Allison Swallows… NOTHING!

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by stacey_lynne

Petite Allison was inexorably attracted to Liam at the gym. They barely crossed a smile acknowledging each other’s presence, but Allison was always very aware when he came in to work out. To her 28 AA chest, Liam was powerfully built. To her almost 5-foot height, he towered over her at over 6 feet tall. His legs were massive; hers were slender, almost stick-like. Whereas she preferred aerobics mixed in with some very light weights to tone her muscles, Liam could and would easily bench press over 300 lbs.

What most appealed to petite Allison was Liam’s gentlemanly demeanor. He was always very quiet, extremely polite with everyone, always minding his own business, always with a gentle smile and a twinkle in his eyes that reflected genuine sincerity. Petite Allison would steal an occasional, furtive glance at him whenever she thought he was not looking. If by chance their gaze should meet, he would smile softly. Petite Allison would blush profusely, like a little girl caught staring at a forbidden picture.

Deep inside, petite Allison wanted Liam so badly! No matter what routine she was working on, the instant Liam walked into the gym room, petite Allison would immediately feel the slow, incessant trickle of wetness between her legs. She took to wearing sanitary napkins lest that wet spot on her leotards betray her real feelings. Yes, petite Allison really wanted Liam so much! But she was too shy to say anything. And he was too polite to even approach her with a casual word or two.

Oh, that and the fact that Allison was [happily] married and had never since thought of another man.

Late one night after a long work out petite Allison walked out to go to her car. It was pouring outside! She was too concerned about walking in the rain, so she waited under the awning for the rain to let up a bit. She heard a soft voice behind her, “Nasty outside. May I walk you to your car?”

Petite Allison turned. It was Liam! She had never really heard his voice before and was surprised that such a powerful man should have such a soft, pleasant voice. She felt her legs quiver. Like the sweetest honey, the softness of his voice inebriated her. Totally speechless, she stared at him. She could feel her legs giving way; she could sense a strange, crooked smile on her face.

Liam, ever the gentleman, opened a huge umbrella and offered his arm. Petite Allison took it and they walked out into the rain together, arm-in-arm. Petite Allison felt so secure, clinging to his huge biceps, her face up to his broad shoulders, the huge umbrella sheltering them from the misery of the rain. Petite Allison could not remember ever feeling so vulnerable and so well protected at the same time.

They did not say a word, even as petite Allison clung to Liam and he pressed his arm against his muscular torso. She led him to her car. He towered over her protectively while she fumbled for her keys in her purse. Her fingers were trembling so hard she could not control them, much less find the keys.

Suddenly, and for no good reason, petite Allison lost all semblance of self-control. She spun around, dropped to her knees, pulled Liam’s gym shorts down to his ankles and started to kiss his penis very lightly.

It was so small!

Petite Allison thought quickly, “It must have caught him by surprise.”

She continued to kiss it, over and over, all over. His penis did not seem to grow at all. Petite Allison was quite frustrated. For such a huge, powerful man, she had as of late often fantasized and masturbated thinking he MUST had a huge cock. And yet in fact, Liam had such a small cock. Surely she must be doing something wrong. “Oral sex with a man was sometimes so frustrating,” she sighed to herself.

And yet no matter how she tried sucking on his cock, it simply was not growing.

Petite Allison took his entire cock in her mouth and realized that it was extremely hard. It was harder than any other cock she had ever had (not that she had had that many).

Petite Allison was thrilled out of her mind!

Huge, powerful, handsome, gentle Liam had a lovely, tiny penis!

She started to suck on it with gusto! It fit perfectly in her mouth, all of it!

She did not have to strain her lips nor open too wide to take it in!

She could take it all the way in and still not feel he was gagging her!

Petite Allison decided she would kiss and suck and roll her tongue and work her lips ONLY on his glans: all over, all around, all of it; nothing more, nothing less.

Huge, powerful, handsome, gentle Liam’s lovely, tiny penis was totally perfect!

And so sweet, too!

She used her hands to slide what seemed to be a flap of a foreskin all the way back to better expose his glans, her tongue rolling over his crown. She felt his two hands cradle her face gently: she knew he was enjoying it almost as much as she.

She slid her hands down to his testicles, pulling them back and down, all the while stretching the flap of his foreskin back as much as it would give, and then just a tiny bit more. Petite Allison could sense she was giving the best blow job performance of her life. Under the huge umbrella, the pouring rain had ceased to be a cause for concern. Her entire mind, body, and soul were focused on Liam’s lovely, tiny penis.

Petite Allison felt Liam start to tense up. His huge hands caressing her face were taut. Doing something she had never tried before, still clasping his testicles and pulling his foreskin back, she slid her middle finger down, pressing against his anus. It was tight, but she persisted and Liam seemed to ease up just a bit, just enough for her to get the first phalanx in, just enough to start wiggling it inside, groping for his prostate.

Liam seemed to be losing his balance.

Petite Allison was out of her mind with joy!

Her mouth worked her wonders only on his glans, sucking and kissing and licking it all over, rolling her tongue over and over his crown.

Petite Allison suddenly felt Liam tighten up, all over, his muscles tense up all over, everything so totally tight, except that he seemed to be dilating his anus, welcoming her middle finger to enter all the way inside. His lovely, tiny cock was hard like a diamond, its glans just as smooth and deliciously sweet.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, petite Allison felt the unmistakable contractions and convulsions of a male orgasm.

His body went into spasms.

His testicles pulsated powerfully.

His anus tightened up and loosened all the way.

His lovely, tiny cock pulsated and jumped all over her mouth wildly.

Petite Allison kept her mouth on his glans, now eagerly sucking it with all her might, seeking to swallow that huge, enormous load of creamy cum Liam was propelling out.

She sucked avidly.

She sucked with all her might.

She sucked with all the power her lips could muster.

She sucked with all the forced of her lungs.

She sucked… nothing!

Petite Allison was confused, her brain spinning out of control, not knowing what was happening, what was going on, what she had done wrong.

Out of the corner of her eye, away in the distance she saw the flashing yellow lights of the security patrol of the parking lot approaching. Quickly she stood up, puling up Liam’s shorts in the process.

The security guard called out, “Everything OK, miss?”

She stammered a reply, “Yes, thank you. I had dropped my keys and he was holding the umbrella over them so I could find them.”

The guard helpfully shone his flashlight, petite Allison managed to find her keys and unlock her car door. She thanked the guard and looked up at Liam. She had the strange smile of a woman madly in love and yet a total loss for words.

Liam broke the uncomfortable silence, “Good night, miss. I am glad I could be of service. I will be out of town for the next few weeks, and look forward to meeting you again.”

Petite Allison felt her heart swell with tender love as she watched him walk away to his car. The security patrol followed him until he got in safely and drove away.

Petite Allison sat in her car for the longest time. She did not know what had happened. Surely Liam had a massive orgasm. She was in a daze. She did not understand what had happened. She knew Liam had climaxed. She could not possibly figure out what had happened. Had she done something wrong? Had she hurt him? Maybe such a lovely tiny penis could not ejaculate? Petite Allison was so confused, poor thing.

As the thought whirled about in her mind, petite Allison felt something very strange. A warm, gooey sensation was slowly working its way down her neck. Her hand lazily moved to her neck: maybe she was perspiring too much?

Her hands froze.

It was the unmistakable feel of ejaculate!

Her hands raced down her neck.

Her neck was covered with ejaculate!

From her neck down to her cleavage, petite Allison was bathed with abundant, warm, gooey, sticky ejaculate!

She tasted it.

It was so sweet and creamy!

She scooped up as much as she could in her hands and savored it!

The entire front of her gym top was splashed with ejaculate!

Petite Allison could not figure out what happened!

She drove home, her mind still whirling about. Her husband was already home, so she waved hello and went straight upstairs to the shower to wash herself and her clothes. She did not know that had happened.

All she knew was that it had been magnificent!

It had been perfect!

Huge, powerful, gentlemanly Liam had a lovely, tiny penis!

And he had splashed his ejaculate all over her!

He was perfect!

Her husband wanted to have sex that night: she let him. As she lay on the bed, legs spread apart, she let her husband fuck her in missionary position. All she could think of all along and well past when her husband was finished was of Liam and his perfect, lovely, tiny cock. She waited for her husband to roll off and fall asleep, and then masturbated four or five times, until totally exhausted she too finally fell into the deepest slumber.

Petite Allison spent the rest of the next two weeks trying to understand. It was only when she went to see Dr. Gayle, her gynecologist, for her semi-annual check-up did petite Allison have the nerve to ask. As she was lying on the examination table, legs wide apart and high up, she gathered the courage to ask Dr. Gayle. Dr. Gayle asked her to describe exactly what had happened. Petite Allison told her everything, down to the finest detail.

Dr. Gayle smiled, “Allison, it seems from what you are telling me that your Liam has hypospadias. It is a rare but not abnormal condition. It is just that his pee hole is placed way down his penile shaft, as opposed to at its tip. So, my dear, he ejaculates normally, but just not where you would expect it to come from. That is why he drenched your neck, cleavage, gym top, and beyond! What he has, we just call it hypospadias, or hypo for short”

Petite Allison let out a sigh of relief. “I think I want to get to know him better. You cannot imagine how much I just love his lovely, little, tiny hypo penis!”

Dr. Gayle leaned over and kissed her lightly on the mouth, “Yes, Allison, I can tell you love it. And you will in time discover many more beauties and features in it. Now, be a darling, relax and spread wide because I need to take a long look deep inside you!”

Petite Allison felt like a woman come to life again. Her libido soared. Her sexuality took on a new dimension. She smiled up at Dr. Gayle.

And she made a vow.

“I promise I will never, ever have oral sex with any man other than Liam and what from now I will call MY lovely, little, tiny hypo penis!”

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