Chris’s Little Secret

By Babydicklover.

Chris Clarkson was excited to attend the end-of-the-year celebration party in his hometown. Everyone appreciated this massive tradition and looked forward to it every year. It was always his dream to attend the event as a well-respected athlete. Since he finally made the soccer team at university after tons of individual training and personal coaches, he now has a recognizable superiority complex. He was always overconfident, but this was astronomically different. He came with a chip on his shoulder, knowing he was better than anyone else in attendance. This was always his attitude, but he was even more obnoxious now he was an athlete.

Jessica, someone Chris used to go to high school with, arrived, and Chris greeted her. “Hey Jessica, how are you doing?”

She looked surprised. “Oh, Chris. I am doing well. I am excited for this. I really need it after the semester I’ve had.”

“Haha, I’m not surprised by that.”

She looked at him sternly. “What do you mean?”

“I’m sure your coursework is more than you can handle.”

“Excuse me? It’s not that at all, it’s—”

“Boy trouble, I presume.”

With that, a tall, muscular man with the physique of a successful rugby player walked over. “Jessica, is this guy bothering you?”

She smiled at him. “A little, but he’s harmless. I mean, clearly.”

“Yeah, he isn’t very intimidating.”

Even though Chris was proud of his body, he still had a smaller soccer-style build and dreamed of having a body like this guy’s. “Who are you, Jessica’s bodyguard?” Chris asked.

“Nope, little man, I am Chad, her boyfriend, so you should quit bothering her. She doesn’t date guys like you.”

“Haha, Jessica with a boyfriend? That’s rich.” Internally, Chris was shocked Jessica was dating someone like him. “What do you even do? Are you a mechanic or something?”

“No, I’m a professional rugby player.”

Chris openly rolled his eyes. “Oh, I see, you are one of those. What, you couldn’t make it as a real athlete?”

“Rugby is a real sport, little man.”

“Sure, it is you, big softie—oh, there are more important people, so if you’ll excuse me.”

Chris walked away confidently but was internally upset that Jessica arrived with a man like that. He couldn’t even get a girlfriend and had no idea why.

“What a little twerp that guy was,” Chad said to Jessica.

“Yeah, I went to high school with the guy, and he hasn’t changed. He’s always had that pompous attitude,” Jessica said.

“Has he ever had a girlfriend? Maybe she can straighten him out.”

“Nope, I’ve never seen him with anyone.”

Chad laughed. “I have a feeling why.” She looked confused, and he whispered something in her ear. She immediately giggled. He looks at her. “I have an idea…”


Chris was talking to many girls, bragging about his accomplishments and his position on the field. They clearly looked uninterested, but he couldn’t read body language. Luckily, Chris hadn’t changed yet to surf in the cool water, so Chad replaced something in his bag. After a while, Chris wanted to surf, so he entered one of the changing rooms and changed into his swim trunks.

He walked in front of a bunch of college girls. “Ladies, check this out.”

He ran into the water and was splashing around. A giant wave approached everyone, and he ran for it like the wind. He seamlessly glided on the wave until he looked down and noticed his swimsuit was falling apart. He looked down and noticed he was rapidly losing volume in his swim trunks. He needed to figure out what to do, and his dilemma distracted him from staying focused on surfing. He collapsed and was thrown into the deep end of the water. After a few minutes, Chris wasn’t coming up, but everyone could see his body.

Jessica screamed. “Oh my gosh, Chris. Someone help him.”

Without thinking, Chad bravely dove into the water to rescue Chris. He was unconscious about how powerful the wave was when he fell. He dragged him to the surface, and he was completely naked, but luckily, they only saw his exposed skinny, little butt.

“Is he okay? He really took a hit when he fell.”

“Haha, why is he naked? That is a cute little ass.”

“Wow, he really needs a tan or something. It’s like he’s never been outside.”

Chris slowly woke up to many people looking down at him with glee. He groggily asked. “What is going on?”

Jessica responded. “You were surfing, trying to show off, and you fell. Chad here saved your life.”

Chad smirked at him.

Chris tried to defend himself. “It was an accident, and I’m fine. I would have survived without his help.”

Jessica lashed out. “Really, that’s all you have to say? He saved your life. You may not be here now if it weren’t for him.”

“Ugh, fine, okay.” He picked himself up and held his hand out. “Thanks, Chad. I really owe you one.”

Everyone started giggling with laughter as Chris stood up. They shook hands, and Chad had the biggest grin on his face.

Chad said, “It’s no problem. I am glad I could help.”

Chris stood with his hands on his hips. “Okay, this is over. There is no need to keep staring at me.”

The high-spirited crowd was on the verge of a nuclear bomb of laughter.

Jessica giggled. “Oh, yeah, there is.”

She couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing from the top of her lungs. And with that, everyone joined in.

“What the hell is so funny?”

Jessica pointed at the sweet spot between his legs. “That…”

Unbeknownst to Chris, he had no idea at that moment. Now he understood why his body felt more freeing and liberated. He was completely naked in front of around fifty people, each analyzing every little detail of his exposed, stark-naked body. There was his little baby pecker honorably sticking out right in front of a crowd who would never let him live this moment down.

He had an incredibly small penis; now, several beachgoers, primarily those he grew up with, knew how small his package truly was. Truthfully, he couldn’t escape this unfortunate reality because they really knew how tiny it could get. The cold water had a very negative outcome on his nether regions. He was sporting a half-inch dicklette, and it was shrinking even smaller from his mortification.

He looked down and screamed. “What the hell! I’m naked.”

He covered his little baby bits from the laughing crowd as his face brightened crimson red. Everyone laughed even more after he realized he was absolutely naked from head to toe, with a ridiculously tiny penis.

“That is the smallest penis I have ever seen.”

“How in the world does he find it to go pee-pee?”

“That’s what he gets for always being an asshole. This asshole’s got a little baby dick.”

This scene came straight from a terribly-written sitcom. Who would actually believe this scenario was believable, but it was, and Chris was living through this terrible exposure? All his, He deliberately hid his little penis from anyone and made sure of that. Now, everyone knew the truth, and eventually, it would find its way to his family, university, and maybe even his job. It was over for him, but it was about to worsen.

Chad came behind him and shouted, “Not so fast, little man.”

He grabbed Chris’s arms and held them away from his baby-like crotch. Everyone laughed even harder now since they got a complete look at his little ding-a-ling.

Chris shouted, “Stop it right now!”

He tried fighting back, but it didn’t do anything. His little body was no match for Chad’s physique.

Chad laughed and said. “Sorry, baby boy, you are no match for me with those little muscles.”

He desperately tried to escape Chad’s grip, but it only worsened matters. His tiny, soft penis bounced around like a spring, making the sight of Chris even funnier.

“Haha, look at how the tiny thing bounces. It’s so cute.”

“His pubes are longer than his dinky-winky.”

“I never knew penises came in that size.”

“Poor guy, to be perpetually single must suck ass.”

“A grain of sand is probably bigger than him, hahaha.”

A girl held her phone up. “Haha, everyone is having a field day in the comments of my livestream. Chris’s baby dick is just pathetic.”

“I’m having a hard time seeing it from here. I need an advanced NASA-made telescope.”

That comment made Chad wheeze, and he said. “Well, come closer. Don’t be shy. The little worm won’t bite; it’s tiny and harmless.”

Many people came closer and huddled around, circling poor Chris.

Jessica said. “Wow, being at that angle made it difficult even to see. I thought he might have been a girl with nothing down there with those feminine arms and legs, but not much has changed.”

A beautiful young woman named Melissa laughed. “Oh my, that really is insanely tiny. I have to agree. I regularly babysit little boys, and he makes them look hung.”

Her two sexy friends, Megan and Rachel, were laughing with tomato-red faces behind her.

“I’m Melissa; we were just strolling by and wondered what the commotion was. A little tiny pathetic, skinny baby dick will do that. I really like the guy holding him. He has really nice muscles; they are so big compared to this baby fella.”

Jessica laughed. “Well, you can have the ‘baby fella’ because this guy is mine.”

“Lucky girl. I’d rather be single than be with a man with no dick. Wouldn’t that make me a lesbian or something? Eww, it’s too gross to even think about.”

Everyone had a turn to take selfies with him, touch him, giggle at him, stretch their pinkies at him, and give him the humiliating small penis symbol.

“If my wiener were that pathetic and small, I would die from embarrassment.”

“Imagine you wait until marriage, and that is your husband’s little wee-wee. That’s the ultimate catfish right there.”

“It is rather cute, and he should be encouraged to share his little dinky so we can all have a good laugh when we want it.”

After about 15 minutes of grueling torment from his despicable predicament, Chris finally had it.

“Okay, can we just end this? This isn’t funny anymore,” Chris whined.

Jessica glared at him. “Oh, it definitely is. And it will always be funny. What isn’t funny is how you constantly acted like a jerk to everyone. It’s understandable now, but you still deserve this. I want to call this payback. Chad and I snuck in the dissolving trunks, just a little harmless prank, but we had no idea you were packing the most petite, hilarious baby dick known to mankind.”

“How dare you? You ugly bitch!”

Chad disapproved of this child-like outburst. “Tsk, tsk, tsk; he hasn’t learned his lesson, has he? We thought this would humble you, but I guess not. We were going to give you back your trunks back, but it’s too late for —”

“No, please, I’m sorry. I was just shocked. Please give me my swim trunks back.”

“Haha, it’s funny when you know we have the power. Okay, under one condition: you must promise you will do it. Do you?”

Chris sighed. “Yes, I promise.”

“I still don’t know. Do you pinky promise, which is appropriate for you, haha? Pinky promise on your little pinky.”

Clearly aggravated, he looked down. “Fine, I pinky promise on my little pinky.”

“That’s a good boy. We want to hear how tiny you are. Tell all of your fans.”

“Ugh, okay,” he said. He whispered, “I have a tiny penis.”

Chad said, “Oh boy, no one can hear you in a five-feet radius. You need to speak louder, little boy.”

He spoke a little louder. “My penis is really tiny.”

“That’s not loud enough. We want you to scream it.”


Everyone cheered him on and chanted. “Tiny, little cock!”

Chad sarcastically said. “Wow, you are unafraid to admit how shockingly tiny your little bolt is. That’s very brave, and I’m proud of the little guy.”

Chad threw him on the ground. Hitting the ground caused Chris to wince in pain. He kicked some sand on him, giving him some cover, but he was ashamed a little cup of sand could cover his entire manhood. He threw his trunks right on his face.

“There you go, little jerk.”

Chris quickly put them back on, and everyone dispersed. He still received comments, but it died down. After reflecting on everything, Chris almost couldn’t handle his anger. He made the wrong choice to retaliate. He wasn’t going to let this guy show him up. Chad was hanging out with a group of people alongside Jessica, Melissa, Megan, and Rachel. This was his chance to expose the so-called athlete. He swiftly approached Chad and yanked his bathers to the ground.

There was a loud gasp from the crowd, and everyone looked at Chad’s schlong. There wasn’t any laughter but looks of utter lust and gasping surprise.

Jessica looked at Chris and shouted. “You don’t do that to my boyfriend, you hear me.”

She threw his trunks to the ground, yet again, he was butt naked. Chris immediately learns revenge doesn’t solve anything; it only worsens the situation. Everyone looked at Chris’s little cock and laughed even harder than before.
Chad turned around with his bathers at his ankles, shamelessly holding his hips. Chris couldn’t believe his eyes; Chad had a huge cock swaying between his legs. Chris’s was incomparably tinier than his, bringing the crowd to echoing laughter. Now they had something to compare it to, which made Chris’s look even more impossibly smaller. He looked down and saw almost nothing between his legs, and the head of Chad’s cock was bigger than what he was packing entirely.

“That’s right, little man, take a good look at what you will never have,” Jessica said.

Jessica kicked his pale, little butt so he fell on the sand, and she removed the trunks from his ankles so he was stark naked again. Only this time, he was going to stay that way. Chad lifted him effortlessly as if Chris were a mere rag doll. He spit out sand while Chad quickly threw him over his shoulder like a little boy.

“Damn, he is light as a feather. It must be because his dick is so damn small. He’s also got these skinny, womanly muscles,” Chad said.

“He is built like a girl in more ways than one, hahaha,” Jessica laughed.

Chad’s towering presence commanded attention. With a mocking smirk on his face, the crowd chuckled at poor little Chris and his dinky-winky. Their amusement fueled Chad’s cruel intentions. He paraded him around like a trophy, showcasing his helplessness to the world. Now, at the mercy of this stranger’s strength, Chris feels his sense of dignity ripped away with each step. The man’s taunts intensify, his words piercing through the protagonist’s already-wounded spirit.

“You really are a pathetic excuse for a man — a tiny baby cock, no girlfriend, and a soft, smooth, pale body like a toddler,” Chad said.

He struggled against Chad’s grip, desperate to break free from this degrading display. But his attempts were in vain, as the man’s strength proved insurmountable. He hurled insults and derogatory remarks, relishing Chris’s vulnerability. The crowd caught up in the spectacle and joined, amplifying the torment.

“Not only is Chris toddler-sized where it matters, but he is being carried and punished like one.”

“For someone with such a hypermasculine ego, he is really a scared little boy.”

“Haha, he is acting just like my five-year-old son when he throws a tantrum.”

Chad reached the volleyball court, and no one was using it. He took down the rope and tied him to the pole, still naked with his little helpless babydick exposed, becoming tinier from the ocean breeze.

“Wait, please, you can’t leave me like this,” Chris begged.

“Okay, I won’t tie you down. Just tell me how I owned your ass,” Chad said.

Chris wanted this over with and would do anything to hasten that. “Chad is a better man than I ever will be. He has a much larger cock, bigger muscles, and a hot girlfriend I will never be able to have. My dick is appallingly small and microscopic. And I am so sorry for everyone I hurt in the process of concealing my little dick identity.”

“That was beautiful, little man,” Chad said. “See you later.”

Everyone started leaving.

“Wait, you promised,” Chris shouted because he was still tied down.

“Yeah, idiot, I lied. Enjoy yourself. We will get you in a few hours.”

Chris had to watch the party from afar — defeated, exposed, humiliated, degraded, and his reputation was ruined forever.


After waiting hours with countless tiny dick jokes, nightfall came, and he was shivering from the cold. Jessica and Chad came back laughing.

“How’s it hanging, little man, haha?” Chad asked. “We promised we would come get you.”

Jessica laughed and untied him. “It’s nice to know you think I’m hot. There was a time I thought you were a little cute, but you ruined any chance you had with me being a huge, or dare I say, ‘tiny’ asshole, haha.”

“I am sorry. Can I have my clothes back?” Chris asked.

“Nope, run along home, just like that. You can explain to your family why you were naked. I’m sure they would love to know how their son is the most unhung man in the world. How embarrassing for them to have a son with such a puny dinkle.”

She kissed him on the cheek. Chris had tears in his eyes and ran off, covering his very small, short penis. After the party, several photos and videos circulated on the internet, and everyone in his small circle shortly knew about what he was packing. Chris couldn’t escape it, and his teeny weenie secret would haunt him forever. We don’t know if his attitude changed, but it didn’t matter because despite how this may have impacted him, he would still always have a very small penis.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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