A Little Honey

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by indentcouple

My relationship with my husband, Tom, is changing dramatically, so I went on line the other day to see what other wives think about a husband with a small penis. I was shocked with the number of letters. In particular, I read this posting:

“My husband has a small penis (around 4 1/4″ hard). I’ve learned to love his little thing. I know he’s embarrassed about it. One time I talked him to letting me shave it, it was so cute and next to my hairy bush he looked so small & pale. I even have pictures! One time (just because I wanted to see her face) I left a picture of him clean shaven in all of his tiny glory in our album where his mother could see it. She was pretty embarrassed but then had a good laugh… has anyone else ever done anything like this to their boyfriends or husbands?”

That posting prompted me to write my story. I am Vicky. I had very little sexual experience before I met my husband to be. I had only been with two other boys. Both boys had a nice penis, but they each came within the first minute or two and it was not very good (each boy noted that my pussy was really tight). When I met my husband I knew that his penis was smaller than the others I had seen (and felt), but he lasted at least five minutes and sex with him was a much more pleasant experience.

To fully appreciate what has happened, you have to know that Tom is a big brawny Irishman, about 6’1″, about 210 lbs. And is 29 years old (although he looks older). Tom always referred to me as his “little honey.” I am only 5’2″ (OK, 5’1-1/2″), with long strawberry blonde hair. Although I am 24, people tell me I still look 15 years old (In fact, although I never told Tom, a saleslady once asked me if Tom was my Father).

I married Tom because he is simply the most loving and caring man, a lot like my own Father. For the first year of our marriage, I really enjoyed making love to Tom. He was always eager to please me and his penis felt just right in my very tight little pussy. Then I got pregnant and my body began to change. My breasts, which were always small, got big and my soft pink nipples became thick and long when excited. My desire for sex increased and my pussy got wetter and seemed bigger. For the first time I became frustrated with my husband’s small dick. I realized that I was becoming a woman, and even though he looked like a man, he was still a boy.

As I got bigger and the angles for sex became limited, I could hardly feel his small penis in my now large pussy. Since he no longer felt any friction, my husband was also disappointed. To keep him happy, I began to give him oral sex (something I rarely did before). To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. While his small dick did nothing for my pussy, I loved his little thing in my mouth. I would masturbate myself while I sucked him. This was the best sex of my life. Controlling his little penis with my mouth, rather than having him jab at my pussy, was very exciting. Feeling him squirm and whimper gave me an incredible sense of power and control. I would set the pace, all the time manipulating my engorged clit. When I wanted, I would guide his face to my wet pussy and instruct him how to lick me. I started to orgasm, which I then realized I had never done before.

About three months after the baby was born, my sex drive returned. We returned to our pre-baby routine of me sucking his pee-pee while I masturbated myself and, if I was in the mood, push his face down to my wet sex and let him lick me. If he hadn’t cum in my mouth, he would then finish himself off in my now very wet and engorged pussy. At these times I never felt his small cock inside me (the only way I knew he was finished was when he rolled off me).

I really did like to suck his small penis, but I hated his public hairs in my mouth. One night, on a whim, just as I was about to take him into my mouth, I told my hubby that I think I would enjoy sucking his cock more if he would shave off all of his pubic hair. Well, he ran into to the bathroom as if I had told him that there was gold in the toilet. I couldn’t believe that he would shave off his pubic hair at my mere suggestion. I got a rush. While he was in the bathroom, I changed into a see through nightie.

My thick nipples easily pressed through the material and I wantonly spread my legs and began to play with my hairy pussy. When he came out, his diminutive, hairless penis made me giggle. I thought he would be hurt, but his little thing became rigid in response to my laughter. I held out my arms, and said, “Come here baby, let Mommy take care of your little pee-pee.”

Even as I said it, I thought I had insulted him, but he ran to the side of the bed and stood waiting for my next direction. My thought was that he looked like a tall boy waiting for a physical from the sexy school nurse. It was a prophetic thought. I licked his hairless sack and dick while I played with myself. He came quickly. When he did I spread my legs even further. Without prompting, he buried his face in my pussy and ate me better than ever before.

Our other main activity was his sucking my breasts after I feed the baby. Tom always liked to suck my tits, but since the baby, my nipples are so much thicker and longer. I often saw Tom stare at me while the baby nursed. One time the baby feel asleep while feeding and I really needed to drain my milk. Tom was watching. I carried the baby to his crib, my tits still hanging out of my shirt. I saw Tom was sitting in a chair, looking at my swaying tits. I noticed the small tent in his PJ’s.

I walked back to the right side of his chair, rubbing the lower side of my tits and pulling on my nipples. “I hate when the baby falls asleep while nursing,” I said. “My tits fill up with milk and its gets uncomfortable.” I was still pulling on my nipples, milk started to leak from my left tit. Without another word I gave my left nipple one more pull then moved forward so that my left tit was just inches from Tom’s waiting mouth. I pressed forward and Tom opened his mouth and accepted my mother’s milk.

As my milk started to flow, Tom really began to suck. When he finished with my left tit, I sat on his lap and feed him my right tit. As he sucked, I felt his little erection. I moved aside my panties and fished his penis out of his PJ’s and into my pussy. I did not move up and down. I just sat on his little cock, gently rocking while Tommy nursed. As my right tit drained, I think I felt him cum. I cooed, “That’s my boy.” And moved off when his soft penis limply fell from my pussy.

This went on for a few more months. I would make one or two comments about “Tommy’s” small, hairless penis and he would fall right into a little boy role. He routinely sucked me dry after I nursed the baby (although I did not always sit on his lap). He seemed to enjoy the light teasing and we were having fun. Then my pussy began to ache for something more than my fingers and a good licking. We would try to have ‘normal sex’ but it wasn’t good for either of us.

One night before sex I discussed this with Tom and, although he was embarrassed, he was also anxious to please me. I even thought that the entire conversation about his inability to make me cum with his small dick excited him. When I suggested that I might discuss the issue with my Mother, Donna, who is nurse, I expected Tom to protest but his penis seemed to jump at the idea and he simply said, “OK.”

Then dipped his head down and began to suck on my extended nipple.

Without describing our activities, I told my Mother that since the baby my body hadn’t really gone back to normal.

“What do you mean?” My Mother asked.

“You know…” I stammered. “I’m not as… tight as I used to be.”

“Oh,” she pondered. “I suspect not. I had forgotten about that. You and I are built very much alike. Before I had your brother I had a very tight little twat and a flat chest. But after having a baby my chest stayed big and my tight little twat turned into a very big pussy,” Mother laughed.

I was taken aback by my mother’s graphic language. As a nurse she had always been very practical and direct, but never crude. She sensed my reaction and continued, “Oh don’t be a prude. We are both mature women now. Both mothers with sexual needs. If we can’t talk to each other, who can we talk to?”

I nodded.

She continued, “I remember after the baby your father and I had to redefine our sex life. Your father had a nice build but after the baby he just didn’t… fill me the way he used to.” Mother then gave me a tentative look and continued, “Considering that Tom has such a small penis to start with, you must be super frustrated.”

“Mother!” I exclaimed. “How do you know anything about Tom’s penis?”

“I’m a nurse, sweetheart. I’ve seen him at pool parties. Walking down the hall in his underwear at night. Do you think I am to old to look?” She laughed again.

Getting over my shock, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked, “What did you and Dad do?”

“Well everything is individual dear. What works for us may not work for you.” I must have looked dejected because she continued, “Why don’t I come to your home on Saturday after work and we can discuss it some more. Do you think Tom will talk to me about it?”

“Well I told him that I was going to talk to you. He did not seem to mind.” [I did not tell my Mother that Tom seemed excited by the idea].


My Mother arrived on Saturday afternoon in her nursing uniform. Now I have to tell you about my Mother. She is 46 years old. Her hair is a darker red than mine. She is short, like me, she has bigger breasts and her nipples poke through almost everything she wears. Mom looks her age, but she has that beautiful older woman look, something like Ann Margaret.

We sat for a few minutes while Tom got us all a drink. After some chit chat, Mom got right into it, “Tom, Vicky mentioned that since the baby, your sex life has changed and she asked me for advice. Is this OK to discuss with you? Or would you be too embarrassed?”

Tom was taken aback for a second, but answered, “No, I mean yes, we can discuss it.” Tom fumbled, “You know, it is important to Vicky and I want to make her happy.”

“That’s what I love about you Tom. You always put my Vicky’s needs over your own.” Then my Mother moved next to Tom and sat on the ottoman. “Stand up for a second Tom, let me have a look at you.”

Tom stood up. Neither Tom nor I knew what was coming. “Now pull down your pants and let me examine you.” Tom’s face was in shock, but he did not move away. Mother said, “Here Tom, let me help you,” and she reached for his belt. This time Tom reacted by placing his hands in front of his pants, but Mother still had a hold of his belt. Tom stuttered, “Ppppplease, Donna, I thought we..we were just going to talk.”

Without missing a beat, Mother said, “Thomas, stop acting like a little boy. I am a nurse. I see naked men all the time. If you want me to help with your problem, I have to examine you. Now stand still and let me remove your pants.” Tom moved his hands away, his face red. I saw my Mother give just the smallest smile.

Watching my Mother undress my husband was surreal. Despite myself, the thought of how humiliated my husband was going to be when Mother saw his tiny hairless penis sent a shock through my clit. I literally wet my panties. Once Tom stopped objecting, Mother moved ever so slowly, almost as if she was intentionally prolonging his humiliation. Once she had the belt off, she pulled down the zipper. Never looking up, she grabbed the sides of his pants and gave a gentle tug. I could see Tom’s small erection push against the descending pants.

Mom must have noticed too. She pulled the pants to the side, away from the little bump, and continued to lower his pants. Once Mom pulled Tom’s pants past his thighs, she let them drop. His pants fell in a heap above his ankles. Mom then reached back up for his briefs. Apparently to reassure him, Mother looked up and said, “It’s OK Tom. I have seen it all before.” Then, while still looking at Tom, Mother pulled off his underwear with one swift pull.

Tom was obviously mortified. If Mother was surprised by his small hairless cock, she did not let on. Tom’s penis was standing straight out at my Mother. She did not seem to notice. She pulled on his testicles and began to roll them like a small piece of cookie dough. For the first time I noticed the size of Tom’s balls. They were predicably small. But they looked ridiculously small in my Mother’s hand. She then pinched his sack, making his right ball bulge. “When was the last time you had an orgasm Tom?” Mother asked in her detached professional voice.

Tom was having trouble breathing, but managed to answer, “Two days.”

Still holding Tom by his balls, Mother turned to me and said, “Vicky, when Tom ejaculates, is there much semen?” I was in a daze and at first did not understand my Mother’s question. “Vicky, does Tom cum a lot?”

I composed myself, and responded in my most neutral voice, “No, I guess not. I mean I never measured or anything.”

“Well,” my Mother continued, “When he cums inside of you, can you feel him shoot?”

I looked at my Mother and said, “No, not really. When we do other things, you know, I feel it. But it just seems to dribble out, rather than shoot.” All this time, Tom just stood there, his naked genitals in my Mother’s hand. We were talking about him like he was not there.

“That’s what I thought. He has very little semen in his sack and he hasn’t cum in two days. I assume that he just doesn’t produce much. Let’s examine that penis.” Mother then moved her hand to Tom’s extended penis. She pulled at the skin. Examined the head and the surrounding glans. Tom did not move, but he was clearly enjoying the exam.

Then Mother shocked me again as she began to stroke Tom’s penis. “Don’t be embarrassed Tom, I just want to see how it looks when you are fully erect.” But Tom was embarrassed. He was leaking pre-cum and my Mother’s hand was getting wet.

Then Tom said, “Donna,” Tom moaned, his knees seem to be getting weaker, his face contorted, “I am erect. That’s as big as it gets.”

This time Mother could not help but laugh a little. She let go of this cock. Tom kept pumping the air. “Slow down boy, stop. You’re going to poke me in the ear doing that.” Tom stopped. Mother continued with a slight lilt in her voice, “Well Tom, you may be a tall man, but you are certainly not a big man. No really, you have a very healthy penis. Unfortunately, it is also a very small penis. Inside a tight young girl, I am sure your penis is very… well pleasant. But Tom, your penis is too small to satisfy a woman.”

Tom looked down. He seemed to be on the verge of tears, but his little thing was still rock hard and leaking. Mother gently placed her hand back on his penis and began to gently spread his fluid around. “Tom its OK. I can help. What we need to do is to increase your semen production. This is done by increasing your stimulation while controlling your ejaculations.” Mother then turned to me. “For the next two weeks, Tom is to be either naked or in a pair of loose cotton shorts whenever he is home. It is your job to make sure he has a constant erection, only to let him cum once a week. Starting today Tom does not cum until next Saturday. Mother suddenly moved her hand and tightly gripped the base of his little thing. then said, “Tom! I just told you not to cum and you almost came in my hand. Bad boy!” and Mom swatted his behind with her other hand.

After a minute, Mother released her grip and told me to come here. “Vicky, obviously Tom does not have much control over his ejaculations. You will have to control them.” My Mother looked up at my husband, “Tom, from now on you only cum when Vicky gives you permission.” Mother then turned her attention back to me, “Vicky, for the next few weeks you are to tease Tom every chance you get. As I said, Tom should be naked or in loose cotton shorts, without underwear, whenever he is home. You should do your best to keep him aroused. Stroke him during dinner, have him undress you at night, tease him by walking around the house in a see through nightie, have him give you a massage while watching TV, and let him continue to perform oral sex on you whenever you so desire. However do not let him cum until next Saturday night. If you feel he is about to cum, do what I just did by cutting off his orgasm.”

“How do I know when he is going to cum? And how do I stop it?”

“Here,” my Mother said, “I’ll demonstrate.” And with that she began to stroke my husband again. Mom had me hold Tom’s little sac, and feel when his balls began to tighten. We practiced on Tom like he was a test dummy with a penis. Two times Mother had me bring Tom to the brink and then deny him release. Then Mom said, “I think that is enough. If we tease him any more, nothing will stop his orgasm. Let him rest tonight and tomorrow you can start again.” Then she looked back at Tom and declared, “And no jerking off little one!” And she again slapped his naked ass.

“Yes Mam,” was Tom’s only answer.

“Lastly, Vicky it is up to you to monitor his sperm production. Naturally when he is allowed to ejaculate you should be able to tell if it is more than before. However it is a good idea to check his scrotum every night or so at the same time to see if he producing more semen. You do that by simply fondling his testicles. You will get use to feeling the difference between a full sack and an empty sack.”


For the next week I did exactly as Mother had told me. I teased Tom at every opportunity. I always wore loose clothing and gave him numerous glimpses down my blouse and up my skirt. In our bedroom Tom was always naked and otherwise wore his light cotton shorts. I could always see his erection. Tom gave me a neck massage each night and ate my pussy better than ever. On some days I would practice bringing Tom’s little penis to the brink with my mouth and hands, then cutting him off before he could cum, and on other days I ignored his penis completely, except every night I checked his sac and could feel the sperm building up inside.

To my delight, Tom seemed to enjoy this new twist in our relationship as well, which made me very happy and more horny. I think I came more that week than at any other time of my life. It wasn’t just Tom’s oral ministrations, it was the entire sexual game we were playing. I loved having Tom’s small dick and balls at my command. I really came hard after teasing Tom and then having him eat me. And each time I came, I had this vision of my Mother holding Tom’s little thing with that smile on her face. I realized that Tom’s humiliation was becoming my aphrodisiac.

By the following Saturday this grown man (with a boy sized penis) was following me around like a lost puppy. My Mother called in the afternoon to ask how things were going. I told her that things were going great. I had no idea that a man could be so attentive to a woman. Then Mother shocked me again. “Before you allow him to cum tonight, I have another suggestion for you.” (I was excited by the notion that it was up to me to “allow” Tom to cum), “I assume that you are keeping him excited and erect at home, but just think of all the time at work when his penis is soft and not producing sperm. We have to tap into that time. So… well, its up to you, but I suggest that before you allow Tom to cum, you discuss with him wearing panties to work.”

I sat in silence for at least thirty seconds. Where did my Mother come up with this stuff? Before I could answer, Mom continued, “Vicky? What do you think? Would Tom enjoy wearing panties to work? Would you enjoy telling him to do it?”

An there it was! Mom hit the nail on the head (the head of my clit that is), the thought of telling Tom that wearing panties to work was the price of his orgasm thrilled me to the core. I simply answered, “O.K. Mom, I will give it a try.”

That night Tom came home kissed me hello and, as had become our custom, went to shower and returned wearing a 2X large T-shirt and loose cotton shorts. After dinner I started my nightly inspection of his testicles. While I did so, I usually unbuttoned my shirt so that Tom could see my braless tits swayed with my actions. As I began to fondle his balls, I look way up to him and said, “Oh Tommy, your little balls seem so full and your dick has never looked bigger. I think keeping you hard all week has really paid off. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Once in the bedroom I removed my pants and panties, but left on the unbuttoned shirt. Tom laid down, while I sat upright next to him. I began to jerk him off, “I can’t wait to have you cum in my pussy. And I leaned forward and gave the small pointed head of his penis a light kiss. I could taste his fluids. I looked back up, “Tommy, I think I know a way so that you would produce even more sperm and your cock would get even bigger.

Tom groaned, “What Vicky? Anything. What?”

I moved my face away from his penis. I was still jerking him off, his penis now slick in my hand from his leaking fluid. “Well, I was thinking, you are doing great at home and you are obviously producing more semen then ever before,” I gave his balls a squeeze to reinforce my point, “and that is only from a few hours each night. Just think how virile you could be if you could also use your time at work to produce even more semen.” Then for no particular reason, I removed my hand from his pulsing cock and started to pull on my nipple, thereby spreading his fluid over my tit. I didn’t really do it to excite him. If anything, I did it to calm myself (the thought that I was about to ask him to wear panties to work to make him more “virile” was just too ironic).

But Tom moaned and I saw his knees start to buckle at my lewd display. Seizing the moment, I used my thumb and forefinger only and pulled the length of his cock (it really was bigger than ever!) and a large drop of fluid oozed from his cock head. I scooped it with my index finger and held it there while I said, “Tommy, when you go to work this week, I want you to wear panties.” I then spread my wet index finger over my now very stiff nipple. “If you will do that for me, then you can fuck me right now.” And I laid back and spread my legs.

I don’t know if Tom really heard what I said, but he was on top of me in no time. I could actually feel his penis inside me. After only a minute, Tom began to pant. “Slow down, big boy. Slow down. It feel so good. Take your time.” Then I moved his head to my tits. His thrusting slowed as he began to suck on my nipple. Then it occurred to me that he was sucking my nipple, my nipple with his fluid all over it. I grabbed his ass and began to hump like a wild woman. I was screaming, Fuck me, fuck me!!! I want to feel you come inside me.”

It was all too much. It all came back to me in a rush. My Mother giving him a physical with her little laugh. An entire week of teasing him with nothing to fill my pussy. He was sucking his own pre-cum off of my tit and next week he was gong to wear my panties to work!!! For the first time in our relationship I came with Tom inside me. Tom felt me spasm and I actually felt him shoot his load into my quivering pussy. It was my best fuck ever and I let him know, “THAT’S IT. I FEEL YOU CUMMING. FUCK ME. CUM INSIDE ME. OHHHH. SO FUCKING GOOD!!!”

That night, for the first time, I slept the sleep of a well fucked woman. In the morning I dressed only in a robe and went down stairs to feed the baby. When Tom came down later, I announced, “We will go shopping after lunch for your new panties.”

“I… I thought, we were… just… you know… play acting last night. You know… part of the tease,” tom replied, while looking a the floor rather than me.

“No Tom. I meant it and you promised.” Then my voice softened, “Besides, last night you were great. It was the best ever and I want to do it again, except next time I want you to be even hornier, have more sperm and a bigger dick.” All this time I was allowing my robe to fall open, exposing my tits. I could see his small tent start to form. “Come here.” As he stood next to me I examined his ball sacks with my hand under his shorts. I continued, “You really shot a load into me last night. I could feel it.” I started to stroke his cock. “Just as an experiment, you are going to wear panties to work for one week. If it helps to increase your semen production and increase the size of your dick, then maybe will keep doing it. But you are going to try it for a week.” It was a statement, not a question.

“O.K.” was all he said.

“Good, we will go shopping after lunch. Now be my big boy and clean and dress the baby, Mommy has to get ready to go out.”

After lunch we went to a local department store. Although I wasn’t sure if I would go through with it I told Tom that I intended to ask the young sales girl what size panties would fit him. Tom did not object, although his embarrassment at the prospect was obvious. When we reached the lingerie department I noticed the teenage sales clerk and I said, “So Tom, should we ask for assistance.?”

“I think I can do it myself.”

“O.K.,” I said because I did not want to push it, then I added, “But you better buy the right size or we will come back and you will have to try them on and model them for me and the sales clerk.” So there we stood, my 6’1″ husband looking through the large sizes of women’s panties, while I stood gently pushing the baby back and forth in the stroller. Then I added (loud enough for others to hear), “Make sure they are 100% cotton and I think yellow would be a good color.”

This forced Tom to really look through the selection. In the end he found what he was looking for and tried to hand them to me. I pulled back my hand, smiled at him and shook my head no, “They’re your panties, you pay for them.” Tom placed them on the counter and the completely uninterested sales girl started to ring them up. When she looked up I threw another set of panties on the counter and said, “Oh, and these are for me.” She looked up at Tom, back to the big yellow panties, and then laughed… just a little. Tom turned bright red.

After dinner and after putting the baby to bed. When we reached the bedroom Tom undressed without being told (such a good boy!). I remained dressed. Sitting on the bed with him standing in front of me I did my inspection of Tom’s ball sack. When I was done, I unwrapped on of the pair of panties and said, “Tom I want you to understand why I want you to wear these yellow panties. First, I think you will enjoy it. Second, they will keep you hard during the work day which means more semen, a bigger penis and more fun for both of us. Third, I choose yellow because they will stain a little when your little penis leaks at work. Let me show you.” I then unfolded the panties and held them out for Tom to step into.

“Vicky, do we really have to do this?”

“Yes Tom we have to do this.” I said in my sweetest voice. “We have to do this because your little thing isn’t big enough. It needs help. We have to create excitement. This excites me… and I think it is going to excite you too. Now put them on.”

This time there was no objection. Tom stepped into the panties. “Now play with yourself until you start to leak.” Tom did so. Within a minute the clear liquid began to ooze through the yellow cotton. “See Tom, there is the evidence. From now on when you come home from work I want to see those stains. Those stains mean a great time on Saturday night for both of us.”

Then I licked the head of his penis through the cotton panties. Tom groaned, “Vicky, I think my balls are still pretty full, can we have sex again tonight?”

I was still sitting on the bed, his “little honey,” fully dressed. And there stood my tall, 210 lbs husband, wearing yellow panties and meekly asking my permission for sex. I looked up and simply said, “No. Last night was great and I plan to have more great sex. Once a week is the price you pay, unless you really start to produce more sperm and get better, longer erections, then we can talk about more frequent sex.” And that was it. I felt like an entirely new woman. I had denied my husband sex based solely on my expectation of his less than adequate performance. After all these the years of sex for him, from now on it would be sex for me.

I saw his dejected face, “Tom, just because I don’t want your penis tonight doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy me in other ways.” And I stood and pulled my panties down from under my dress. I then grabbed Tom’s penis through the yellow panties and pulled down until he got the idea and got to his knees. I then laid back on the bed and Tom ate me to a wonderful orgasm.


The next week was pretty much like the week before. I teased and Tom was very attentive. The big difference was that every night I checked his yellow panties, which were always wet and stained. The sight of him in the panties always got me excited and Tom spent lots of time between my legs.

The next Saturday night, Tom’s sacks were full and his small penis was at its biggest. However this time I just had to have him eat me before we has sex. After the oral sex he mounted me and I could immediately tell that he did not feel as big as the last time. And when he came I did not feel him shoot as much as the last time. When I asked Tom how that was he said, “Great, I never came so hard in my life. Thank you. I love you.”

“I Love you too Tom, more than ever.” And I meant it, but I was confused.

The next week was more of the same. The following weekend, Mother came to check on our progress. After being seated Mother said, “O.K. Tom come here and pull down your pants, I want to see if your penis is getting any bigger.” This time Tom pulled down his pants and underpants without hesitation. His little cock sprang free. He was not fully erect.

“Tom, Mother wants to see it hard.” I turned to my Mother”Really, he has gotten bigger. Tom, make it hard so Mother can see.” Tom nodded his head and then began to jerk his little thing. You could see the pride in his actions. He wanted to show Mother how he had grown.

When he was hard he actually said, “See Donna, it’s working, my penis is bigger.” And Tom smiled, confident of the praise to follow.

“Tom… I do believe you are right. It looks bigger. Come here, let me feel.” Tom stepped forward and Mother began to measure his length and the semen in his sack. “Ohhh Tom, you feel bigger too.” Mother than turned to me, “So Vicky, tell me about the last tow weeks. Are you enjoying Tom’s big penis?” (At this point Tom was smiling, he was so proud)

Of course, my Mother and I had been talking the entire week, so I don’t know why she asked me this question. “Well the first week was great. Tom never felt so good. I even had a small orgasm while he was inside me. Then the next week it was good, but not as good as the first week.”

“What did you do different?” Mother asked.

“Hmmmm… well the first week I felt so bad for Tom that I let him inside me right away, barely any foreplay at all. The second week we want back to our normal routine. Tom and I would tease each other with our hands and mouth. I think that Tom got me so excited when he performed oral sex that by the time he put his penis inside me, I really did not feel it like the first week.”

Mother turned from me to Tom, “Tom how about you?”

“Both weeks were great. She has me so horny all week that by the weekend I am ready to explode. I wish she would let me cum more often.”

“Tom, is Vicky right, was she tighter the first week?”

“Well, yeah… I guess so.”

Mother than pulled Tom closer to her, placing her hand back on his jutting penis and her other hand on his backside. Then she said, “Kids, I have an answer, but Tom you must keeep an open mind. You must agree to do exactly as I tell you. If you do then I will tell Vicky to let you cum twice a week, would you like that Tom?”

“Oh yes, thank you Donna.” Tom was now rocking back and forth in my Mother’s hand. Her other hand was playing with his ass.

“Vicky this will be good for you too. You will get to have both a hard penis and oral sex in the same night. And I suspect that Tom’s penis will grow even longer and wider.” Then she looked back at Tom, “Tom although your penis is getting bigger, it is still much smaller than a man’s penis, you do know that don’t you Tom?” I could see the hurt in Tom’s eyes (he was beginning to think he was getting a big penis). “But I am sure that you can each have better sex more often. You just have to reverse the order of things, if you get what I mean.”

Apparently neither Tom nor I understood. We both just stared at Mother, but she did not continue. Instead, she really began to masturbate Tom. Her hand was getting wet from his pre-cum. Then she repeated, “What you need to do is reverse the order of things. Vicky, you must let Tom put his penis inside you before you get too loose from oral sex and mutual masturbation. And Tom, after you cum in your wife, you must then make sure that she has the best orgasm of her life by cleaning your cum out of her stretched pussy with your mouth.”

“What?” Tom moaned.

“After you cum in Vicky, you must clean her with your mouth. This way you get to have sex when her pussy is still tight, she gets to enjoy the oral sex you are so good at and by eating your own cum, your semen supply will never go down, your penis will continue to grow. Anyway, I think you are going to like it Tom.” And with that Mother used her thumb and forefinger to pull the length on Tom’s hard dick. When her fingers got to the head, a large drop of his pre-cum flowed from his slit. Mother gathered it on her index finger and raised her finger to Tom’s lips, “Go ahead Tom. You will love it, I can tell. Go ahead lick your sperm.”

Tom moved his lips forward only slightly, but that was enough for Mother. She forced her fingers past his lips and started to move her fingers in and out like a penis. Tom sucked for all he was worth. His little dick still hard as steel. Mother continued to stroke his penis with her other hand.

“O.K. Vicky, he is all yours. Teach him how a small dicked man pleases a woman.”

I moved to where my Mother was sitting, with Tom still sucking on her fingers. “Go to the bedroom and lie down Tommy, I will be right in.” After Tom left I said to my Mother, “Mom, I am so excited. Thanks. By the way, will doing this really make his penis bigger”

Mother smiled, then answered, “I have no idea sweetheart. But I do know that if you say it does, if you love what he does for you and if you are enthusiastic, he will think so.” Then she swatted me on my bottom and said, “Now go have fun, your future is waiting for you.”

Tom was lying naked on the bed, his small penis hard against his stomach. I moved to the side of the bed, gently wrapped my small hand around his penis and said, “This is going to be so much fun, I am so excited.” I then removed my hand, stood and slowly removed my clothes. As I did so, I pulled on my nipples and when I removed my skirt, I let my hand stroke my crack. I was very wet. I squatted over Tom, sitting on his penis, but not letting it inside me, its head barely poking from between my legs. Once again I was struck by the physical picture we made. This man, almost twice my size, lying beneath me as if I am the queen and he is the throne. I saw his pre-cum oozing from his dick. I scooped it with my finger and giving Tom a wicked smile, gently rubbed it on my engorged nipple. Tom moaned. I bent forward and Tom’s mouth opened. As my nipple entered his mouth, he happily began to nurse, as if his sperm was mother’s milk. As he sucked, I shifted my bottom and caught his penis in my pussy.

I then began to slowly ride him. I had to admit, he felt good. After about two minutes it all hit me, my Father must do this for Mom!! He must wear panties and suck her pussy after sex. I began to buck up and down like crazy. I always adored my Father. He was kind, gentle, and he treated my Mother like a Goddess! Mother was right, this is my future. A man who adores me and total control over our sex life. Then the image of my Mother, naked with her legs spread, feeding my Father his sperm from her pussy was too much.

I started to scream, “FUCK MY CUNT!! CUM INSIDE ME, CUM INSIDE ME!!!!” Tom came on demand and I had an orgasm like never before. I kissed Tom, “Ohhh, my big boy, that was wonderful.” Then I rose to my knees. I could feel our mixed juices moving towards my spread lips. I moved up and straddled his head, my pussy about six inches over his closed mouth. “I am not going to force you to do this Tommy. Do it because I am your queen, because you worship me. Because you worship my cunt.”

His eyes closed, but ever so slowly his mouth opened and the tip of tong poked out to meet me. As I lowered my sloppy cunt on his face I began to giggle, then just as his tong touched my public hairs I stopped my decent and said, “Tommy, open your eyes. O.K. Go on Tommy, it is time to eat your little honey.” I laughed at my own play on words and kept laughing as he ate me with great enthusiasm. He loved it! His little dick was hard again. As I felt my next orgasm build, I began to fuck his face, moving up to and down, from side to side, covering his face with our juices, fucking his nose. As I came, I felt my insides push the last of his sperm out into his waiting, wide open mouth.

Without another word, we slept like that, his face smeared with the evidence of his love for and new found devotion to me.

As I said at the start of this, this has all occurred over the last few months. I talk to my Mother often and I tell her everything. I have never asked her if this is how she and Daddy live, but I am sure that it is (and I am sure that she knows that I know). I am having the sexual time of my life, but the problem is that I haven’t really solved the original problem presented to my Mother.

Despite his best efforts, Tom cannot fill me up. So I went on line to find out what other women do. Toys is an alternative, but I must admit that I am excited by the stories of wives who cuckold their husbands. Although I would never cheat on Tom, I do wonder what it would be like to have sex with a well hung may while my small dicked hubby watches. I would like to hear from the ladies out there who have done (or dreamed of doing this) to your man. And, O.K., let’s hear from the cuckold men out there. Let me know how it feels to watch (or hear about) how another man can satisfy your woman while you cannot.

The End

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  • teddy

    A great story. I wondered what happened as the baby grew. Did you continue to treat Tommy as little boy? If you did, I bet he enjoyed id it. Ddi you?


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