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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is just a pin cushion, it seems…

My wife has three close friends that she likes to hang out with, and just recently, it was her birthday, so she had them over to hang out. I didn’t know they knew till this morning. There were a few comments that I don’t quite remember (as we were all drinking), but the two things I do remember are that they were having a conversation. I wasn’t right there, but I heard, “Oh, I don’t like small penises,” to which I looked over, and I saw her looking at me. “I mean, could you imagine that.”

I then laugh and say, “Yeah, that’d probably suck!”

Her other friend kept calling me ‘Girl.’ Like, “You go, girl!” And “good shit, girl!”

I kept wondering why, so I had to ask what all that was about this morning, and she said that they’ve talked about stuff before, so she told them stuff, and they didn’t believe her so she showed them our pictures. Ones she’s taken of me caged, and even one where she stuck needles in my balls. And the worst part, they were from her angle to where you couldn’t even see my peepee. Even the video she has of her sticking them in. You can’t even see my caged peepee! 😓 I look more like a pin cushion. I was wondering why she was calling me ‘girl’ the whole time. Now I know why. She probably doesn’t see me as a man, given I have a tiny peepee instead of a cock.


Another reader tries public bathing in Japan…

My girlfriend (30) and I (32) went on a trip to Japan for a short vacation in the winter. We always wanted to go onsen in winter, but private baths are just overpriced. So we decided just to go public bath, but to find a public bath to accept tattoos is challenging, and they are quite far away! So we decided not to go onsen.

After a few days on our trip, we went to another city where this hotel has an onsen! We asked the staff there if their public bath are OK if we have tattoos. As good news she said they are totally OK with tattoos in the onsen. We were so happy that on that night itself, we straightened to it! They have an indoor and outdoor onsen on the last floor. My girlfriend suggested that we go later at night, near midnight, as they close at one am to think there won’t be many people inside.

Fast-forward to almost eleven p.m., and we decided to get prepared to go up! They provided a bathrobe for us to wear from our room to the onsen. My girlfriend asked me, “Please wear your underwear inside your bathrobe and cover yourself around later before you go in the water.”

And I asked why.

My girl said, “I just don’t want people to see it. Who knows what they’ll think?”

I replied, “OK.”

Honestly, I know why she doesn’t want people to see my small dick! Hard, I’m a gold member of the small dick club, and soft, I have a flaccid inny.

We went up and got separated from each public bath to the female and male baths and saw each other back outside in 40 minutes. For the record, this is my first public bath. When I headed inside, to my shock, there were a number of people inside, and they were walking around naked without covering. Well, I can’t be the only weirdo here to cover myself, right? And I man up and start stripping and shower in the open bath before entering the water!

After washing myself, I straight hop into the water, and there are already two guys in the indoor pool. At that point in time, I have quite a bit of bush down there, and I look down to see only half of my dick head is out, and a guy says, “It’s cold out there, huh!” with a smile!

Most probably, he is just mocking me as I’m very small. After a while, I got up and went out to the outdoor pool where the weather outside was freezing, but the water was hot! The best feeling ever! Even better, I was alone outside for too long. A guy joined me, and he sat by the entrance where I needed to pass by him if I were to leave. I left the pool after a while, and yes, I need to pass by the guy! Most probably, he doesn’t see my dick from the side as bush covering my dick.

So I shower and get dried up, and the guy was in the outdoor pool also changing. I can see that he was trying to see my dick. Most probably he can’t believe his eye maybe when I leave the pool in front of him. So dressed up and left the place and met my girlfriend outside. She asked, “Was it crowded?”

I replied, “Yes!”

“Same! Oh, did everyone walk naked inside?”

I said, “Yes, they didn’t cover themselves at all, so I didn’t either.”

“Oh no, so what were the dick sizes there?”

I said, “There were a few big ones, but I was the smallest by far.”

She giggled. “So everybody saw your little dinky?”

“Yeah, the same old stare and the same old comment that ‘It must be very cold, huh,’” I said with a shrug.

“Oh my God, they were mocking you?”

I replied, “Most probably.”

Then my girlfriend said, “Most probably? All those guys will tell their partners/wives they just saw a guy with the smallest dick they’ve ever seen on a grown man.”

We just laughed about that thought.

She also asked, “How big was the biggest penis there?” So I showed her, and though it was soft, it was still over double my erect size. She laughed. “God, I bet he loved peacocking that man’s meat in front of your little dinky dick.”

He sure did, and so did I.


Meanwhile, this reader gets wasted and does something he regrets…

So, I hosted a New Year’s party at my place with my partner. We got really drunk and very high off edibles, and one friend stayed super late, like until the next morning. I don’t remember a lot of what happened because of the drunken haze on how we got there. Still, basically, by the end of the night, my partner and I were both naked, lying on the couch. My friend, who has never even seen me naked before and claims to be fully straight or at most homo curious, is encouraging me to jerk my tiny dick and is making fun of it. Now, I’m a nudist with a small silver member dick (hard), and I have an SPH kink. I came twice that night in front of him and remember him telling me that he wouldn’t tell any of our other friends. Still, the next time I make a joke at his expense, he will whisper in my ear to remind me he knows my little babydick secret. The idea has me so embarrassed and horny now that I have sobered up, but he has not said anything yet, and I have seen him twice since that night.


While this reader gives a crush an accidental sneak peak…

A couple of years ago, some friends of mine had a party at their house. They have a pool, so they told everyone to bring their suits. We BBQed, drank, and laughed the afternoon and night away. Later that night, I was talking to one of our other friends(about six years younger and a smoke show) while I was sitting on the side of the pool, and she was floating around. The conversation was going well until she floated in front of me and was able to look up my trunks. I always cut the mesh out of my trunks because it bothers me. Well, in this instance, it was to my demise.

I knew immediately when I looked down mid-sentence and saw her eyes get big and then look right up at me and start laughing. My trunks were wet and with the breeze blowing quite cool. Therefore, I was no more than some shriveled-up balls and basically an acorn head for her to gaze upon. She didn’t make a big deal of it, but I do catch her looking at me from time to time and she’ll look down and look back up and smirk as to say I know what’s down there. It’s very arousing!


This reader gets a bad review from his girlfriend…

A short background. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years, and she knows that I am into SPH and Prejac humiliation, and it’s amazing. Hard, I am a bronze member of the small dick club and the only guy she’s had actual sex with. She and her mom are very close and talk about everything.

Anyway, her mom came to visit for the weekend, and we were having a great time eating and drinking around the city. We get home pretty late, and her mom starts making sexual jokes about how she’ll leave the room and essentially let us get it on. My girlfriend says, “Don’t worry, you can come back in about 2 minutes, and we’ll be done.”

They both started laughing, and I responded jokingly with a “Hey!”

Her mom then made a comment about how sex is almost too long with her husband and how he was quite large, which grossed my girlfriend out (since it was her dad). My girlfriend said, “Well, it’s quite the opposite around here,” and she did the small dick sign.

She and her mom burst out laughing while I stood there red-faced, trying to hide the boner in my pants. After a while, I could tell her mom felt bad, and she tried to move the conversation on to something else. My girlfriend told me later that when I went to the bathroom, her mom asked if my girlfriend was joking or if I really had a small dick, and my girlfriend told her she wasn’t kidding in the slightest!


Another reader needs to downsize his sleeve…

I bought a sleeve that had a cock extension for my wife that added three inches to your length. Hard I’m only just a bronze member of the small dick club, and this thing was 9 inches long. For any math wizards out there, that means you need to be six inches hard to make it work properly.

So, my wife and I are doing our thing. I’m going down on her, getting her right to the brink, and then I slip the sleeve on and insert it slowly. At first, it felt great for her. She moaned and said wow. Then, the gap between me and the harder extension bit began to collapse under the pressure, and the extension kept slipping out. We tried several positions with her legs up, one leg up, and from the back, to name a few. None worked due to me being too small.

Eventually, I just grabbed a dildo and a small vibe and threw her feet on my shoulders. I kneeled on the ground and ate her clit while pounding her with our 9-inch dildo and took the small vibrator to her rosebud. This was highly effective, causing her to have a loud, powerful orgasm and squirt on my face. She got on all fours and told me I could have a turn. When I put it in, she started laughing. I moaned as I was already on the verge of cumming, and she said, “You were too tiny for the toy meant for small dicks. Pathetic.”

And I immediately came.

Later, when we were cuddling and talking about it, I mentioned that the extension seems to be built for 6 inches minimum. My wife put her hand to my cheek and said, “Honey, you’re not even close to that.”


Meanwhile, this reader gets a goodbye surprise…

Once, I went out of town for four days and was packing a bag in my bedroom, getting ready to leave. My wife came in as I was finishing up with the last of my clothes and gave me a hug to say goodbye. While hugging me, she reached down and rubbed my crotch. She leaned back to look up at me and said, “I can’t really feel it.”

It was hard hearing her words, but I thought that was the end of it as I was about to leave. She stopped me and said, “Before you go, show me how you’re going to take care of yourself while you’re gone.”

Masturbating in front of each other is something we occasionally do, so this isn’t out of the ordinary, but this was the first time since I told her about my SPH kink. I slid my jeans and boxers down and sat back on the bed. She watched me jerk off using just my two fingers and thumb and told me to stroke my little dick. After a few minutes, she told me to show her how much my little guy can cum.

I came almost as soon as I heard that. My wife smiled, kissed me, and told me to have a great trip. I told her I would, and she had better give me a show when I got back.


While this reader meets a girl with big expectations…

Years back, I had a semi-acquaintance, someone I barely knew and had hung out with a handful of times through a mutual friend. I had never thought much of her as I was having my needs met at the time with a friend with benefits I lived with. Well turns out she was drooling over me every time she saw me, and I was just oblivious.

So I got a text from her out of the blue one day telling me how she was in a sexless relationship and wanted to know if I was interested in a booty call kind of thing. She goes on to tell me she has been dreaming about me ever since the first time she saw me, and I’ve basically been making her cum in her dreams. I felt like a million bucks! Definitely gave me a peacock strut knowing this broad wanted it so bad I was rocking her world in her dreams!

So, fast forward to the first time we meet up, and we park somewhere quiet and just talk for hours. Towards the end, it turned into our past sexual experiences. She lets loose out of nowhere with, “So I just gotta know, you have a really big dick, don’t you?”

I was floored and extremely turned on by this question knowing I was going to be a disappointment. I asked why she thought that.

She told me, “I can just tell by the way you hold yourself like you’re the biggest cock in the room! Like you have this big King Kong Cock!”

She was obviously excited about the big reveal. I told her I was probably just a little below average.

She responded, “I knew it! I knew you had a big cock! Oh man, it must be as big as I think if you are saying that. Every guy who has said they are small is huge, and every guy who says they are huge is tiny, so you definitely have a big cock!”

I was rock-hard and just speechless. I tried to tell her honestly, but she just grew more convinced. So we get in the back of my SUV that I had made into a bed, and she is just staring at me, giddy over what I’m about to pull out of my pants.

When I pulled my dick out, I had gone soft from nerves, which I’m very much a grower at, only an acorn, maybe an inch soft. Her face was like she was watching a car crash. She tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but the disappointment was real.


This reader gets a chance to hook up with an old high school friend, and it doesn’t go as planned…

Our friend group in high school consisted of both guys and girls, and there was almost always sexual tension between multiple people on any given day. There was one sweet girl with a pretty face, DD breasts, and a very nice round ass. Almost all the guys in our group wanted to get with her, and a few did. But I knew she had a huge crush on me because another one of her friends told me, but neither of us really made a move.

We never hooked up in high school, and although we went to different colleges, they were both in the same city, so we saw each other pretty often on the weekends. We started talking a lot more, and it seemed like we were on the path to eventually dating. One Saturday night at a party, we both decided to risk our friendship, and we made out on the couch. She told me that she wanted to go upstairs to my room, so I led the way. We continued making out, and I started playing with her breasts and ass. I started to make my way down to her pussy with my fingers, and she loved every second of it.

She came pretty quickly, and I couldn’t wait to get some pleasure myself. She reached down into my pants and started squeezing my dick, almost as if she were checking to see if it was all there. Instead of rubbing it or stroking it, she just held it, analyzing it in a way. For context, hard I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but it’s also very thin, so there isn’t much to grab. We made out a little longer, with her just holding my small thin cock in her fingers until she asked me if I wanted to go down on her. I was confused but happily obliged, thinking she would eventually want to hit all four bases tonight.

I’m a bit of an overachiever down there when I’m horny, and I made her cum multiple times with my mouth. I finally came back up after what must have been close to an hour of pleasuring her, my dick practically bursting out of my pants, ready for action. She again reached in and wrapped her hand around it without stroking or anything. I asked her if she wanted to fuck, and she took a while to respond.

She then tried to explain that she was actually a virgin and was scared and really sorry, but she wasn’t ready. I told her it wasn’t a problem and asked her if she’d ever given a blowjob or handjob (I knew she had given some to my other friends in the past). She said yes, but that she was incredibly tired all of a sudden, and she didn’t want her friends downstairs to leave without her.

I was devastated, but there was nothing that I could do other than agree with her and help her get dressed. I told her I would meet her downstairs and went to the bathroom to relieve my little guy (it took about 30 seconds from being so worked up).

Things were super awkward the rest of the night, and we didn’t text each other the following day, which was a rarity. I finally texted her and told her I had a great time the other night. A few hours later, she responded and said she had fun, too, but that she definitely wanted to just remain friends. I told her that I 100% agreed, and then we never really talked again unless we had to at parties or out with friends.

She went away on a trip a few weeks after that to Europe, where she posted multiple pictures with a very tall, muscular, dark-skinned man on the beach. I later found out from her friends that this was the guy she eventually lost her virginity to (only a few weeks after we hooked up!). I was confused but didn’t think too much of it other than that I was jealous.

A couple of months later, we saw each other at another party, and we hadn’t talked for a while at that point. We both had quite a few drinks that night, and I jokingly asked her if she wanted to hook up like the good old days. She laughed and tried to say no politely. I asked her if she was still a virgin, and she said that she wasn’t and that she had had sex multiple times after we hooked up. I joked and said that I had just missed the opportunity!

She got super red and muttered something like, “Yeah, too bad.”

I asked her what eventually pushed her over the edge, and she asked if I really wanted to know the truth. This startled me, and I asked her what she meant. She sheepishly said that all the guys she had hooked up with before me had been much bigger, and she could usually wrap two hands around them. I was shocked to hear her say something like that since she was usually quite timid, and even the way she explained it to me was almost scientific. She was confused that a penis could biologically be that small. She said that she was planning on having sex with me but got scared because I was so much smaller than every guy she’d known before, and she didn’t want the story of her first time to go down like that.

I knew I wasn’t huge, but at the time, I didn’t think I was that small. I was incredibly embarrassed, and she kept apologizing, but this was when I realized that I LOVED SPH because I was rock hard while she told me all this. I like to think she told all of our high school friends how small I am. She did admit that I was good at oral, and if I had known better, I would’ve happily offered to go down on her, expecting nothing in return. But I was quite a prude compared to where I am today, so our love story and friendship pretty much ended on that night.

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