True Stories: A Woman Tells All.

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By anon

The first time I had sex with ‘Tim’ (not his real name) I had to pretty much beg for it. We’d been snogging back at his house for the best part of three hours and I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to actually take things further, so I whispered something subtle and elegant like ‘fuck me’ in his ear to move things along a bit swifter. When that didn’t illicit much of a response, I undid his flies, put my hand on his dick and things became suddenly, alarmingly clear.

His penis must have taken about three-quarters of the palm of my hand – maximum – and was somewhere between two and three inches long. At first I thought he just wasn’t hard, but when he started to talk about finding a condom in his wallet – he’d brought his own – I realised that I was dealing with a really tiny penis.

No wonder Tim had been shy about showing me his dick; in a porn obsessed society we’re not exactly forgiving of men who’s anatomy doesn’t fit in to a uber-penis ideal we’ve got used to populating our computer screens. What Tim obviously saw as his shortcoming, I now realised, had completely informed the way we’d been dating up until that point. He hadn’t even attempted to do anything more than kissing until that night – which was date seven – and it was, no doubt, down to worry about how I’d react when I saw his penis.

At first, I thought waiting was odd but a nice change of pace from the guys I normally go out with and actually quite sweet and romantic. He kept talking about how he wanted a relationship instead of anything casual and I was desperate for that too after being burned by a guy six months ago who strung me along for months only to get a serious girlfriend a few weeks after we stopped sleeping together. Of course, when we got back to his house I quickly realised why “casual sex” wasn’t really on the cards for Tim for other girls. He had to trust someone wouldn’t show shock or – horrifyingly – laugh when he took his boxers off.

Having “proper sex” with Tim was, I can’t lie, a little bit weird. Not exactly in a good way. It’s not that I couldn’t feel his penis – I mean, I can feel a light flow tampon when I put that in my vagina – but we never got the rhythm right and basically it only ever felt like he was fingering me with his baby finger, only worse because at least a baby finger can bend and stimulate the walls of your vagina. Things were marginally better with doggy style, but nothing compared to what it’s like with an average or larger-sized penis. Sex just left us both feeling embarrassed and awkward and neither of us were ever able to finish – it can’t of felt very good for him either, the phrase “throwing a hotdog down the hallway” comes to mind.

But that’s not to say I didn’t have a really really good time with Tim in the bedroom. Once we stopped bothering trying to have penetrative sex, the real fun began. He was insanely good at going down on me – like, the best I’ve ever had by a long way – anything he lacked in the actually pounding department he certainly made up for with his tongue and his fingers. He was one of the most generous men in the bedroom that I’d ever come across. He was also totally open to talking about what I needed and whenever I felt like being ‘filled up’ (excuse the slightly gross term) he was completely up for using a dildo on me and it never seemed to make him feel inadequate.

Once the relationship started, he was really confident. Plus, he was insanely hot. I had more orgasms in the six months that we were seeing each other than I’d had in any other relationship past or since and it made me realise that I’d take a generous guy with a small dick over a selfish person with a donkey schlong any day of the week.

Giving him head, however, took a bit of getting used because you’re not able to do lots of what I’d always thought of as “normal” blow job stuff. Obviously deep throating is out of the question but also the normal tongue flicking is totally different with a micro penis. You have less to work with so you have to be a bit more creative – it’s a lot more about the balls than blow jobs I’m used to, to put in bluntly. And hand jobs just made me feel weird because I couldn’t quite get the right grip, so we just left that out towards the end of the relationship.

Things didn’t work out with Tim in the end – I was still into going out and getting wrecked and he was looking to settle down, but not because of his small penis.


  • Glen(da) Walker

    This gives hope to those of us with a micropenis. Like me. 2.25″ here…on a “good”day…lol

  • jay anthony

    Her observation about Tim being initially shy to have sex with her reminds me of my experience with my girlfriend Pat K. (not to be confused with my first wife Patti K. whom I’ve written about in past Small Dick Club stories). Like Tim I would snog with Pat often enough but would always make an excuse to leave when she would suggest “let’s go all the way”. Well, after too many excuses I “gave in” and we began to go all the way. In bed under the covers I took down my pants and she quickly got on top and tried to ride my tiny dick. After a few unsuccessful attempts to penetrate her cunt with my dick she blurted out, “what’s wrong Jay don’t you want to fuck me? Why don’t you have an erection?” The problem was I did have an erection but my maximum erection was only about 3 inches so even erect I wasn’t going to be able to penetrate her willing cunt to her satisfaction. I didn’t say answer and just tried thrusting a bit but to little effect. After a little while she simply got off me and snuggled up along side me in bed. We kissed some more and she played with my erection until I squirted a few drops of cum.

    After that experience we continued to go out together and maintained our friendship but she never again encouraged me to go “all the way” with her. As you might assume a few years later she found a “more suitable” sex partner, married him and had three children.

  • shyhomie

    Great story…

  • Peanutbobby

    I was never shy about having a tiny dick. Love to walk around nude. When I used to meet someone new and the discussion about sex came up. I was up front. I never lied about my size. I have a lot of confidence and very skillful with my fingers and tung. I had a relationship with a woman that said she was a size Queen. We went to my apartment we fooled around . I went down on her did my magic. . She came multiple times.. when she first saw my little man she laughed. At the end she told me she loved my tiny dick that I changed her mind on size. Loves my 2 1/2 hard little man

  • stubtail

    I showed this hot g/f of mine her first “big dick porno’ and she constantly told me I have a tiny ‘Johnson’

  • stubtail

    I was dating this hot girl from North Jersey and we were partying in her parents basement. She had two chicks she worked with over and we were getting wasted and were so horny. When out of nowhere her little sister pulled my pants down right in front of those two hotties. They looked at how small my weiner was and laughed and laughed, her little sister said ” I have little boys I babysit with bigger dicks than that ” The four girls kept chuckling and smirking about my tiny pecker. Then her little brother came down stairs to see what they were all laughing about and I seized the moment and pantzied him right down to his pubes, “omg you have such a big dick one of the girls shrieked ” I was shocked that her little brother had such a HUGE boner and was swinging it around while the girls laughed and giggled. Before I knew it he jumped on top of me and pinned me down then fucked me in the ass right in front of thoses girls. My little weewee got so stiff, then I moaned and squirted from him mounting me with his big pole.


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