Afternoon Tea

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by msapril81

When the doorbell rang I was ready and waiting. Justin was always on time for our little playdates. It was rather flattering really and it made the planning much easier.

I opened the door to and ushered him inside. He greeted me nicely and I sent him upstairs to the spare room to prepare himself.

Shortly afterwards I heard his footsteps as he made his way carefully down and joined me in the front room. He was naked and a little shy. It was understandable – his nudity contrasted strongly with my own outfit, a no-nonsense black knee-length skirt and a white blouse with a pussy bow at the neck. My legs were sheathed in white nylon.

I was sitting at the writing desk in the corner as he paused in the doorway.

“Over here” I pointed to a spot beside me, turning sideways on the chair as he approached.

He stood on the spot indicated, eyes demurely on the floor as I made a slow study of him, running my gaze the full length of his body. His small penis hung limply over his smooth hairless scrotum. Actually, it was hard to tell if it was in the early stages of arousal or not, he wasn’t blessed in the trouser department and initial signs of swelling were hard to detect.


He obeyed, presenting me with his rear view. I scanned the full length of his body again. He was impressively hairless and smelt faintly of the floral soap I had given him at our previous session. That brought a smile to my face, I do like obedience in a boy.


He was improving with each session. This time he bent fairly smoothly from the waist without shuffling his feet or overbalancing.

“and spread”

He knew the routine, reaching around with both hands to grasp the cheeks of his bottom and hold his crack open for my inspection. A quick glance was all I needed to see that he was clean and hairless there as well, but I left him in the position for a minute or so. I have to admit that taking a lengthy look at someone else’s anus may not seem the most arousing thing to do, but having someone adopt such a subservient position for me is always a little exciting.

“Thank you”

He released his cheeks and returned to an upright position. One last command and he was facing me again.

I asked a few questions about his hygiene/bodycare regime. He responded swiftly and respectfully. Taking my pen I used it to raise his cocklet and leant forwards to take a close range look at his scrotum. The whole area was as hairless as the rest of him and I commended him for his attention to detail and general presentation. I continued with questions about masturbation. Had he been wanking as much as ever? Or had he managed to hold off as I had asked? had he been tempted? Sadly he had. Oh well, early days. At least his answers were swift and respectful. I kept a discreet eye on the clock behind him as we conversed. We were nicely on schedule.

A few more minutes of this and I turned back to the desk and produced a packet from a drawer.

“Here’s your outfit for this afternoon.”

The packet contained a pair of white tights and he trembled slightly as he took them from me.

“Put them on for me now” I instructed. He stepped back to give himself room as he hopped from foot to foot, getting them on. He might have been more graceful if I’d let him use the chair but we both knew how silly he looked wresting with the nylons and a little extra humiliation never hurt anybody. It took a little tweaking to align them perfectly but in short order he was stood in place wearing his new tights. I was privately delighted that my sizing guess had been correct. They clung to him like a second skin and his genitals made a clumsy bulge at the crotch, the fine material doing nothing to hide his body from me. They were possibly a little small for all day comfort, but there was no excess material to sag or droop.

“Very nice, but I think you need one more thing”

I stood and left him for a moment, to fetch the other item from the next room. Telling him my plan for the afternoon as I came back.

“A friend of mine is in town this afternoon, and knowing that I would have my own sissy maid in the house I invited her over for tea.”

This was a key moment. This was a new departure for us. Our sessions together had always been private affairs. I knew Justin well enough to be fairly sure he would go along with this, but if he was going to protest or back out, this was the moment. The key to conquering any brief stirrings of rebellion was to plough onwards and give them no time to rise to the surface. I showed him the scrap of lace and ribbon in my hands.

“and every maid needs a proper uniform.”

I reached up and arranged the tiny cap across his forehead, wrapping the ribbons around his temples and tying them at the back. We were close enough in height that I could reach without any difficulty. It also meant that as I stood close in front of him, he could smell my perfume and feel the bow of my blouse brushing against his chest. If he had any thoughts of protest he didn’t voice them.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. His skin was warm and pink, offset by the pale white of tights and cap.

“Lovely. If you go back to the hall you can see how pretty they are on you”

I followed close behind him. In the hallway he paused to admire himself in the full length mirror and I stood looking over his shoulder, seeing the eagerness in his eyes as he studied his reflection. I snuck a quick glance at my watch. We were right on time.

“In the kitchen are some things laid out for tea. Pop the kettle on and fill the teapot then prepare a tray for two please.”

He obeyed without a quibble and I repaired to the front room to wait for Corinne. I was just about to reach for my mobile and check on her whereabouts when the doorbell rang.

“Justin.” I called “Could you get the door please, that will be Corinne.”

He appeared from the kitchen a little hesitantly but again obeying without protest. I didn’t think he would back out at this point for he was visibly aroused, his little dickie standing upright, pointing up at his navel. It was in no danger of reaching that far but it was impressive for him.

He made his way into the hall and I heard him open the door to Corinne. The intervening door muted their words but the bright tone of her greeting and his answering murmur were still audible. It had been a few weeks since I’d seen Corinne but when I had rung and enlisted her for the day’s fun I had briefed her on what to expect. As he showed her into the room she had a sparkle in her eyes. She was also dressed for the occasion in a sleeveless fawn dress that suited her skin tone wonderfully. It was almost smart enough to be considered business wear but the top was scooped perhaps a little too low for office use. It did however show off her cleavage to great advantage.

We greeted each other warmly with a kiss and as she settled on the sofa I seated myself in the partnering armchair and sending Justin back to his preparations.

“Thank you Justin, I’ll ring for tea shortly”

He bobbed his head in an awkward fashion and left us. I tried not to react but I was annoyed. I hadn’t used Justin as a maid before and hadn’t given him any specific training for the job. I suppose he had tried to show the right attitude with his halting bow-cum-nod but he was clearly unsure of what was appropriate and the end result had been ungainly. It hadn’t escaped Corinne’s notice. She grinned at me

“You’ll have to teach your maid to curtsy properly.”

“I know. I’ve taught him the basics of being my toy but I never thought to include a curtsy. It’s not a big problem.”

In fact, having a fault to correct would save me from having to invent or manufacture one. We exchanged small talk, and after a few minutes I picked up my little silver bell and rang it. Justin appeared cautiously carrying the tea tray. His steps were a little slower than normal and he was clearly focused on not spilling anything as he walked. We watched in silence as he placed it on the coffee table in front of us. I know I was focused on the teapot and the milk jug, watching for spillages. If I knew Corinne though she was watching Justin’s eager little erection as each step dragged his tights back and forth across it.

I instructed him to pour for us and we watched in silence as he handled milk, tea and crockery with as much dignity as a man in tights and a lace cap can. The pink flush across his face and chest betrayed his self consciousness. To be fair to him, he handled the tea things well, he had a deftness of touch and a certain delicacy of movement that suited the role. After handing us both a cup and saucer he offered the sugar bowl, then replacing it on the tray he stood by the table awaiting instruction. Corinne kept her eyes on Justin as she took a sip of her tea.

“Very nice.”

“Thank you Miss.”

“Mistress Corinne.” she corrected gently.

“Yes Mistress Corinne.”

He was a fast learner. Corinne was smiling broadly. She might be new to this but she was clearly loving it as much as I had thought she would. She glanced at me.

“May I?” she asked

“Be my guest”

She stilled her smile, adopting a sterner tone and turned back to Justin


“Yes Mistress Corinne.”

“Is this your first time as a maid Justin?”

“Yes Mistress Corinne.”

“I thought so. You have promise, but there are a few things you need to be taught.”

She took another sip of tea. I was impressed, she seemed at home with this situation, even if it was her first time playing the Domme.

“Have you been taught how to curtsy?”

Justin hesitated. Maybe it had sounded like a criticism of me, pointing out something I had failed to do. I like to think so, it was sweet of him to want to defend me. However he was bound to speak the truth.

“No Mistress Corinne.”

“I thought not. However it’s something we can take care of easily enough”

She gave me another glance, seeking my permission. I gave a slight nod and she continued.

“Take a step back to give yourself room.” Justin obeyed. “You’ll have seen girls curtsy before now, even if only in films. Why don’t you try it for us now?”

Justin’s eyes rose to me for a second, as though confirm that he should be obeying her commands. I merely raised my eyebrows expectantly and his eyes dropped to the floor again. He paused, as though thinking the movements through then, holding his hands out from his sides slightly he slid one foot behind the other and dipped a few inches, then with a bit of a wobble returned to his starting position.

“Hmmm.” Corinne wasn’t terribly impressed. “At least you have a rough idea. But there are two parts to a curtsy. The idea is to bend the knees and bow the head. Try it again, but as you bob down, really tuck your chin into your chest.”

I could see what she was getting at. As he was starting with his head slightly bowed, it wasn’t obvious that he was bending his neck. His second attempt was better, his head dropped as his knees bent. He was still a little off balance but it was an improvement. Corinne continued.

“Better, but still a little rough. I want your back straight, and your hands by your sides. If you were wearing a skirt or an apron you could take the sides and spread them as you curtsied but in that uniform your hands should remain where they are, not wave around all over the place. Again please.”

Once more Justin bobbed. I helped myself to a biscuit from the tray and watched the show. Corinne was doing superbly. She had Justin bobbing up and down, each time tweaking his action a little, whether it was the position of his feet, the speed of the action or the depth of the curtsy. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Justin seemed to be enjoying himself as well – he was breathing a bit more heavily, possibly from the strain of all the balancing as he practiced, but possibly because each curtsy rubbed his cocklet and his nylons together. I let her direct him for a while before stepping in. At the conclusion of a curtsy I cleared my throat softly, Corinne turned from Justin and I spoke.

“Much better Justin. Thank you Corinne, I only wish I’d thought of it myself. However I think we had better pause for a moment before our maid falls over.”

Then I allowed a note of disappointment to enter my voice

“Oh Justin! Have you no self control?”

Corinne’s expression was one of puzzlement and Justin’s wasn’t far off.

“You’re making a mess of your tights, and I’ve only just given them to you!”

It was true, a small wet patch was evident around the head of his little dick. He was clearly aroused enough to be leaking precum into the mesh. He flushed and apologised.

“Sorry Mistress April”


I pointed to the floor next to my chair and he stepped over to my side.

“Hold this” I held out my cup and saucer which he took obediently. Taking the waistband of his tights in both hands I tugged it out and down over his genitals, tucking the elastic under his scrotum before releasing it.

“There. If you can’t control yourself, then that should at least keep your uniform clean for the moment shouldn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

I took my tea back from him and turned to my guest.

“I must apologise Corinne. You come to tea and all we do is correct my maid. I am so sorry. You must tell me what you’ve been up to recently.”

The gleam in Corinne’s eye said that she was quite enjoying correcting the maid but she played along and we began to chat about all that had happened since we last got together, leaving Justin stood by my chair, eyes on the floor and stiff little dickie pointing pinkly at the ceiling.

Time passed and the conversation meandered as we enjoyed our tea. I asked after her family. We talked clothes and holidays. All the while our maid stood by my chair, white nylons and cap contrasting nicely with his soft pink skin. Bless him, he was doing well enough but as we girls chatted, his cocklet was beginning to droop a little. It’s only natural. Without Viagra or a cock ring, not many men will sustain an erection for the duration of a full session. That he had stayed hard thus far I took as a compliment. It might be the presence of two attractive ladies, it might be his own outfit, the subservient position he found himself in, or some combination of all those factors. Whatever the cause, his stiff little dickie was a clear indicator that I was doing something right.

Honesty compels me to admit that tucking the waistband of his tights under his scrotum was probably helping. It’s the basic principle of any cock ring – restrict the blood flow a little so that more of it stays trapped in the penis. Nevertheless it pleased me that he had stayed hard so far.

However as conversation turned to Corinne’s job at the museum I saw out of the corner of my eye that Justin’s small stiffie was getting a little smaller. I wondered if I should perk him up a bit, maybe reach out and give it a stroke or two. Done in a casual manner, much as one might stroke a cat twining around your ankles, not giving it my full attention.

I hesitated though. It would probably surprise Corinne and break her flow. I wasn’t ready to make Justin the focus of our attention again and if she broke off to watch me fondle our servant, that would definitely alter the feel of the occasion. Instead I decided to move things along in another way, Justin’s dickie would just have to wait for the moment. We had both finished with our tea, I offered Corinne another cup, which she declined, then ordered Justin to clear away the tea things.

As he gathered the cups and saucers, Corinne and I kept chatting. She was describing a recent trip. The museum had sent her to the midlands for a series of pointless meetings. She had me giggling as she described the dull hours spent in conference rooms in towns like Ashby and Northampton. I sympathised

“I’ll bet the evenings were no picnic either.” I added “I can just picture it, aging hotels that might have been grand a century ago, with a Corby trouser press in each room, populated by middle aged sales reps, and no restaurants open past six-thirty ”

Instead of chuckling along with me Corinne blushed a little “Well almost” she said, and there was a sparkle in her eye. I sensed a tale.

“What?” I demanded “You don’t mean to tell me you hooked up with one of those photocopier reps?”

“Oh dear god no.” She looked aghast at the suggestion “Not a traveling salesman!”

“But there was someone wasn’t there?” I wasn’t going to leave it there.

“Oh yes.” She was smiling openly now. “It’s a cliché, but he worked at my hotel. It was just the kind of place you’re thinking of. Dust in the corners, an ancient TV on a wall bracket, trouser press on the wall. There was a small formal garden out the back which still had champagne glasses and confetti in it from a wedding a week before. It was all rather downmarket. Well, the first night I couldn’t get the TV to work and rang reception. They sent up this young man who fiddled around with it until he finally found BBC1 for me.”

“And then you seduced him? It’s like the plot of a seventies porno”

“No I did not!” she retorted “I have some standards you know. He was cute though, and really rather sweet. We chatted as he tried to fix the telly for me, he was doing a degree at the local ex-poly, I asked him about his course, he asked about the museum. It was all very civilised. I did not pull a Mrs Robinson on him.” She paused and watched our maid at work for a moment. “At least not that night.”

“I knew it!” I said “What are you like?”

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have thought of it.” she replied “That Sunday was deadly dull. I think I was the only guest in the place, waiting for the final meeting on Monday. Slow internet and only the one TV channel. I was getting a breath of air in the garden and I bumped into him going off duty. I was bored, and like I said, he was cute so I went for it.” she shrugged “He certainly didn’t put up a fight.”

“I’ll bet.”

“And it was so worth it!” she leant forward eagerly, “He was big enough to satisfy any two women!” she held her hands out to indicate a length somewhere around nine or ten inches.

I was a little startled – and I wasn’t the only one – there was a rattle of crockery as our maid stumbled. I shot him a quick glance

“Justin! More care please.”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“Wash those things up and return to us.”

“Yes Mistress April.”

Whilst we waited for our maid’s return I pressed Corinne for details and she obliged. It was certainly a racy story and by the time Justin rejoined us I was feeling a tingle between my thighs. However there were important details to attend to first.

I stood and pushed my chair back. Corinne made as if to rise but I waved her down and indicated to Justin that he should stand in the spot where the chair had been. He stood meekly to attention facing down the length of the coffee table. His little cocklet was definitely flagging now. I suppose washing up isn’t the sexiest thing in the world.

“Have you finished in the kitchen Justin?” I asked “All the tea things are washed and dried?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“I hope so. You have performed adequately so far today and it would be a shame to slip up now.” A pleased look flashed across his face before he could hide it. I continued.

“I hope you note my choice of words. Adequate is far from perfect. No good servant should be satisfied with adequate. There is much to be improved upon. We can work on deportment and etiquette at our leisure but right now I’m a little annoyed at how easily you allowed yourself to be distracted.” I walked over to my writing desk and continued speaking “My guest only had to mention another man’s penis and you gave such a jump that you almost dropped the tea tray. Don’t misunderstand me, the penalty for actually dropping the tray would have been severe, but I feel that a little punishment might serve to focus your mind.” I opened the desk drawer and pondered my choice of implements. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

There was a brief pause. I loved that pause. The conflict in his mind was clear to all of us in the room. The only acceptable reply was ‘Yes Mistress April’, but to say that was to accept an unknown punishment.

“Yes Mistress April.”

I smiled and selected a heavy hairbrush from the drawer. A few steps brought me back across the room to stand behind him.

“Good boy. Now bend and place your palms on the table.”

He did as instructed, bending from the waist and placing both hands on the knee-high surface, leaving his nylon clad bottom high and vulnerable. Corinne watched with clear interest from her seat alongside the table.

“Remember to count for me.” I reminded him.

“Yes Mistress April”

Whap! The slap of the solid wooden brush made a very satisfying sharp noise against his rump.


Whap! The other buttock


I gave him a quick half dozen, three on either cheek, not too hard, but hard enough that he felt them sting. Corinne’s eyes were dancing and a thought struck me – I held out the brush to her

“Mistress Corinne?” I made it a question.

She was eager, that much was clear. She made her way around the coffee table to join me. I handed her the brush and stood back.

Whap! it wasn’t the hardest blow but it was a good start




“Don’t be afraid to hit a little harder if you like” I suggested

WHAP! she took my advice to heart. That one was almost a tennis forehand, catching Justin’s buttocks on the up and rocking him forwards.

“Nine.” There was a slight catch in his voice. That had hurt.

WHAP! she unleashed another blow.


Whap! This one wasn’t as brutal




Not sure if Corinne would stop on her own, I gently laid a hand on her arm. She grinned at me and handed back the hairbrush. I pointed to the sofa and she got the message, and wordlessly returned to her seat. Once she was settled I stepped forwards until I was in front of Justin.

“You may stand.” he returned to his upright position, arms tight against his sides. There were unshed tears in his eyes, Corinne really did have a strong arm.

“Thank You for my punishment Mistress April.” I was pleased that Justin remembered the formula.

“And?” I raised an eyebrow. He caught my meaning

“Thank You for my punishment Mistress Corinne.”

“Well done Justin.” I was happy that he had taken his punishment without complaint. He really did have promise. What was needed now was a little positive reinforcement.

“Please bring me a tea towel from the kitchen Justin”

“Yes Mistress April.”

Corinne looked at me questioningly but I only had a few seconds to explain

“He’s earned a reward. You don’t have to stay for this if you don’t want”

“I have no intention of missing this.” She stayed firmly put on the sofa.

Justin returned and handed me the tea-towel which I spread on the coffee table. I had him stand in the same place at the end of the table but this time with his legs almost touching the table edge.

“You took your punishment well Justin and I think you deserve a reward.” I rested my hand on his bright red buttocks and he jumped a little, whether through surprise or discomfort I wasn’t sure. His dickie began to swell once again.

“Would you like that?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“Good boy.” I let my hand caress hit bum gently “I want you to put on a show for us. To start with you need to be good and hard, you may use your hand.”

He reached for his cocklet and with a few fumbling squeezes had brought his erection back to life. I stopped my caress and leant past his shoulder to peer at his groin.

“Are you there? Is it properly hard?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“Hands off then.” I took a couple of steps forwards to get a view of him from the front. He did present a pretty sight.

“Isn’t that cute Corinne? I don’t know why but I find the sight of his little pink stiffy adorable.”

Corinne was giving the item in question a good look. “I think I know what you mean. When you first told me he was small I thought it would just be funny, but there is a certain attraction there.” She pursed her lips in thought “Not a sexual attraction, I can’t imagine it plunging into me and making me moan in pleasure. It’s more a like a curiosity, an ornament or a toy to be played with.”

“You’re certainly right about that. From what Justin has told me it certainly does get played with a lot and I’m eager to catch a live show. Go on Justin, start stroking. Remember though, no spurting without permission.”

“Yes Mistress April.”

His hand returned to his cocklet and began stroking again. Well, stroking may be the wrong word it was more of a gradual squeeze than a stroke. When you don’t have a lot to work with long full strokes of the whole hand are out of the question. As he worked his dickie I began a gentle questioning.

“Did you enjoy being my maid today Justin?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“You liked standing there in your nylons, and lace cap, serving us tea?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

I asked my questions steadily, not harshly, not wanting to break his focus.

“And did you enjoy your lesson on curtsying from Mistress Corinne?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“It is nice to have an obedient servant who knows his place. Some men are born to obey a Lady’s commands. It seems to suit you Justin, your cocklet has been hard for most of the afternoon. Have you wanted to stroke it all that time?

“Yes Mistress April.”

“If you were at home and it got as hard as that, you would have wanked off straight away?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“But then you would spurted your gooey mess in a heartbeat and it would all be over.” He was building a steady rhythm now. “Stop!”

He took a moment to register the command, then his hand fell away to his side. I let the silence hang between us for a moment, before continuing.

“Are you enjoying jerking your willy in front of two ladies?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“More than tugging it by yourself at home?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“Good, you may start again, slowly though, this isn’t a race.”

Once again his hand returned to his cocklet and began a steady rhythmic motion. I stepped up beside him and saw his eyes flicker as I drew close. I kept my voice low, unthreatening.

“So, you’re saying that stroking for me, when I want to watch is better than whacking off by yourself?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

I didn’t want to give him time to think that one through in too much detail, the next question came quickly on its heels.

“It would be even better if I gave you a hand wouldn’t it?” I held my hand up, fingers curled, as though grasping a penis.

“Yes Mistress April.” The response was a little breathless.

“Would you like me to touch your willy for you?”

“Oh Yes Mistress April!” the possibility had definitely shaken his self control. There was a pathetic eagerness in his tone

“Stop stroking!” I gave his bottom a little slap to emphasize the command. “Hands at your sides.”

He was flushed pink all over now, and as I watched a clear drop of pre-cum seeped from the tip his cocklet.

“I’ll bet you would like me to lend a hand. But what would I get out of it? I have no interest in tugging on a man’s cock. If that’s all I wanted there’s hardly a shortage of willing men out there to practise on. If I do this for you, I shall want you to do something for me in return. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress April. Anything you want Mistress April.”

“That’s a good boy Justin. What if I asked you to come and see me next week at the same time, would you do that for me.”

“Yes Mistress April. I would love that Mistress April.”

“And instead of wanking away by yourself all through the week, do you think you could wait until we saw each other again?” there was a slight pause

“I could try Mistress April, if it would make you happy.”

“It would make me very happy Justin. I do like watching you wank, and I hate to think of you wasting all your sperm by yourself. I asked you to try and cut down last time and we both know how that went don’t we?

“Yes Mistress April.” he looked a little ashamed.

Do you think you could do better this time, if it’s only for a week? Would you do that for me, promise not to wank without me there to help you?”

“Yes Mistress April.”

“Then say it for me Justin.”

“I promise not to wank until I see you next week Mistress April.”

“Good boy Justin.” I was very pleased. “Hands on your head!” his hands went to his head, fingers tangling in his lacy cap.

I held my hand up to his face, index finger and thumb extended

“Suck them.” I instructed. A puzzled look crossed his face, but he took first one then the other into his mouth. “Get them nice and wet.”

Removing my hand I formed the two damp digits into a small ring and wrapped them around the shaft of his penis, just below the head. He gasped in delight and his little dickie twitched under my touch.

“Now I want you to fuck my hand. You know how, start humping.”

It took a moment for my meaning to sink in, then he started to thrust his hips back and forth, sliding his cocklet in and out of the ring formed by my finger and thumb. I let him have a few thrusts.

“Is that good?”

“Yes Mistress April!”

“Isn’t it so much better than doing it by yourself at home?”

“Yes Mistress April!”

“Humping away at my hand like a dog in heat whilst my friend watches you?”

“Yes Mistress April!”

“Good boy. Now speed up for me, pump like you mean it”

I tightened my grip slightly, and he obliged, throwing his groin back and forth in short strokes, panting as he went, his whole body swaying with each thrust. His face took on an expression of concentration and beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. I watched him carefully, noting the changes in his body as he neared orgasm. Judging his growing pleasure and selecting the right moment to prompt him

“Do you want to spurt Justin?”

“Yes Mistress April.”


“Please may I cum Mistress April?” there was a tremble in his voice

“Yes Justin, you have my permission to spurt for us.”

I adjusted my hand slightly to aim him down at the coffee table. He closed his eyes and gave a few more thrusts before gasping loudly as a jet of white cum shot out across the tea-towel spread there. I held my hand in place for a few seconds as he gave a last half hearted thrust or two and then released his member. Corinne clapped in delight

“Well done Justin, a fine show. Stay there for a moment I shall be right back”

He stood there a little weak kneed, in the aftermath of his orgasm. It was the work of a moment to step into the hall, and collected a few items from the downstairs bathroom. Returning to my guests I handed Justin the damp flannel

“Clean yourself up with that.” I was brisk and business-like again. He applied it to his cocklet and balls, flinching slightly at the cold of the water I had used. Meanwhile I tugged his tights down to his knees then knelt down at the coffee table. Moving the tea-towel aside, I opened the box I had fetched and started sorting through its contents. Corinne’s eyes widened as she worked out what I had with me, but said nothing. As Justin’s cleaning paused I took the flannel back off him.

“Eyes on the wall opposite, hands on your head!” I commanded.

Selecting the correct parts I took Justin’s balls in my hand and attached the first plastic fitting around them. It was then that he spoke

“Umm, Mistress April?”

“Yes Justin?” I tried to make my tone as cold and impersonal as I could

“What is?.. umm.. I mean what are you?…” he tailed off uncertainly as I kept working.

“It’s a chastity device Justin.”

“But Mistress April…” again his concerns tailed off

“You did promise Justin.” I reminded him, slipping the smallest penis attachment over his cocklet. “You won’t wank until you come back next week. I know that you meant it, but once you’ve gone back home that promise may not be so easy to keep. This will help you.” I locked everything into place with the padlock and stood up. He was looking down at his new cage.

“Eyes on the wall Justin.” I chided

“But Mistress April, you never mentioned a chastity belt.” He complained.

“It will be a reminder of our time today, not only will it let you keep your promise, but each time you want to wank and can’t you’ll think of me and anticipate our next meeting.” There was a slightly sulky look on his face. “Of course, it’s only a small padlock, you could always take a pair of bolt-cutters to it, but that would make me very unhappy. You don’t want to make me unhappy do you Justin?”

“No Mistress April.”

“There’s a good boy.” I leant forward and pulled his tights back up to his waist, covering his new device. I was rushing him a little bit, but I wanted to stall any more protests. He could have all the doubts he wanted during this next week, but once he was away from here he had only two choices, accept the device and wait for our next playdate, or take it off, and stop coming to me. I was fairly certain which he would choose. Giving him time to quibble about it here would just be vexatious for both of us. I gave him a peck on the cheek.

“You’ve done well today. Why don’t you pop back upstairs and put your street clothes again. You can keep the tights, but leave the cap on the bed.”

He obeyed, leaving the room and headed upstairs. I turned back to Corinne,

“Sorry about that. I don’t mean to leave you out, but this is a fragile moment. He’s right, he didn’t agree to this, but it’s a test. Obeying in little things is easy, playing games he wants to play is no challenge. This is asking him to take a fairly big step – to do something he’s not really happy with just because I want him to?”

“Do you think he’ll keep it on?” She was intrigued

I moved my arm chair back into its original position and started to tidy away the remaining debris of our afternoon.

“I hope so. They’re not the cheapest things in the world and you can hardly give someone a second hand one. It’s a gamble, it might be money thrown away, it might be a smart investment. We shall see.”

The tea-towel and flannel went into the kitchen, the extra parts of the chastity device went back in the box, all was straight again in no time. We chatted until we heard Justin coming back downstairs and went into the hall to meet him. He looked very different in his everyday clothes, and there was still a sulky air about him.

“Thank you for being my maid today Justin. You did very well. I look forward to seeing you next week.

“Thank you Mistress April.” he managed, and Corinne moved in before he could add more,

“It was lovely to meet you Justin. I had a wonderful afternoon, and I do hope to see you again sometime.” she shot a glance at his groin “Are you still wearing the tights? His blush was all the answer she needed and she giggled. “Wonderful. It’s been a pleasure Justin.”

He stumbled through a return pleasantry and before he knew it I had the front door open and was ushering him out into the street.

“Until next time!” I made it a cheerful farewell and closed the door behind him. Corinne waited for a heartbeat before bursting into peals of laughter

“I cannot believe the things you get up to!” she was delighted “You are a terrible person! I can’t believe he did those things, humping your hand like a spaniel, letting you lock his dick away in a cage. Can he even go to the bathroom with that on?”

I returned her smile with a triumphant smirk

“I will answer all your questions in good time – but first, can I offer you something a little stronger than tea?”

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