The Show-off


It was the kind of moment I always dreaded. I was staring down the urinal trough hating myself for having waited a little too long to use the bathroom, and now I had no time to wait for a stall to open. As the pressure built and the urgency of the moment became real, I knew I had no other option. I hated that I waited, hated that I had put myself in this situation, and hated that old outdated piss wall.

As a man with meager equipment, I loathed having to use a urinal, but at least in most places, there’s a divider to provide a modicum of privacy. But, at this old ball field, it was wide open with nowhere to hide.

I shuffled up to the wall, took a breath and with my eyes focused on the slab of concrete in front of me, and pulled my little dick out. Having a smaller than average penis I’ve had to learn how to adjust to awkward situations like this.

I’ve learned that it just doesn’t work for me to pull it out through the fly. I pull my entire package out over my waistband, grip my balls in the palm of my hand, then with my thumb right above my dick I push in and using my other hand pull my stubby mushroom out (more times than not my flaccid dick is a small mushroom head about an inch and half covered by loose foreskin). If I push in with my hand I can get my shriveled pecker to poke out enough that it doesn’t look too terribly small.

I do all this in one quick motion, having mastered the technique years ago. But, just as I start peeing my biggest fear becomes a reality. Shawn, the husband of my wife’s friend Anna, comes right up beside me. Shawn’s a pretty brash jock type, everything’s a competition, and he’s just got an arrogance about him. Even though they invited us to the game with them, I don’t care for him, and could only tolerate him this long for my wife’s sake.

Shawn’s talking louder than needed to no one in particular, as he normally does, and slides up right next to me and breaks the cardinal rule in restrooms. He immediately looks down at my dick.

“You cold?” The jackass smirks. He’s wearing a pair of shorts that hit about 2-3 inches above his knee, and a purple tee shirt advertising his wife’s online business. Then reaches down to the leg hole in his shorts, fishes around a few seconds and to my horror, pulls his cock out from the opening and steps back to give everyone a good look at his meat.

Shawn is a ruggedly attractive man, and he knows it. He played ball for this team a few seasons before blowing out his shoulder a few years ago. He capitalized on his local fame by opening a fitness center and makes good money. At about 6’4 he’s a firm 220-230 pounds with large shoulders and thick legs that prove he doesn’t miss leg day at the gym. He has thick dark hair, and the hair on his legs was evident without crossing the line of being too hairy.

“Holy shit!” I thought to myself. I couldn’t help but look at his python, I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t look away. He cradled the thick head in his hand, and all I could think is how much it looked like a long thick Polish Sausage, while my runty penis is like a Lil’ Smoky. His stream of piss is strong and makes a loud sound as it hits the bottom of the urinal, like the sound it makes when filling up a bucket with a garden hose. I quickly finish up and tuck my package away.

“Hold this a sec.” He mutters, and hands me the beer he’s been holding in his right hand while controlling his fire hose of a cock with his left. I take the beer and stand there like a fucking moron beer assistant while he shakes his dick off and coils it back up his leg.

“Thanks, little buddy.” He snorts and takes the beer from my hand before heading back to our wives in the stands.

Shawn’s wife Anna is a strong, fit woman who’s recently gained a slight bit of fame herself after posting some pictures dressed like Harley Quinn on her Instagram, and having more than just a passing resemblance to Margot Robbie in the face. She’s monetized her online profile posting workout routines, make-up tips and fashion ideas. Anna works at Shawn’s gym as a yoga/fitness instructor which is where she and Angie met. The two of them hit it off and became good friends right before she got famous. She’s about 5’9 with a muscular build. Her firm, long body though has always been a source of envy for my wife Angie. And as lucky as I am to have such an amazing wife, I readily admit I find Anna very sexy, and have tugged off thinking about her more than once.

Today, she looked incredible with a pair of form-fitting workout shorts and a top that was little more than a sports bra, a baseball cap and her long blond hair pulled back in a pony-tail, I did my best to stay behind her from the parking lot to the seats, just watching her muscular ass and legs as she walked was fodder for spank material.

Angie, my wife, is a petite yet voluptuous, dark haired Italian. Her 32DD, breasts, and 5-foot height don’t always seem to be easy on her. She has a hard time finding clothes that fit her right, and struggles with self-esteem having always equated her large breasts and thick ass with being fat. She’ll never be mistaken for a runway model, but she does have a sexy video girl or porn star body.

Anna’s done a lot to boost my wife’s self-confidence and has even asked her to help with a few of her online videos. That part of her website is pay only, so I’ve never actually seen the videos. But, I have seen the change in her, from the way she dresses to how she does her makeup, her hair and she has become much more sexually charged. Today she wore a pair of tight denim jeans, cowboy boots and form-fitting blue button down top, with a tight white camisole underneath.

It’s no secret to my wife that I have a smaller dick, and we’ve played around a bit with small penis teasing. She knows I enjoy her comparing my dick to other guys, and making exaggerated comments about my size. And over the last few months have enjoyed playing with large dildo’s and her taking a more dominant role in our sex life.

“I am going for a hot dog. You want one?” Shawn directed to me.

“No thanks.”

“I’m buying, how about a little one.” He smirked.

“Fine.” I huffed, just wanting him to stop talking and go away. About 15 minutes later he returned. Stepping over his wife, Shawn wedged himself between Anna and Angie.

“I have the foot-long and you’ve got the little wiener, hope that’s enough for you.” He chuckled to himself leaning over my wife not too subtly looking down her top. He handed me what looked like a kid’s meal hotdog and then laid his foot-long on his lap.

“Would you look at the size of this?” Angie looked down at the hot dog, suggestively laying on his thigh. “Have you ever had one this big?”

“Oh no.” Angie giggled, “I don’t think I could ever get one that big in my mouth.”

“Oh, I bet you could if you tried.” Shawn winked. “You can have a bite if you’d like?” and took a gulp of beer.

“No, I can just have some of Dave’s little one.” She said, making him laugh, and spewing beer on Angie’s shirt.

“Oh… you know what I mean.” Angie laughed, “But look what you did.” She feigned a pout, as she looked down at her shirt.

“Just take it off, you’re such a hottie you need to show off your body more,” Anna suggested. Angie bashfully unbuttoned her top and slipped it off her shoulders arching her back while taking it off pushed her breasts out catching both mine and Shawn’s attention.

The game finally ended and Shawn turns to us and asked if we’d like to go down to the locker room and meet some of the players. He still knows a few of the guys and could get us in if we wanted. We all agreed, and Shawn pulled out his phone and after a few texts looks up,

“We’re in.” He smiled and led us to a secure door where we met a young woman that escorted down to the locker rooms.

“I can’t believe you got us down here!” Angie giggled, “I’ve never been in a guy’s locker room before.”

“Maybe we’ll get to see some swinging bats.” Anna twitched her brow and nudged Angie.

“They know we’re coming, certainly they’ll all be dressed.” Angie smiled in reply.

As we stepped in the locker room I was surprised by how nice it was for a farm league team. The whole team was down there and I admit I was a bit star struck. I am used to other guys being taller than me, but everyone one down here other than Angie was several inches taller, and I felt like a child walking through all these big men. A couple guys had their shirts untucked, and several had their shirts off.

Shawn introduced us to a few of the guys, and as we were talking I saw a couple guys slipping their pants off. They all left their underwear on and wrapped towels around their waists before getting totally naked.

“You don’t have to cover up on my account,” Anna smiled. The blush across their faces told me the girls were enjoying the show. Just then one the players came around the corner from the shower room and walked right in front of the girl’s buck ass naked, his black cock hung long and thick, about 6 inches flaccid. Angie and Anna’s eyes were glued to him the entire time.

“Tyler! Dude! We got ladies here.” One of the other players called out.

“Oh snap!” Tyler cursed, grabbing a shirt and holding it in front of him “Sorry ladies… SHAWN!” He called out seeing his former teammate, then walked up to us doing a piss poor job of covering his swaying dick.

“Hey, girl!” He sang out seeing Anna and gave her hug. “Dang girl, you are looking good! When are you going to drop this has-been, and come be my girl?” He joked. “Seriously, though, I saw them pics on Instagram,” He smiled and grabbed his barely covered cock indicating he had jerked off to them. “You know what I mean?” He directed toward me.

“Um…” I hesitated,

“You’ve seen them pics, right?” Tyler asked

“Uh-huh,” I nodded.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t spank that monkey thinking of her. I know I did!” He laughed. My face turned bright red.

“Oh, you did, didn’t you?” Anna said feeling honored and gave me a little side hug. Angie glared at me slack jawed.

Shawn introduced Tyler to Angie and me, and as he shook her hand her breasts jiggled, making her already visibly erect nipples bounce around. He was a tall guy and stood right beside Angie, her head was no more than a foot away from his crotch as Shawn and Tyler talked about old times.

A few minutes later and several more flashes of cock, we were finally heading out.

“Be sure to grab a souvenir before you leave!” Tyler shot out making us turn toward him just as he was pulling up his underwear and tucking his cock away. Shawn walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a souvenir miniature bat.

“Hey, sorry about spitting on your boobs.” The arrogant bastard snorted as he handed it to Angie.

We got out to Anna’s minivan (she takes merchandise to various fitness shows, but also likes to use her mini-van as a way of seeming more real and approachable to moms) and were about to sit like we always have, Shawn and Anna up front, Angie and I in the back. But, this time Shawn tossed me the keys.

“I think I’ve had a little too much to drink,” He said, but I only saw him drink one beer. So, Shawn got in the back seat with Angie, while I drove with Anna in the passenger seat since she refuses to drive in downtown traffic.

At 5’7 I am several inches shorter than Shawn, so I had to adjust the seat and mirrors. And while I might not be very big (height or dick) I am fit, just not pro-athlete fit, or fitness instructor fit, but I have a firm body.

“So, did you see everyone you wanted to?” Shawn asked.

“Everyone plus some,” Anna laughed “It was really good seeing Tyler again, he’s bigger than I remember.”

“Oh, I am pretty certain I am still bigger.” Shawn boasted.

“Um… I am not sure, he looked like he was about 2-3 inches taller and maybe 20lbs heavier.” Angie stated.

“Well he might be taller, but that’s not really what I was talking about. I am confident I am bigger where it really counts.” I saw him smile in the rearview mirror. At this point, Anna and I looked back to see he had about ten inches of the souvenir bat he gave Angie sticking up between his legs.

“Honey!” Anna bleated.

“No Way! Anna?” Angie laughed, looking to her, to tell the truth.

“Well… that’s pretty damn close.” She nods, looking back at her vulgar husband again. “But, not nearly as thick.” She laughed.

“Bullshit!” Angie calls out again.

“What do you think Dave?” Shawn asks. “Tell the truth.”

“Umm… well… I don’t… I mean… maybe?” I sheepishly reply.

“What do you mean? I think you got a good look at it earlier.” He taunted.

“What?!” Angie sang in high pitched exaggerated tone.

“Yeah, it seems pinky dick here is a looky lou in the restroom.”

“That’s not true, you came right up beside me and looked at me, then asked me to hold your beer!” I defended myself but totally skirted the pinky dick comment.

“But you did look, right?” He asked, but I just sat silent.

“Honey, did you look at Shawn’s penis in the restroom?” Angie asked mockingly.

“I saw… I mean I wasn’t looking, but I saw him, yeah.”

“So then, what did you think? Am. I. As. Big… as this bat?” He asked sharply, sounding a bit like Samuel L. Jackson.

“I didn’t see it hard. But, maybe.” I relented.

“It can’t be,” Angie just couldn’t imagine a penis so much bigger than mine.

“What do you bet?” He asked, baiting her.

“What do you mean?” Angie gasped.

“Well, you’re the only one that hasn’t seen it… and I ain’t shy. So, if I show it to you and prove I am right, what do I get?” He played her, and she was all in at this point.

“What do you want?” She asked.

“If my cock is not at least the length of the bat down to where I have it now, I’ll pay you $200. But, when I win, you have to get it soft again so I can put it away.” He licked his lips while staring at Angie’s tits.

“Babe!” I whined my disapproval.

“This’ll be fun,” Anna prodded Angie.

“Okay.” She grumbled, thinking she was calling his bluff.

Without any hesitation, Shawn hands Angie the bat, “Keep your hand down here so we can compare.” Angie took the bat and held it where he said.

“You sure about this, because I might ruin how you think about Dave’s Slim Jim.” He laughed holding his pinky up.

“He isn’t that small.” Angie spat back, emphasizing the word “that.”

“Oh, maybe he’s a grower. I’ll tell you what, if your husband’s pee wee is within an inch of the bottom part of the bat, I’ll give you $1000 and a lifetime membership at the gym.” He challenged.

Now, I am no souvenir bat expert, but I looked it up later. These collectible bats are uniformly 17 inches long. At the time, I guessed it was fifteen inches in my mind, and figured there were about five inches of the handle of the bat left and realized I would have to be at least 4 inches long, that wouldn’t be a problem for most guys, but I knew I was only 3 and a half on my best day, but hoped maybe my estimations were off in my favor.

“Damn it.” I thought to myself, “we have totally been played.” And before I could say anything my wife looks down at the length of the bat in her hand and chuckles nervously.

“Go ahead, take the bet,” Anna prodded, “and no matter what, you’ll never have to pay for one of my classes again.” She added.

“Deal!” My heart sank and I felt like I was going to throw up.

“No.” I shrugged it off, “I am not doing this. Plus, I am driving.” I tried to present my case without seeming too worried.

“Pull over,” Anna says. We were just a few miles out of the stadium and were passing by a carwash. “Pull in there, and we can park in one of the bays.”

I wanted to say something smart to get out of this but all I could think was “fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I pulled in, and my heart was pounding. Shawn and Angie moved to the third-row bench seat, while Anna and I got out and sat in the second-row captain chairs that Anna showed me how to swivel around to face the rear.

“Alright.” Angie instigated, “pull it out.” She huffed and adjusted in her seat with her back against the side window facing Shawn.

Shawn turns toward Angie with his leg on the seat and starts rubbing his cock through his shorts.

“Are you sure about this?” He mused.

“Come on already, I am feeling left out that I am the only one who hasn’t seen your big old willie.” She teases.

Shawn’s eyes meet his wife’s and she gives him the go ahead.

“Okay.” He kicks off his shoes and grabs the waistband of his shorts, and in one fluid motion pulls them off leaving his bright purple KAYIZU briefs in place. The thin spandex material strained by what looked like a Dachshund in his pants.

He sat there and rubbed his thighs, taking his cock in his hand gripping it firmly through his briefs. The more he handled it, the bigger it looked, or maybe the bigger it got.

“So… what do ya think?” He flaunted.

“Is…” Angie stammered, “is that you? I mean all of that?” She quivered. Her face was flush, her breath was labored making her breasts lift with every heave, and her nipples stuck out like Hershey’s Kisses leaving no confusion that she was turned on.

“Do you wanna see it?” Shawn teased.

“Yes.” She sighed.

Shawn pulled the waistband of his briefs down and wrangled his cock and balls out. His fat eel flopped against his leg, with two egg sized balls hanging over the waistband of his designer briefs. His shaft was long and thick, the color about two shades darker than the rest of his body, a large vein snaked down the top of it and the helmet was lighter in color and looked like a slightly squished plum.

“Holy shit.” Angie cursed, huffing air through her nose, mindlessly pressing the tip of the bat against her lips.

Shawn gripped his cock at the base and squeezed it. He had to be 8 inches and wasn’t even hard yet. Something Angie didn’t seem to know.

“Okay, it’s big but you aren’t this big.” She prematurely gloated.

“Are you sure? Why don’t you hold it up against me to make sure?”

Angie leaned forward and held the bat out with her left hand, then reached out with her right hand and placed it on his cock. My wife gripped his thick dick in her little hand and felt the weight and fullness of him.

“It’s heavy.” She gurgled. Then resting his cock in her hand and down her wrist she placed the bat up against it, seeing it was about 3 inches longer than Shawn’s tool.

“That’ll be $200.” She smiled, while still holding him in her warm hand.

“Feel it.” Shawn spat.


“Does it feel hard to you?” Angie squeezed him in her hand, it was soft, spongy and obviously flaccid.

“But… it’s so big.” She bewildered now holding the bat against her chest, noticeably rubbing it between her glands.

“Honey, it’s always that big,” Anna said amused at the situation. Angie played with Shawn’s cock, lifting it up, moving it around and looking at it from all angles subconsciously stroking it.

“Yeah, that’s nice Angie.” Shawn sighed and looked down at my wife’s breasts. Leaning forward she had a massive amount of cleavage showing.

“Mmmm” He moaned, as his cock grew thicker and more rigid at my wife’s touch. Angie handed the bat to Anna and worked Shawn’s cock with both hands.

“You like watching, don’t you?” Anna, asked me as I became aware that I was staring at Shawn’s dick.

Angie kept pumping away at Shawn’s cock, her hand seemed so small compared to his giant snake. He was now, what seemed to be fully erect, and there was about a two-inch gap between her thumb and fingers.

“Are you fully hard yet?” I broke in wanting this to be over with.

“No, I might need some more encouragement. How ’bout you slip those titties out?” He winked at Angie, “After all I’ve shown you mine.” He grinned.

“You’re okay with this?” I asked Anna.

“I am not jealous, and I know he’s been wanting to see Angie’s tits for a long time now.”

Angie stopped stroking Shawn’s dick and leaned back with her left leg underneath her. She looked at me and smiled before reaching into her shirt with her right hand and pulling her left breast out, then the right one out with her other hand. She sat there and shimmied back and forth a bit while looking down at her gorgeous breasts. Angie’s breasts are full, soft, and have a lot of wiggle to them and sag enough to verify their authenticity. The pale white skin is capped with delicious pink nipples that redden with excitement. And right now, they were as dark as I’d ever seen them.

She looked up with her eyes keeping her head bowed as a lustful smile crept across her face as she looked around seeing us watching her. Shawn slipped off his underwear grabbed her by the waist and slid her across the large back seat placing her between his legs.

“It’s just… so big.” Angie panted.

She reached out with both hands and jerked his cock some more, while he manhandled my wife’s breasts. Then pulling her closer he slipped his hand to the sides and placed his rod between her breasts.

His dick was so thick and long, it made my wife’s breasts look small. I’ve fucked her tits before and every time her ample bosom swallows my dick till you can’t see it at all. But, Shawn’s dick stuck out the top and reminded me of the foot-long hot dog he had eaten earlier, with my wife’s breasts as the bun around his mammoth sausage.

“Look,” Angie said. “He sticks out the top.” She laughed, amused by Shawn’s size, and inadvertently making fun of my small dick. Angie gently lowered her face and licked the underside of his cock head.

“She’s never done that with you?” Anna asked mischievously.

“N-no.” I stuttered.

“No?” She fawned, “well why not?”

“I… I am not big enough to stick out,” I confessed.

“Oh,” She giggled, “I just can’t wait to see it for myself.” She said as she held up the baseball bat and measured it with her fingers.

“Yeah honey, suck it,” Shawn commanded. Angie pressed his cock to her lips kissing it and rubbing it on her face. Shawn took it and slapped her across the cheek with his baton.

“Suck it.” He demanded again.

“I am not sure it will fit.” She giggled, and then opened wide and shoved his head in her mouth. After several moments of her salivating all over his fuck stick, she finally came up for air.

“Whadya think, is it hard yet?” He smirked. His cock was glistening with Angie’s saliva, and was now a dark purple and looked like it had been carved out of granite.

“Yes, God, it’s so hard.” Angie breathed and leaned back giving Anna and I a better look. His summer sausage sticking up from his lap seemed cartoonishly large. While the erect mushroom in my pants felt embarrassingly inadequate.

“Here.” Anna handed the bat back to Angie. She took it and held it up against Shawn.

“I think it was about here.” She said and marked it with her hand. Shawn grinned, when we all got to see for ourselves that he was about two inches longer than the mark.

“Well, I guess we lost that part.” Angie laughed and looked at me. “But, maybe we can still win the 1000 dollars.” She said with a pained expression and lack of confidence.

“Come back here, and we’ll give it a try,” Angie said biting her lip trying not to laugh.

I got up and sat on the other side of Angie. She turned toward me, her breasts hanging out of her top was incredibly sexy, and while it turned me on to see her so excited, it was humiliating knowing it wasn’t from me.

She reached behind her back unhooking her bra and pulled her shirt all the way off. She cupped her sensual bare breasts in her hands, lifting them up, shaking them and pinching her nipples before letting them slip through her hands.

Anna leaned forward in her seat, bit her lower lip and twitched her eyebrows in anticipation. I held my knees together and looked around the car. My wife’s eyes met mine and I could tell she was feeling embarrassed knowing that my little dick was soon to be exposed.

“Well?” Angie said and tugged at my shorts. “Let’s get it over with.”

“Yeah, come on, I want to see if it’s really as small as Angie said it was.” Anna grinned.

“This is stupid, I am not doing this.” I protested. “Wait, Angie said it was small?”

Anna gasped and looked at Angie, her expression told me she had let something slip she shouldn’t have. “Well…” She looked at me, “sometimes girls talk.” She shrugged and mouthed “I am sorry,” to my wife.

“I never said it was small,” my loving wife corrected.

“I guess you never called it small, you just implied it wasn’t very big.” Anna smiled.

“Come on honey, we made a bet… your embarrassing me.” Angie prodded, then turned back to Shawn and jerked his rhino horn a few more times. “No one expects you to compete with this.” She giggled and then held the bat up to his cock again. “All you have to do… is be within an inch of this mark.” She said, and pushed me to sit up and held the bat to my groin.

“What is that… like 5 inches?” Anna asked, “certainly you’re not less than 4.” She chuckled as if she couldn’t imagine anyone being that small.

So here I was in the back seat of this minivan, with my topless wife, while she intermittently jerked Shawn’s massive cock and a woman who everyone knows I’ve jerked off thinking about.

“Here,” Anna said and leaned forward pulling on my shirt, “let’s take this off… there’s nothing scary about taking your shirt off, right?” She said and pulled my polo shirt over my head.

“You have a nice body.” She smiled sincerely.

“Now, just pull it out,” Anna smiled widely.

“Babe!” Angie spoke sternly. “I am giving you five seconds and then you are pulling your pants down and showing us your little dick.” She seemed startled that she called it little.

“If you do it,” Anna added. “I’ll take everything off. okay?” As if somehow that would make it less embarrassing for me.






My body was panicked and I felt my fight of flight instincts kicking in which had the unfortunate consequence of causing me to lose my erection. I just wanted to run away, but when she got to one, I sat up and slipped my shorts and underwear down. I closed my eyes and spread my legs.

“OH DEAR GOD!” Anna laughed. I looked down to see my penis nub about half the size of my thumb resting on top of my hairless sack. A visible blush came over me as I reached down and stretched it out trying my best to fluff it out more.

Then I looked up to see Anna, had taken off her top, her tight stomach was like something from a fitness magazine, and her perky B cup breasts sat firmly on her chest, with a small mole high on top of her right breast, her nipples were light pink and slightly puffy.

“Oh,” Anna snickered, “maybe if you play with it a little bit.” She said and jerked her hand up and down.

I gripped my little pecker with the tips of my thumb and pointer, jerking it and shaking it trying to get hard. Normally I don’t have any trouble, but I guess the shame of the situation was getting to me.

“Here, you can watch me.” Anna allowed and peeled her shorts off. She sat on the edge of the seat legs open and totally naked as she cupped her meager breasts in her hands. I looked down her long body and gasped as I saw her vagina. It was waxed smooth so nothing was hiding. Her pink loose lips hung down about two inches between her legs. She licked her fingers and played with the dangling flesh, spreading herself open and fiddling her clit.

“Come on honey, get it hard.” Angie scolded.

“I am trying,” I whined while playing with my dick.

“This is just too funny.” Anna hooted. “Come on, jerk your little pee wee and make it hard for me.” She pleaded and held her fist to her crotch jerking an invisible dick.

I watched her for several minutes following her lead. She was so erotic and had no inhibitions. My dick was responding, swelling and becoming fully erect.

Shawn sat up on the other side of Angie. She reached over and jerked his thick pole, and then slid her right hand up my thigh. She moved my hand away and took me into her soft touch. Anna seemed to enjoy watching Angie with her husband’s giant cock in one hand and my little nub in the other. Her breasts jiggling madly as she stroked us both. Her left arm moving up and down Shawn’s long rod, making smooth motions feeling every inch of his thick cock, while her right hand made more of a twitching motion gripping the skin on my shaft and tugging it up and down my head, easily jerking my dick 3-4 times to every one time she managed to work Shawn’s impressive real-estate.

“My God!” Angie laughed, “Your cock is so big compared to this little thing. I had no idea, they could get this big.” Her teasing was exciting and I let out a high-pitched whine of pleasure.

“Ha,” Anna huffed as she saw my expression. “Did… did you like that?” She smiled at my dick.

“What?” Angie asked feigning ignorance.

“I think, he likes it when you tease him.” She smiled again. “Isn’t that right, tiny tot?”

“Yes,” I hesitantly confessed as my dick twitched again.

“Yes?” She sang, “Yes, what? Tell us?”

“I like it when you tease me about being small.”

“What else do you like?” Anna asked.

“I like watching you with Shawn’s big cock.”

“You do?” Anna teased, “Angie. Your small dicked husband wants to watch you play with Shawn’s big cock. Would you do that for him please?”

Angie knelt between Shawn’s legs and grabbed his fleshy yard stick, licking around his big plum-like head, before opening her lips and taking it in her mouth again. Angie bobbed her head on his doorknob eventually taking a couple of inches of the shaft as well. As her mouth began to get used to the size of Shawn’s cock, she began varying the length and speed of her strokes, letting her tongue explore the sensitive areas of his cock-head, and feeling his dick respond by swelling and pulsing. She held both hands on his shaft and jacked his cock while sucking on the head.

My little dick was pulsing. I loved watching Angie suck that big cock, and slowly jerked my little stick occasionally looking over at Anna, who was now rubbing her clit, smiling seeing how small I was.

“Show me how you jerked it when you were thinking about me.” Anna smiled, and it struck me just how much she loves being the center of attention.

I slowly tugged my dick watching Anna swirl her hand over her cunt, and hearing Angie as she sucked Shawn’s cock.

“So a few weeks ago,” Anna says, keeping my attention on her, “Angie and I met for lunch and my jaw was so sore from sucking Shawn’s thick cock that I can hardly talk. And your sweet little wife asked what was wrong, so I told her. Then she says she’s never been sore after sucking your dick. Well, I knew immediately that you had a tiny one, but just wanted to see if Angie knew. So, I asked her how big it was. I swear, she holds up a carrot stick and puts in her mouth, pulls it out and says that you are maybe that big. And until this moment, I thought she was exaggerating.” She softly giggled, then sat down between my knees and put her hand on Angie’s shoulder.

“May I?” She directed to Angie,

“I don’t care,” Angie said and returned to servicing Shawn. Anna leaned forward and slurped me into her mouth. I leaned back slouching down on the seat giving her more access to my little pecker. Her warm mouth sent chills through my body as she swirled her tongue around my dick. I held the back of her head, pressing into her and encouraging her to keep doing it.

I looked down and watched as Anna held me totally and comfortably in her mouth. Her head barely moved at all as she sucked my dick. All the while Angie is getting a full body workout sucking and jerking Shawn’s cock. Just licking up and down the underside of his massive tool meant sitting up on her knees and then squatting down again. She held his head in her mouth with both hands on his shaft one on top of the other. Shawn’s large balls bounced and slapped around as she tugged him.

“Is this as big as it gets?” Anna scowled, and sat back giving Angie room to see me.

“Uh-huh,” Angie hummed, and Anna took the bat and held it to my little prick.

“Umm, maybe it was about here?” She asked, gripping the bat about 6 inches from the base.

“A little lower,” I said, and watched as she moved her hand down an inch.

“Do you really think it’s going to matter?” Anna winked. Angie and Shawn both watched as Anna held it against my mini-dick.

“OH, that’s so funny” Anna delighted, I looked down and saw I was half the length of the handle.

“Oh no. I am so sorry,” Angie frowned. “You can put it away now if that’s what you want.” She added trying to comfort me.

Anna leaned over and placed a tender kiss on the tip of my dick. “I’d really like to see it squirt. I think it’s cute.” She smiled.

I reached down and stroked my penis, my eyes locked on to Anna’s. Her broad devilish smile was electrifying. My breathing quickened and my pace hastened.

“Your wife is so sexy.” She breathed and rested her head on my thigh staring at my dick. “It feels nice knowing you like looking at me.”

She gently blew on my balls and I knew I was losing it. It felt like my testicles were coming up my short shaft, as my dick throbbed. And with a low grunt my body tensed and toes clinched as a flow of translucent fluid shot from my slit. I kept pumping, fucking my hand and looking down at Anna’s face.

“Thank you.” I coughed between convulsions.

“Do you want to thank me?” Anna winked, “what can you do to thank me?” She sat back in the seat facing me and spread her legs. Her labia minora was like thickly cut prosciutto dangling between her legs. I wiped my cum covered hand on my shirt laying on the floor and quickly knelt to worship her.

I had never seen lips like hers in person, and the scent of her sex was powerful as I leaned in to taste her, gently spooning her folds on my tongue. Parting her lips I slid between her and flicked her clit and sucked it into my mouth nibbling her swollen button. Then pulling her folds in, I mouthed her lips playfully tugging and sucking on her dangling womanhood.

I licked my fingers and slowly inserted two of them up her stretched out hole. Usually, with Angie, I had to go slower working in one finger at a time loosening her up. But, with Anna’s gaping cunt I could easily slide in three fingers. Then sucking the thumb on my other hand lubing it up for her, I slowly slid it up her tight ass.

“Fuck!” She cried out and gripped my head between her vibrating thighs. “Oh my God!” She sucked in some air, “I… I…Oh!” She heaved. “CUMING!” She sang out and nearly crushed me as she held me tight and rode my tongue, bucking and gyrating in her seat.

“Stop… stop…please.” She quivered, and then pushed me aside and reached out to her husband. “Come here, I need you inside me.” Angie reluctantly let go of Shawn’s cock and sat in the seat beside Anna. I moved over as Shawn knelt between her legs. “Please, I want to feel you inside of me.” She pleaded.

Shawn teased Anna’s opening with the head of his cock, getting it ready for entry. Anna’s uncontrollable smile spread wide across her face, biting her tongue and beaming with excitement. Angie and I watched, with slobber and other juices smeared across our faces as Shawn slowly skewered his wife on his cock.

Anna, having had Shawn inside her many times was used to his freakish size, allowing him to work her cunt quickly with the full length of his spear. Balls deep he pressed himself inside her, then nearly all the way out again. Resting on a rhythm that kept about five inches of his long tool from entering her fully.

My attention was drawn away as Angie unceremoniously slipped her jeans and panties off, and pulled me between her legs. Her glistening pussy and fuck-me-eyes were all the instruction that I needed. But her familiar landscape had met with some recent changes, where there used to be a small patch of well-maintained hair, was now completely smooth like Anna’s.

“When did you?” I asked,

“It was part of the make-over video I shot with Anna yesterday. Do you like it?” I wiped my face of Anna’s climax and quickly lapped at her small tight pussy. Angie’s lips are soft and meaty but don’t hang down like Anna’s. Her delicate pea is easily accessible both to the eye and to the tongue.

She lifted her legs up, wrapping them over my shoulders and pulling me deep inside her. Angie’s soft moans, nearly drowned out by the sound of Shawn fucking his wife, just inches from us.

“GOD DAMN!” Anna shook the entire van with a violent orgasm. I looked up just enough to see Shawn pull his still hard cock from his wife, and to see the longing in Angie’s eyes. I sat up and kissed her pouty lips.

“Do you want him inside you?” I asked looking at her soul through her eyes.

“Are you serious? I mean…you’d be okay with that?”

“If it’s what you want. And… I kind of think it would be exciting to watch you.”

“Please?” She asked. I moved aside, my dick fully awakened at the thought of her taking such a large beast.

“I want to feel you.” Angie panted looking at Shawn.

Shawn moved between Angie’s legs, he’s so much bigger than her, and his cock looked enormous resting on her stomach. He kissed her breasts and sucked her tits before rubbing his bat against her.

Angie looked on with a mix of fear and lust at the size of the monster she was about to endure. She winced as the tip opened her up, and clawed the seat as he pushed the head through her tight hole.

“Just relax,” Anna coached, “it gets easier.”

Angie breathed like a woman giving birth, trying to invite Shawn deeper inside her. He worked himself in and out about 3-5 inches inside her, fucking my petite wife with just the head of his cock.

“Ungh!” Angie snorted, as her pain turned to pleasure, her mouth open in disbelief of the feeling she was experiencing. Then quickly snatched her breasts and stomach as she erupted on Shawn’s dick. Her body shaking and her eyes rolling back in her head,

“More, deeper.” She huffed, and Shawn slid about half way inside her, Angie reached down and gripped his shaft sticking out of her.

“Fuck!” She cried and came a second time, impaling herself further on his cock, now barely 3 inches till bottoming out.

“I want it all.” She begged between gasps. He gripped her shoulders holding her in place and slowly pushed himself in all the way. Angie let out a nasally bleating groan as her body shook and eyes rolled back as if she was going to pass out. He simply held her balls deep in her cunt, allowing her to feel every inch of him as he swiveled his hips fucking her deep inside her womb. Angie’s stomach shuttered as she clinched and released his dick inside her.

“I’m going to cum.” Shawn moaned blissfully then started the long journey of pulling out. My wife’s cunt stretched open and her lips pulled around his head gripping him not letting go.

“It’s okay, cum inside me,” Angie begged him to stay inside her.

“No… your tits. I want to cum on your tits.” Shawn sat down on the bench seat behind him. Angie knelt between his powerful legs and as she did Anna knelt behind her. Anna groped Angie’s large breasts, kneading them in her hands before guiding my wife to her husband’s monstrous cock. Anna wrapped Angie’s soft flesh around him and slowly moved them up and down, fucking her husband with my wife’s tits.

“Jesus, they’re heavy.” Anna laughed realizing she was repeating what Angie had said about Shawn’s cock.

Shawn went rigid and thrust his hips up to meet my wife’s tits, the shiny purple dome emerging from between her huge boobs, as a geyser of cum erupted from the head. Anna let out a little shriek of surprise, but continued to bounce Angie’s tits, as another eruption shot from her husband’s cock, jet after jet of cum spurting from his cock, and showering Angie with his cum, splashing on her tits, and on Anna’s hands. By the time his orgasm subsided, the two of them were covered in thick white cum.

Anna and Angie looked at one another with cum dripping from them and laughed.

“Wow!” Angie gasped, “that was a lot of work.” She huffed rubbing her arms, and jaw. “No wonder you’re in such great shape.” She said to Anna and sat back in the seat behind her.

I had been stroking my little dick watching them, and looked to my wife and asked if I could cum inside her.

She spread her legs and looked between them, her pussy was stretched, red and swollen. “I think it’s going to be awhile before we do that again.” Angie huffed, “Stop playing with your little penis and take us home.”

I got dressed and moved back to the driver’s seat and took us home. I might not have liked him much, but it was apparent we were going to be spending a lot more time with Shawn and Anna.


The End.



  • Great!

  • Peanutguy25

    Great. I has a freind of mine come over. Who had a 10 inches and do my wife. She loved every inch of him. She made faces I never seen. When she is loving my 2 1/4 inches lol. Took 3 weeks b4 she could feel me again

    • Brad the Volfan

      did You Get To Watch as He Did Her?

      • Peanutguy25

        Sure did. The hole night. I stuck my ti y dick in her mouth while he was doing her at the same time. She love his huge dick.

  • dlnatelli

    Great story


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