Poor Little Petey

By OopsyDaisyNaked.

Peter took a deep breath and took his tray over to an empty table. He had anticipated that this would be the worst part of his first day at a new High School. Junior year and it was like being a freshman all over again.

Thanks to his parents cheating on each other and divorcing, he found himself living with his dad and his stepmother, Carol, in a new town and subsequently a new High School. And not only that, he had missed a year of school because of travel and illness, so he was an 18-year-old junior to boot!

His first few classes had gone okay, but everyone, of course, already knew each other, and no one had bothered to acknowledge him, much less ask him to sit with them at lunch.

That was okay. He’d just flip through his phone and hope that some other kids might join him eventually.

Amber, Gail, and Katie sat down at what everyone knew was their table. They had always enjoyed their status as 3 of the hottest girls in school, and being seniors this year was just icing on the cake.

“God, it is day one, and I’m bored shitless already,” said Amber.

“I know,” said Gail, “for the last 3 years, we have dated seniors, and now the seniors are our age.

What the hell do we do now!?”

“I guess we could date a freshman,” Katie said, smiling sarcastically.

“Right,” snorted Gail, “like that one?”

With that, they all looked over at Peter as he passed by on his way to sit down at the empty table.

“More like to adopt him,” said Amber.

They all laughed and changed the subject.

After a bit, Gail and Katie exchanged a look as they noticed that Amber had not really been listening to them as she stared intently over at Peter.

Finally, a smile spread across Amber’s face, and she said, “you know, maybe we could adopt him.”

She then turned to Gail and Katie and said, “Ladies, let’s have some fun! Follow my lead.”

With that, she picked up her tray and walked away.

Gail and Katie scrambled to their feet, grabbed their trays, and followed.

Peter was scrolling through Huffington Post, and he fancied himself politically aware when a very pretty blonde girl suddenly sat down right across from him. Before he could take this in, two more pretty blonde girls sat on either side of him.

“Hi,” the one across from him said, “My name is Amber,” and with that, she thrust out her hand.

Peter reached across to shake it and said, “um hi, I’m Peter.”

“Nice to meet you, Peter. That’s Gail, and this is Katie.”

Peter had already forgotten which was which. He was having trouble taking this all in. He wasn’t alone. People at other tables were turning in their chairs and looking over with curious expressions on their faces.

He was peppered with questions. Was he a freshman? Was he new in town? Where did he come from? Did he have a girlfriend, no, a boyfriend, perhaps? What did his father do? His mother? Did he have any brothers or sisters?

Soon the bell rang, and the girls stood up. Follow us, Peter, and we’ll show you what to do with your tray.

“Thanks for being so nice to me,” said Peter.

“Of course,” said Amber, “we’ll take care of you until you’ve made some new friends. Come sit with us again tomorrow.”

And just like that, Peter was friends with the three hottest girls in school.

As Peter walked away, Gail and Katie turned to Amber, and Katie said, “okay, what the hell was that all about?

Amber just threw her head back and laughed.

All through September and October, Peter would be allowed to join “the girls” for lunch sometimes. He went to one of the high school football games with them, a movie, and even a couple of parties. He wasn’t really making friends, but a certain “cool factor” had been bestowed upon him. They even set up a text group so that the four of them could share funny stories, gossip, etc.

One time Gail sent a picture of herself in a bra and panties and asked, “do these make me look sexy?”

Then Amber sent a “LOL, did you remember Peter was on here!?”

Gail followed up with, “Noooo, Peter, please delete!!”

He said he would, but of course, he did not.

Then things started to get a little weird. Gradually, the girls weren’t as nice. They would ask him to fetch them things at lunch or have him pay for movie tickets and not pay him back.

When he would complain, they would remind him of all they had done for him and accuse him of being ungrateful. They were not wrong.

One day at lunch, Amber informed Peter that it might be time for him to become his own man, so to speak, maybe join the “juniors” ranks once again.

Peter was both crushed and relieved at the same time.

“Now we don’t want just to cut you off,” explained Amber. “We want to help you fit back in. We’ve given this a lot of thought, and we think you need a ‘thing,’ something that will get you noticed, create some buzz around you.”

“Okay,” said Peter warily.

“So here is what we’ve come up with. We are going to spread the word that you have a massive cock, and I mean HUGE.” And here, Amber raised her arms so that her hands were about three feet apart. “We’ll get everyone talking about it, and then we’ll have a big reveal, and it will be hilarious when you turn out just to have a normal-sized penis. It is normal-sized, right? I mean, it wouldn’t be funny if it was huge, but I haven’t seen any signs of that,” she said, ‘staring down at his crotch. “Or tiny? It would be even better if it were tiny. Is it tiny?”

“No,” Peter said, “it isn’t tiny.”

Was it? He really didn’t know. It certainly wasn’t as big as ones he’d seen online, not even close, but weren’t those pictured because they were so big?

“No,” Peter said again. “Listen, this is crazy, and I want no part of it.” And he stood up to leave.

“Sit down, Peter,” Amber sighed. “We don’t need you to do this, but,” and here she showed Peter a smile he had never seen before, “but it would be so much more fun if you were involved. You have happily taken advantage of our friendship for months, and now it is payback time!”

Peter started to object, but Amber cut him off.

“Pull out your phone and go to photos.”

Peter did so, and Amber snatched the phone out of his hand. It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for.

“There,” she said, holding the screen towards Peter.

Peter gulped as he stared at the picture of Gail.

“She asked you to delete this, Peter. Some friend you are.”

Peter just sat there. He didn’t know what to say.

“Right,” said Amber, “so we are coming over to your house tomorrow after school and begin planning ‘Operation BiG COCK.’ You might want to clean up your room.”

Thinking quickly, Peter said, “Oh, we can’t go up there. My stepmother wouldn’t allow it.”

“I thought she didn’t give a shit about you,” Amber said.

“She doesn’t,” Peter said, “but she is big on rules, and one of her main rules is no girls in my room.”

“Okay, Amber said, “we will just meet in your den or whatever.”

“Tomorrow might not be such a good day to meet,” said Peter, pushing his luck.

“Tomorrow, four o’clock,” said Amber.

After Peter walked away dejectedly, Katie asked Amber, “what’s the point of going over there if we can’t get him alone?”

“We’ll take our chances. I am not sure I believe him. I mean, really, why would that even need to be a rule? I bet he hasn’t had a girl over since he was like eight. If this doesn’t work out, we can always use your basement, but I do love the idea of being in his own room for all this.”

And then again, that smile.

That afternoon, sitting in his bedroom, Peter was understandably antsy. He couldn’t settle down. Were the girls really going to spread this crazy rumor all around school!? And what about them coming over tomorrow? He wished his dad was in town, although he had no idea what he could do. Carol, he knew was worthless, but maybe he could make her an unwitting ally. And now he was suddenly worried about the size of his penis. He decided to measure it and then do some online research.

He dropped his pants and grabbed a ruler. He wasn’t sure how to measure exactly. Did you start here or down here? Either way, it wasn’t looking good for him. He was so absorbed in this project that he didn’t immediately notice Carol standing there with a laundry basket full of his laundry with a big smile on her face.

“Jesus Carol,” Peter said, “can’t you knock!?”

Carol just chuckled and set his clothes down as Peter scrambled to pull his pants up.

“It’s small, Petey. It will probably always be small if your father is any indication.”

“Yeah, but the size isn’t important, right,” he asked.

“Well,” Carol said, “I am part of the SDBW club.”

Peter looked at her blankly.

“Small dick big wallet,” she said as she walked out of his room.

That evening, Peter and Carol were actually eating dinner together, a rare thing. He decided there was no time like the present.

“Hey, Carol?”


“Will you do me a favor?”

“Probably not, but ask away.”

“Those girls I have been hanging out with are coming over tomorrow to um, work on a project.”

“A project, huh? Is that what the dick measuring was all about?”

Peter almost choked on his food.

“Oh My God, it is!”

“No, no, cried Peter. “We really do have a project we are working on!”

“Oh yeah, what project?”

Peter’s mind raced, and he just blurted out, “Student Council. I am running for student council.”

“You?” Carol snorted. “So much for children being our future. So what’s the favor?”

“Will you tell them that we have to stay in the dining room. That they are not allowed in my room.”

“Why, are you afraid that they will mess with your action figures?”

“Yeah,” he said, grateful for a better excuse than anything he could have come up with.

Carol looked at him for a long beat and then smiled, “Sure, Petey, I can do that.”

“And please don’t call me ‘Petey.'”

“Well, I can’t promise you everything,” she said.

Peter sighed. “I’ll take what I can get,” he thought.

The girls showed up right on time the following afternoon, which just happened to be a Friday. Peter opened the door and let them in.

Carol came running up to meet them. “Oh, you must be the girls that Petey is always going on about. Thank you guys so much for taking care of him at school.”

“Oh, it’s our pleasure,” Amber says and then introduces herself and Gail and Katie.

“So, Petey tells me you’re helping him run for student council?” Says Carol.

The girls looked at each other and then at Peter.

“Yes,” says Amber, just going with it, “our first task is to get Peter more popular, to enhance his reputation at school. That’s why we are meeting today to brainstorm on how best to do that.”

“By the way, Amber, I love that purse,” said Carol, “it looks like you could carry the world in that thing!”

“Thanks,” said Amber. “It’s good for carrying textbooks and stuff.”

“Right,” said Carol, “well, don’t let me keep you guys any longer. I’m sure you have lots to do. Now Petey, honey, I’m going to be down here, so why don’t you take your little friends upstairs to your room?”

Carol laughed to herself as she watched Peter’s eyes almost pop out of his head. And she was pretty sure that she heard one of the girls say “yes” under her breath.

“Aren’t you excited, Petey honey? You’re about to have three horny girls in your bedroom,” said Amber.

Peter was decidedly not excited. He didn’t know what was coming, but he was sure that it would not be good. He was sure of one thing; however, he would now be known as “Petey” for the foreseeable future.

Peter made a point of leaving his door open.

Amber snorted out a little laugh as she promptly closed it.

“Now, Petey,” she said, what is going to transpire here is pretty complicated, but if we all work together as a team, I think we can get the desired results.”

“OK,” Peter said, wondering where this was going.

“So, first of all, we need you to strip off your clothes so that we can see what we are dealing with here.” And with that, she waved at his crotch area.

For the second time in ten minutes, Peter’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“I, I’m not going to do that.”

“Yeah,” Amber sighed, “we figured you’d say that.”

With that, she set her purse on Peter’s desk and started rooting through it. “Screw it,” she said, “I can’t find anything in here,” and with that, she started pulling items out and laying them on the desk. A tripod with extendable legs, some nylon rope, handcuffs, an electric razor, scissors, and a bandana, among other things.

While this array transfixed peter, Gail and Katie each grabbed one of his arms in a vice-like grip. Amber grabbed the bandana and twirled it in on itself to make one long string and then walked behind Peter and, holding it with each hand, flipped it over his face and attempted to gag him with it.

Peter kept his mouth shut and turned his head from side to side. But then he made a crucial mistake. He yelled out to Carol for help. He got no further than “Carol He…” before the bandana was in and tied securely.

Downstairs, Carol heard a panicked cry from Peter’s room and just smiled and flipped her magazine’s page.

Next came the handcuffs.

Once his arms were secured behind him, Gail and Katie released their grips, and the three girls now stood in front of him, grinning.

Amber looked him over and smiled.

“There,” she said, that’s better.” Then she squinted at Peter’s shirt. “Is that a loose thread,” she said, picking at an imaginary loose thread.

“Would you like me to snip that off for you, Petey?”

“Mmph,” came Peter’s reply.

“I think he said yes,” said Gail.

“No,” said Katie, “he said we should just take his shirt off.”

“Mmphff mmphff mmphff.”

“Well, we can’t do that, Petey, because, you know, the handcuffs and everything. Oh, wait, I have an idea. Gail, hand me those scissors.”

“Would you like us to cut it off? Just say yes or no.”

“Mmph, Mmphff”

“So that’s a yes then.”

Peter started to back away, so Gail and Katie simply grabbed him again.

Amber made a small snip at the bottom of Peter’s shirt and set her scissors down.

She looked Peter in his panicked eyes, grabbed material on either side of her snip, and pulled as hard as she could. The subsequent rip made such a loud noise that all three girls couldn’t help but laugh.

A few more strategic cuts, and the shirt was no more.

“Oh, Petey,” Amber said, “your hairless, rib showing chest has me so turned on right now.”

She ran both her hands through her hair, mocking uncontrollable passion, and then quickly reached down and unfastened Peter’s belt and whipped it off before he could react.

Peter then tried to back away from Amber and, in so doing, fell backward onto his bed.

“Well, that saves us a step,” laughed Amber.

Gail and Katie leaped on the bed and dragged Peter up so that his head lay on his pillow.

Amber walked to the foot of the bed and pulled off each of his shoes. She then teasingly pulled down each of his socks and twirled them on her finger until they flew off.

Before he could react, Amber pounced and was kneeling on top of him, her thighs locking his legs in place. With the other two girls putting pressure on his shoulders, he could not move.

“Okay, Petey,” Amber said. “I think you know what is coming next. Now, if you promise not to kick and thrash about, I promise just to pull your pants down and not your underwear. Okay?”

This time Peter nodded vigorously. Hoping against hope that this would be the end of things.

Amber smiled and ran a finger down Peter’s chest.

“Here we go, Sweetie.”

Knowing that there would be no resistance, Amber took her time undoing the button and then slowly unzipped the fly. She then shimmied the pants down his thighs, pulled them back up a bit, down again, and finally all the way off.

Peter closed his eyes in humiliation, and Amber took advantage by grabbing his discarded belt and used it to secure his legs at the ankles.

She then sat astride Peter again and said, “Well, here we are. Months of planning have brought us to this moment. Now I know I promised not to pull down your hot red boxer briefs, and I won’t, but Peter, we can’t roll out our campaign of you having the biggest penis in school and not know if that is even remotely true, now can we?”

With this, Amber produced the scissors from earlier, made a few snips in the air, and said to Peter, “for God’s sake, don’t move!”

Peter, bug-eyed, obeyed.

Amber cut up from the right side of Peter’s crotch and let the material slide down to the bed and then did the same on the left, leaving just a piece of material covering his penis and balls.

“Ready, Gail? Ready, Katie?”

Both girls just smiled.

“Ready, Petey?”


With that, Amber peeled away the last piece of cloth.

There was silence as all three girls gasped and stared.

And then the laughter, booming joyous laughter.

Carol looked up at the ceiling and smiled. She knew “mean girl” laughter when she heard it.

“Oh, Petey,” Amber said, “How wonderful! You really might have the smallest penis in High School. We are going to have so much fun together.”

Peter squirmed and mmphffed a bit.

“It’s okay, sweetie, we just have one more thing to do, and then it’s picture time.”

Peter squirmed and mmphffed a bit more.

Amber went over to the desk and came back and assumed her position on top of Peter.

She held up an electric razor and said, “Once again, I think it is in your best interest not to move.”

And with that, the hum of the razor filled the room, and Amber got to work.

Carol had crept up the stairs after she heard the laughter to eavesdrop and see if she could glean what was going on. All she could make out was muffled conversation, but then she heard something electronic. What was that? Was that a razor? Okay, what the hell was happening in there? She was going in.

Peter was staring down at his crotch as Amber grabbed his penis with two fingers and held it to the right so that she could shave off his pubic hair. If you had told him a week ago that Amber would be holding his penis in her hand and he wouldn’t be erect, he wouldn’t have believed you.

It was something that he fantasized about almost every day, but not like this, not at all like this.

His attention was pulled towards his door as it slowly opened, and Carol walked in.

Carol took in the scene. Peter, gagged and naked on his bed being held down by Gail and Katie, who was currently looking at her like two kids who had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and Amber, who seemed to be shaving her step son’s pubic hair, now quickly turning the shaver off and holding it up and staring back at Carol with what looked like a sly smile.

Carol waited for a beat and then said, “Petey, have you even offered your guests something to drink?”

Without waiting for an answer, she said, “No, I’m sure you didn’t. Ladies, can I get you anything?”

Gail and Karen just stared at her, eyes wide and mouths agape.

“No, thank you, ma’am,” Amber said, “we’re good.”

“Ok then,” Carol said. “You kids have fun. Call me if you need anything.” And with that, she stepped back into the hall, closing the door behind her.

“I like your stepmom,” Amber said and turned the razor on and got back to work.

As Carol headed back down the stairs, she heard the razor turn back on and threw her head back and laughed.

When Amber was done, she blew away the few stray hairs.

“Okay,” she said, “Pictures! Katie, obviously, we don’t need to worry about the gag anymore.”

“Right,” Katie laughed and pulled the bandana out of Peter’s mouth.

Peter was working his jaw and about to spew out a litany of curses, hollow threats, and ultimately beg for his freedom when he heard, click, click, click.

“Ooh, this is a nice picture of you, Gail.” Amber held out her phone for Gail to see.

“It is,” laughed Gail. “Show Petey.”

Peter’s heart sank. There he was in all his glory. He couldn’t imagine a more embarrassing photo. Gail was pointing down at his small, hairless penis with a big grin on her face while Katie also smiling was making the universal small penis sign.

“Now, Petey, we are almost done,” said Amber as she walked over to the desk, grabbed her tripod, and proceeded to set it up at the foot of Peter’s bed.

“I know what you are thinking. ‘Gosh, I hope Amber doesn’t send those pictures to everyone at school. I hope that there is something anything I can do to keep that from happening.’

“Well, good news Petey. There is! We just want more pictures. We promise we won’t share them with anyone else.”

With this, she rolled him over and undid the handcuffs. She went over to his jeans and pulled out his phone. She walked back over to Peter and had him unlock his phone. She then set it on her tripod and had Peter pose for more pictures. She made him smile in a few and then took some close-ups of his penis.

When she was done, she selected the best pics and used the group text to send them to herself, Gail and Katie.

Once that was done, she turned back to Peter.

“You know why I promised you I wouldn’t send those pictures? Because it is illegal. But that didn’t stop you, did it? No sir, you took pictures of yourself and even your junk and sent them to all three of us! Maybe you were inspired by Katie sending out that picture of herself in the lace bra and just didn’t realize, but ignorance is no excuse.”

“Gail, show him what you are going to do when you get home if Petey doesn’t do everything we ask from now on.”

On cue, Gail bites her lower lip and looks like she is going to cry and holds out her phone towards Peter and says, “mommy, look what some boy at school sent me.”

“And what do you think Mommy will do?

Show daddy?

And what will daddy do?

He will either come over here and beat the crap out of you or just call the police.”

Peter just stared at them all dumbfounded. A day or so ago, he had a pretty normal life. Even an hour ago, it seemed like something he could handle. Now, he was standing here naked in front of these three she-devils, and his life was no longer his own.

“Well, wasn’t today fun!” said Amber as she packed up her bag. I’m leaving the razor, Petey. I expect you to use it every day. We will be checking.”

And just like that, they were gone.

Monday morning at school, the girls ran up to Peter and said, “You are brilliant!”

“Well, that was unexpected,” Peter thought.

“Student Council,” said Amber. “C’mon, we are going to go and get you signed up to be a candidate for Student Council President. We worked all weekend on your posters.”

Peter let himself be dragged down to the main office to register his candidacy. He didn’t understand what this had to do with “Operation Big Cock,” but he soon would.

After he was signed up, the four walked down the hall, empty since classes had already started. As they passed by the girls’ restroom, Peter was suddenly yanked inside.

“Alright, drop em,” Amber said.

After some feeble attempts at the protest, Peter complied.

All three girls peered down at his exposed crotch.

“Still tiny,” they all agreed.

“Hmm,” said Amber, “did you shave this weekend? I honestly can’t tell?”

Peter mumbled out an answer. “I, um, did this morning.”

“No, no, Petey, you don’t get to take weekends off. Every day means every day. Got it?”

Peter nodded.

“Good boy,” Amber said as she patted his cheek.

“Can I pull my pants up now? Peter asked.

“Of course,” said Amber, “as soon as you put these on,” and with that, Amber pulled out a lovely pair of women’s underwear from her purse. “We felt so bad about ruining your pair on Friday that we got you these. And look, they are red as well!”

Peter gulped as he looked at this pair of satiny, lace underwear.

“Amber gave Peter a hard smile. “You will put these on now. I have six more pairs that I will give you later—one for each day of the week. We will do undies check every day. If you aren’t wearing them, you will regret it, believe me.

“But what about gym class and laundry?” Peter protested. “Carol does my laundry!!”

Amber just laughed. “Figure it out.”

As to the shaving, you are on the honor system for the most part, but you never know when there might be a surprise inspection.

Peter quickly put on his new undies and was just fastening his belt after pulling his pants up when a girl walked in.

“She did a double-take when she saw Peter and asked the group, “um, what is going on here?”

“Oh, Peter was just showing us his massive cock,” Amber said as the three laughing girls dragged Peter out of the restroom.

And then the posters started going up.

A HUGE change is coming!

A MASSIVE change in student leadership.

A candidate that can’t be contained.

Why grow by inches when you can grow by one foot?

Oh sure, the signs all referred to food portions in the cafeteria or a bigger flag pole out front, but the implication wasn’t lost on the student body. Peter was running for the student council on a platform: “my dick is bigger than yours.” And the illustrations of the said flag pole and large sausages helped to drive the point home.

Peter couldn’t help but notice that everyone was starting to steal glances at his crotch now, whenever he walked the halls between classes.

Fortunately, now that PE was such a lowly thought of in High School, he rarely had classes or did no one bothered to change into shorts. On the rare days when they did, he traded visual confirmation of his small penis to letting anyone see that he was wearing panties. He worked it like a magician does sleight of hand. He would pull his pants down, careful to keep the panties in his pants, knowing that anyone who might be looking was looking to see his massive cock. The snickering always confirmed that once again, he had been found out.

The funny thing was, try as they might, his gym classmates could not counter the current narrative. First of all, it is not a natural conversation starter. Then there was the “why are you so interested” accusation, followed by the “you’re just jealous” refrain. So as frustrating as the lie was to these guys, it wasn’t worth pursuing. But not to worry, their time would come.

Peter was not so lucky at home. He had taken to washing his panties when he could, leaping to it whenever Carol was off running errands. Sometimes he’d just get them washed and have to “air” dry them in his closet if Carol returned earlier than expected.

Static electricity was ultimately his downfall.

Carol’s first thought when she came across a pair stuck to the top of the dryer was that her husband was having an affair, and somehow a pair of this woman’s underwear had gotten mixed up with his.

But then she thought about Peter and all that was going on with him and the girls, and she figured that this scenario made a lot more sense. Her suspicions were confirmed when she left them on his bed with a note that he had left them in the dryer. His lack of response told her all she needed to know.



Carol was on the phone with her sister Jen, laughing as she told her about the girls at Peter’s high school and what they had done to him. Her sister laughed along.

“Oh man, I would have loved to have seen that,” Jen said.

A few minutes later, they went back to talking about Carol and Peter’s upcoming trip down to Florida to see Jen and her two daughters. This trip had become a tradition four years earlier, soon after Carol had married Peter’s father and her husband had left Jen for a younger woman. It was a “girls get together” and Peter.

Once off the phone, Carol went to her craft room and got back to her sewing project. After a few minutes, an idea hit her like a thunderbolt. She rummaged through her spools of thread and found the spool of water-soluble thread. She smiled. She knew how much Peter loved swimming with his step-cousins in their big pool, and she recalled how hard Jen had laughed at the story of his humiliation. She laughed out loud as she set the spool onto her sewing machine and ran upstairs to get Peter’s swimsuit.

Peter was sitting next to Carol on a plane heading for sunny Florida. He was happy/not happy about it. He had been dreading this trip for a while. They were going to visit Aunt Jen. She was Carol’s older sister. He never got the feeling that she liked him much. She had two daughters, Rachel and Phoebe. Yup, named after the characters on Friends. Tells you all you need to know about Aunt Jen. Rachel was nineteen, going to junior college, and Phoebe was his age, wrapping up her final year of high school. He had never really connected with them. They always seemed irritated by his presence, and they resented that Carol forced him on them so she could have a little break. The older they all got, the more they seemed to really not like him. They were a little wild and goody-two-shoes Peter kind of cramped their style.

The good news was that he would be far, far away from Amber, Gail, and Katie, so no shaving or panty checks for a whole week. AND, Aunt Jen had one of those enclosed sunrooms with a huge pool.

That night at dinner, Aunt Jen and the cousins were in particularly good moods. There were some uncomfortable questions about his new school, and he wondered what Carol shared with them. He asked if they could go swimming after dinner but was told no, that they were having a little get together the next day after lunch. Rachel and Phoebe had each invited a couple of friends over, and Jen’s friend Liz Connor was coming.

Peter remembered Ms. Connor. She was gorgeous, and he had had a crush on her for as long as he could remember.

Still, he didn’t understand why they couldn’t swim tonight and tomorrow, but he wasn’t going to push it.

As Peter was preparing for bed, he started to unpack his bag to change into his pajamas. His face drained of color when he pulled out a wad of panties, his panties. He certainly hadn’t packed them. He cursed Carol, then cursed her again when he realized that they were the only underwear in his bag. He was about to panic even more, but then to his relief, he came across his bathing suit, both actually. “Whew,” he thought, he was really looking forward to swimming. That good feeling dissipated quickly as he next came across his razor with a little note attached to it. “You almost forgot this!”

Peter was bored. He was upstairs reading, waiting for Rachel and Phoebe’s guests to arrive so that they could go swimming. He already had his suit on and had heard the doorbell a few times. By his count, that meant three people had shown up.

“Ok, Peter,” Aunt Jen called out. “Swim time!”

“Finally,” thought Peter. He raced downstairs and was a little taken aback by what he saw.

In one corner was Carol, his Aunt, and Ms. Connor, all wearing skimpy bikinis lying back on chaise lounges, each with a drink in their hands.

In the pool was Rachel and what looked like about six other girls. He had assumed their friends would be a mix of boys and girls. Phoebe was sitting at the side of the pool, feet dangling in the water with her back to him. She turned and looked over her shoulder at Peter as he pushed open the sliding glass door and gave him a lovely smile.

“Ugh uh,” called out Aunt Jen, “t-shirt and towel stay inside so that they don’t get wet.”

Well, this was a new rule, but whatever. Peter went back in and saw all the other shirts and towels and took off his t-shirt and placed it on a chair with his towel.

As he walked back in, Phoebe passed him walking back into the living room and sliding the glass door behind her.

Peter was anxious to get in the water as he felt a little uncomfortable being the only male with all eyes upon him.

But before he could do that, Aunt Jen called out to him, “Petey, come over and say hello to Liz.”

Peter walked over reluctantly. It was bad enough to have to walk past all these girls in the pool, but standing in front of these three older women showing off a lot of skin was a little intimidating.

“Hi, Petey,” Liz said. “It’s been a long time. Carol tells me you are very popular with the ladies back home, that they can’t keep their hands off of you.”

Aunt Jen and Carol snickered at this.

All eyes turned to the side door that leads out to the yard as Phoebe opened it and rushed back in, giggling as she waded into the pool.

After teasing him for another minute, Liz wrapped up their conversation, telling Peter that it was good to see him again and that she hoped to see a lot more of him real soon, causing Carol to do a spit take.

“Um, nice to see you too, Ms. Connor,” Peter said.

“Finally,” thought Peter, “I can get in the pool.”

And he did. Since the eight girls were all congregated in the shallow end, Peter dove in from the deep end. The water felt great, and as he glided underwater towards the girls, he couldn’t help but notice what a great view he had of each of the girls’ bottom halves. He thought to himself, “I am going to have to spend a lot of time checking out this view.”

Alas, he had to come up for air, and when he did, eight girls were staring at him.

“Peter,” Rachel said, come meet our friends. Peter swam over and was quickly surrounded.

As he met each girl, he had to turn a little bit, like a sundial. At about the fourth girl, he became aware of two things, his suit was feeling a little funny, and the girls’ smiles were getting bigger as they were introduced to him. As he met girl number five, the girls behind him were just outright laughing, and a little black square, no bigger than a pocket, caught Peter’s eye as it floated in front of him. One of the girls scooped it up and looked at Peter with pure joy in her heart.

He never caught the sixth girl’s name.

“Look at it. Look at it,” one girl cried out, “it’s so small!”

Like in a dream, Peter looked down and realized that his suit was floating away from his body in pieces.

The girls were alternately laughing and pointing at Peter and fighting over scraps of his suit.

“Does it get any bigger,” one girl said as she reached down and pinched Peter’s penis. Another girl reached out and squeezed his butt.

Peter wasn’t sure what to do. Staying in the pool was not an option, but getting out and getting his towel would mean really exposing himself, and Oh God, he looked over and saw Carol, Aunt Jen, and Ms. Connor looking over and smiling.

“What’s going on over there girls,” Aunt Jen called out. “Are you guys teasing poor Petey?”

“Oh no, Mom,” Phoebe called out, “we’re just flirting with Petey. He’s having fun.”

Peter, who was not having fun, moved to cover himself up, but the girls kept pulling his arms away.

“I can’t believe he hasn’t grown any hair down there yet,” one girl remarked.

“Actually, he shaves it every day, or he’ll be in trouble at school, well, not school really but these three girls at his school,” said Phoebe.

Peter was stunned. Obviously, Carol had told Rachel and Phoebe and Aunt Jen everything. As Phoebe started to fill in all the girls on his current situation, Peter decided it would be better to race into the house, grab his towel and run upstairs and be done with this, even if it meant exposing himself to Carol, Aunt Jen, and Ms. Connor.

Peter fought through the phalanx of girls and cupped his privates as he walked up the steps in the shallow end.

Before he had even reached the top of the pool, Carol called out, “Petey! where is your swimsuit, why,” and now she was laughing, “why are you naked!?”

So much for an unnoticed getaway.

“I, I don’t know,” he stammered, “my suit just sort of disintegrated.”

As he approached the sliding glass door, he took one hand away so that he could open it.

It didn’t budge. Panicked, he tried it again.

Rachel and Phoebe exchanged a look and smiled. Having Phoebe lock the door and then run back in through the side door was paying off.

“It sometimes sticks Petey,” said Aunt Jen, try two hands.

Peter didn’t want to leave himself uncovered, but what choice did he have?

He reached for the door and pulled, still nothing, except now he could hear everyone laughing,

including Carol, Aunt Jen, and Ms.Connor. He tried one more time pulling with all his might, causing him to stumble backward when once again, the door didn’t budge.

“It must be locked,” called out Aunt Jen. “You’ll have to go around to the front door.”

He looked over at her like he must have heard wrong, and only then noticed that Carol had her phone pointed at him. Mrs. Connor laughed so hard that she was crying and snorting, causing all the other girls to laugh even harder.

And speaking of harder, Peter could feel himself growing erect under his cupped hands.

Not wanting to add to his misery, he decided it was worth running around to the front door. Once inside, he could just run-up to his room and never come out again!

He could still hear the laughter as he bolted out of the sunroom and raced around the side of the house. So far, he was protected from the street by a tall wooden fence, but he was exposed to the world once he was through that. He raced to the front door without any cars passing by, but that is where his luck ran out. As he jostled the front door, it too wouldn’t budge. He stood there with his head hanging down until a car horn jolted him. On instinct, he covered himself and took off for the side yard again. He never looked to see who honked, but he did hear what sounded like female voices laughing and “whoo-hoping.”

As he came back into the sunroom, someone called out, “did you miss us?”

“The front door is locked too,” Peter shouted to no one in particular.

Aunt Jen looked over at Phoebe and smiled, knowing that her daughter had done this.

“Oh poor Petey,” she said, “I didn’t know it would be locked. Rachel, honey, why don’t you go back with him and show him where we hide the key.”

Rachel climbed out of the pool, which did not help Peter’s erection issue, and winked at Phoebe as she took Peter’s arm.

So back they went, Peter, a little hunched, covering up what he could as Rachel sauntered next to him, telling him how funny he looked and what a great time everyone was having.

They made their way to the front door, and Rachel told him that the spare key was under a pot that sat on a shelf just off to the front door’s right about five feet up.

Peter ask Rachel if she could just get it.

“Oh, Petey, what would be the fun in that. No, I want a clear view of ‘little Petey’ while you reach up there.”

Peter sighed and reached under the pot.

Rachel gasped and said, “Oh My God, Peter, are you enjoying this!?”

“No, no,” he sputtered. “It’s just, just…” well, really, what could he say.

He pulled his hand down and said, “the key isn’t there.”

“Really,” said Rachel, putting on her best-surprised look. “Let me have a look.”

Rachel took an inordinate amount of time checking, double-checking, and triple-checking, enjoying Peter’s misery.

“Look under that seat cushion,” she said, knowing full well it wasn’t there.

She was just about to tell Peter to look under a random rock when a car pulled up to the curb.

“Hey Rachel,” someone shouted, “who is your naked friend? We noticed him when we drove by earlier.”

“Oh, hi, Diane, this is my cousin Petey. We can’t seem to find the key to the front door.”

“Want some help?”

“Sure,” Rachel laughed, “the more, the merrier.”

And with that, three more girls joined in the fun.

At that moment, Phoebe and the six other girls rounded the corner. Phoebe held up a key with a big grin on her face and said, were you guys looking for this?

“Petey was just making some new friends,” Rachel explained to Phoebe.

“Oh well, this can wait,” she said, sliding the key between her bikini top and her breast.

“No,” begged Peter as his shoulders slumped defeatedly.

“Now, Petey,” said Rachel, “don’t be rude to your new guests. You haven’t even been introduced yet. This, as you heard, is Diane.”

Peter couldn’t believe he was standing naked out in the front yard of his Aunt’s house. The only positive was that there were so many people, girls! That his nudity was pretty well blocked from those driving by.

Diane reached out her hand and smiled at Peter.

He carefully extracted one hand and shook hands with Diane.

“And this is Ruby.” Peter shook her hand.

Rachel then whispered something into the last girl’s ear before introducing her.

“And this is Janet.”

As Peter shook Janet’s hand, she gripped him hard and didn’t let go.

“And this everybody is ‘Little Petey.'” And with that, Rachel wrested Peter’s remaining hand away from his small hairless penis.

Rachel and Janet held fast as Peter struggled to get free so that he couldn’t cover himself up again.

Janet was laughing so hard that Peter could regain one hand, but not before everyone had had a good look.

“Oh, poor little Petey,” said Phoebe, “he’s so shy!”

“He wasn’t that shy a few minutes ago,” said Rachel. “Still little, but not shy.”

“Ooh, I want to see,” said one of the “swim team.”

“Me too,” said Janet.

“Phoebe,” Rachel said, motioning for Phoebe to grab Peter’s other arm.

As they held him and everyone just stared, Rachel said, “umm, I don’t. It is going to happen on its own.”

Diane walked up and said, “this always works with my boyfriend,” as she gently massaged his butt.

Peter’s penis twitched, and many of the girls jumped and then laughed at themselves.

Peter needed this over with. He looked at this crowd of Bikini-clad girls and stared at each girl’s breasts, but it wasn’t until he saw one of the girls subconsciously licking her lips that Little Petey finally stood at attention. Everyone applauded.

“Okay, ladies,” Rachel said, “Shows over. I’ve seen about as much of my cousin as I need to for one day.

“Boo,” called out the crowd, but they were laughing and happily headed back towards the pool, and Diane and her crew walked back to their car.

Phoebe handed Peter the key and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

Peter opened the door and, in a fog, walked into the house. Knowing that the girls were still outside, he walked over to get his shirt and towel. He was shaken out of his funk by laughter and looked up to see Carol, Aunt Jen, and Ms. Connor laughing. He had forgotten about them. And yes, Little Petey was still at attention.

The next morning, Peter came downstairs around lunchtime in his second swimsuit, flip flops, and a towel around his neck.

Aunt Jen, Carol, Rachel, and Phoebe were all sitting around the kitchen table, eating lunch.

He grabbed a sandwich off the table and coke out of the fridge.

Apparently, everyone had decided to pretend that yesterday had never happened.

“Going for a swim?” Carol asked.

“Yeah,” Peter said, “but I’m going to head over to the community pool so I can get some sun.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea.”

“You know how to get there?” Aunt Jen asked.

“Geez, Aunt Jen, it’s only three blocks away.”

“Okay, well, have fun.”

A minute later, Peter was out the door.

The girls continued eating, and Phoebe noticed that Carol couldn’t keep a big grin off her face.

“Carol, why are you smiling? Are you thinking about yesterday?”

“No,” she laughed, “I’m thinking about today. I knew that Peter’s blue suit was his favorite, so of course, that is the one I took apart and re-sewed with the water-soluble thread. But then I got nervous. What if, for some reason, he packed the green one instead or packed both and decided to wear the green one?”

“NO,” said Rachel, putting her hand up to her mouth.

“Yep, I figured I couldn’t take any chances.”

“Oh My God,” said Rachel. “Let me text Leslie. She is a lifeguard at the pool. If she is working today, maybe she can film it.”

Forty minutes later, Rachel’s phone chirped.

A text from Leslie. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Another chirp and then the video.

***Peter in the water looking nervous as a voice asks him if anything is wrong. Peter doesn’t answer, just watches as pieces of his suit float away. Cause it looks like you’re naked in the pool, the voice says. This causes some people in the water to give Peter a closer look. Then you hear some chuckling as the camera zooms in on Peter’s face and then pulls back to show him just standing their hands covering himself.

Eventually, Peter walks over to the ladder. Awkwardly, he heaves himself up while struggling to cover himself with one hand. The person behind the camera laughs and says, whatcha hiding there!? Peter races towards his towel, but another boy about his age beats him to it. He tosses it to yet another boy, and a game of keep away ensues as a whole new group of girls point and laugh at Peter. At one point, the towel flies tantalizingly close overhead, and Peter forgets himself and reaches up with both hands. You can hear laughter erupt and words like tiny and no hair. Finally, one of the boys wads up the towel and flings it into the middle of the pool. The last shot on the video is of Peter’s butt as he races towards the exit.***

Five minutes later, a naked Peter comes crashing through the front door and runs upstairs to his room.

Peter is lying on his bed, reliving the last hour of his life. The only silver lining that he can come up with is that at least Carol, Aunt Jen, Rachel, and Phoebe weren’t there to see it. Hopefully, they will never find out.

Just then, his phone rings. He reaches over for it and looks at the screen. It appears that Rachel has forwarded him a video.

While the trip to Florida was the most embarrassing time of his life to date, Peter knew that the potential for humiliation on an even grander scale might yet be in my future.

The girls weren’t even coy about it. They let it be known that the student council speeches’ assembly would be the culmination of all their hard work.

Not too many days after spring break, Peter came home from school and was surprised/not surprised to find Amber, Gail, and Katie sitting in his living room gathered around Carol as she showed them pictures and that video taken at the public pool in Florida.

“I feel like you’ve been cheating on us, Petey,” Amber said.

“Yeah,” Katie said, “are we not doing enough to humiliate you?”

Peter assured them that they were doing a great job and tried to excuse himself to go work on his speech for the assembly.

“Sure,” said Amber, “right after we do a panty check.”

Peter was stunned. As routine as these had become, they never stopped being embarrassing, and he really did not relish the idea of doing this in front of Carol.

Carol laughed and asked, “what is a ‘panty check?'” even though she knew full well what it was.

“C’mon Petey,” said Gail, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Peter walked over to Gail, unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and then unzipped and splayed out either side to reveal a pair of baby blue panties.

“No, no,” said Amber, “pants all the way down.”

Peter sighed the sigh of the defeated and pulled his pants down to his ankles.

“Now, Petey,” Amber continued, Do we have to talk about attitude again?” I’ve got my ruler right over there in my purse. Why don’t you smile and thank us for taking such an interest in you?”

And Peter did just that, making everyone laugh out loud.

Once she collected herself, Gail pulled the panties away from Peter’s body to make sure he was keeping up with his shaving regimen.

She looked up into his eyes and said, “good boy Petey. You can go to work on your speech now.”

Amber let out a “pffft,” and added, “don’t work too hard on it.”

Peter pulled up his pants and went upstairs to his room. As he sat there wondering what Amber meant, there was a sudden roar of laughter downstairs, and he wondered if they were talking about just that.

Of course, they might also be talking about the last time Amber had used that ruler. Were there pictures of that too?

Amber may not have thought that Peter needed to work on his speech, but the fact was that it had to be read over and approved by a staff member. Usually, the student chose a teacher that they felt most comfortable with, but since Peter was new to the school this year, the girls suggested Ms. McTeise, one of the 12th grade English teachers.

Ms. McTeise was a perfect choice…for Amber to pick. She basically was Amber, ten years older, with a college degree. McTeise rhymed with fleece, but it didn’t take long for her to acquire the nickname Ms. McTease.

She was, as the boys said, “smokin’ hot,” and she knew it. She dressed to distract and talked to about it by the administration more than once, to no avail.

Legend had it that one day late in the last school year, she had had a little fun with one of the boys in her class. He came in wearing shiny gym shorts and a Ramones t-shirt.

As the class was doing some in-class reading, she walked up and down the rows of desks, tapping some of her favorite female students on the shoulder and winking at them, giving them a heads up that she was about to pounce.

She then went over to the boys’ desk, squatting next to him, giving him a lovely view of her cleavage, and asked him a couple of rudimentary questions about his reading.

As he stuttered through his answers, she “accidentally” dropped her pen and put her hand on his bare leg to steady herself as she reached out to pick it up, causing her hand to slide up under his shorts ever so slightly.

She then stood up and started to walk towards her desk but turned back and said, “oh gosh,

I was supposed to pick up something from the front office earlier. Glen, would you mind running down there and picking it up for me?

“Um, now?” he asked nervously.

“Well, yes, now, silly. Come up to my desk, and I’ll give you a pass.”

Glen got up and almost ran up to her desk, keeping his back to the class.

Ms. McTeise, slowly wrote out a pass, noting with satisfaction that the shorts hid Glen’s erection, not at all.

She smiled at him as she stood up and handed him the pass. As he raced towards the door, she walked towards the back of the class. Just as he put his hand on the doorknob, she called out, “Oh, Glen.”

Glen’s head dropped.

“Oh Glen,” I’m so sorry, I just remembered I am supposed to pick it up after school. It won’t be there yet. Please take your seat after you hand me back that pass.”

Glen turned and slowly walked towards Ms. McTeise as one, then two, then many students started to snicker.

As he handed the pass back to his teacher, she looked at his tented shorts, feigned shock, and then laughed and told him to have a seat.

Ms. McTeise was looking over Peter’s speech but was not really paying attention to it. She knew that chances were he would not be giving a speech at the assembly next week. Amber, Gale, and Katie, while not giving her all of the specifics, had clued her in that things were going to take an unexpected turn at the assembly. They had shown her the video of Peter’s little incident at the pool, so she had some idea what was coming. As a matter of fact, she had the video on her phone and smiled, thinking about what poor Petey would do if she just started playing it right now.

Instead, she told him that they were done.

As he got up to leave, she asked him if he had had a nice spring break?

He looked a little pale as he told her he had.

“What did you do?” She asked. “Did you go anywhere?”
He mumbled something about Florida and cousins.

She was relentless with questions, knowing that even though he was making stuff up on the fly about what he did and how much fun he had, he was really reliving the events of those days all over again.

“Well,” she said, “let’s hope that the assembly will be every bit as much fun for you!”

Now, this assembly was an odd thing. It was for seniors only. It was the kind of thing that only an ex-hippie could think up. Whoever was running for Student Council president had to give a speech to the Senior Class and only to the Senior Class. The idea was that while the selection would not impact them, it was a way for them to contribute to their school even though they were moving on.

While that was lovely in theory, in practice, it was a bit pathetic. From a staff point of view, the principal usually attended a few teachers and the basketball coach, who was there to protect the gym floor, where the speeches were given.

From a student standpoint, the attendance was usually not much better. This was not a required event since “service” should always be voluntary, not required. And since it was during the last class on a Friday afternoon, it seemed like the faculty outnumbered the students some years.

In an attempt to goose up attendance, the candidates had to really step up their game.

They were required to show a short film that both stated their positions and injected a little humor into the situation. These, of course, had to be cleared by the teacher helping them with their campaign. They were also tasked with creating a themed float and a costume that tied into the said float. The “floats” were two hotel luggage carts donated years ago and approved as acceptable by the coach because of their big rubber wheels. All of this kept many a student from running for SC president, and it certainly would have discouraged Peter if he had had any choice in the matter.

Peter lay in bed the night before the assembly. There was no doubt in his mind that tomorrow he would be naked in public. And make no mistake, he did not relish the idea of being naked in front of 5 or 6 faculty members and maybe fifteen or twenty students, but there were 250 students in the senior class, so all things considered, it could be worse. And no doubt, the staff members would shut down whatever was going to happen almost immediately, so yeah, one minute of nudity in front of twenty to thirty people, he wasn’t crazy about it, but he could deal with it. What choice did he have?

The first thing the next morning, Peter got a text from Amber.

Wear whatever undies you like today, but be sure and shave!!

Well, that confirmed things. Nudity was in his future.

Carol was all smiles when he came down for breakfast. Giddy, in fact.

She offered to drive him to school, no doubt wanting to make sure that he didn’t skip out.

Amber, Gail, and Kate sat with Peter at lunch, which they hadn’t done in months.

“Are you excited, Petey?” One of the girls asked.

“No,” said Peter. “I am not!”

“We have been telling all of our friends to attend,” said Gail, “but now we don’t need to worry about that.”

“Why not?” asked Peter warily.

And with that, Gail slid a piece of paper Peter’s way, and all three girls laughed as he read it.

Show your school pride. Attend this afternoon’s assembly and have your lowest test grade removed this quarter! Signed, The English Department.

It seemed that the girls weren’t the only ones invested in Peter’s humiliation.

And you can add fate to the list. Peter was right in thinking that a strong faculty presence would act quickly to lessen whatever humiliation awaited him. This also worried Amber and the girls, but they were willing to roll the dice and hope for the best.

Because the event was usually so poorly attended, and the fact that Admin didn’t know about the grade forgiveness pass, the principal had only assigned himself, Coach Stevens, Ms. McTiese, and the advisor for the only other candidate, Julie Chen.

And then the Principal was called downtown to an emergency board meeting. He thought about asking his AP to step in, but it was a Friday afternoon, and again, based on past attendance, he felt like the other three could handle things just fine.

Two actually. When Julie Chen’s advisor learned that the Principal was not going to attend, he decided to bail as well. Ms. McTeise had encouraged him to take off. She told him that they, her and Coach Stevens, could handle things.

When Peter walked into the gym, he was stunned to see over 200 kids, either filing in or already seated in the bleachers. And there on the front row was Carol, sitting with Mrs. Chen and what looked to be Julie’s very hot older sister, no doubt home from college.

Seated next to them were Amber, Gail, and Kate, who came running over to Peter as soon as they saw him.

They were ecstatic.

“Can you believe the turnout, Petey!? This is going to be fantastic!!”

Peter looked around, feeling a little queasy. In his worst nightmare scenario, he hadn’t anticipated a crowd like this. The only reason he hadn’t just skipped school today was that he felt like a small humiliation today would hopefully be the last of it. He had sorely miscalculated.

Ms. McTeise clapped her hands and called out, “Okay, everyone, settle down and take a seat so that we can get started.”

And everyone did. There was a low rumble of many side conversations as no one really cared about this event. Well, almost no one. Again, Amber, Gail, and Kate were beaming. Peter could also tell who their friends were just by the way they were looking at him, pointing at him, whispering to each other, and laughing.

Peter and Julie were sitting in chairs facing the crowd as Ms. McTeise explained how they would proceed.

“First, she said, the two candidates would go to their “campaign headquarters'” the girls and boys locker rooms, respectively. The audience would then watch the candidate’s two videos. After that, Julie would come out and make her speech followed finally by Peter.

As Peter listened to this, it occurred to him that the Principal wasn’t making these remarks.

He looked around but didn’t see him anywhere. Where was he? Where were any faculty members, for that matter? Finally, he spotted Coach Stevens. Was that it, just the two of them!?

“Okay, candidates, we are ready. Head to your headquarters with your staff, and may the best person win!”

Julie Chen and her sister headed towards the girls’ locker room, and Amber, Gail, and Katie escorted Peter to his.

Once inside, Peter was surprised to see two huge dudes, both on the football team, no doubt. He had no idea who they were because they wore these brown hoods that looked like something an executioner might wear. They were also decked out in togas that looked pretty silly draped over t-shirts, blue jeans, and tennis shoes.

“Petey,” these are a couple of friends of ours who have volunteered to help out with your float.

Peter looked over and saw his hotel luggage cart decked out like, what exactly, some kind of ancient boat? Indeed, Peter explained that this was an ancient Roman vessel and that he would be dressed as Julius Caesar.

While Julie Chen’s video played over the loudspeaker to some polite laughter, Peter was undressed and then dressed in a toga that was tied in a bow over his left shoulder with, of course, nothing on underneath. His hands were then tied together and draped over the knob at the center of the cart, stretching him to the point where his feet just barely stayed flat on the cart.

The girls stepped up on the cart one by one and gave Peter a little peck on the cheek.

“You’re gonna do great,” Amber said. “We’re going to go catch your video, and then we’ll see you out there!

As Julie’s video ended, Mrs. Chen turned to Carol and said, “my girl’s got this in the bag!”

Carol just smiled and thought, “wow, Tiger mom, much?”

As Julie gave her speech, Peter tried to engage his two hooded friends in conversation, but they remained silent, except when one of them said, “man, this is going to be awesome!”

And then the other guy said, “yeah, just remember the escape plan.”

Escape plan? Peter did not like the sound of that.

And then it was time for Peter’s video. And just in case anyone had forgotten, it was full of double entendres designed to remind everyone how huge he was. Amber knew that this would never have been allowed without Ms. McTeise’s help. Had she turned in this video to any other teacher, it would have been rejected. As the video was drawing to a close, she caught Ms. McTeise’s eye and gave her a thumbs up. Ms. McTeise smiled and gave her a wink and then pointed back to the screen, which suddenly went to static, like when someone has hacked in.

And then, there was Peter, back in that pool in Florida looking nervous as a voice asks him if anything is wrong. Cause it looks like you’re naked in the pool.

“No, no, no,” thinks Amber, “this will ruin everything. The reveal should be live, not on video.”

But then, like Peter, struggles to get out of the pool, and as he leaps for his towel with both hands, a big black dot appears on the screen, covering his crotch.”

The students in the gym laugh right along with the kids at the pool, but they also groan with disappointment when the black dot appears.

“Touché Ms. McTeise, Amber thinks,Touché.

Julie Chen’s mom is also laughing. She turns to Carol, wiping away a tear, and says, “maybe I underestimated your kid. I look forward to his speech.”

Carol, who hadn’t expected the video either, just smiles and said, “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

It took Peter a minute to take in what he was hearing. When it clicked, he couldn’t believe it.

He had still held out hope that Ms. McTeise or Coach Stevens would stop this before it got too out of hand, but if they were okay with a video of him naked, would they come to his aid if he was naked here, in the gym?

As a matter of fact, when the video of Peter at the pool started, Coach Stevens took a step towards the laptop to shut it off, but Ms. McTeise grabbed his arm and said, “I don’t know how that got on there, but it’s too late to do anything about it now, and you have to admit it’s kinda funny. And with that, she giggled and gave his arm a flirtatious squeeze.

At that point, all Coach Stevens was thinking was, “Good God, is she not wearing a bra?”

And then the show began. Two big guys wearing hoods were pulling ropes attached to the “ship” with Peter in his toga in an obviously compromised position. The crowd applauded, laughed, and whistled with the video of Peter still fresh in their minds.

When they got right to the center, only four or five feet from the stands, one of the guys raised his hands for silence.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, but mostly ladies, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the moment when we finally find out, JUST HOW BIG IS IT!?

“Oh, no'” said Coach Stevens, not on my watch.

“Yes, you’d better put a stop to this,” Ms. McTeise said, even as she grabbed his arm to slow him down just a little bit more. She had already convinced him that they should stand by one of the exits, making his trip to put an end to this before anything could happen, well, impossible.

As the one guy was saying, JUST HOW BIG IS IT!?, the other was pulling on the bow on Peter’s toga so that it untied, causing it to





With every fiber of his being, Peter wanted to cover up, run, hide, anything but this!

All he could do was stare at everyone and watch as their eyes grew wide, smiles formed on their faces, and then morphed as their mouths opened wide as they roared with laughter.

So much laughter and so much pointing.

Coach Stevens had made it about halfway to Peter when the two guys noticed him and took off running. One looked back at the coach and flipped him off with both hands.

Well, no coach in America is going to let that go unanswered!

Coach Steven’s ran right past Peter, intent on catching this horse’s ass!

Once around the corner and out of the coach’s sight, he whipped off his hood and toga and dumped them in a strategically placed trash can. The “escape plan.”

As the coach rounded the corner, the kid simply pointed towards the exit. The coach pushed open the doors and exited the gym, thinking he was still giving chase.

Peter couldn’t believe it. The coach left! Ran right past him.

He looked around wildly and spotted Ms. McTeise headed towards him.

Was she, was she smiling?

“Oh my, Peter,” she said. “What have you gotten yourself into?”

“Can you, can you untie me, please?

“Of course, Peter,” she said, “if I can reach it.”

And with that, she stepped onto the cart.

She stood right in front of Peter, which elicited some boo’s from the crowd as she was blocking their view.

She stretched up on her tiptoes, mimicking Peter’s position as she attempted to untie his hands. As she fiddled with the knot, her hands and feet would tire, and she’d have to come back down onto the balls of her feet. And then up again and then down. Up again and then down.

At first, Peter was relieved that she would untie him and end his ordeal, but he figured out almost immediately that she was making things worse.

Just having her that close to his naked body was trouble enough, but now she was grinding her body up and down against his, and oh my God, was she not wearing a bra!?

“Oh, dear God,” he thought, “please not now.”

“Ms. McTeise,” he moaned, “please, stop. Please…stop…please.”

“Don’t you want me to untie you?” She asked, pushing up against him one more time.

“Yes, no, I mean, I,” he was panting now.

She looked down and saw what she was hoping to see, the cutest little erection she had ever seen.

“Oh my, Petey,” she said with a bit of a laugh, I guess I better leave you be before you do something embarrassing.

She couldn’t resist one more chest rub, which inadvertently caused her short skirt to come down over Peter’s erection, which caused her skirt to ride all the way up to her waist, exposing her perfect ass to the crowd as she stepped down off of the cart. Twenty years later, some seniors wouldn’t remember much else about their high school years, but they would remember that ass!

For now, though, what everyone would remember was that tiny little dick on display again and this time pointing straight up and quivering a bit.

The laughter rolled through the gym.

Mrs. Chen and Carol were laughing so hard it was all they could do to keep each other upright.

Amber, Gail, and Kate not so much, as they were rolling on the floor, tears streaming down their faces.

At this point, Coach Stevens reappeared and headed towards Peter.

Recovering from her own mishap and enjoying this way too much to have it end, Ms. McTeise grabbed the coach and said, “the knot is too tight. We’re going to have to cut him off of there. Quick, run to your office, and get some scissors.”

And he did.

Knowing that the coach wouldn’t be gone too long, other students quickly wring the last few moments of enjoyment out of this wonderfully entertaining event.

Many, many people got their pictures taken with little Petey that day.

And then the coach was back with the scissors, which of course he didn’t need. He cursed when he realized that all he had to do was pull, and Peter’s hands came free, just like the Toga.

“Go put some clothes on,” he growled at Peter as if this had all been his fault.

And so Peter did, making his way through well-wishers who assured him that he had earned their vote!



Well, of course, he won in a landslide. And of course, the administration would not let that stand, so Julie Chen was declared the winner, satisfying both parties.

Nobody got in trouble.

Seems crazy, right? But think about it.

The girls insisted they were heartbroken. They really wanted Petey to win.

They swore that they had absolutely nothing to do with his disrobing. And who could contradict them? Well, maybe those two hooded boys, but no one ever figured out who they were.

The video could honestly say they had nothing to do with that little swimming pool coda at the end.

And what about Ms. McTeise? No, she was there at least, and as best anyone could tell, she was trying to keep order, sometimes all by herself. As to the video, she insisted that it was hacked.

Oh sure, a few parents forwarded videos from their kids’ phones to the Principal, but honestly, no one seemed that upset, and the principal, who was as much to blame as anyone, was all too happy to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Actually, the principal did get in a little trouble when his wife walked in on him with his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand, watching that part of one of the forwarded videos where Ms. McTeise’s skirt is lifted to her waist.

And then it was summer and nothing much happened. The girls had moved on. They were getting ready for college. They were done with Petey.

While initially relieved, Peter started to get bored with his safe humdrum existence.

Carol was taking it really hard. She kept asking Peter if he had heard from the girls.

She seemed kind of depressed.

And just like that, it was time to start the new school year.

Peter had gotten his first-semester schedule and thought it a bit odd that he had Ms. McTeise for advisory and study hall and English. He actually thought it might just be a coincidence.

On his first day back, he was a little surprised and if he was a little disappointed that he was pretty much ignored all morning if he was honest. Oh, sure, there were a few snickers and a few “Hi Little Petey’s,” but really, just a few. He reminded himself that his humiliation had taken place exclusively in front of the senior class, so anyone here only had second-hand knowledge of what went down. Well, that and the videos that had a gazillion hits, likes, laughing emojis, etc.

Still, Peter was a little bummed to find himself at lunch, sitting at a table by himself.

And then it happened again. Julie Chen sat down across from him, another girl, Jennifer, on his left side and Rosalyn. At least this year, he knew who they were.

“Hi Petey,” Julie said, “I can’t believe you’re showing your face around here.”

“Glutton for punishment, I guess,” Peter said.

Julie snorted out a laugh. “I guess so. Well, we’re here to help you with that.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” he said, “last year was all the excitement I need.”

Julie ignored this. “Is it true they made you wear ladies underwear every day last year? Are you wearing them now?”

Before he could answer, Jennifer reached behind Peter and gave him an impromptu wedgie.

“Nope,” she said to Julie, “Boxer briefs.”

“Well,” Julie said, “that ends today. As a matter of fact, when we’re done with our little discussion here, I want you to go and take those off and bring them to me. This year, no undies ever!”

“Yeah,” Peter said, surprised by his confidence. “It’s not that simple. I’m not going just to do whatever you want just because you say so. I didn’t do it last year because I wanted to ya know. I did it because…” and here Peter shut up.

“You did it because you were blackmailed, I know. And believe me, we spent half the summer kicking around ideas, but really, wouldn’t it be better to have one less humiliation to deal with?

Think about it, and your choice is a private humiliation, followed by some very public humiliations or just public humiliations? Again, one less humiliation.” And then Julie leaned in close, “do you doubt me, do you really want to test me?”

Peter just stared at her. It was crazy, but she was making sense.

“Undies, now,” she said.

Peter started to stand up, but then he had a thought and sat back down.

Julie arched an eyebrow.

“There’s just one thing, one favor I’d like to throw out there,” he said.

Julie leaned back and crossed her arms.

Peter began, “if we could just keep my stepmother Carol out of this. She got way too much enjoyment out of all this last year, and I would really appreciate it if she wasn’t involved.”

A slow smile formed on Julie’s face, and she said, “sure, Petey, you bet.”

With that, Peter got up and headed towards the men’s room to remove his underwear, satisfied that Julie would break that promise, and Carol wouldn’t be depressed anymore.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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