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Misty Caught the Train Home! Misty Chikan

  • After being slipped a date rape drug on a Tinder date, poor Misty tries to get home in one piece. Luckily, a nice young man is there to help out on the train, or is that, help himself. Words: 15,565

Just Like Your Mother! Max Swan

  • Debbie comes to help her dad, Mike, after he's involved in a bad accident and learns the deepest secrets of her family history. Her mother cuckolded him because of his tiny dick! Words: 14,159

Big Bertha Ball Breaker! Max Swan

  • Sam loves to swim at the local pool, but he's embarrassed about his small dick when in the changerooms. So he goes in the middle of the night when no one else is around. The only problem is Big Bertha (a butch lesbian) works the night shift as a lifeguard, and she catches Sam jerking off his little dickie in the Lady's change room showers. Oh no, he's in big trouble. Words: 15,950

The Stepmother 1 & 2 Max Swan

  • This ebook contains a re-edited version of the first book: The Stepmother, and the new and concluding story: The Stepmother 2. Words: 43,683

The Sorority! Max Swan

  • Heidi is keen to join the coolest sorority on campus, but during ‘rush week’ they ask her to do some weird things involving her wimpy, small dick boyfriend Sebastian. Words: 22,220

The Sissy Scholarship! Max Swan

  • Ben is an underdeveloped eighteen-year-old with an exhibitionist streak. One day he gets caught by a big black man and his life changes dramatically. Words: 14,854

The Friends of Timmy Max Swan

  • A college nerd with a tiny dick is asked to be a nude model for an art class by his long time crush and it changes his life forever. (Re-edited Feb) Words: 17,296

My House! My Rules! Max Swan

  • A college student in Georgia gets a thrill from answering the door to female cold callers dressed in nothing but a towel around his waist to conceal his tiny dick. Until one day... Words: 10,436

The Freaks of Oz! Max Swan

  • Red, a law student, has recently come out as a Gay man, and while hoping his life would be better out of the closet, he found the vile size queens of the Gay Community where he lived made it difficult for him to meet any decent men. You see, Red has a micropenis. One day, he meets a strange man called Chas Zorko, who offers him a part-time job like none other. A freak show performer—where Red will have to display his tiny dicklette to thousands of people in public and private events. How could he resist? Words: 41,126

The Bully Fetish! Max Swan

  • Ben is a freshman in college who has a special fetish. He loves being publicly stripped and bullied for his babydick, and the dirty old Dean and many others take full advantage of it. Words: 28,192

Wee Winky Willy Max Swan

  • Willy has a secret desire, he likes having his tiny penis exposed and people laugh at it. His friends are happy to help him fulfill it beyond his wildest fantasies. Let the nude dares begin... Words: 23,641

The Mannequin Max Swan

  • After breaking a mannequin in a store that uses life-like and anatomically correct dummies, Toby is offered a way to pay the owner back for the damage. Become a mannequin himself using an experimental drug. Words: 12,827