Coronavirus Related Humiliation Part 1 (Gay SPH)

By llsmall.


I am a graduate student very close to defending my doctoral dissertation. Right now, I am living in campus housing because it is the last year of my degree. If anybody knows about campus housing, it’s very cheap but not great. I only pay $300 for my current place, but it’s just a large studio with two beds, kind of like Freshmen housing. It works well for the current setup I have right now because it’s just me and another graduate student, Rob, who is also wrapping things up, so we don’t see each other that much.

He is a good guy. A couple of months ago, I caught him having sex with my girlfriend at the time. I was furious, but they explained that she needs a bigger penis, and he is hung. I understood. Everything about his penis is bigger than mine: he is longer soft (~6 in.) than I am hard, is very thick, and has low-hanging balls. My penis is so small that it looks uncut even though I’m not (it shrivels up), and my balls are really tight and close to my body. I shave to make it look bigger, but frankly, it doesn’t help.

The recent virus has made things very difficult for us. A couple of weeks ago, we were actually kicked out of the housing, but some student groups started a petition so that graduate students could stay on campus. Most people left but Rob and I stayed. I could’ve gone home out of state, but it would’ve been an added expense, and the outbreak is worse in my hometown. He didn’t explain his reason for staying, and I didn’t ask. Rob only tells me things about his life when he wants.

At first, everything was fine, but this Monday, the county started a ‘shelter in place’ order. After that, they tried to kick us out of the housing again. The few of us left (~10 people) agreed to stay with a couple of restrictions. One of the restrictions had to do with hygiene. The grad dorms have one group shower per floor with 5 shower stalls that aren’t supposed to be open but don’t have curtains, so they don’t protect your privacy a lot.

Instead of going to the showers whenever we want, we were told that we had to shower every day around 12. The procedure is extremely humiliating for me. We are supposed to get naked in our rooms, wait until an administrator from student housing gets to our apartment and then walk (naked! to the showers on the floor).

As we shower, the administrator talks to us about hygiene during a pandemic. It has been a different person, even day. We are given a towel to dry when we get to the stalls but have to leave it and walk back (still, naked!). We aren’t allowed to cover our privates as we are walking back due to hygiene, but we do have some privacy in that nobody is allowed to go out of their room while this is happening.

Because there are so few of us, it works well, but the first day was terrible for me. I am sitting in my room nervously with my roommate feeling extremely inadequate and obviously uncomfortable while lying in bed face up with his huge cock just hanging there and playing a game on his phone. When the administrator walked into our apartments, he confirmed our names but looked puzzled.

“How old are you, son?” he asked me in a deep voice that sounded like I was in trouble.

I was very nervous about being naked in front of this man who looked very virile and had a nice big bulge in his pants.

“Um… 29, almost um…30, sir.”

Before I could ask why my age was being asked, he interrupted me and said: “You expect me to believe that you are 30?” He turned away from me towards Rob and asked: “Is this your little brother? You know you are not allowed to have company right now.”

My roommate laughed and said, “No, man, he’s telling the truth. So what’s the big deal?”

The administrator said, “I’m sorry, but you are not going to fool me, he looks very… small… we can’t have anyone underage here.”

I am actually just as tall as my roommate though he is burly and strong, and I am quite thin. I realized that the administrator kept looking at my penis. I saw myself in the mirror and realized that being shaved, I looked a lot younger than I am.

“I could show my ID if that would…”

Again, he cut me off and said: “Put your face to the wall and wait here until I call campus security.”

I pleaded, “No, sir, please….”

But he ignored me and said, “This is very serious. We can’t have minors here, especially when we are in lockdown.”

Rob said, “Geez,” and turned to me and said, “Don’t worry, little buddy, it will be fine. They’re just doing their jobs.”

The man left our room but was right outside with the door open, and I could hear him say, “Looks very small… I mean, underdeveloped, you will see when you get here.”

The administrator told Rob that campus security would be there in a second to check my ID, completely ignoring me and acting like Rob was the only grown-up in the room. They chatted about sports while I was facing the wall like a scolded child. I couldn’t believe Rob was so comfortable naked, but I guess if I had a cock that size, I would be too.


When campus security got to the room about 20 minutes later, it was three powerful and tall men. They ordered me to turn around to face them, and I did so, covering my little penis. Then, finally, the administrator said, “See, if he really were a student here, he would have gotten the email that they shouldn’t touch their genitals when their hands are not clean.”

I quickly put my hands to my side, which caused two of the officers to smirk. The one that was talking to me obviously stared at my penis, but his reaction didn’t change.

“Listen, little buddy, if you are here with your big brother or snuck here from freshmen housing, that’s OK. You won’t get in trouble. We want the truth.”

He kind of bent down to talk to me the way people do to children. I tried to talk or move, but being naked in front of three clothed men and my naked roommate with the huge cock was so stressful that I don’t know why but I just froze, and then I started crying. Finally, my roommate got up very authoritatively and annoyed, went into my desk, pulled out my passport, and showed it to the campus officer. He then did something that he had only done once before (when I caught him sleeping with my ex-girlfriend).

He grabbed my chin and gave me a peck on the lips, and said: “It’s OK, buddy, I’ve got this.”

Strangely that calmed me down. I wiped my tears with my elbow, such as not to touch my face. The men looked at my passport and looked at me up and down and were whispering among themselves.

Rob said, “Look, guys, I understand you are doing your job, but you are just embarrassing the little guy. He gave you what you wanted now. Leave him alone.”

The men said they might be back with more questions but thanked Rob and just left without even saying a word to me. Rob and the university administrator then made smirking faces to each other, and they acted as if nothing had happened. We walked to the showers, but my mind was racing. Now four different men had seen my tiny penis and had seen Rob kiss me like I was his girlfriend. Why did he do that?

Showering in front of the administrator was still very embarrassing. In the middle of the instructions about how to shower, he turned to me and said, “Wash your little winky, OK? Pull back your foreskin and make sure to wash it all.”

Ugh, he assumed I was uncut! This was embarrassing to me because even Rob had mentioned it when he and my ex talked about how small my penis was.

After we dried and got back to the apartment, I quickly put on my tighty-whities and just knew I had to say something to Rob about that kiss. Rob was lying in bed, still naked, playing on his phone.

I stammered and stumbled to form words, and Rob interrupted me by saying, “Dude, don’t even worry about what happened, I’ve got you. They just needed to talk to a man.”

With that, I became furious, and this gave me the courage to stand up for myself. “I was going to talk about that kiss. You can’t…”

Again he interrupted me, even though I was getting more confidence. “Yeah, you know, I’ve been meaning to tell you I’m going to do that from now on. I miss Nicole, we haven’t seen each other since she left for home and who knows when she’ll be back, I’m just really horny and need taken care of. I bet you are getting horny too. You get horny, right?” he asked me, looking at my nonexistent package.

I was in complete shock. The audacity of this man thinking I would serve him and he could kiss me whenever he wants. All after he stole my girlfriend! I was trying to think of what to say, but even as I was no longer naked, I felt completely intimidated and just wanted to cry.

“Come here,” he ordered. I walked towards him slowly, and he pulled me towards the bed and started French-kissing me! It was clear that he was in control, and he was treating me like a woman. “See, this is a nice way to blow off a little steam. Maybe later, you’ll actually do more for me.”

“But, I’m nog…ggg….”

I struggled to form words while he was still gripping me close to his face.

“Look, I am not gay either, but it’s like you’re a woman…” He quickly realized he had implied something and said, “I mean, I’m not saying because of the size of your… um… I mean, I think that you’re a woman.”

That made sense to me, but it also felt like he was taking advantage of me. “So, I should also pretend that you’re a woman,” I asked.

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than he laughed and grabbed his cock, swinging it. “No woman has a dick this big.” Before I could protest and say I also have a dick, he again kissed me for an extended time and said, “I’ll just have a little fun.”

The kissing was making me hard, though I’m glad it wasn’t obvious from my undies.

“You’ve got such soft lips, baby,” Rob said.

I’ve never done this before with a man, but he was making me feel extraordinary.

“Your lips are softer than Nicole’s,” he moaned.” We kissed passionately for what felt like 30 minutes until he stopped abruptly and said: “Now get dressed.” Without even missing a beat, I quickly followed his orders.

To be continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • Heeygaay

    My bf and I love your stories. We want part 2, and many more stories from you. I love the narrative of confused men in your stories. Keep up the great work.


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