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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got caught on camera…

So a quick story about a mistake I made when caring for some friend’s plants. This couple lives in my neighborhood and asked me to water their plants while they are on vacation. Perfect. They have cameras in the flat and told me to turn them off while I was there. I never did, so I just forgot about them.

When they were back, they invited me to dinner at their flat. One moment when the girl partner goes to the bathroom, my friend (the male) sends me a picture and tells me to look at it. He told me his girl was checking the camera and found a video of me. As I said, I forgot that the cameras were there, but I thought it would be something stupid I did, a face I made, etc. But it was much worse.

One day I went and was in a huge rush, so I ran to this flat in the summer heat. Stupid me, I didn’t have clean shorts because I did the laundry, so I wore long jeans. I was so hot that day and in such a rush, I ran to water their plants. The problem was that I was hot and had to piss, so I ran to the bathroom, but while I did that, I unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled down my pants to let everything air out while I walked to the bathroom.

My friend laughed a little bit after sending me the picture and him seeing me look at it. He said it was not what he expected at all. The picture of what the camera caught was me on my way to the toilet in the most unflattering of angles, with my dick looking unbelievably small. I tried to explain what happened, and He just laughed and told me not to worry and that he ‘expected more of me.’

The video has never been brought up again. Still, I sometimes wonder if they deleted it, even though he told me they did.


Another reader is dared to bare…

Years ago, I played a game called Ring of Fire with friends on a summer evening. Ring of Fire is a game where you have every card in a deck in a circle around a cup. Each card has a meaning behind it, and you keep playing until the 4th king has been drawn. Those rules aren’t important to this story. What was important was that the pack had two extra cards in it. One was a decorative card for the pack, and the other was a ‘how to’ card for a basic card game or two.

We accidentally left these in when we started playing. In our semi-drunk state, we agreed that these cards entitle the player who drew it to demand a dare from the other player. In the first few rounds, these were things like ‘text the person you had sex with last,’ or ‘show us something naughty on your phone,’ and even ‘one of the girls has to flash us.’

On one round, a friend and I picked the cards, and the girls who chose them, his girl and her friend, dared me and respectively to go upstairs and flash them by pulling our shorts down. I remember them sitting on the bed and gesturing for us to pull down our boxers. I was nervous, and a combination of those nerves with probably a few other factors meant I was probably one inch soft. As I pulled my shorts down reluctantly at the same time as my bud, I caught a glimpse of the huge thick slab of meat he had pulled out his sorts that swung between his legs as he held his tee shirt up. It must have been seven inches soft.

My penis sat on my balls, looking ridiculous beside his massive weapon. The 15-20 seconds I had my penis out seemed like forever. Still, I’ll never forget the girls being sat two feet away with their hands covering their mouths and their eyes wide as they flicked back and forth at these pretty good-looking, slim white boys exposing themselves and their vastly different cocks.

After about fifteen seconds, my mate’s girl, that dared me, said, “Oh, wow, boys. OK, that’s enough, thank you.”

She has gone bright red. I pulled my boxers up, but my bud left his cock out for another twenty seconds, much to the delight of his girl’s friend, who was staring in awe.

On the way downstairs, his girl said, “Don’t worry, babe. I’m sure it’s OK when it’s hard,” probably in a vain attempt to make me feel better.

That story has been referenced a few times in our group, even though I rarely see those girls from that night. I’ll never forget how hot it was to see their eyes wide at mine and his naked dicks exposed for them. One huge (my mate’s) and one tiny (mine).


Meanwhile, this reader can’t get the job done…

So, let me first say that this threesome involved three guys. It was my first Pride; I met a guy I spoke to on Grindr. He was waiting for his husband (the dude was a Daddy, too), so I kept him company. When he showed up, they both talked about me being cute. They loved my southern accent, said I had a cute smile, that sort of thing.

Well, we ended up at their house. I told them I wasn’t exactly packing, but I didn’t tell them how small I was. I also didn’t say anything about being a prejac. So, we’re making out, and one of them sticks his hand down my shorts and asks if I’m OK.

I said I was having a good time. He asked if I was hard, so I pulled down my shorts to show off my Gold Member boner. I almost came just pulling my underwear down. Well, the guy I had started chatting with had gotten naked. He wasn’t huge (six inches hard) but still way bigger than me. He wanted to bottom, so he bent over and told me to put my little dick to work. I won’t lie. I couldn’t even penetrate. Even if I were big enough, I’d cum long before then.

Almost as soon as I touched my head on his butt cheeks, I lost it. I came on his asshole while his husband poked fun at me. Not wanting to spoil the fun, though, I licked it off and got under him to suck his cock while his husband fucked him with a girthy nine inches.


While this reader liked to flash with the help of a buddy…

My buddy whipped my towel off when changing after a trip to the beach. We’d returned to the hotel room with two girls on the trip, and I’d just showered and stood by the door brushing my teeth. He whipped it off, and my little two-inch soft dick was revealed. I couldn’t pull my towel back up quickly enough as I only had one hand, and the girls gasped and giggled and went bright red as they tried to look away.

I found it hot they were so shocked at my lack of size. To try to do this again, I did the same thing three days later, and again my buddy whipped my towel off, and a girl saw it. That time I covered my small soft dick with my hand, walked inside the bathroom and left the towel behind.


This reader enjoys spying on his ex…

When I was with my ex, I once was alone at her place. I went on her iPad, linked to her iPhone, so the messages crossed them. Just before we got together again (we had split up for a year), she stayed with some guy from another city. I read through her texts saying she missed sucking his big cock and couldn’t wait to feel him inside her again (she told me nothing happened between them) and even went as far as she was still texting him while she stayed at mine. I got so hard reading the texts that she missed him and his big cock.

‘My ex isn’t even half your size,’ one text read.

Another said, ‘His little dick came within 10 seconds of being in me. What a loser.’

I came so hard reading them that I must have jacked off four times in an hour while staring at her iPad.


Another reader is cucked by a toy…

My wife and I have been together for over ten years. She has always told me she is satisfied with our sex life. However, she hasn’t been fulfilled in the last three years, if you know what I mean. I tried everything, but my micropenis will never be enough. My oral game is great, but I have found that she loves to be stretched. I bought her a nine-inch-long toy she has been using for the last two years. We can’t have sex without it. I’ve never heard her scream so loud or cum so much. I could never measure up to that with my tiny Gold Member boner. She never feels me after the toy (but I don’t think she does before the toy, either). What scares me is that she wants something just as long and more girth. I think she never wants to feel me again.


Meanwhile, this reader worries he might lose his wife to better men…

Today I felt the smallest I have felt in my entire life. I TRIED to have sex with my beautiful wife. But I couldn’t stay hard. I don’t know what the problem was. All I could think was how I was disappointing the woman I loved. She ended up asking for her toy. She often came on it while I sat there struggling to get hard. As she’s fucking her toy, she likes to do a lot of shit-talking. Well, she requested to fuck someone else. I thought it was a joke until she pulled out her phone and googled hung men. I had made jokes about it previously and even jerked off at the thought of her doing it. I want her to do it, but my heart hurts. The thought of another man giving my wife the things she needs as a woman. How can I overcome this obstacle? I want her to be happy. I know she would be pleased fucking a real cock other than her toy. I don’t want her to leave and stop loving me.


While this reader gets waxed…

For the last 6-7 years, I’ve gotten my balls waxed. I enjoy being hairless down there. It was a bit of a jump for me to start, though, as my dick isn’t big. When I’m hard, I’m a Silver Member of the small dick club. That made me a bit nervous the first few times. It didn’t make it better that the beautician, as they call themselves, changed for various reasons.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve gone to the same waxer for a few years now. Her name is Christina. She is great, talks a lot, and never makes me uncomfortable. She is also fairly sexy, with an amazing and juicy ass. When I first started going to her, I was a bit afraid I would get an erection, but the pain from ripping hairs out of my scrotum has always suppressed that.

Christina recently got pregnant, and since she was the only one at the salon doing a Brazilian on men, she was now looking for someone to train new staff. So she asked if I was willing to be waxed by someone that was getting trained for when she had her maternal leave. I wasn’t fond of the idea, but I had difficulty saying no face to face.

Cue this week. I’m getting a bit nervous about the appointment, as two people will be there. I’m in the waiting area when Christina calls me in. Her belly had grown quite a bit, and her boobs were probably an E or F cup now, and still the same juicy ass. Next to her was a beautiful athletic Asian chick with some tattoos on her forearms, some quirky oversized glasses giving her a bit of a nerdy look, and her hair deliberately messy. Her name was Lily. Both of them are sexy in their way.

The waxing started as it always did. I get asked to go into a private room to wash myself and wait for them. After washing myself thoroughly, I jump up on the bench covering myself with the small cloth.

Christins applies oil and baby powder to my nether region before explaining what she does to Lily. So far, everything is normal, but I notice that the situation is a bit different, with Lily in the room and Christina talking to her a lot more instead of me.

As she is tugging, pushing, and pulling my private parts away to get access to different areas, Lily asks if it doesn’t hurt. As Christina stops the waxing to explain to Lily about male anatomy, I notice that I start to swell a bit. Still, before it is too noticeable, she goes back to work.

As she starts talking and explaining different stuff, she occasionally asks Lily to lean in and look. It’s getting harder and harder to prevent the erection, but I’m still fighting it as best as I can.

Christina said, “This guy is fairly easy to wax. His skin is very tight, making it easy to reach all the places and hurting them less. Sometimes you get guys with bigger… I mean… They have more loose skin, which gets a bit in the way if you want to reach places under here.”

Christina seems to have a hard time finding the right words to explain that I’m easier to wax on due to my size, but also not insulting me. As she talks about this, I get horny as hell. She doesn’t know that this stuff turns me on. I notice I get harder without being fully erect and get a bit of precum at the tip of my penis. She must have noticed this time. As she returns to the waxing, the pain makes my penis flaccid again.

“When you have a customer with a bigger… When the shaft is longer… Sometimes you get a bit of hair growing on the shaft, but as you can see, this guy doesn’t have a lot, but there are a few hairs here. Then, you pinch a bit here on the foreskin and pull it so the area you want to wax is stretched,” Christina said to Lily.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Lily asked.

“No, not really. As long as you avoid putting pressure on the testicles, the sort of rocks in there, you can do quite a lot. However, you must be careful with the area between the testicles and the anus. Pinching them there would be like pinching your pussy lips.”

“Ouch,” Lily said with a small grin on her face.

The conversation and the lack of anything happening gave me a new erection. Probably a good 70-80%. And it looked like even Lily had taken notice of it.

“If they get an erection, it usually goes away fairly quickly due to the pain, so just keep working. They will most likely be more embarrassed than you. However, if it doesn’t go away, it makes the skin tighter and the job easier for you.”

Lily was now looking at an almost fully erect penis. “Do you mind me asking how tall you are?” Lily asked with a cute and sly grin on her face.

“I’m 190 cm (6’3”). Why so?” I asked.

“Just curious,” Lily replied.

“Yeah, he is a big guy,” Christina shot in from the sideline.

I could see that Lily was struggling to keep a straight face now. She had to turn around for a few seconds. Probably to wipe that grin off her face.

Finally done with the waxing, I was instructed to clean off any residue from the wax and come out whenever ready. When I returned to the reception, both girls were standing there whispering a bit to each other but went silent as soon as I came out. Christina turned on her charming smile and asked if I wanted to book a new appointment. I can’t wait to meet up with Lily again. I’m so excited if something like this will happen again and how she will handle it.


This reader has a naughty wife…

My partner has increasingly been making comments about the size of my penis after we’ve had sex. She always indulges my fetish when we’re leading up and in the act. Still, there’s something especially honest about it when I’m not trying to get off, and it’s just how she feels in the moment.

I’m a fair deal below average when I’m hard but flaccid. It’s little more than the head sticking out. Once she returned from the bathroom and, while climbing on top of me to snuggle, made direct eye contact with the little guy and made a repulsed face despite herself. Realizing she could speak her mind because of who I was, she blurted out, “Where did your dick go?”

On another night, I had gotten up another night and returned to bed still naked. She said, “I was wondering where you went,” she looked down, pointed, and giggled, implying the double entendre.

I stood there with my hands on my hips and had to admit that this was fluffed.

She laughed and said, “Aww, fluffed and still tiny.”


Another reader was embarrassed during a medical…

Quick back story. I’m a Bronze member of the small dick club when I’m hard. But I was a real late bloomer, so in high school and until about twenty, I had an absolutely baby dick. I was a Gold Member hard and flaccid, about an inch. I also had a horrible premature ejaculation problem until I matured later. (I would blow like two jerks into a handjob).

So back in my senior year of high school, I needed to renew my physical before spring baseball. I always hated getting physicals because doctors make me nervous. I hated getting into my boxers before a stranger because I had a micropenis back then.

So I got to the doctor, and to my surprise, it was a not so bad looking female doctor, probably in her late 30s to early 40s. I had never had a female doctor for a physical before, but I was 18 now, so it was normal.

We go through all the normal checks, and then she has me undressed to my boxers. I was super nervous. I could feel my already small penis retreating into my body from fear. A tiny mushroom head was just barely visible through the skin it was hiding in. But I thought I was fine because I still had my boxers. She then said she needed to do a hernia check and that I needed to stand up and drop my boxers.

I am almost shaking and have a cold sweat running through my body. I reluctantly dropped my boxers to my ankles, and the doctor’s eyes slightly widened. She remained speechless for what felt like an eternity, and I’m positive I heard her snicker through a cough. This just made me horny for some reason. I looked down to see that my fear-shriveled penis got the sad little boner I’ve ever seen, much smaller than my normal erections. It was a little nub sticking straight up.

She did the hernia check, but I felt it cumming right as she was done. My penis twitched upwards. I clenched to hold it in, and the doctor turned away to write something down on my papers. I frantically got my boxers back up before I had a mini ruined orgasm in my underwear, just straight up leaking into my boxers. She knew something was happening because she had written for a long time. Without turning around, she told me I could get dressed. When she heard me zip up my pants, she said I was good to go, smiled, and left the room. I finished getting dressed and pretty much ran out of there. I’ve never gone back to that clinic in my adult life.

I’m still wondering what she was writing down for so long.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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