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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader ponders a measurement conundrum…

My GF and I are both twenty-one and are seniors in college. We met at the beginning of the sophomore year, and have been dating for the last 2 years. I have a major cuckolding and humiliation fetish that she has no idea about. I want to tell her, but I’m nervous about how she will react.

While my GF and I don’t live together, we will stay at each other’s places 4-5 times a week. My GF lives with four girls who she’s been best friends with since freshman year. My GF and three of her housemates are all in the same sorority, and the other girl is in a different one.

Last night, I stayed at my GF place because she wanted to sleep with me but wouldn’t be back until late because they had a sorority mixer with a fraternity. When I got to my GF’s house, my GF and her roommates were all in their respective rooms getting ready for the mixer. I had come over straight from the gym and needed to take a shower. I had just taken all my clothes off in my GF’s room and was looking for a towel when two of her roommates run into her room screaming about some pictures she needed to see.

I’m standing naked in front of the two of them frantically searching for anything to cover myself up with. They both apologize profusely and leave the room before I can find anything to cover up with. However, I definitely heard them both giggling as they were leaving the room. I was so embarrassed, but my GF says it’s no big deal and she doubts they saw anything. After five minutes, I calm down, find a towel, and walk to the shower. I pass one of them in the hallway, and she apologizes for barging in.

I was starting to feel better about the whole situation until my GF texts me today and asks me how big I am. I said I’ve never measured, but I know I’m a member of the small dick club just by looking at it. She said that she’s really curious about how big I am and asked if she could measure it tonight. I said no that’s weird, but she keeps asking and complaining. She says she doesn’t understand why I won’t let her because guys measure themselves all the time. She’s never brought up anything like this before. Clearly, they were all talking about it last night. I feel so embarrassed and humiliated. I don’t know if I should let her measure me or not tonight.


Another reader is exposed to the pool…

Back in the spring, I had to take a lifeguard certification class so I could get a summer job. There were four classes and two in the pool. On the first pool day, we went through all the skills to prepare for the test. On the way there, I realized I forgot my suit, so I had to stop by Wal-Mart to buy a cheap swimsuit for the day. They were out of my size, so I had to get the next size up. When I finally got to class and put it on, I realized the string was broken so it wouldn’t tie. There were ten people in the class, and I was one of two guys.

As a result, I figured I had a good chance with girls. I had been talking with a girl named Kenzie and trying to show off a bit, and she definitely thought I was a douche. We finally got in, and the water was absolutely freezing. I knew I had serious shrinkage, so I had to be careful when out of the water. Partway through, we had to do backboard rescues, and I was chosen as the victim. So with my head chest and arms, we all strapped down so I could only move my legs. When they finally yanked the board and me out of the water, I heard roaring laughter. I realized my shorts slid clean off my waist and even off my feet.

I then hear Kenzie say, “For a boy with an ego that big it’s crazy his penis is that small!”

At that moment, I knew my small shrunken dick was showing off its lack of size. My dick was only about an inch small when soft, but with the cold water, it would be lucky to be half that size. The girls tossed around my trunks, and I was still strapped in so I couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually, as I warmed up my dick started to grow, and my silver member status was revealed to all. Of course, this made the girls get even more hysterical. For the rest of the class, I just tried to hide, but the girls constantly tried to pants me and harass me, and to this day they still Snapchat me making fun of that day.


While his older sister and her friends inspect this reader…

I am a few years younger than my sister, and back in high school, she would always have people come over for overnight parties. My parents were super lax with everything and had no problem with having boys stay over as long as parents were all aware. Of course, doors had to stay open, but from the stories, I heard that didn’t stop horny teens.

At one point my sister’s window got shattered due to a huge rainstorm and being out in the country we had to have it boarded up until the following Monday for repairs. That didn’t stop my sister from throwing another party, this time in my room.

As you can imagine, as a 15-year-old boy, I wanted my space and privacy. After tons of convincing and begging, I caved, and my sister and her friends got to party in my room the whole night. She bargained her car for the week to let me drive to school (I know it’s illegal, but like I said my parents were pretty chill)

The party wasn’t crazy there were two guys and for girls including my sister. It mostly included tons of Nintendo 64 gameplay and trading off on the computer in my room to log in and check MySpace comments and messages. Everyone HAD to check their accounts for following trains. LOL.

A little back-story. My parents are chill like I said and my sister and I had seen each other nude tons of times, showering as kids, changing for events, and even sharing showers when we were running late. I was a horny teen but sorry I wasn’t into my sister. It was normal in our house. Nudity was actually no big deal. Mom was a HUGE nude gardener, and it was all normal for us.

Mind you, my sister and I would have it out from time to time as all siblings do and there have been multiple occasions where she used my size against me in fights. Calling me a baby dick or pencil dick or my favorite straw condom. I don’t know what it means, but she would mean it rude (I think it meant I could stick my dick in a straw).

The party went on super late, and around 3 am, I wanted to fall asleep. The group wasn’t caving, but after much frustration, I crashed out on the bed. I was in PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. I can’t remember the exact dream, but I want to remember it now as my teenage self was hooking up with one of my sister’s friends.

Whatever the dream it made me hard. Being hard didn’t wake me up, but hearing my name did. I open my eyes slightly, and everyone was giggling and turned away. I was curious if they were talking shit, so I closed my eyes and turned flat on my back. I knew I had a hard-on but hoped it would be hidden by the blanket and my shorts. I wasn’t too worried about it at all.

After about a minute I hear one of the guys ask, “Is he asleep?”

Someone said, “Yeah, he’s out.”

Then a girl’s voice asks, “Did you see it?”


The girl giggles. “You missed it! It was fucking funny. He had a boner!”

“Really? I wanna see!”

Then I hear my sister’s voice say something like, “Leave him alone, guys”

Then the other guy’s voice said, “Hold on, let’s see”

I froze with what happened next. I don’t know why but I got scared to let the group know I was awake the whole time so I turned up the acting and stayed still hoping no one would figure me out. I felt the blanket move off me, and once it was fully off I heard laughter followed by stifled shush sounds and muffled giggles. The cold air was all it took to let me know what they were laughing at. My dick fell out of my pajama opening. My heart was racing, and I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

One girl whispered, “Omigod, it’s so fucking tiny!”

A guy said, “Dude, what the fuck it is! Fucking poor guy.”

The other guy just said, “Damn dog, that sucks.”

One of the other girls asked my sister, “Did you know?” She laughs. “Fuck, your poor brother. Does he have a girlfriend?”

My sister said, “Yeah, he does, and yeah, I did. I’ve always felt bad for him. I don’t know if his girlfriend knows. I don’t know about their personal life.”

A girl said, “That’s fucked up,” then asked the guys, “Are all your dicks that small?”

Instantly they responded with, “Fuck, NO,” and one guy said, “Wanna see?”

All the girls laughed and said, “Sure.”

I don’t know for sure, but I could feel the attention was off me. I didn’t see the dicks, but I heard my sister of all people say, “Oh, fuck yeah, they are bigger! Poor little guy, my brother is going to have a hard time in the gym if he has to go against you two.”  I felt the blanket get put back on me and my sister said, “Let’s let him sleep. Let’s go to the game room.”

She never brought it up, and I never asked after that I was too embarrassed.


This Reader is left with nothing but questions after a smirk…

I was showering when my sister decided to barge in and brush her teeth. She was in a rush and couldn’t wait. She told me to carry on, which I did. It was early in the morning, so my silver member morning wood was up. I noticed her glancing over at it with a smirk on her face. As soon as she was done, she muttered, “I’m so sorry,” and wandered off.

It looked to me like she was trying to stifle a laugh. Now, what she was apologizing for I do not know for sure. Was she apologizing for the general inconvenience of barging in on me? Was she apologizing as a sign of pity for my small size? Alternatively, was she apologizing for the fact that she was struggling not to laugh at it?


Another reader gets some feedback from a nurse…

I was at a blood bank with my ex-wife, and after testing our blood the bank asked us to donate plasma instead. I was game, and they quickly hooked us up in a big empty room with a TV. As I laid there for a long time I started to need to pee. The sensation kept getting worse and worse. With no end in sight for the procedure, I finally called in the nurse and asked her to end it so I could go pee. She explained that I still had about forty minutes left and that if I didn’t wait, the donation would be worthless.

She was a very nice and understanding Latina woman that clearly felt for me and wanted to help. She suddenly says that she can bring me a cup and help me pee. My little dick was the last thing I was thinking about when I agreed. The second she left the room my ex-wife gave me a look I couldn’t quite understand, sort of smiling and questioning. The nurse came back in, and the second she started unbuckling my pants it all hit me. My nerves went crazy. I couldn’t move my left arm since it was hooked up and she’d have to HELP ME.

All the while, the nurse is talking about how cool it is we’re donating blah, blah, blah, when she gets to my underwear and says, “OK, well, I’m just going to pull it out and hold it for you and you do your thing.”

She pulls my underwear down and just stares for a second before giving me a huge smile. “Well, let’s see how are we’re going to do this?” she said.

She started holding my dick with her index and thumb and just sort of realizing that she couldn’t really point it any which way towards the cup. She looks at my wife who has a straight shot at my two-inch soft dick and says, “Omigod, girl, how would YOU do this? It’s just smaller than…What would you do?”

The nurse smiled at me again, saying that she’s just teasing. We laughed while I died inside. The nerves had made me even tinier, and it didn’t help that I was practically laying down on the huge chair.

My ex then said, “It helps a bit if you peel back the foreskin.”

“OK, OK, let me see,” the nurse said. “Oh, OK, now I can point it at the cup at least. OK sweet boy, now do your thing.”

I tried and tried, but nothing came out. My ex-wife and the nurse kept talking, and the nurse looks at me again and just says, “Relax, honey just relax and let it come out.”

“Is he done?” my ex asks.

“No gurrl, he hasn’t started but he will in a sec.”

“Come on my love you can do it!”

I finally relaxed enough, and it started finally going!

The nurse said, “There you go!” then she looks at my wife and says, “He’s a little guy, but he’s brave!”

My ex laughed and said, “Yeah…”

“I almost near fainted when I pulled his briefs down. Boy, you need to warn a woman!” She asks my ex, “He warn you?”

“No, he didn’t!”

“Well, I hope he makes up for it! Nevertheless, I see you’re sweet, I’m just teasing.”

“He’s very sweet and a great partner, he’s just not well endowed!

During this whole thing, I laughed and just became comfortable with this stranger holding my dick as I periodically could relax enough to pee. It took about three minutes, and during the whole thing the nurse made direct comments about how small I was, how she would’ve never expected it, she asked my wife what she thought!

My wife who was very into my SPH just straight up told her that my hard dick (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club) was definitely an issue but not a deal-breaker and that I make up for it in other ways. It was an absolute rush and definitely one of the most embarrassing situations I’ve ever put myself in.


While this reader learns that pools and small dicks don’t mix…

When I was with my ex, we went to a water park and took her little brother (He’s ten). When we were leaving, I took her little brother into the men’s changing rooms to shower and change. The showers were those communal ones with about fifteen showers. I had a quick look in there, and no one was there so I thought we’d go and shower quickly. I have a small dick (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club) but just presumed I’d be bigger than her little brother would. Therefore, I stripped off my trunks, told him to, and started to shower. I was facing the shower to hide as normal. I heard a couple more people walk into the showers.

Her little brother says something to me so I turn to look and cannot help but notices that he’s at least twice my size soft. I should say that mine is only one and a half inches soft, so he’s not huge, but he looks it compared to me. To add to it I always a little shriveled in pools, so it was looking even smaller. He then notices and asks, “Why is my willy bigger than yours?”

I just try to laugh it off, but I hear some sniggers from the other people in the showers so I finish showering as quickly as I can and get out of there. He then mentions it to my ex when we were in the car on the way home, and I had to admit it was true. She tried not to laugh in my face. Whenever I was round after that, he always mentioned he has a bigger dick than me. It was so humiliating


This reader discovers how open, honest communication can save a marriage…

My wife is unsatisfied with my penis and premature ejaculation but won’t admit it to me.  I’m a gold member of the small dick club.  Today, while cleaning under our bed, I discovered her collection of extremely large dildos, then surprised myself by masturbating to the thought of her using them, ejaculating, and eating my own cum. She is unaware of my discovery or my reaction to it. I’m not sure how to discuss this with her or how much to divulge about it. On Friday afternoon, I texted her explaining my discovery.

By the time she’d gotten on her plane home, we’d hashed basically everything out; since she landed, we’ve been enjoying the kinkiest, most unashamed, playful, and downright incredible sex we’ve ever had together. It’s like night and day, honestly. She’s helped me discover things about myself I hadn’t known, and I’ve shown her that when we share things with each other instead of hiding them from each other, we can enjoy those things together, and feel much more rewarded for it. Though there were a few tense moments and heated exchanges, I’m happy to announce we came out the other side with a renewed commitment to our marriage, and a deeper, more patient love than before.

That said, none of it occurred without first going through a few difficult and painful revelations, and perhaps a bit of sacrifice. As a result, we’re planning to make some fairly major near-future changes to our physical relationship. Moving forward, things will be more or less dictated by my wife, who presented the idea of a ‘female-led relationship’ as the logical resolution to the physical incompatibility we’ve been encountering. Now fully aware of the depth of my desire to submit to her, she will control the direction and pace of our physical intimacy, while keeping me in her sexual thrall.

I hesitated at the idea at first, but the more she explained it, the more I realized it’s in many ways the perfect solution for our particular cocktail of compatibility issues. I’m now 100% on board and excited by the prospect.

We’re going to experiment with male chastity with my wife holding the keys to a device that constrains my penis and testicles, preventing me from being able to achieve an erection or orgasm without her first unlocking me. This was her idea, I had actually not heard of such a thing until she brought it up. I was a little scared, but much as with the female-led relationship, I now find myself eagerly anticipating the arrival of my cock cage later this week. We also ordered a strap-on harness that she says we can both expect to be well acquainted with, which has me extremely excited.

Finally, my wife suggested that, if I’m so turned on by her dildos, why not get one of my own? So we ordered my first dildo which, If I’m entirely honest, I’m very intimidated by; but she’s confident that with her coaching and a good deal of lube I’ll eventually be able to take the entire thing down to the balls

“Does it have to have balls, babe?”

“Of course it has to have balls, babe.”

The idea of her taking control of me, particularly to this degree, and to take things in this direction has me feeling apprehensive, anxious, nervous, scared, excited, horny, happy, and probably about a million other emotions at once. Therefore, it all went about as well as I could have hoped. I feel closer to my wife than I have in months, and for the moment the relief and excitement are on both of our faces. Tonight, as the long weekend wound to its close and my wife and I cuddled on the couch after dinner, she leaned in close, wrapped her hand tightly around my tiny dick and balls, and then whispered, softly, lovingly, “Who’s my bitch?”

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