Chubby Sissy Meets His Daddy

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By vulpinechub

My university decided to cancel classes for the day, but it was too late: I was stuck in the worst traffic of the decade. Mainly due to the incompetence of both the state officials and the South’s inability to navigate the light dusting, traffic backed up for miles and cars were in ditches. It was a clusterfuck, and here I was stuck in the middle of it.

A few hours pass, and all I’ve had to do while being stuck in my car is play and text with my phone trying to keep warm. Since I didn’t plan on such bad traffic, I used my phone quite a bit in class draining a lot of the battery. So before my battery died completely, I texted my roommate that I was stuck in the traffic of Snowpocalypse 2014: “Stuck on interstate, going to try and make the trek back home. If I freeze to death I bequeath unto you my dragon dildos.” I thought that would be sufficient as a last will and testament. I turned off my phone.

I pulled my car off to the side and made a note of where I left my car. Getting all the things from my car I could, I turned my attention to the frozen tundra that was the interstate. I tossed my scarf around my neck, gave it a nice wraparound, and then tucked it in. Lastly, I zipped up my jacket and pulled the hood over. It didn’t fit too bad on my short and chubby body at first. I was probably a sight to behold: a short legged Asian, with a round little belly waddling through some ice trying to keep his balance. All that was needed to complete this picture was myself wearing a tuxedo to make me look like a penguin. Thank goodness my waddle home was only about 2 miles away.

The walk home was a lot harder than imagined, and waddling wears a chubby boy out pretty quickly. I arrived to the shortcut that I normally use when I walk home. I figure with the ice and snow, it should only be about fifteen more minutes till home. Since it was a backroad, the ice and snow were practically untouched aside from some areas on the side where fellow survivors had walked. I notice a cute thirty-something standing on his lawn waiting for his french bulldog to do its business.

I got distracted while I looked at his nice and big belly, imagining how warm it would be to wrap my arms around it. I moved my eyes towards his beard: rich brown with a dash of gray thrown in the mix. A great color for a daddy bear. I was unaware that he was looking at me when I checked him out, because when he smiled at me I slipped and fell in a puddle of slush and mud. I laid in the icy mix for a little bit and accepted my defeat as I was a tired, little cubby.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the daddy bear waddling as fast as he could over to me. He reached out for my hand, and as I grabbed, I felt the cold touch of a ring on his finger. Disappointing, but at least I could get a better view of this beast of a man. Standing at half a foot taller than me, chubbier by a fair bit, thick arms, meaty and stocky legs, beautiful blue eyes, and wore glasses, this daddy bear was pretty dreamy by my standards.

“You alright little buddy? You took quite the fall there,” he said in a wonderfully adorable southern twang. All I did was nod as he helped me up. He gave me a pretty thorough pat down, getting pretty rough when he reached my butt and backside, but he got most of the slush off me. We both waddled back over to his modestly sized house and walked inside. The only problem now was how wet all my clothes were.

Luckily for me though, he let me clean up and dry off in his bathroom. He explained to me how sympathetic he was to my situation, “Yeah, my wife is stuck out there in this ridiculous storm too, hopefully she’ll get some help like you. Why don’t you go take a warm shower, clean yourself up and I’ll toss your clothes in the washer. I’ll find you something to wear.” I graciously took him up on his offer.

I took off my clothes, placed them by the door where he told me to put them, and hopped in the shower. The shower was a tiny glass room, but the sides were lightly frosted so that you couldn’t see inside. I gave him a shout telling him I was in the shower and that he could take my clothes to the wash. He yelled back saying, “I’ll come get them in a sec. I’m picking you out some clothes that’ll fit hopefully.”

I started showering assuming he’d get my clothes quickly enough. As I was shampooing with what I guess was his wife’s shampoo I heard the door open. As I was squinting trying to see through the frosted glass, he grabbed my clothes. Strangely he left the door open while he put my clothes in the wash. It was like he knew I was almost done with my shower because he walked in and knocked on the shower door, “I left you some clothes to wear over here and I placed a towel on the rack.”

Once again he left the door wide open when he left. “Whatever,” I thought to myself. I grabbed the towel and dried myself off. Once I got all the water out of my eyes, I noticed the clothes he brought me. First thing is a pretty large white t-shirt. The next piece were some red and pink flannel pajama pants that must have been his wife’s because they looked too small for him. Lastly there laid a pair of black satin panties.

I wonder what he was thinking when he picked these out. I almost got a boner just thinking about wearing the panties, but I managed to stifle it.

I slipped the panties on first and noticed they were softer and nicer than the panties I had at home, and at that point I pretty much gave in to the ecstasy: I was rock hard. With such a small cock, being only three inches on a good day, these panties hugged and rubbed against all the right places. I looked at my ass in the mirror, and the panties really accentuated how round it was. Then I turned around and looked at myself in the full body mirror. I thought they suited me well, especially with my smooth belly and hard, tiny cock in them.

I pulled the pajama pants up and threw the extra large shirt on, thank goodness it hid the small bulge I had. I must have taken quite a bit of time looking at myself in the mirror, because when I walked out to the living room, he remarked “Did the clothes fit all right? You seemed to take a bit of time in the bathroom after your shower.”

“They fit great, I really appreciate you helping me out in this storm.”

“Would you like some hot chocolate to warm yourself up?”

“Yes, please!” I said perhaps too eagerly.

It took him few minutes, but I started to hear the milk boil. A few minutes later he walked back to the couch, handed me the hot cocoa, and sat down next to me. I didn’t even need the hot cocoa anymore as all I could feel at that point was the warmth emanating off of him. He reached over and placed a strong hand on my leg. He snorted a bit, saying, “You know, you kinda smell like my wife now.” All while rubbing his hand up and down my leg. I chuckled a bit and thought to myself it must have been the shampoo I used.

He leaned back and flicked the TV on with the remote using his other hand. I mimicked his movements and leaned back into the couch as well, but when I leaned back the t-shirt pulled up a bit and my small bulge became visible. He noticed and the corners of his mouth turned up into a smirk. He reached over some more, gave my cock a squeeze, and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Well aren’t you the tiny one down there. I’m glad you like the clothes I gave you.” I blushed and sank into the couch some more. He continued to rub and grope my tiny cock through the panties.

I started to moan as this daddybear fondled me. I could barely keep my eyes open as his hands explored my body and little dick. When I did manage to open my eyes, they fixated on this beautiful chubby daddybear. During one of my glances I noticed he developed a pretty huge bulge in his pants. He noticed my observation, my eyes must have widened at the sight of his bulge, and he guided my hand over to his cock. It was pretty humiliating, him whispering into my ear and rubbing my tiny cock, and all the while I felt his huge bulge through his pants.

The way he spoke made it okay though, and it was endearing as he said it so softly. It stung at the same time however.

“Can you feel size the difference between us? Aren’t you just the chubbiest little sissy boy. I never knew a cock could be so small. Your tiny cock is leaking so much, I wonder if it’s good for anything else. Have you ever fucked anyone with this? You must really enjoy being such a sissy if you’re this hard. These panties fit you much better than my wife.”

Once I felt that he was as hard as he could get, he let out a sigh. He stopped rubbing my tiny cock and said, “That’s enough for sissy. It’s time for daddy to have some fun.” He stood up, towering over me, and pulled the pajama pants off of me so I was just laying there in the precum soaked panties. The man undressed, and that’s when I saw how big he actually was. His cock must have been almost as thick as a soda can, uncut, and about seven inches long. It was dripping with precum. His belly was just as nice as I imagined: big, round, and fuzzy.

“Are you ready, sissy?”

“Yessir,” I said meekly with a nod.

Daddybear walked right up to me and teased my lips with his big cock. I licked the head. It tasted of sweat and precum, and as soon as I opened my mouth to take in his fat cock, he grabbed my head and slowly, but forcefully, thrust it down my mouth and throat. I could barely breathe as it filled my mouth. He let out a deep moan and started thrusting his cock slowly in and out of my mouth.

The man reached down, picked up his phone and said, “Smile for the camera, sissy.” The sound of a the shutter from camera app filled the living room. He stared at the picture a second before looking back at me with a smirk.

The daddy bear worked me hard and got me so hot; I was being used and dominated however he saw fit. With that picture, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and wiped some of the spit onto the side of my face.

“Get up and bend over the arm of the couch, sissy,” he commanded. I complied, and as if I was moving too slow for his taste, the daddy bear slapped my ass hard after I got into position.

He pulled the back of the panties down, and while spreading my ass cheeks, he spit into the crack. The man started to grind his thick cock in between my ass cheeks. His cock head was teasing my tight hole as he did it harder and harder. I started to reach down towards my tiny cock to please myself, but he slapped my hand away before I could touch it.

“Sissies don’t get to touch their own cocks anymore. Especially tiny cocked ones like you.”

I had no control anymore: I was his sissy. I felt him pushing his cock head a little into my hole. I winced as he tried to get it in though. I heard him spit again, and this time it wasn’t in my crack. I felt a chubby finger run down my crack until stopped to work its way into my hole. I pushed back against it, and he pulled out and added another finger. Then another and another till he had 4 fingers inside of me just barely grazing my prostate.

Once he thought I was stretched out enough, he flipped me on my back again. This time he climbed onto my chest and fed me his precum.

“Lube this up for me sissy, it’s the only lube you’ll get.”

I did as I was told and got his cock as wet as I could with my sissy mouth. He climbed off of me and lifted my legs up to expose my ass. Taking the panties off, the man placed the panties over my tiny cock which was throbbing in anticipation. He teased my hole with the head of his cock again, rubbing around it until I spoke up and begged for him to fuck me.

“Please, daddy, fuck me, please…”

Before I could finish, daddy slowly pushed his cock inside of me. The build up to this moment was completely worth it. He cock filled every nook and cranny of my hole. I winced as his thickest part slid past my hole, stretching my hole more than it ever had been, but soon after he hit my g-spot. He slowly pulled out, and thrusting again, he hit my g-spot again. It felt amazing feeling him fill me up. I was in complete ecstasy that my little dick was at full mast, but you couldn’t even tell as the panties hid it from view.

When he picked up the pace, I had to hold onto couch because his fucking was almost shaking the whole house. The sound of his heavy balls slapping against me coincided with the times that his cock rubbed against my prostate. It was heavenly; I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

“Oh yeah sissy, you’re so tight. Are you ready for daddy’s load?”, the daddybear grunted.

I tried to say yes, but the only thing I heard was his balls slapping against my ass one last time. His cock was deep inside me as he exploded: six big spurts. Each spurt filled me up, and the pressure of his cum was enough to get me off. It was amazing as my cock shot load after load into the crumpled up panties on my cock. They darkened from being soaked.

He pulled out and grabbed the wet the panties, “Wow sissy, you really enjoyed yourself didn’t you?”

Before I could answer he stuffed them into my mouth, “Stay there won’t you. I’ll be right back.” A few minutes passed, and when he came back he was holding an adult diaper, some lotion, and some baby powder.

“My wife uses these sometimes when she’s on her period, and I think these will do for you though. Don’t want my cum to leak out of that pretty little fucked ass of yours.” He lifted my legs up and slid the diaper under me. He rubbed some lotion onto my hole, and I got hard once again. The daddy bear rubbed the lotion on and sprinkled baby powder on my hard cock. I blushed as he said, “Looks like baby likes this. His little baby peepee is hard again! Maybe you can be my sissy baby from now on.” I didn’t think I could refuse him: he had a picture of me sucking his fat cock, while I was wearing panties all while my tiny cock was hard. I was his to use now. With that, he taped the diaper up and left me there in a diaper for a few moments.

When he returned this time, he had one of his wife’s dresses and leggings in hand. “You can wear these. Your other clothes are completely ruined,” he said as he winked at me. “Unless you want to stay with me until this storm passes over.”

I chose the latter.

I didn’t know what I got myself into when I chose that second choice, because I was taken by surprise as he came up behind me. He pulled the back of my diaper out so he could stick his now soft, but still large, cock down my crack. He left it there while he reached around and rubbed my belly. Then he whispered, “We’re gonna have a lot of fun during this little ice storm.” When he finished he gave me a hug from behind as he pissed down the back of my diaper.

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