True Stories: Life with a Micropenis

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Recently, culture has been focusing on the discussions around the genetic condition of the micropenis, aka an unusually small penis. Readers have been wondering what life is like for men with micropenises, as well as the emotions, struggles, and obstacles that go hand in hand with it. In this interview, an anonymous 23-year-old male with a micropenis spills all.

In both your adult and adolescent life, what did/does it feel like to have a micropenis?

I didn’t care about it in my adolescent life. I actually wasn’t aware of anything being off. In my adult life, I’m also impotent, so I can’t penetrate anyone, which is frustrating.


So when did you first realize that your penis was unusual?

Hmmm, around 14 or 15. I think they had the HBO After Dark Special on or something. And they had a show with male strippers or something, and I thought, “What the f*ck?”


Really? How did you feel in that moment?

Confused, pretty much. Then I started watching porn and realized that, yeah . . . mine was way smaller than those guys’. Though, even at that age, I knew those guys must be well above average to be doing what they were. But the difference was too vast for it to be just that.


From that moment on, did you view sex differently? Specifically, your sexuality?

Nah. I pretty much knew I was gay long before that. Growing up as a kid, I wasn’t sure what parts girls had, or if we even had different parts. I just always thought my butt was my sexual bits, and the penis was just for peeing.


Explain more about how you thought your butt was your genitals.

I just assumed that those were my sex organs. It sounds stupid now maybe, sure, but as a little kid, we’ve all had those irrational thoughts. I’m sure you thought some weird things.


It doesn’t sound stupid! It’s interesting because I never thought that way. Do you think your being gay has anything to do with having a micropenis?

I’m sure straight guys have micropenises. But I’m sure at some point science will tell us more about the correlation. Might have to do with low testosterone or something. A hormonal imbalance. I’m not sure.


Earlier you said you can’t penetrate, which frustrates you. Have you carried that frustration around for a long time now?

It’s not frustrating as in, it’s a big part of my life, and I wish every day that I could. I’m very happy being the receptive partner. It did frustrate me once when I had a crush on a girl and knew it would never work.


Have you ever been with a woman?

Yes, I’ve had a girlfriend. We never actually had sex. More just foreplay. She was nice, never said anything about my d*ck. But, she did cheat on me with a mutual crush, who just happened to be really well-endowed.


How did you react?

I was totally jealous of her.


Jealous of her? For getting with him?

Yes, jealous of her. I sort of resented her a little. I saw him naked because we were friends, and he was always comfortable being naked around people. And he told me after my girlfriend and I broke up that he knew I was gay.


So you weren’t angry with her at all?

I was mad because she broke my trust, but beyond that, I wasn’t mad about the actual her-sleeping-with-other-people part.


When was your first sexual experience with a man?

It was an online hookup. He came over, didn’t look like anything from his pictures. Was not as hung either. I got on my knees, gave him head (it took him 10 minutes to get hard), got on my back, and he was done in 10 seconds. And I pooped on his d*ck.


Oh my gosh! How did he react?

He was nice about it. Didn’t say anything. We went at it again a bit later, after I got to freshen up. And it just happened. It was my first time, and I couldn’t control it.


Makes sense — I’ve heard that’s not uncommon. Were you embarrassed?

I was dying!


I’m glad he was understanding. Tell me more about the big penis fetish and how that may correlate with your micropenis.

I just really like my guys to be hung. I guess you can call me a size queen. My current guy is well-endowed, and it’s part of the reason why we started dating (not that that’s all that matters). In terms of my micropenis, I’m not particularly turned on by a bigger guy because of my small size. I think he enjoys that way more. It’s ego-boosting for him.


So what does turn you on about it?

I’m turned on by big c*cks for how powerful they are, how heavy they feel (literally, it feels like you’re carrying a baby . . . well not quite), how smooth and silky they get. My current guy’s c*ckhead is bigger than my entire unit, and I like the fact that despite not having one myself, I still get to feel and play with a powerful dick.


Do you pretend that it’s yours, or do you just like the feel of someone else’s big penis?

The feel of someone else’s. When he puts his d*ck on mine, for example, it really turns me on to see my d*ck get completely dwarfed by his. I’m not getting turned on by how small I am, but by how big he is. And for him, the fact that I don’t get hard turns him on.


So it’s sort of this awe factor?

Yes, absolutely. And for him, I think it’s an ego thing. So it works on both levels.


Tell me about your different partners and experiences. Do you have a stipulation as far as penis length?

I like anything over seven inches. It’s not a hard stipulation, but a strong preference.


Does it hurt to have sex when you’re involved with someone who’s so well-endowed?

It used to hurt . . . a lot. But it gets better the more you get used to it. Also, lube is your friend. As to partners, I’ve had seven. And they were all hung.


Tell me about what it’s like to be a bottom and how that comes into play with having a micropenis.

As a total bottom, my c*ck doesn’t really factor into sex. Some guys do get turned on by how small and limp I am.


Are you able to get hard?



What’s the measurement of your penis?

Probably a quarter inch.


Do you caution partners before they see your penis?

I don’t. Again, as the total bottom, it doesn’t factor in generally.


Do you have any tips for being confident with a micropenis?

Well, I guess it depends on whether you’re gay or straight. In general, as a gay bottom, my c*ck doesn’t really factor into a whole lot. I’m not less confident about it. I guess if I were a straight guy or the penetrative partner, it’d factor in. I can say, though, that I’d date a guy with a small d*ck if he didn’t bring attention to it — if he accepted it and compensated for it in other ways. Also, if you’re a [straight] guy with a small d*ck and don’t think you can date a girl because of it, you’re just being an idiot.


What do you mean, “if he didn’t bring attention to it”?

As in, don’t bemoan it, don’t pity yourself. If you have a humiliation kink, then it’s a different story.


You don’t have a humiliation kink?

I don’t. I am submissive but don’t really enjoy being humiliated.


So you don’t enjoy being humiliated, but do men with micropenises often have that fetish? What are common fetishes of men with micropenises?

I don’t know anyone else who does, so I can’t speak for anyone else. My fetishes are general fetishes that aren’t outside the general population norms. I don’t think they result from my having a micropenis.


When penis size comes up in conversation before sex, are you perfectly honest?

Yes. I mean, to be honest, I’ve met guys mostly through online websites, and you enter your details in there so you can see each other’s stats, likes/fetishes/dislikes, etc.


What do you list for all of those things?

Well, I’ve left most of my stuff blank because I’m open-minded to others’ kinks. I do look for dominant guys and guys that are looking for submissive partners. And my stats, I’m very honest about.

Has anyone ever ridiculed/called you out for it?



What happened?


I’ve had guys ask to see my c*ck because they find it hard to believe that I’m so small. I’ve had guys talk dirty to me during the deed about my c*ck. It generally doesn’t bother me and generally doesn’t turn me on either.


What did they say when you actually showed them your penis?

A couple have laughed. Most of them never said anything. The couple that laughed were into the entire humiliation thing. They all enjoy comparing, though. Across the board. And some of them like taking pictures.


And how, exactly, did you react?

I’m generally OK with either reaction. I don’t like mean comments or laughter, but I can deal with a little surprised laughter or some dirty banter.


Has anyone ever actually made you feel good about having a micropenis?

My current guy is really into the fact that I’m as small as I am. He’s more turned on by the fact that I don’t get hard (I’m not sure why), but he appreciates the difference in size.


Does it make him feel good about himself?

I assume so. I also think it plays into the domination thing for him. That I’m there just for his pleasure, that I’m not deriving any fun from it.


So he’s into the humiliation thing, then, sort of.

Not humiliation; more domination.


Who was the best partner you ever had and why?

I can still cum, despite not being hard, and one of the guys that I slept with was so good that I always came with him.


You said earlier that a guy would be an idiot if he thought he couldn’t date a girl because of his micropenis. Why do you think that?

Because girls don’t generally care. And if she does, then she probably isn’t the right girl for you anyway.



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