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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This member had his first “Is it in, yet?” moment…

This happened just a few days ago when I was out drinking with some of my friends and ended up in a club. It was the best sex I’ve ever had and I thought of sharing it here since you guys might enjoy. For a small guy like me who only recently lost his virginity at the age of 23, I don’t have or may never have much experience, but this is easily the best one involving some unintended and genuine SPH. Here goes:

I’m a 24 year old guy, 3″ hard (it really is just 3) and 1″ soft and very thin. Now, I am not ugly or out of shape, in fact, I am quite fit and average-looking but never get approached because I am socially awkward and reserved. So it was surprising when this absolutely stunning girl started chatting up to me at the bar of the club we were at. She is 22 (she told me that later). She was wearing a low-neckline, pink spaghetti dress that covered half her thighs, 3″ heels and one of those bras with transparent strap. Her hair were neatly done, and she was giving a really good vibe, and apparently I gave her a good vibe too. I could also make out that she was really tipsy. We talked, I bought her a few drinks and in a few minutes we’re on dance floor with her grinding me. By this time, I am quite drunk myself and much less inhibited. I ask her if she wanted to head over to my place and she immediately says yes. She goes to tell her friends to not wait up for her and I remember being excited and incredulous about my fortune while texting my friends to tell them I am leaving.

We get a cab to my place and get right into it as I close my apartment door behind me. Her tongue is all in my mouth, mine in hers, hands all over each other clothes flying in all directions. Within a few minutes, we’ve managed to have even more alcohol, and she’s naked on my bed in my apartment bedroom and I’m just in my trousers. I go down on her and hear the cutest moans ever in my life, and gasp for breath as she almost smothers me between her thighs.

Even in my inebriated state, I am momentarily reminded of the reality (of my size) and ensure enough darkness in the room before taking my trousers off. Since I am quite tall (6’5″), it usually exacerbates disappointment among women when they first see me. A girl even walked right off in the middle of it years ago when I wasn’t into SPH, so it was quite hurtful. Anyway, I place myself between her legs in a missionary position and smile at her as I put the condom on. I am rubbing my smaller-than-average cock up and down on her extremely wet pussy lips and she’s digging it too. Unsurprisingly, I slide right in easily and completely and am just slowing thrusting in her, squeezing and clenching my ass. She has this excited look on her face and is breathing loudly.

I think it might have been 20-30 seconds when she moves her hand over my stomach down to my cock and says, “Here, let me help you.” She follows my cock in her pussy and innocently blurts out, “Oh, you’re in?

It was then I realized what had happened. She was eagerly anticipating me to enter her while I was already in her. Maybe she realized that that’s not the thing you say to a ‘normal’ guy, or that my expression changed or that I actually grew inside her from the hotness of the situation and her honest question, but she kinda froze, pulled me towards her for a kiss and mumbled something like, “Of course…”

She was trying to not hurt my feelings but I could make out she was giggling as her lips were really wide and I could only kiss her teeth. Naturally, I actually got more turned on from this and was fucking like a baby rabbit with my tiny dick. She lay there with her head to one side looking at the wall, a hand to mouth and a suppressed smile forming. In between, she would caress my body all over and give me encouragement, slapping my ass and shouting yeah! loudly in a somewhat evil tone, rubbing herself while I pounded her but never really showing any signs of being close to cumming. Every time I popped out of her, I would pull myself back up and re-enter, and she even jerked me off with her hand as I did that. It was so hot seeing her jerk my dick with just the thumb and first finger, her tiny hands appearing big in comparison. As I pulled out after nutting myself while in her, she pressed on my shoulders with her feet and immediately made me go down on her. I liked how she was exerting control on me, wrapping her legs around my head and pushing my face into her lovely mound forcefully with her hands.

Needless to say, I couldn’t make her moan that night, let alone cum, except for the times I used my tongue. When things had cooled down late in the night, we were just cuddling and talking, trying to address the elephant (err… hamster, maybe?) in the room. I was awkward-apologetic for my performance and she was awkward-apologetic for (saying what she thought was) making me feel bad.

She was like, “You were good… I’m sorry… I was just so tired and drunk… alcohol does this to me sometimes… I’m a little sore down there too.” The conversation somehow turned to her friends at the club and how men and women talk differently about sex. She said her girlfriends are, “gonna want to know everything about tonight.”

“What do you mean”, I asked.

“Just everything.”

More giggling.

“Size? Girth? Performance?”, I said treading on a fine line.

“Yes”, she says shyly.

“And what are you going to tell them?”

She just giggles and draws me to her for a kiss. The same wide lips. The same licking of teeth. This time I could also feel her breath on my face like you would when someone’s laughing.

It really turned me on that she was kind and sweet enough to not want to hurt a stranger but couldn’t help but laugh at my pathetic dick.

I called her a cab in the morning, and, of course, she hasn’t called or texted me. But I still sometimes jerk myself off thinking of the innocent face she made when she asked if I was in. It was the best sex I’ve had, unfortunately it might have been the worst for her.


Locker Room Pranks leave this reader cold…

I am 18, and my girlfriend is hot. I am a very popular jock at school and quite a few girls flirt with me. Recently, I got my towel whipped off my body by a mate, and every guy in the locker room saw my small dick (silver member, so soft I’m barely 2 inches). Then I was getting sexy with my girlfriend, but when she saw my dick she laughed and we never did anything. The next day she left me and later I heard she was fucking by my friend who I know has a big dick.


Another reader with an embarrassing medical examination story…

The first time I started going to my current doctor — my first doctor after my pediatrician (who didn’t do the hernia check) — I was nervous. He asked me to pull my pants down, so I pulled them down to right at the base of my penis. I was so hesitant (forget about being small, dropping your pants in front of a stranger is already nerve-wracking). “More,” he says. So I pulled them down to mid-thigh, but my shirt was long enough to cover the embarrassing part. “More,” he says. So I pull them down to my knees. He lifts my shirt.

Oh…” he says.

Then proceeds to check for a hernia. My god, that was humiliating. He actually said “oh” in such a way that was like: ‘Now I see why you were hesitant to pull your pants down, and I don’t blame you.’


One reader experienced a difficult sorority prank…

It all started freshman year when I was a pledge. My pledge class was tasked with building a beach setting in the backyard of the fraternity house for a “You’re My Beach” themed bikini party with the #3 hottest but #1 sluttiest sorority on campus. My pledge class did an incredible job on the build (we were even able to build a small replica of a beach shore using truckloads of sand to build a bank and then filling it with hose water. ‘Twas frat.) The actives were so pleased with our work, that they decided we could enjoy the party too (we were actually allowed to drink and talk to the semi-hot/slutty sorority.) The night was looking epic, until this dickhead older active member told me I had to complete “Edward 40 Hands” in children’s arm floaties before I could actually be a normal party guest and socialize with the halfway hot slores. I swear he used two entire rolls of duct tape to tape these lukewarm 40-ouncers to each of my hands. There was no way out but to chug the hot malt liquor as fast as possible.

So I was standing there shirtless in swimtrunks and these gay ass floaties on each arm in frigid cold water up to my mid-shin. It was actually way too cold to have a beach party and I was trying to chug as fast as I could because I was shivering my balls off and everyone from the moderately hot skank srat was staring and laughing. I thought life couldn’t get any worse than this moment. But God was I wrong. MY FUCKING GOD WAS I WRONG!


This soulless active sneaks up behind me and fully pantses me. I’m talking swim trunks around the ankles. I freeze up for a second in sheer panic as I realize there are 40 ounce bottles with a roll of duct tape on each hand with zero chance of being able to pull up my swim trunks. There were a few gasps from the onlooking sorority and then dead silence as I could do nothing but look right back at them. The whole 400 person party had now turned to look. All I could see was their eyes going back and forth in unison between my face and then my private region. I attempted to turn around, preferring them to see my hairy butt rather than a full frontal. As I turn to the rear party porch, I see the other half of the party stare at me, then all look down. At this point I have to know… I am not hung by any means, but I have had some days where I’ve got a decent wang-hang going and other days that are borderline diagnosable micropenis (you know what I’m saying, we all have a varying range of length depending on multiple variables).

At this point my frozen fear is so bad that I have to look down and see where I’m currently at on the spectrum. I’ve been shivering in frigid water but it doesn’t always totally affect you, right? Surely life throws me a break here. So, I look down at what my loving God gave me between my legs, and wouldn’t you fucking know it, I’m rocking a mini-shroom and two wrinkles sitting on top of a set of toddler testes. I literally had no shaft of any kind. Literally NO SHAFT (unless you consider 2 wrinkle rings a shaft, which after later researching online medical journals, does not constitute).

I am trying to rip the 80 feet of duct tape wrapped around my hands with my teeth in a desperate attempt for escape. I expected laughter at this point, but still all of the onlooker eyes are focused on me and there’s total silence. That’s when this drunk motherfucking JI sophomore screams from the balcony at the top of his lungs, “LOOK AT THE LITTLE FROCK ON THAT KID!!!” Right then and there my life would change forever… I don’t remember how because of the panic blackout, but I somehow escaped back to my dorm. I slowly gathered myself and contemplated how to proceed. I was in a petrified mental battle with myself:

“Dude, you’re fine. Everyone was drunk and won’t even remember it tomorrow.”

“Transfer schools fucking right now, you child wenis. Start fresh, preferably an undiscovered tribe where the penises of the locals somehow disappeared during an altered evolutionary process.”

“That water was cold as fuck. Everyone understands thats just how the male body reacts.”

“Tell them you donated your shaft to a young boy with penile cancer because you were the only tissue match in the world, and besides you’d already had sex with 200 women.”

God dammit, I had nothing! Nothing could even resemble an excuse. But surely people are kind hearted enough to not say anything and just move on with their lives and gradually forget the vision totally, right? YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. Turns out after I escaped the party, some alpha queen bee bitch loudly asked, “Okay, WTF did we just see!? Was that shit for real? Who the hell was that kid anyway?”

In a rare act of fraternal kindness, someone from the active chapter attempted to have a heart and said, “Oh that’s our new pledge Stephen from Little Rock, Arkansas, he’s a great guy!”

Immediately, a fifth-year senior with apparently no heart yelled from the side fence while urinating, “You mean Little FROCK Arkansas!”

The next year of my life I would be referred to campus-wide as “Little Frock Arkansas.” To say it was a minor social handicap would be like saying Hellen Keller just needed 20 extra minutes on the SAT.

After months of deep inner contemplation and beyond-awkward discussions with my parents, I decided to be a man and gut it out. I was NOT going to allow a stupid nickname to ruin MY college experience. So I owned that nickname. I FUCKING OWNED THAT NICKNAME! I went with the only mentality I could, I was Little Frock Arkansas, and who the fuck are you?!?! If you called me Little Frock Arkansas, I responded to it without hesitation.

Them: “Little Frock Arkansas, what’s going on?!”

Me: “Not much, dude, you?”

Some people began referring to me as “LFA” and I even led the most badass sorority mixer of the semester as DJ Lil Frockie, seamlessly spinning hit after hit after hit. The people LOVED it. As soon as I fully committed to the nickname, the entire universe shifted in my favor. Dudes wanted to hang with Little Frock Arkansas, and bitches wanted to go on a sex vacation to Little Frock Arkansas.


This reader shares his experiences…

What can one say that has a tiny penis?

Was married many years but I got away with it as my Ex was not a person that was sexually motivated… however as time went on I think she started to change.. Loyal has hell to me but she decided to take me up on my persistent offers of having a real cock. I asked from the very early stages of our relationship that I would share her and asked her to have sex with other guys.

She was one hot woman in her Teens. I can say that, as that’s why I married her and wanted to be with her. Many of our male friends showed interest in her and while we all were close I could see from the corner of my eye that some wanted her. I would get her to be as sexy as she could in look and dress.

I got to expose her to my brother as we were in a bed in the same room at my mothers while we were just going steady… I would removed her cloths under the bed clothes and play with her. I would then pulled back the bedclothes while he was a slept on the other bed on the other side of the room. If he was awake he would have saw all of her, This including her pussy as I help her leg up as she was on her side while i rubbed it. We were like that for a while as I parted her lips of her pussy to show him all and I even inserted my tiny penis into her with her leg in the air… randy I was..

Like I said she was hot and has a very tasty pussy… My tong was more received than my penis from her point of view. she never told me this but i knew it.. She loved that and the smacking of her pussy with my hand..

I Use to pull the strings of her swimming costume exposing her tiny tits to our friends in the swimming pool. the eyes of the guys went straight to her.

This is odd and I once found her on a bed at a party we went to. We had argued and she disappeared. She was flat on her back with her legs open and our friend was on top of her. Both of them was dressed and he was dry humping her hard. I could hear the bed squeek. she was just lying and her arms beside her. I left the bedroom as she and he saw me. 20 min later she met me down stairs and nothing was said. Another time I saw a friend massaging her breast with 2 others watching which would have been confusing for them as we were considered a couple. He had one hand massaging a breast though her jumper. I think it was the same friend i saw on the bed.

The most interesting was that she worked for her brother in law late night at his surgery… I arrived to pick her up and she looked flustered. She was looking for a smell and she said it was maybe the sink. Her Brother in law said it was a fishy smell. Little did i know it was my G/F ‘s sex smell. I took no notice and it was weeks later I badgered her to have sex with him, which I had from time to time. She told me what happened. So she said she was pressed up against a wall in the surgery and he unzipped the front of her uniform she was wearing which had a zip all the way down the front. He pushed her sheer light green bra up off her very small breasts. He was playing with them so she said for 10 min. then he pushed her uniform off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Then her unclipped her bra and that came off… he was kissing her neck as he was doing this… all she had on was her work brown platform shoes and her standard black undies. Her undies weren’t anything special. He then pushed her undies down. At this point asked her if her undies were at her feet or did she move them away… she told me she pushed them off her shoes and away from her. I said to her “ then you were naked in front of him”? She said yes. It would have been a site to see with her long strawberry blond hair down to her ass and wisp of blond pubic hair as well as her fair skin and tiny breast that had no color around the small nipples.

She told me he then started to play with her pussy and again I had to prompt and ask if she was wet. She said yes. She then told me nothing happened. Knowing her brother in law I am suspicious. Did he take her virginity and fuck her? You see we had decided not to have any penetrating sex tell we married and she was the one that asked for that… that changed 4 months later and I can remember how our first time in a van was a total let down… I cum in about 1 min and she never said anything. Most times I would have to finish her off with my hand or she would do that if I asked her to. She also used my soft penis to rub against her pussy..Later in life that was normal that she would masturbate after sex. As you can read it wasn’t sex with me at all and only penetration.

So let me explain.. I am tiny in the penis size. A doctor said I was underdeveloped. I lacked a chemical at the right time and this was not addressed. It’s as if it stopped growing so imagine a young boys penis and that’s mine. I am Uncircumcised and my tesicles are small and close to my abdomen. The shaft flaccid is 2.3 inch and erect 3.3 Inch. Erect the foreskin never retracts and can stay like that in penetration. I have breasts as I have a pidgin chest. It’s a extended chest bone and looks like I have breasts.. If I look back I would look very feminine.

My wife a few times asked me if I had it in… Doggie was the best, as it never fell out. She would get made when it did. So when she got to have a 9-inch cock I watched the video and saw another woman. She even cried as he left. So in the end I am up in the air in a number of things…. Did I really know this woman?

The last on this is that I think she hid lots and me of all people never knew.. I found 2 pictures on a memory card that I retrieved via special software. What I found made my eyes pop out… one of her sitting very sexy with a pink silk short top… her legs were open and her pussy was so wet and red.. The other one was a close up of her pussy and I have never seen her pussy so red and puffed. Her pussy was also shaved smooth and by what her lover said he said it looked like a young girls so don’t shave it. This may mean that she was active with another person..…. So make of that


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