Bae’s Bully (Gay/Bi SPH)

By your_big_brother.

“Where’s my Bully though?” He smiles.

“You want a Bully Boy tonight?” I whisper.


“You want a Dickhead Bully?”

He nods, so I quit kissing and pin him down on the mattress by his wrists.

“What’s the matter, gay boy? You getting a dirty boner down there?”

I lower my hips push-up style, gently stroking his crotch with my own, keeping my torso high and staring him down.

“What is that? A fucking boner?”

When I know he’s good and ready, I jump to tug his briefs. He tries to keep himself covered, but there’s no stopping me, and his cute choad peeps out for my cruel entertainment. I guffaw idiotically.

“Is that your fucking hard-on?”

He tries to cover himself again, but I keep him exposed.

“You got a fucking one-inch dick!”

In fact, my sweetheart has a perfect two and three-quarter inch boner, but whatever.

“That’s fucking hilarious! It’s the smallest penis I’ve ever fucking seen! …tiny, piddly, little, penis!”

In our tussle, his precum rubs all over my knuckles, and I kick-off.

“Urgh! What the fuck? Look at these pee stains! You’ve been pissing your pants all day! Letting out little squirts of pee every time you think of my dick!”

Babe shrinks from me, but I straighten him out.

“You’ve been dreaming about my dick all day, getting your panties wet with your silly choad! Look at the state of it! Did you think I’d ever let a dirty little faggot like you get on my dick?”

I let my 9-inch boner swing out of my boxers and jerk on it for him to see. He glances down.

“No fucking way!” I scoff, pinning him down a second time, “You’re asking for a slap, gay boy. You’ve been cruising for it.”

“Slap me,” he begs breathlessly.

“I’ll slap your ass,” I bark, turning the angel over on his front.

I leave several red handprints on his butt cheeks, striking him hard enough to feel the sting in my fingers. Then I snatch the waistband of his shabby briefs and yank them up high in an awesome wedgie. Babe creases in discomfort, and when I realize I’ve caught his balls in a painful knot, I pull harder.

“Ow, fuck!”

I only have to remember how he broke my heart when we first met. How he went off with Shay and made me watch them kissing in the club I worked. I’m still sore about it, and the memory is all I need to get mean with bae.

“What’s the matter, gay boy?” I bite, “Did you think I was gonna kiss you or something? Did you think you’d get a taste of my dick? You didn’t think I’d be crunching your balls, did you? I swear if you’ve still got a stubby down there…”

Throwing him on his back again, I find his inevitable stubby and get mad.

“You’re such a fucking faggot! I got to teach you a fucking lesson, son!”

I force my big dick up his asshole.

Bae’s so cute and short. We line up face to face when I pound him.

“Is that what you wanted, gay boy?” I jeer.

After going at him a bit, I push my thumb around on his wet bellend. “This isn’t a dick. It’s a fucking clit. I’m gonna fuck you like a girl. Take a real Man’s dick, you silly bitch.”

After a few minutes like this, I can tell he might cum. He’s already shivering with a nice butt orgasm.

“You better not cum tho!” I threaten, deliberately teasing it out of him. “I swear if you cum I’m gonna fucking…”

And he shoots his load all over his belly. I act quickly, snatching his balls with one hand and dealing them a sturdy spanking with the other. I get four or five strikes in as he’s still pumping.

“Ow! Ahh, fuck!” comes the sweet gasp I’ve been waiting for.

“You better not be enjoying this!” I persist, rolling my palm around on his spent glans, and making him squirm.

We definitely need to get cuffs tho, and he keeps snatching my hands away!

Finally, I give in and collapse to whisper in his ear,

“You know I love your little willy so fucking much, Babe.”

“Ah, don’t spoil it!” he moans.

“What?” I rail, “Right, that’s it!”

And I’m trying to be like ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy,’ but honestly, it’s kind of hard to get mean enough for this boy. I’m just so in love with him! He’s everything I ever dreamed of. He got me right where he wants. I’ll do anything.

I’ve got to come up with something new! Something shocking! There are a million mean guys out there. Babe could get himself a bigger Bully any day of the week. I’d never get over it.

I can do this! I tell myself.


Channel your inner Thug.

Suddenly I’ve got one hand on babe’s neck, keeping down as I pound barbarically on his ass. With the other hand, I give him a regular slap on his face.

He’s always asking for a slap, but now he’s got one, it properly shocks him. Didn’t say our safe words, though, so I give him another.

Bet the little brat has never felt so utterly dominated in his life, choking under my power.

Wow, I didn’t know I could be such a total G.

I keep it up till I shoot, going weak a brief moment with a smirk as I climax. Of course, there’s hugs and cuddles afterward, but tonight was the next level. I feel like a new me. A mean me. And my mind’s already turning with new ideas. I can’t wait to get creative on babe’s ass. He wants a Bully – I’ll make him sorry he asked!

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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