

After I finished cleaning up, they went to the bedroom. I was not allowed to watch them inside the room. I had to wait outside. But they left the door ajar, and I could hear every sound. Kavita giggled and moaned the whole time.

It took nearly half an hour of loud cries from my wife before she had a shattering climax and soon after that Derek groaned. Imagined him filling her with his seed. I thought I would be called after it went quiet, but I was kept waiting outside for another half hour.

“Anand, get in here,” I heard from Derek finally. As I walked in I saw the two of them lying in bed naked. There was a strong smell of sex and sweat in the room. Kavita was resting her head on Derek’s broad, hairy chest and caressing his muscular shoulders and biceps. She had the contented look of a well-fucked woman. A sudden feeling of inadequacy swept over me.

Kavita’s legs were spread a little, and I could see a pool of white cum between her legs. Derek’s thick cock stood out clearly, glistening with Kavita’s cunt juices. Even when soft, his cock was thicker and longer than mine was when hard. When Derek caught sight of me in the girly panties he laughed out loud, and my wife joined in with him.

“Wipe your wife’s pussy clean,” Derek ordered me.

“Yes, sir, ” I said. Kavita giggled and spread her legs.

I went to the bathroom to get some tissues, and used it to wipe her pussy and thighs. It was dripping with Derek’s cum which was running down her legs.

“Now lick my dick clean,” ordered Derek.

I gasped when I heard that, but I was not about to argue.

“Yes, sir,” I said obediently. I picked up his cock and started licking it, starting with the circumcised head, down along the shaft and down to his balls. I could taste the residue of his cum and Kavita’s cunt juices.

“See what a small dick sissy your husband is?” Derek asked Kavita, as I continued licking.

Kavita giggled and nodded in agreement. I cleaned up. Although I had never tasted another man’s cum, I have to admit it felt like a very natural thing for me to do. After all, he had just pleasured my wife with the same cock that I was kissing and licking submissively.

“Now look what you have done,” Kavita chided, when she saw that my licking had made Derek erect again.

Derek made me stand up and take my little brown cock out of my panties. It looked tiny compared to his huge white cock, which seemed about to burst.

“Measure it for me,” he ordered.

I got a tape measure from the dresser and reluctantly measured the size of my cock. “Four inches long, and 3 inches around, sir,” I said sheepishly.

They both laughed as if I told them a joke. Derek made me crawl between Kavita’s legs and start licking her pussy. He ordered me to hump her leg as I did it. They laughed harder as I humped her leg and licked her pussy. After about three humps I felt myself explode and came all over her leg.

“See, I told you he doesn’t even last one minute,” Kavita said to Derek.

“Now clean that up,” Derek said.

I wiped my cum off her leg. Derek ordered me to stand up. My cock had gone soft and had shrivelled up into a tiny ball. He smirked and threw me the tape again.

“Let’s get a measurement when you’re soft,” he ordered.

I took the tape and measured. “Two-inches long, sir,” I said.

They both roared with laughter. “Now measure my dick.” Derek ordered.

I reached over gingerly and measured his ample organ. I couldn’t believe how thick and strong it felt in my trembling hands. “Eight-inches long and five-inches around, sir,” I said.

Kavita was grinning from ear to ear watching me handle his cock reverently. Derek ordered me to stand next to the bed naked with my panties around my ankles. He told me to place both my hands placed on top of my head, to make sure that I don’t touch myself.

I stood helplessly as Derek kissed my wife passionately on her lips. He explored her mouth deeply with his tongue and kneaded her breasts firmly with his large hands. He then spread Kavita’s legs and entered her pussy inch by inch as I watched incredulously. Kavita gasped as she felt her pussy being stretched fully for the second time that day.

Because he had already come once it seemed to take him forever to cum. I watched jealously as he pounded my eager wife, switching positions a few times, and making her scream with pleasure as she came repeatedly.


After Derek left the night that he fucked her for the first time, she came into the room with a huge smile on her face, and sat on the bed beside me.

“I feel like a real woman tonight,” she said proudly. “I can’t wait for Derek to come back.” She pulled away the bedclothes to reveal my involuntary erection.

“I see you have enjoyed seeing me with a real man,” she laughed.

Pathetically, I asked, “Can I please make love to you?”

“No,” she replied emphatically. “Derek has said that you won’t ever be fucking me again, but I’ll give you a hand job.” Kavita got me to sit on the bed and took my erect dick in her hand. “Anand, you have such a cute cock,” she told me. “Derek’s is so much thicker and longer than yours, but you have a nice little one too!”

These humiliating words made sure I came almost immediately, to my wife’s amusement. The next day Kavita took me to a lingerie store and bought me a dozen panties for me to wear, in different styles, including lacy, satin bikini briefs and skimpy thongs. I started wearing them every day, even to work under my work clothes. It was a constant reminder of my cuckold status.

“You know that he doesn’t get to fuck you anymore, right?” Derek said to my wife the next time he was visiting.

“Yes, Derek,” Kavita answered submissively. “I have told him that I will only give him hand jobs.”

“No,” stormed Derek. “I don’t want you touching his little dick at all. I will let him hump your leg when I come over.”

Kavita laughed and agreed. Derek didn’t stay the night, and after he left I spoke to my wife. “You have changed,” I told her. “I didn’t think it was going to be like this, with you laughing at me and letting me be humiliated this much.”

“Well, after being with Derek and talking to him, I have decided that I can obey only one man, and you know that Derek comes first.”

“Yes, dear,” I said.

“It will do you good to have some self-discipline,” she grinned.


Over the next couple of months, Kavita became increasingly cruel. She started dressing and acting sexier at home. She made my frustration worse by wearing little or nothing around the house. She knew the effect it had on me, but I was powerless to even touch her.

Before Derek’s visits, she would ask me to pick out her clothes, and make me watch her doll herself up. Sometimes she would call me into the bath to shampoo her hair or shave her legs. Although it made me intensely jealous, I loved to watch her get her whole body ready for her virile lover to enjoy.

When Derek came over, he would often add to my frustration by making out with her and undressing her right in front of me. They would leisurely make love in our marital bed as I waited on them patiently. After they have had their fun, Derek will let me hump Kavita’s legs or feet. With my pent-up frustration, I would of course come immediately, and both of them would laugh at my lack of control. Sometimes he would also let me lick Kavita’s pussy, but other than that I had no access to her.

Derek also asked me to keep my pubic area, under arms and legs shaved, just like a proper sissy. Sometimes he would make me dress up like a maid, in stockings and a short dress. My job was to serve them drinks and snacks after they make love. I changed the soiled sheets on the bed, and put new sheets on for their next session. Sometimes Derek will ask me to suck his cock, to get him hard again for another round. My wife seemed like she could not get enough of Derek’s cock.

That first night seems like years ago, although it’s been just under a year since it all started. Derek has made it known to certain people at work exactly what our relationship is and when he sends me out of town on business, I get all kinds of winks and nudges. They all know that Derek will spend that time fucking my wife. Like it would matter if I was in town!

We have settled into a lifestyle that works for all of us. Kavita gets all the cock she needs and has become Derek’s little plaything, but she also has a devoted husband in me. I know that my wife is happy because a real man is servicing her and providing her with something I never can. Derek has a devoted employee and a servant and a horny Indian girl to enjoy whenever he wanted.

When Derek is in town, he often stays over at our house. Kavita has become his mistress when he is in town. My time is spent cooking, cleaning, and waiting on them. They in turn go to movies, concerts and clubs. Sometimes I am their chauffeur, but most of the time they go by themselves. Many people think Derek and Kavita are a married couple. They act it many times even in public, kissing and cuddling even when I am tagging along with them.

When Derek is not visiting, Kavita spends much of her time at the gym or at the salon, keeping herself looking good for Derek. I take care of most of the chores at home.

Sometimes Derek takes her with him on vacations or for business trips. She comes back with stories of flying first-class and staying at posh resorts, and making love to Derek till late in the night. I get to unpack her bags when she returns from their trips, and do her laundry while she recovers from her trip. I can smell Derek in her clothes, especially in her panties are soaked with her juices and his cum.

I know most men would not or could not stand for such a thing. But you see, if you’re a cuckold, you know in your heart that you can’t please your wife with your little cock that you are not a real man and that’s what she needs. You know that your place is at her feet and the feet of her lover.

As for me, it has been one of the most exciting and liberating times of my life. I know what I am. I am Kavita’s cuckold and always will be. My life is to serve her and Derek.

The End.

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