Rugby Mate (Gay Themes)

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I arrived late for our rugby teams’ weekly boxercise class. Though I tended to arrive late most weeks but this time it was different. The moment I wandered in the coach was up in my face yelling and going crazy at my casual approach to training sessions yet again. At that very moment he took a deep breath in and obviously caught a scent of my shirt that reeked of marijuana, he slapped me upside the head telling me that today I will die.

He dragged me along and stood me next our angriest player (himself a boxer) and proclaimed he be my training partner today. Training didn’t end well for me.

At the bar after training, my training buddy for the day came up to me and slid a beer next to me and stated he was impressed with my workout. Strange he was as I wasn’t. I had nearly passed out from his punches but I took the compliment. I had only known DB personally for a few months but had known of him for quite sometime before that. He had a rep as a dude you didn’t want to fuck with, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was kinda paying extra special attention to me .

I wasn’t complaining though, as he was a good-looking guy but not one I’d thought would be into fucking guys. He had short yet thick as hell arms, legs, and barrel chest covered in milky alabaster skin top with flaming ginger hair. A few more beers went down and we were all in the club alongside the bar, several more rounds later and pretty fucked up I see DB sitting having a smoke alone near the exit. I approached him and he said to me he thought this place is too young for his taste and that he was gonna go home.

“You wanna come?” he asked. Too drunk to care I nodded and I followed him to his house across the way.

A few beers later and little more mary jane, we sat on his sofa and he stumbled to the TV and turned both it and the DVD player on. “I’m real horny.” he said, “…so we gonna watch some porn. Is that cool?”

Stunned .. All I could do was nod my head.

And next thing I know, on the TV a woman had two chubby dudes cock’s in her face well the jerked it, (obviously where he had previously stopped watching after cumming). I turned my head over to DB and he was looking straight at me with his hand down his jeans. “You not horny?” he inquired.

As I said that I was horny he told me to watch the TV as the lady on it had now put the 2 dicks together and finished the two men off. With two dicks sandwiched in one hand, there was semen all over the place as they came.

I admit I was getting pretty horny and I slipped off my shoes and socks too DB’s surprise. I told him if I’m gonna cum I like my feet to be bare and he instantly shed his own along with his shirt and pants sitting along side me in his boxer briefs. Yet it was a little to dim to see what bulge was there.

With a nervous grin I did the same. Looking at this slab of pale skinned man I could only wonder what his underwear was holding out of my gaze. “We gonna do this?” I asked in excitement.

“Yeah but first you gotta swear this doesn’t leave here,” he said nervously.

I agreed.

He followed that by saying, “I’m not gay, just real horny.”

Agreeing with him was really the only option I had so I began to slide my boxers off when he told me to stop.

“My cock .. Its ummm not uh…” he stammered.

“What?” I said starting to worry.

“Its small, very small,” he told me.

I shrugged, “That’s ok I think mine is too.” I dropped my boxers exposing my rock hard 6.5 inch circumcised cock.

“That’s not small at all, it’s far bigger than mine,” he said as he quickly pulled his own briefs down to the floor.

I stared at his little three inch uncut hard cock saying, “There’s nothing wrong with it that I can see.”

His little three inch cock had precum dripping heavily from it which turned me on I have to admit. “Its tiny, but thanks for saying it’s not,” he said as we both began to jerk off slowly.

Me with my hand and DB with his index finger and thumb.

Drunk as anything we both locked onto one another eyes as we carried on with the jerking off, but I could tell that DB wanted to touch mine as much as I wanted to take that little cock of his and make it explode with pleasure. So I offered him the chance. He reached his hand out and gently touched my nut sack then grabbing the base of my cock saying, “Mmmm this is a real cock.”

I blushed even though intoxicated.

He then placed my hand on his meagre erection and I began to run my finger and thumb up and down slowly on the little fella getting drenched in the river of precum DB had created. A few minutes passed and no orgasms had yet to transpire, then DB got down on his knees in front of me and continued his man handling of my cock before all of a sudden he had taken me in his mouth. Looking up at me as though to check I wasn’t put off by this (I was not going to push him away as it felt amazing).

“You wanna go to my bed?” he inquired.

“Sure,” I replied.

So we made our way, naked and fully erect, to his room where he got on the bed and I decided to return his oral favour and almost immediately he shot a massive warm load of cum down my throat. I look at him sheepishly as he apologised for the lack of warning to his climax. I shrugged motioning for him to get back to work on my cock and he did. After awhile he looked at me as though I should cum soon as well, yet to my surprise his cock was still rock hard.

“Is it good?” he asked meaning was his blow job technique doing it for me.

“Its great!” I said but I was very drunk and not really going to cum anytime soon, so he offered his ass up to me.

I saw he had Vaseline next to his bed so I lubed up my cock and rolled him over so I could see his face while a rammed him, and he braced for entry. It was so tight in that hairy ginger hole that in moments I could feel I was going to cum, but to my surprise as I was getting closer to cumming and pounding his tight warm hole his body shook and his tiny cock erupted again all over our stomachs. This was too much for me so I pulled out and shot a thick load all over his little cock that was still immensely hard for a dude who just came for the 2nd time in an hour. He placed his lips over my cock cleaning it of any cum.

Afterward we lay there nude till we both fell asleep totally satisfied .

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