Our Readers SPH Experiences 89

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This yogi was found to only have a booboo…

After a yoga class, I walked to the locker room alone, having watched the other two guys from class head to the parking lot. I turned on my shower and hung my towel on the door, then stripped my clothes and walked across the room to my locker. As I was messing with my gym bag I heard the door open, and one of the guys from the class walked in, blocking my path to the shower. I was shocked, as I’d figured the other guys left.

I was so embarrassed to be standing in front of him, soft and shriveled from class. I thought I saw him glance down as I walked past him, but honestly, I couldn’t tell. What I do know is that he let out a laugh and gave me what felt like a mocking look, then proceeded to make a comment about the instructor. I’m not sure if the laugh was directed at me, or from the comment he was about to make, but I still felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me.

As I was standing half-hidden behind the shower door making small talk, he stood up and dropped his gym shorts without warning. He was quick to pull his pants on, but he didn’t seem ashamed at all showing off his cock. Even though I only glanced, I saw it well enough to realize that my soft penis was maybe the size of his head.

I quickly closed the shower door and hopped under the water. I heard him laugh again and then I dunked my head under the water, drowning him out. I made sure to take an extra long shower so that no one else would be in the locker room when I finally got out.


This reader proves less than satisfying in a threesome…

It happened at my girlfriend’s 19th bday party while her folks were out of town. As the party started winding down, our female friend Aubrey started getting even more flirty with us than usual. (She’d half-joked about having threesomes with us in the past, and she & my gf had made out a few times during high school.) So we all decided: fuck it, let’s go for it. The alcohol and weed helped, but we were also three horny-as-shit 19-year-olds. It starts with my gf and Aubrey fingering each other, making out, sucking each other’s big tits, etc. Good shit so far. Then I start fucking my gf from behind while she eats Aubrey out. Also awesome. And then I suggest they give me the classic tag-team blowjob.

Aubrey hadn’t gotten a good look at my dick thus far. When I laid down with my dick in the air, I could see a look of disappointed surprise flash across her face. For context, I’m 6’4″, so I think everyone expects me to be totally hung. Sadly, I’m a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club. Both girls start sucking me, which was great for a couple of minutes, but I could tell Aubrey wasn’t really into it. She eventually stops, gets up, and I ask what’s wrong.

She says, “Not much to work with, is there?”

I didn’t think my gf heard her, as she was still sucking, but then my gf stopped and said, “He hasn’t even gotten to fuck you yet!”

She was looking forward to getting eaten out while I fucked Aubrey, but Aubrey just says, “Ugh, I think I’m just gonna go home to my dildo. I miss him.”


I didn’t put it 100% together till the next morning that our threesome ended AND I was rejected for sex all because of my small dick but the mix of feeling embarrassed and EXTREMELY horny made me realize SPH was the thing for me. Aubrey and I ended up going to the same college, and once during a stupid drunken disagreement, she screamed at me, in the middle of campus, “WELL YOU’VE GOT A REALLY SMALL DICK!!”

I will never forget that.


While this reader found his joke backfired…

I was going to the main office in my school to get small condoms to put in my friend’s bag as a prank and it goes wrong. When I get there the main office is pretty empty except for me and the secretary at the front desk. When I asked her for small-sized condoms she asked me to repeat myself and just as I did one of the hottest and most popular girls in my high school walk in and overhears it and starts snickering and immediately walks out. At this point, the lady at the front desk keeps asking me if I’m sure and she finally gives me one. As I’m walking out into the hallway I see the girl with two of her friends, I have a class with one of them so as I was walking past them I said, “What’s up?”

The girl who walked into the office immediately says, “Keep walking, babydick!”

I, of course, swallowed my pride and kept walking.


Another reader is impressing the nurses for all the wrong reasons…

I had a very interesting moment yesterday I am compelled to share. I had a medical issue that required me to go to the doctor. Suffice it to say that it was something that required me to remove clothes from my lower half and cover up with a sheet. I was told I was second in line and it would be a while before the nurse practitioner would be able to see me. I sat for a moment and realized I would prefer to mess around on my phone. As I got up to retrieve it from the desk across the room, the nurse practitioner came in requiring me to snatch the sheet and cover myself. No worries.

I was instructed to lie on my left side so she could examine my rear aspect. Since the practitioner was female, another female nurse came in to observe that there weren’t any type of shenanigans. She checked my issue and then instructed me she needed to check the front because of the proximity. She came to the front and lifted the sheet, making sure the other nurse could see for observational oversight. She poked at my testicles. I was super nervous as I had never been medically examined in that area by a female before. Due to my issue, this feeling was compounded. I was uncomfortable. She then poked at my penis. She poked a second time, and I thought nothing of it.

“I see you’re uncircumcised,” she opined blankly.

“No, ma’am, just nervous,” I said.

The nurse at the door choked back a laugh. “I’m sorry I just assumed from the appearance that you weren’t showing,” the practitioner said.

“Nope just position,” I said dutifully to my own ego.

“Hmm, yeah, sure,” the practitioner said.

The other nurse hurriedly said, “Excuse me,” and quickly departed, covering her mouth. Shortly after, I could hear her chuckle outside and tell another nurse, “Omigod, you have to replace me!”

Another nurse entered before the practitioner could replace the sheet, and her face turned beet red as she saw me. The nurse practitioner shot her an angry glance for her unprofessionalism. I began to get an erection on that note, and the nurse practitioner failed to re-cover my genitals as she returned to my back half. I glanced at the nurse to see her barely able to contain her laughter. The nurse practitioner returned to the front.

“Are you CERTAIN you’re circumcised?” she opined.

“Yes. ma’am. I promise.”

“Well, they apparently didn’t do a great job but that’s neither here nor there.”

Nurse two was now barely able to contain herself, and the NP again shot her a dirty look. She gave her medical opinion on my issue and departed the room. I instantly went to the door.

“I know it was tiny but, for fuck sake, don’t let the patient know!” the NP chided her colleague.

“I’m sorry, it was just so small! That’s one of the smallest we have had in here!” the regular nurse objected.

I quickly put my clothes back on and sat down. Thankfully it was not difficult to hide my erection. It was a one in a million encounter, and unfortunately due to my issue, I have not yet been able to fully enjoy it. I hope that it brings someone else the excitement it has brought me and that they can enjoy it.


This reader has a shower to remember…

It was the showers for me as well. At the gym. I’m pretty okay with myself like I honestly just accept that I have a small penis (Bronze Member) and life is a lot easier as a result. So after a workout, I’ll shower and have no shame whatsoever. But, in walks a few black guys who are the definition of BBC. They looked to see which showers were open and I looked to see who was coming in. My eyes instantly looked down at their probably 6-inch flaccid cocks and I began to get erect. I got full-on erect, which was still smaller than them flaccid. One of the guys happened to notice and just tilted his head back and said, “Duuuuude, come on.” I knew exactly what he was talking about. Then he let out a quick, “hah,” and his 2 friends looked over at me and chuckled as well.

It was so humiliating because I knew they were laughing because of my size, not because I was erect. I still go to that gym and I’ve seen those guys since. No one says anything, but I always feel embarrassed when I do.


While this reader’s run-in with female health practitioners doesn’t cure self-esteem…

It was really late night and I had a bit of an accident during sex where my foreskin was stretched a bit. I was bleeding and my partner and I decided to get me to the emergency room, not cause it was so bad but because any injury to do with my dick should be taken seriously!

So I finally go in to see the doctor and it’s a female MD and her female nurse. She says hi and looks at my chart, her eyes sorta wake up (it was around 3 am so she was tired) and she turns around to face a desk and says to lay on the table and pull my pants down. At this point, the nurse was just standing looking straight at me and the doctor had her back to me. I sorta froze a bit and laid on the table, I unbuckled my pants but didn’t pull them down. The doctor then turns around and motions me to take them down and I’m still a bit frozen so she just grabs them and pulls them down while I sort of assist her by lifting my pelvis.

This moment is when time froze for me, I immediately notice the nurse move from the other side of the room to the front of the table and just look straight at my 2 inches shriveled dick. The doctor just makes a surprised face and then just asked me where the tear in the foreskin was. I tell her I’d have to pull the foreskin back and she just takes her index and thumb and peels it back very carefully, at this point I’ve shrunken down even more and she has trouble pulling the foreskin enough to expose my dick.

The nurse steps in and literally says, “I can assist the doctor, I used to have to clean my little brother’s foreskin after his surgery.”

Then she very adeptly pulled my foreskin back to reveal my not very serious injury. The doctor and the nurse have to communicate a lot while cleaning me up since my dick is so small that the nurse’s fingers have to move around to allow the doctor to clean.

After about 5 mins of this, the doctor says to pull up my pants and follow her into the other room. She then writes me a prescription for an ointment and I ask her how long it’ll be till I can have sex again, she looked at me like I had no business asking that and said to give it a couple of weeks. As I was leaving I noticed the nurse talking and giggling amongst other nurses and quickly getting quiet as I passed by. After a couple of months, this became one of my top 3 SPH moments ever but at the time I felt so incredibly embarrassed to have what’s been referred to as a babydick by an ex.


Another readers life changed at the trough…

This happened many years ago when I worked at a very large corporation. A bunch of us went to lunch at a nearby restaurant one day. I went into the men’s restroom and while I was peeing in the old-fashioned urinal trough another guy from our group came in and started peeing right next to me. He looked over at my penis and got this big smile on his face. He finished before I did and when I came back to our group’s table he said, “Oh, hello, I was just telling everyone what a tiny pecker you have.”

I just about died right there. Everyone at the table was looking at me with a sort of fascinated pity, though a couple of the women were smiling a little. Naturally, after this incident, pretty soon just about everybody at work knew I had a tiny penis. I started getting remarks like, “How’s every little thing today?” and, “How’s it hanging?” followed by a laugh.

Women who had never even looked at me before now started smiling every time they saw me. A few even made that awful two-fingers-an-inch-apart gesture at me. A couple of women who had always disliked me started openly calling me ‘pencil dick’ and ‘Tiny Tim’ and so on. Imagine how I felt, enduring this kind of thing every day for years, and all because that one asshole just happened to come in the restroom at the perfect moment to be able to cause me ungodly humiliation forever after.


This reader has started binge watching the movie Chasing Amy

This is the story of two Amys. I was a senior in high school and had grown to become a type of wild child. I was constantly going out and partying. I was finding myself making out and messing around (no sex) with multiple girls all meanwhile I was still dating my long term girlfriend Amy (We will call her Amy1)

Amy1 and I had been dating since freshman year and things were great but once I found I was going to college I let loose and got crazy. Amy and I had a decent relationship but since we were our first loves and first most things, things grew stale on both our ends. Well as you can imagine Amy1 eventually found out about my wild adventures and cheating antics. She called me one day and broke up with me on the spot. No fight, no yelling just, “It’s over, bye,” and hung up.

Being my dumb careless self I used that opportunity to finally hook up with other girls. At this point, I had kept it all above the pants and never let girls touch or even see my dick. Even though I would make out with them and even finger them I felt like as long as no one touched me it wasn’t technically cheating. Yeah, don’t try and rationalize with a teenager. In comes Amy2 she was cute, a year younger than me, and had an ass to die for. It wasn’t what people say ass is now on Instagram but she had a shaped lower figure that stole my heart. Amy2 and I met at a party and hit it off instantly. We were texting and talking for days on end. Until finally I pulled my tried and true and invited her for a drive to the lake, aka sexy time.

Meanwhile, Amy1 was doing hard work herself. In the month after our breakup and before I met Amy2, Amy1 made sure to spread the word that I had a small dick to most if not all of the school. She constantly would post comments about me on Myspace threads. She told all of her friends and even shared some of the pictures I would send her. Amy1 wanted to get back at me and show all the people I had hooked up with that they were glad they didn’t (or at least what I had heard from the grapevine)

The weekend came and Amy2 and I drove out to the lake where I found a private spot to park my car. Instantly we both knew what was going to happen and we got to it. We kissed and made out hard. We moved to the back seat to get more room for activities and started to undress. Amy2 has small tits compared to her large ass. (apple shape for sure) She had the cutest small dark nipples too. Well, then it came down to me. I unbuttoned my pants and jerked down my jeans and underwear to my knees. My hard cock sat between my closed thighs pressed upward with my balls. Then the sound of rustling clothes being removed was silenced with Amy2 stopping her fast undressing motion. Her hands were at her waist and just about to pull down her jeans, showing off a peek of a pair of pink star panties.

Then Amy2 said, “Whoa… Interesting. Well then.”

Just hearing those two words caused my heart to drop. I asked, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” she said and leaned in to kiss me but I backed up. Denying the kiss.

“No, tell me,” I asked concerned. My dick softening and looking smaller now.

She then asked, “Promise not to be mad? Well, Amy1 has been telling EVERYONE you have a small dick. Even Melissa (a mutual friend) said she saw pictures of it. I didn’t believe them no matter what they said. And when you asked me out I wanted to hang out with you. I didn’t see the pictures either but…” her voice stopped.

“But, what? Tell me,” I demanded now.

“I, umm, didn’t think it would be true.”

“That I have a small dick. No, I don’t! What the fuck, Amy1 is a bitch!”

My dick had grown super soft in anger now probably about its normal 1-2″ softness.

“Hey, it’s okay! I won’t tell anyone about it, I promise. We can still mess around if you want? Please don’t be mad. I’m sorry I made a face when I saw it. It’s not THAT small. I bet it gets bigger when you get a boner, right?”

I gave her an angry deadpan look and said, “I was hard.”

She just turned blood red in embarrassment and said, “I’m so sorry… I just thought… You know… I didn’t think THAT small.”

I was livid and pulled up my pants and we got dressed. The ride home was awkward and quiet. When we pulled into her neighborhood Amy2 turned to me and said, “Look, I would have seriously had sex with you but clearly you aren’t over Amy1. Don’t be mad that she’s fucking telling people the truth and don’t be mad at me for calling out the truth alright.”

With that, Amy2 stepped out of the car and walked inside.

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