A Matter of Size: Part 2 (Gay SPH)

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By quipogo


It took me near a month to recover myself from the “gym encounter”. I did my best to avoid thinking about it, with the hope of being able to get it away from my mind. I even stopped watching porn, because every time I saw a porn actor in action, it triggered all my memories about what happened. At first I tried to focus on the girl, but each time I saw a blowjob or a butt-fucking, I simply was unable to keep my mind in the man’s side.

As a part of my “therapy”, I decided to try a fresh start. I started going to another gym not too far from the old one. Step by step, I saw my world recovering. In the new gym, I met a cute girl named Vicky. She was very hot, and I was unable to keep my eyes away from her.

One fine day, I plucked up the courage to ask her for a date. I was very nervous, it took me a lot of effort to say the words, and it was a little disaster. Surprisingly, when I was already regretting about being so bad in those things, she accepted. It seems that she found funny my clumsiness, lucky me.

The next few weeks were simply awesome. She was smart, funny and we had a lot of things in common. I did not want to screw things up, so I did not try to have sex with her in the first few dates. I did not have to wait too long. In the third date, when I went to her apartment to go dinner with her, she took the initiative. After some warm up, directly got down on her knees, took off my pants and underpants and started giving me a blowjob. It was so hot and unexpected that I almost came in a few seconds. Fortunately, I was able to hold on a little.

She stopped a moment, took it in her hand and told me “Do you like this, sailor?” with a perverse smile. “I love it! You are really awesome”, I responded. “We barely started”, she replied, and continued with it. I relaxed a little and start caressing her beautiful blond hair. I was in heaven, all the problems went away, in that moment everything seemed to have sense in my life.

After a while, I realized that I would not be able to hold on too much without cumming. I told her, and she took my cock out of her mouth. She seemed to have much deeper plant than a quick blowjob for that night.

Her body was so perfect, I just wanted to touch everything, to taste everything. Her round boobs, her hard nipples, her neck, her belly, and of course, her pussy. I licked it all, enjoying every single moment. She started moaning, and told me that I was very good with my mouth. That made me proud of myself, I would have done whatever it takes to satisfy that woman, and the positive feedback made me focus even more. She pushed my head against her, and finally reached the orgasm.

I gave her a couple of minutes to recover before moving to the main dish (or that was what I thought). Before I realized, she jumped over me and put me lying on my back. She impaled herself and started to ride me from that position. I felt like dreaming, that was so hot that once more I was about to cum.

I was almost ready to cum, but it was her who managed the tempo. At some point, she suddenly stopped. “Keep doing that please, I’m about to cum!” I told her, “Not yet, we need to do a couple of things before, sweetie” she replied. Then, she got off of me and put herself in all fours, with her back arched. That gave me a perfect view of her beautiful butt. She was looking at me while swayed her hips slowly, like she was trying to hypnotize me.

“Do you like my back?”.

“Yes, it’s awesome”, was the only thing that I could say.

“Would you like to put your dick inside?”, she told me with her best vicious face.

She left me speechless. I responded with an affirmative gesture, like I was a shy child.

“What about tasting it first?”.

I nodded.

“I want you to lick it all with your tongue, would you do that for me?”.

I nodded again.

“I want to hear it from your lips”, she demanded.

“I would love to lick your ass, put my tongue inside it and taste it all”, I confessed.

“That’s my boy! Go on, it’s all yours”.

It was the first time in my life that I did something like that. The feeling of spreading out her round ass checks with my hands and rub her hole with my tongue for the first time was something that I won’t forget. After that, I could not stop. It was depraved, and that made me enjoy it even more than her pussy. It was perfectly clean so I did not have the sense of being doing something actually bizarre.

“Oh yes, keep on licking, do it harder! Put your tongue inside!”, she shouted.

I did it. Her ass was relaxed, and it was not hard to introduce my tongue inside. I kept licking it and penetrating her with my tongue while she moaned out loud. After some minutes, she decided to move forward to the next step:

“Ok, I have had enough of your tongue, it’s already time to use that little thing”, she said pointing at my crotch.

She did not need to tell me it twice. I put my cock in her entrance and pushed a little. Ironically, it was the first time that I had anal sex with a woman, so I tried to be careful, I did not want to harm her. To my surprise, it entered completely almost without effort.

“Come on, do it hard and fast, I want to feel that!”, she ordered.

I tried to follow her instructions. It was obvious that she had no problems in managing my size, even without too much warming up. Anyway, she seemed to enjoy it and I was in ecstasy. After a while, she told me:

“Would you do something for me?”.

“Yes, of course, anything!”, I responded.

“I want you to cum in my pussy”.


“Oh, just thinking about my pussy filled with your seed… It make me feel so hot!”, she moaned.

I did not want to finish yet, but she had pushed me to the limit. “I won’t be able to hold on much longer, I’m about to cum.”, I told her. She turned around and stayed lay down on her back, with her legs spread. I was barely able to reach her pussy before starting to cum uncontrollably, so most of the semen landed over it, more than inside.

“Wow, you have come a lot, it seems you really needed a relief”, she told me when I finished.

“I think so… I haven’t been very active lately, sexually speaking. I’m sorry that I made that mess”.

“Actually, I love all this seed around my pussy, even better than inside. In fact, now we have a problem”, she told me in a sensual way.

“Tell me what? Have I done something wrong?”, I asked her with anxiety.

“On the contrary, it’s just that I’m still as hot as hell”, she moaned.

“Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready again!”.

“I cannot wait for so long, and you are so good with your mouth… I need it just now and here”.

She was caressing her pussy, impregnating her fingers with my semen. She kept her eyes on my while she took her tongue out and tasted one of her fingers.

I hesitated, not knowing how to react. Finally, I told her “but… my cum is all over it”.

“Yes that’s the best part, please, it would be so hot, you would make me so happy! Come on, I’m sure you are not one of those prudish guys. It will be fun and tastes really good, you’ll love it!”.

To be honest, the situation made me hot again, and a part of me, the perverted one, loved the idea. But it was the part that I was trying to make it disappear for months.

I was in a great dilemma. That chick was absolutely amazing, she didn’t say a word about the size of my penis, and even let me fuck her ass. How could I deny her the only thing that she was asking for? Besides, her pussy looked so hot with all that cum. The taste of John’s was so nice, I enjoyed so much taking it in my mouth… and after all, I was having sex with a beautiful woman, it cannot be anything more “straight” than that.

So, I convinced myself that it was right, and without saying a word, I went directly to it. I started sucking avidly all the seed while I rubbed her pussy with my tongue and lips.

“You are doing so good, you like it that way, don’t you?”.

“Yes, it’s perfect”.

“Do you like the taste of your own semen over my pussy?”, she said with a kind of “mistress” tone.

“Oh yeah”, I responded without even thinking.

“Is it the first time you taste cum?”.

“Yes”, I said.

“Liar! Swallow everything, you are going to make me cum!”, she shouted while squashing my head against her groin.

Eventually, she had her orgasm.

We did that many times. In fact, licking my cum off her had turned into the standard way to finish. The first couple of times, I felt weird after it, but as time passed it woke up my hunger. Each time I tested semen, I had flashes of John’s cock erupting in my mouth and everything else.

It was uncontrollable. It seemed that all the period in which I had tried not to think about all that stuff in reality had fed my desire in a twisted way. Eventually, I started watching gay porn. I felt a deep desire to suck those gorgeous cocks and being penetrated by them. As much as I wanted to refuse, John’s was right, I was unable to escape my desires.

One day, I felt the urgent need to do something, and went to my old gym. When I saw him, I almost backed out, but it was too late, he already had seen me. It was early, and he was still with his outdoor clothes. He greeted me with a big smile.

“Hey buddy, where the hell have you been?”, he asked me while we shocked hands.

“Hi John, well, I subscribed another gym, I hope you don’t mind”, I told him.

“Don’t worry, that’s life. But tell me, how is your life? I have missed you”.

“Everything’s good, now I’m dating a girl from my new gym, her name is Vicky”, I said proudly.

“I’m glad for you, lately you seemed very frustrated about your personal situation”, he said with a complacent tone.

“I suppose you are right”, I admitted.

We were in the reception with people crossing the main hall all the time, which it made me get even more nervous. I did not want to get too “personal” in that situation, so I basically stayed quiet.

“So, what are you doing by here?”, he finally asked. Without giving me enough time to answer, he continued, “don’t tell me, you want a good protein shake”.

“Hmm no, I mean…”, I responded totally ashamed.

“Don’t worry, it’s normal, you know that our protein shakes are the best in the town, I remember how did you liked the taste last time”, he said with irony.

I was scared to death, every body was going to realize!. I could not say a word.

“You don’t need to be ashamed. I don’t mind if you are now in another gym, I’m sure you still want the best product, and that’s what I can provide you, because you still want it, right?”.

“You are right”, I stuttered.

“Ok, I have no much time now, but if you come with me to the warehouse, I’m sure I will be able to give you a good sample. Come on, follow me”, he said while doing me an invitation gesture.

My legs were trembling. Once we were there, he turned around and close the door behind.

“So, are you going to tell me exactly what did you come for?”, he asked me with a wry smile.

“I.. well, you know… I cannot hold on any more…”, I stuttered again.

“Hold on? What?”, he told me with a more aggressive voice.

I broke down and told him: “Since the last time I was here… I tried to forget about it, but eventually… I cannot help it, I’m desperate! Please, let me feel it again!”

“If you want to feel something, you will need to be much more clear”, he said with irritation.

I finally shouted what he wanted to hear, all the truth:”Your cock! Your big manly cock, that’s what I want to feel. I want to touch it, taste it, suck it, I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to swallow all your semen!”.

“See, it was not so hard, was it?. I told you, you enjoyed it too much last time… and believe me, you were born to take care of big cocks. I have not a lot of time now, but a friend is a friend, so given that you are so desperate, I will let you take care of my cock”.

I did not think twice, and knelt down in front of him. I unbuttoned his tight blue jeans and lowered the zip, with the same expression as a child opens his first Christmas present. His bulky underpants came to my eyes, and I started to caress the bulge with delight.

Finally, I took down his underpants. His member sprang out despite it was totally soft. I wanted to rub it, smell it, feel it. First, it was the touch, soft and warm, then the smell, as intense as attractive, and finally, the taste, salty and delicious. I put all of it in my mouth, and I could feel how it was growing inside, forcing me to open my jaw more and more. That was a new sensation, and once again, it was amazing. Then, I wet my lips and started to french-kissing his mushroom, following carefully with my tongue all its curves.

It was so big, it just looked so manly that it was like he was out of the scale. It did not matter that I considered myself straight, because his sex was so much more masculine, that the idea of me taking his cock seemed nothing but to follow the natural order.

There I was, on my knees, in a dirty little warehouse, sucking a cock for the second time in my life. Not only that, I had gone there with the only purpose of doing that. I did not understand why I wanted it so desperately, I had a beautiful new girlfriend that satisfied me, but still needed to be a whore for that cock.

With all those sensations, I increased the rhythm and pressure. John liked that, because now he was moaning and guiding my head, almost fucking my face. He pushed me strongly against his belly, forcing me to take it all. He did not need to fight with me too much, and eventually I was able to take all of it in my throat. In fact, I almost came doing it when the arousal mixed with the gag reflex.

John was also already deep into it, and was enjoying his dominant position. He started telling me dirty things, like: “Take all of it, cocksucker”, “I told you, you would come to me for more”, “your mouth and throat was made to take big cocks”, etc., but that was not enough for him, he wanted some feedback:

“Tell me how did it happen? What made you come for more?”.

“I could not resist anymore, I was desperate to feel this beautiful member again”, I responded after taking it put for a moment.

“I can see that. Is your girlfriend aware of your ‘little secret’?”, he asked.

“Of course not”.

“That’s not fair, does she know at least that you came to visit your old friend John?”.

“No, she doesn’t”.

“Well, if you are going to live in a lie, at least do it well. I want you to call her right now, and tell her that you came by here to say hello to your old friend John, and I want to see how well you suck cock while you lie to her”, he said with a intimidating tone.

“Come on, John, leave her apart”, I begged.

“No way, trust me, it’s for your own good”.

“I cannot do that”, I tried to argued.

“You can and you will, if you want to feel my hard meat again”.

As always, he won. I could not believe I was doing that. I took out my phone and dialed her while I had his dick in my other hand.

“Come on, keep on sucking”, he whispered.

Vicky picked up the phone and said “Hi honey”.

(Gulp) “Hi Vicky, how are you doing?” (gulp)

“Good, I was about to go to the gym, will you come with me?”.

(Gulp)(gulp) “Not today, I came to visit my friend John from my old gym” (gulp)

“Ok, you haven’t told me about him, are you two very close?”

(Gulp) “You could say so”, I responded, what made John laugh loudly.

“Is there anything wrong? What is that sound?”.

(Gulp) “Nothing, just interference, I have low coverage here” (gulp)

I was feeling as guilty as horny, and that was turning me out more and more. At that point, I would have said or done anything to keep savoring that piece of meat. I even had stopped responding her. Then, John did something unexpected, he took the phone off my hand, activated the hands-free and started talking to her:

“Don’t worry, I will cover you, keep on sucking”, he told me covering the mic with his hand.

“Hi Vic, this is John, nice to meet you”.

“Hi John, nice to meet you too, what happened to Quip?”.

“Nothing, he is giving head, I mean, a hand, here in the warehouse with the stuff. You know how willing to help he is always”, he said almost laughing.

“Yes, that’s him”.

“He talks about you all the time, and I just wanted to know how your voice sounds, and I must say it’s very nice”, he nicely said.

“Thank you, it’s very kind of you”.

“Hey, I will throw a party in my home next Friday with a few close friends, why don’t you two come, I would love to meet you in person?”, he asked her.

“Well, if Quip agrees, I will be pleased to go”, she replied.

“What do you say, Quip? Oh, he cannot speak right now, but he is thumb up, so it’s done”.

“Great! See you there then, bye”, she said, and then hanged up.

The situation had pushed me to the limit. On one hand, I felt horrible, not only I was cheating that beautiful fiancee, and not only with a guy, but I was doing it actually while speaking with her. But on the other hand, that perverted situation had released all my inhibitions.

“I need so bad your cock inside my ass… please, will you fuck me?”, I asked him.

“Sorry, princess, this time you will have to get along with taking it in your mouth”, he answered.

That was like throwing cold water on me. I was desperate, and told him so: “but, I need it so bad, please, I beg you! I’ll do whatever you want!”.


“Yes, whatever”.

“Ok, then I want you to offer my cock to your girlfriend at the party. I want you to see how she reacts when you take it out of my pants for her”.

I felt shocked, he could not be asking me that. I stayed frozen some seconds and finally responded: “But… but… are you fucking out of your mind?? no way!”.

“May I remind you that you’ve just taken a conversation with her WHILE you were sucking my dick? The least you could do is to share it with her. That way it won’t be cheating any more”.

“But she will never agree with it, and what will she think about me? She will take me as a fag and will leave me”, I argued.

“Don’t be silly, if she likes having sex with you and your little thing, my cock will drive her crazy, and she will understand your submission when she see it”.

“I don’t think I can do that”.

“You can see it from another perspective: if you does not share your desire for my cock with her, you will be coming back to me for more and more, cheating on her, living a lie, is that what you want? Do you think that it is what she deserves?”, he told me in a convincing way.

“No, of course not…”.

“Great, then stop the chat and show me that girly ass, I’m dying to feel that stretched hole opening again for my cock!”.

I was intoxicated by the desire. I reacted quickly, lowering my pants and underwear and put myself in all fours, exposing my pale butt for him.

He went down on his knees and put his hands on my butt cheeks. He slapped them several times and rubbed them. That turned me on even more. It was like all my senses were in my ass. He spread out my butt cheeks and put his big thing between them.

I was scared but horny. He did not give me much time to think about it, and soon I could feel his mushroom rubbing my hole. This time he was not so careful, and after a little warm up, he put the half of it inside me with a single thrust. It hurt like hell, I shouted in pain.

“Shh, someone will hear you”, he whispered.

“It hurts!”, I shouted.

“Does it mean that you want it out?”.

“No, no, I can take it”.

“That’s my faggot! You need to get used to be taken like that, bitches like you deserve to be taken rough”.

“Mmm yes, do it that way! I want all your magnificent cock inside me!”.

With a second sharp thrust, he put all of it inside, slapping my butt with his belly and hitting his balls against mine. That also hurt, but this time it hurt good, and instead of a shout it was a loud moan.

For the second time in my life, I felt my inside filled by his cock. He stood that way for a few seconds, pushing all the way in. I could even feel the pulse of his veins in my tight ass.

When I got used to it, he started fucking me like there was not tomorrow. At that point there was no doubt, I was now a bottom. I never had such an intense feeling in any other kind of sexual activity. It was not only the sensation of being filled, but the act of stilling my manliness, making it disappear. Ironically, in that position all my worries went away, I only needed to relax and enjoy it.

I was moaning, almost crying. After some minutes (I lost the track of time), he took it completely out and then impaled me in a single stroke. That woke me up from my trance. His cock was pressing hard my prostate, and that made me ejaculate not only without touching, but even without climax. I captured part of it with my hand, and without hesitation, I licked and swallowed as much as I could.

Then, he started pounding me again, but this time I was actively moving, making my butt beat against his belly time after time. My ass had become my main sexual organ. During minutes, I remained at the edge of the orgasm, but instead of cumming the pleasure kept increasing and increasing. I was “overloaded”, and it made me feel like I was about to explode.

“Don’t worry princess, I will make you cum like the sissy you are”, John told me.

“Oh yes, please, please, do it faster!”, I replied between moans.

“You have a pleasure machine inside that stretched ass, don’t you?”.

“Yes! It’s so intense that I can barely stand!”.

“After this, what you could not be able to do is to sit. Come on, move that hips like you know!”.

“Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me – I’m going to cum – please!!!”.

Finally it happened, the deepest and longest orgasm that I have experimented in my life, even better that those John provide me the previous time. The first cum jet went so far that almost hit my face. Then four or five more, I lost the count. After that, I was exhausted, unable to move.

John did not give me too much time to recover. He had not come yet, and told me that he was not going to let me go without making him cum. The truth was that, after so much pleasure, it was the least that I could do, so I put it in my mouth again.

It was not easy for me to do it in ‘cold blood’, but once I was into it, I got excited again. Once again, I was enjoying that blowjob a lot, knowing that the reward would be his hot cum. For the first time that day, I took my cock in my hand and started to jerk off.

It did not take too long before I felt his cock started tensing. I accelerated the rhythm, and the orgasm triggered. I felt the powerful spasms of his meat in my mouth and lips, and at the same time the cum jets hitting my throat. It was overwhelming, the amount of semen was out of proportion. I swallowed everything. Then I stroke my cock like a teenager and came again while his big dick was still in my mouth.

When we finished, he made me clean everything. Then, we went out of the warehouse, back to the reception, and he say good-bye to me like nothing happened, after making me remember our deal with this sentence: “I will see you both at the party”.

Once again, I felt sunk. How was I going to look Vicky again after what I have just done? She did not deserve that, I was a piece of shit, I had to compensate her in any way, I deserve to be punished.

Eventually, she would find a way for both things, but that’s another story.

The End.


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