Big Man’s Small Secret

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A normal day in the city of Piltover, a haven for young and old scientists as well as visionaries. One of these visionaries is the prodigal Explorer, Ezreal, taking a break from his usual up and about of roaming Runeterra and finding different kinds of artifacts and researching lost, ancient civilizations.

So there he lies in his large cushioned bed inside his gorgeously designed apartment, funded by different museums and rich collectors, who would have guessed that bringing artifact after artifact into the city will cause one to become so disgustingly loaded. For the young blonde it doesn’t really matter, he could sleep on a pile of hay, then again, hay doesn’t feel nearly as heavenly as Ionian silk weave. It really does wonders for his marvelous skin. He knows he is handsome, he embraces it actually, caring for his body whenever he has the chance for it, shouldn’t be surprising then that his bathroom is littered with exotic oils and creams. It takes him a few moments past sun rise to open his eyes and sit up, the modest abs uncovered as his sheets slip from his body. Now as a young man he can feel the stir of blood in his crotch. The familiar feeling of a morning wood forming under his sheets. Yes the young piltoverian sleeps in the nude, who knows, maybe an admirer will find him, it is always good to be prepared. Alas so far it hasn’t happened yet, so it seems he has to take care of his rigid problem himself. With a whip of his arm the sheets flutter to the side and bring some fresh air to his bottoms. His eyes wander down his own body, almost as if to tease himself, the cerulean blue of his eyes retreating when faced with the growing pupil just to then come to a rest when his true target comes into sight.

A rigid, upright standing three inch cock, smooth and rather thin. Yes, three inches and that is still being positive about it, he might be dashingly handsome, but the blonde virgin knows exactly how he measures up. His left hand rests on his inner thigh, slowly moving over to cup his little testicles, while his right finds the lackluster shaft, fingers slyly wrapping around it. Seeing as his whole fist would swallow his manhood entirely, he only uses two of his fingers and his thumb. Feeling the slim length twitch in his grasp, it takes him barely a minute before his balls tense up and release their contents. Not much and with not a high velocity but the three or four droplets land on his hand and sheets. His blonde head rolls back into his neck, glowing blue of his eyes now hidden behind his eyelids as his mewls fill out the silence in the room. Heavy in- and exhales cause his torso to heave up and down telling signs of his quick orgasm. Ezreal takes a few moments calming himself before he even attempts to stand. His legs lazily move him toward his more than just luxurious Bath chambers.

The young man takes a long look in the mirror, staring at himself like a love drunken fool, with a wink to his mirror image he stops swooning all over himself and prepares to be presentable.

Half an hour later he has a pair of pants on, leaning over to look inside his cooled compartment filled to the brim with food. His pants tight enough to even show his boyish curves, now if he had more to show that would make them the perfect pair of pants. It is at that moment his talented eyes fall on a very phallic shaped vegetable, a demacian cucumber with a head that really does resemble a big, fat cock. His left hand grasps around it’s smooth length, noticing how, for a cucumber, flexible it is. The blonde man holds it against his crotch, moving his hand along it’s frame as if it were a cock, his own cock to be precise. Looking down he guesses the forearm thick vegetable to reach down to his knee, teeth pressing onto his bottom lip. What damage could it do to pretend for a day? With this thought finished he buttons up and shoves the cucumber down the right leg of his pants. The fake bulge indeed reaches all the way down to just end an inch above his knee. Now he is not only handsome, but it also appears that he is insanely hung as well.

With a certain swagger Ezreal leaves his apartment, jutting out his crotch whenever a passing woman takes interest in his massive bulge. He feels every pair of eyes on his groin, widened pupils and jaws agape all around him, almost needless to mention that with all the attention to his intimate zones it doesn’t take long for his actual cock to stand to attention once more, throbbing in the shadow of the cucumber, never to be noticed under the gargantuan bulge. Ezreal makes his way through the city, flaunting his fake package around, seemingly not getting tired of it. The young man even goes as far to give it a loving pat when noticing the stares of a group of students. Maybe it was a mistake though as one of them suddenly runs across the street, blushing bright as she just hands him a little note before quickly bolting for the other side of the street again, diving into her group.

Folding the little letter open, inside an address and time, on top of that there is different colors of lip stick smeared on it, ten at least. It must be some kind of party invitation, no additional information on anything else and when he looks up the entire group already has disbanded. What else should he do but follow the instructions, what could go wrong?


To be continued…


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