Our Readers SPH Experiences 62

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader went shopping with his girlfriend…

Buying condoms at a store can be embarrassing but more so when your girlfriend makes it worse. I was lining up waiting to check out, putting the condoms down, along my girlfriend rushed over and picked up the regular sized and replaced them with small.

“This should be more fitting,” she said.

Then I noticed a slight smirk from the lady servicing us. I felt so embarrassed being outed. I looked back to the two women behind us waiting who had a smirk on their faces that clearly said ‘you just got outed, loser

As we were almost done I said to the two ladies, “I’m sorry for the delay.”

One responded, “It’s no BIG deal,” with emphasis put on the BIG.

It was so awkward, my girlfriend, the women servicing us, and the two women behind all knew I have a small dick.


While this reader gets his rocks off exposing his secret…

One of the first experiences I had that awoke my SPH fetish was on Omegle. I was chatting to a girl on cam and she eventually convinced me to take my pants off. I had been really hesitant to do it because of how embarrassed I was about my size, but I really wanted to see her naked and she was insisting that I go first.

As soon as I pulled my pants down she burst out laughing and covered her mouth with her hand. It was such an unexpected rush that I just froze and sat there with my limp dick hanging out.

While she was laughing at me, she turned away from the screen and beaconed over to someone, and suddenly two guys and another girl stepped into the screen. They were all laughing and pointing and calling me names, it was such an intense thrill. I stripped off completely and turned and posed so they could see me from every angle while one of the guys was telling her to get screenshots. I really wanted them to watch me cum but they closed the chat before it got that far.

Another time I was down at a nearby nude beach. It was a cold afternoon so I had the beach entirely to myself. It’s nearby a large nature reserve and when I was parking I noticed a Korean tour bus dropping off a group of tourists who were heading in a few different directions.

I was lying on the beach and about to doze off when after about 20 minutes I heard footsteps in the sand. I opened my eyes and saw that a woman from the tour group who looked to be in her forties had wandered down to the beach, probably not knowing that it was a nude beach as there is only a small sign. She stopped when she noticed me and was just staring at me wide-eyed. I hadn’t moved and she probably thought that I was asleep and crept forward for a better look. She had her eyebrows raised and this amazing pitiful smile on her face as she looked me up and down. She turned back the way that she had come, but a couple of minutes later she returned with another friend.

They came right over to where I was lying and said hello and introduced themselves. They ended up sitting down next to me and we chatted for a few minutes about the weather and other dull conversation (their English was quite good). I made no effort to hide and was sitting cross-legged with my little cock pointing right at them. It was such a rush sitting there bare naked next to two fully clothed women and they made no attempt at hiding the fact that they were looking at my little package.

After a while, some more of the group wandered down to the entrance of the beach and waved them over. They said goodbye, took another look at my cock which was starting to get hard, and walked back to the group. They stopped at the entrance and I could hear them all talking and laughing as they glanced back at me, so I stood up and walked into the water making sure that everyone got a good look at my little dick bouncing up and down as I walked.


This reader discovers that work and small dicks don’t mix…

I loved the nudist club. Despite having the nickname “Button” it was more affectionate than nasty and it was a place of tranquility where I could completely escape the pressures of work. That was until the newest member was my co-manager who was ultra-competitive, confrontational, and ambitious – the major source of my workplace stresses! I was stepping out of the swimming pool when we spotted each other and I’ve never felt so vulnerable as she was openly sneeringly smiling and staring directly at my groin. I was freshly shaved, my small testicles were up into the body cavity somewhere and I was living up to my button nickname as only the circumcised head of my cock was visible.

She came over grinning broadly and took great delight in taking me over to meet her husband who was a similar build to me but unshaven and easily 6 inches long flaccid, thick, and with testicles the size of tangerines. I could feel her eyes looking into mine, enjoying my discomfort. Then to make matters worse, her young teenage son arrived and he was almost as big as his Dad and openly smiling at my smallness! After a few minutes of pleasantries, I left but I could hear the three of them laughing and her saying, “Did you see his tiny dick?”

Needless to say, she now uses my little secret as a bargaining tool at work and starts to steer the conversation towards nudity or sex when we are in the canteen unless I back down at meetings.


Another reader shows some mothers are bat-shit crazy…

From my mid to late teens my mother was obsessed with my small genitalia and embarrassed me by lifting the bed sheets each night to check that I was naked and my penis had “room to grow.” She openly discussed her concerns with her friends who would smile at me sympathetically. Mom even made me show both of my Aunts my penis and got annoyed when they laughed! She asked the local pharmacist if there was anything I could take that encouraged growth. This was in front of the female assistants and other customers as I stood there blushing. She asked for regular updates on my erect size and, again, would tell friends and my Aunts in conversation. Asked my best friend to let her know if the other boys ever bullied me over my small penis

She even informed me that my 12 and 13-year-old cousins were already bigger than me. Mom asked my sister if she had any inexperienced friends who wouldn’t mind having a “small” boyfriend! My sister thought this was hilarious and started to tease me and threaten to tell her friends. I was glad to escape to University and never lived at home again. She still managed to embarrass me several years later when she asked my wife if I had grown or was still small!


While this reader wants to explore his exhibitionist side…

So yesterday I was doing lifeguarding training with the fellow managers of my pool before our season starts, so we were in the water on a fairly cold day. We had to do a back boarding scenario so I was chosen as the dummy while two very hot girls I have known for years were back boarding me with a whole class watching. Because of my swimsuit being wet, when I was on the backboard it sank and created a perfect outline of my tiny flaccid penis(even worse than normal with the circumstances of being nervous, cold, and in water). I couldn’t adjust myself because I had to stay still, so it was out there for a whole two minutes. I felt such a rush, I had to fight to not get hard. I even saw the two of them look down multiple times, and I’m sure the rest of the class did as well.

After our training when I was walking with them one of the girls said to me, “You must have been really cold in the water, huh,” with a grin and the other laughed while trying to control it.

This was so hot to me and I would like to know what other ways I can go about exposing myself. I was considering going to a planet fitness($10 a month) instead of my current gym and be naked in the locker room for a good amount of time.


This reader shares his gay experiences…

Had a good friend that I always hung out with during the summer and not much to do in the summer months so we visited each other almost every day. My house was hidden and private and he was in an open neighborhood. After a week or two, it got boring playing game boards. We began to talk and all of a sudden he asked me if I like to see other guys’ dicks, and I said yes. The next day he came to my house and was commenting on how secluded my house was. The next thing I know is he was commenting on how we should just get naked and play outside. Not much to getting naked then, we mostly just had on a pair of shorts and tennis shoes. He waited a few minutes and said let’s do it unless you’re scared too, so I agreed and we both got naked except for our tennis shoes. We played kick the can for over 2 hours and went inside to rest. We had already started turning a little pink. While both had dicks about three long and rather skinny at that. He asked if I had ever touched another guy’s dick and he replied to me neither.

We went into the kitchen to get something to drink and unexpectedly he grabbed my dick and balls and rubbed them for a minute, I did the same to him. We were having a really good time and he was coming to my house every day. Meanwhile, another good friend came over and caught us naked. He just laughed and said, hey can I play too, and we told him that he would have to get naked too and he wasted no time in taking off his jeans, t-shirt and we were surprised. His dick was about six inches long and about 5 and 3/4 round we went inside to measure each other and sure enough, he was 5 1/2 round and almost 6 long.

Ours were about the same just over 2 and about 3 1/4 round. Richard started teasing out dick and finally said, “Guys, have you ever sucked one?” We both answered no and he said, “I will show you how.” It really felt good.

The next day, he was back and said, “You guys really like to see naked guys?” and we both said yes. He said, “Slip your clothes on and let’s go.”

We went to another school close to ours, about three miles, I guess, and asked Richard what were we going to do here, and he said, “Swim. They have a pool here and all the guys swim naked.”

We did not find that out till inside the building. We walked in and immediately someone hollered to take our clothes off unless we wanted them to take them off for us. So we did. Most everyone was in the pool but a few and were sitting o the side with a hard-on. We really enjoyed it and went several more times. I think everyone was playing with everyone else. Were in the pool for less than five minutes and we were hard too. Everyone playing with everyone.

I had a guy that went to our school that was always trying to get me to come over and spend the weekend but my mom and dad would not allow it, said that he was a mean kid and I was to stay from him. There was a really good looking guy I had met at the other school we swam at, Skip was the name that had called the next weekend wanting me to come to spend the weekend with him, I ask was John coming and he said he did not think so but he would call and ask. I asked if I could and was told they were going out of town for the weekend and I immediately said I do not want to stay by myself. About an hour they said OK, but just this one time. I threw a few things in my gym bag, PJ’S, of course, and went on over.

His parents were not there and I asked when they would be back and he said late Sunday night. I was shocked, I went on in and everyone was naked. Skip had on a long t-shirt and said he was waiting on the pizza man to deliver a pizza, the t-shirt he had on did not completely cover him his balls were partially visible but he did not seem to mind. Soon as he saw him walking up to the house Skip removed his t-shirt and answered the door naked. I told him that was nervy and he said he knew him and he would be back later.

We were all wrestling scuffing around for a while and finally, about 2 am we settled down and went to bed, I thought. I did not think I needed my PJ’S and never open the satchel I brought. They were all playing with each other’s dick and balls and trying to put their dick up the other’s ass. Finally, Skip got the Vaseline and lubed everyone up to make it easier. John and I started with each other were not too bad we were both small and moved up to bigger ones. Till the pizza man came back and took his clothes off. He had an enormous dick, about nine inches long, man did it ever stretch everyone’s ass out. This went on all weekend. When I got back home I could hardly walk. I never got to go back


This readers wife says he’s big when he knows he isn’t…

Frankly, the most humiliating thing my wife can say is, “Your dick feels so big,” or, “Fuck me with your big dick,” or something to that effect.

I didn’t marry a virgin and she doesn’t have a tiny vagina. She had plenty of experience with others in her single days and I know, through the power of alcohol, that she thinks my dick is small. I know it’s small and I know she knows it’s small and to pretend otherwise is bullshit. Really not the kind of SPH I want but it’s damn humiliating when, in the heat of the moment, she claims it’s big. I’m a man but have never managed to come out and tell her that I would like her to tease me about my small size. *sigh*

I’ve dropped hints like crazy. More than a decade ago, she made a couple of comments about small dicked guys. One guy was driving badly in a sports car and she said something about small dicked guys. Another time, she was talking about a boss where she worked trying to show power and her immediate supervisor had made the comment that was why she hated small-dicked men. My wife thought this was hilarious and shared it with me.

Both of those hurt my feelings tremendously and got me where I am today, desiring SPH. I drop hints and talk about my dick being small all the time, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Occasionally, she will get cross about me saying those things so much, she will say, “I don’t know why you are putting yourself down”.

Making fun of my small dick is not putting myself down. Mine really does look like a dick, only smaller. Both her and I know that my skinny, four and one half inch dick, is small. Yet she and the rest of society ridicule the small dick. I thought I was a pretty good lover (still do). I might not fill a pussy properly but I’m good with my fingers and mouth. Yet knowing my dick is small, she made comments about small dicked guys.

My saying my dick is small is not a put-down. Her saying it is a put-down is a putdown. It really is small and she insinuates the truth is bad. As I said, I thought I was a good lover that just happened to have a small dick. I’m not the one that said that was a bad thing.

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