Our Readers SPH Experiences 228

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is a shower but not a grower…

So I guess my SPH started pretty young. Growing up half the time in France, I was pretty used to being naked. My cousins and friends (girls and boys) would go skinny dipping in the rivers quite often. I never noticed any giggling at me specifically. I thought it was just because we were younger, and the sight of the girls always aroused me, so I didn’t seem so small. When I returned to the US, I would go to school, and that’s where it started. In the gym, we had to change our clothes, and I would get completely naked, so I could shower, and I was comfortable with it as opposed to the other boys.

My dick is less than an inch soft, by the way, just a button. One specific boy always thought it was his mission to make fun of me for being comfortable being nude and having a tiny dick. He also told many of the girls in the school, which means ALL the girls knew. I got the nickname babydick. I didn’t mind. Even at some dances and parties, I was asked to show it off by boys and girls, and I freely did. I didn’t know it yet, but I loved the embarrassment that started my SPH obsession. I still love the exposure and have gained even more confidence in showing it.


Another reader discovers that spooning sex is not a small dick man’s friend…

So I had been with my girlfriend for a couple of months when she suggested we try a new position. She was the first person I dated, but she had a boyfriend before whom I knew personally. She wanted to try spooning. Basically, me lying behind her and penetrating from the back. At that time, I was all in for it. I am not super small. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club and didn’t anticipate what was coming for me. So we try and I am just barely reaching her pussy beyond her booty.

Even the slightest movement and I am slipping out of her but just enough to keep us trying for a few minutes. I hadn’t developed the SPH fetish yet, so this had to be the most humiliating experience of my life. I slowly realize that my penis is too small for that position. The same position that my girlfriend obviously had done with her previous boyfriend because why else would she suggest it. My girlfriend asked that I reach closer to her when I am already as close as possible. And finally, she also realized I was too small for sex in this position. We stop, and I address it directly after a few awkward minutes.

“Well, I guess my dick is smaller than what you’re used to,” I said sheepishly.

At that time, I am still partly hoping for her to tell me, ‘No, it’s not that. It’s because of something else,’ whatever. However, she answered with what she must have thought was comforting but felt like a gut punch.

“Having a small dick is not such a bad thing, babe. A large one can sometimes hurt during penetration,” she said.

Well, if that wasn’t what every man who feels insecure about his dick size wants to hear. So ever since then, I knew my girlfriend had her brains fucked out until it hurt, thanks to her much bigger ex. The good thing is I developed the fetish in the end, and nowadays, even my girlfriend has picked up on it and enjoys humiliating me. So much so that I am sometimes suspicious if all of that was truly unintentional in the first place.


Meanwhile, this reader is exposed to the women in his family…

Sometimes, I used to bathe with my brother to save time. He was around ten years old and I was eighteen back then. Sometimes, my mother asked me to bathe with him as he wasted time bathing alone. Since he was young, he never cared about being naked. I used to make fun of him, and it always annoyed him. So one day, after rolling a towel around my waist. Then while drying him, my towel went down. He started shouting, “Shame. Shame,” to me, but I didn’t care.

I thought he was again just messing with me. And I just opened the bathroom door and started complaining to my mother about how he kept disturbing others. She just kept listening to me while also staring at me. I got a little surprised when the housemaid also started staring at me. Then I realized what happened. I just ran towards the bathroom and just shut the door closed. I was embarrassed and didn’t come out for at least thirty minutes.

Later, I got out of the bathroom fully dressed and saw my brother. He was just playing a game as usual and didn’t care about anything that happened. But on the other hand, things got awkward with an aunt. She just kept giggling whenever I was around. I hadn’t seen her happy face like that for a long time. I knew many jokes were coming from her. She didn’t directly make fun of me. But used her action to do that. She gives me a small plate or spoon whenever she serves dinner or lunch. And whenever I complained about it, she just said while giggling, “This is what ‘little’ kids use.”

My sister and another aunt just ignored thinking that maybe she was just giving me crap for playing games all day or something. On the other hand, the maid felt sorry for me. The maid was kind of family only. She has been with the family since we were kids. She used to give us a bath till I was twelve. So when she saw that my fully shaved cock was still the same size, she felt so bad that she started to talk to me directly about it. One day, lying in bed, she just came to me and sat beside me.

She explains how dick size matters, but some dominant girls like small-dick guys. She told me about her husband was also small, and she used to love it because she always got the chance to fuck him with a strap-on. “So don’t worry about it. You will find someone one day who can peg you,” she said.

She was talking to me like that while petting my crotch. I was shocked that my maid, who always respected my privacy, talked and acted like this toward me. She saw my face and understood what I was thinking. She said, “You were like a son to me. I didn’t feel close to you when you got older. But after seeing your tiny penis the other day, I knew you were the same little boy I’ve always known underneath.”

The maid was explaining all these to me while stroking my penis. When I got close to cumming she stopped and said, “You will find someone one day, but not today,” and then left me with my sliver member boner.

The next day, when we were all sitting in our living room, some of my sister’s college friends were also there. As usual, after taking a bath, my brother roamed naked around the house. My sister and her friend kept teasing him. My aunt scolded him for being naked when his sister’s friends were present. But one of my sister’s friends said, “Don’t worry about it. He is just a little kid,” pointing at his small prepubescent soft penis.

My brother stared at her excitedly and just blurted, “Oh, so my big brother can also run around naked like me since his pee-pee is the same size as mine,” and ran to the next room.

All of them were shocked at what he was talking about and turned to my aunt. I thought at least she would deny it. But no, instead, she started smiling and said, “[My name] is even smaller.”

All of them looked at me and started laughing hysterically.

“What? Smaller than [my younger brother’s name]? He hasn’t even hit puberty yet,” said my sister’s friend.

“All that talk about being a man, and it looks like our little ten-year-old brother is more ‘man’ than you,” my sister said.

I was shocked at how everyone was discussing this without any shame. I know the damage was already done.

“Is he a grower?” my other aunt asked.

The answer came from our maid, who recently stroked me. “No, even hard, it’s still kid-sized,” she smirked.

Everyone was shocked at how she knew. Then they started staring at my crotch. One of my sister’s friends said, “Oh my God, is he erect right now?” She pointed at my bulge and said, “And I used to think from his bulge he was big.”

“Oh, if making fun of your dick makes you get a little stiffy. You won’t have a problem finding a girl,” my sister said while giggling.

“Hey, show us. I want to see,” the friend said.

“No,” I said, hiding my boner.

Looking at the women’s expressions started to make me more and more horny.

“Hey, don’t tease him. Respect his privacy,” my aunt said while scolding others. “Better you go watch TV so nobody will tease you.” She was scolding others, but it was clear that she wanted to have a look too.

“Don’t tease him too much, or he will cum in his pants. You know you don’t have to worry about getting a girlfriend, [my name]. I know many dominating girls who would love to meet you and make you feel small,” my sister said while giggling.


While this reader got pantsed on the bus…

I had a lot of trouble with bullies in school. I was an easy target, skinny and quiet, and unsocial. I would get verbally picked on in middle school with name-calling and teases, but things got more physical in high school.

When I entered high school, one bully, in particular, kept picking on me to gain popularity in high school and whatnot. I was a late bloomer, everyone grew, and I didn’t. This bully got more aggressive with me and would pick on me a lot, especially on the school bus. He would make big scenes so everyone would watch and laugh.

He’d sometimes just call me names and insult me and sometimes push or hit me. One time he even gave me a wedgie on the bus. He was much taller and wider than I was, lifting me by my underwear so high. I cried in front of everyone. But that wasn’t the worst of it. One day, the humiliation reached a new high.

It was the last period, and I had gym class. I believe this was either at the beginning or end of the school year because the weather was nice. We finished gym class, and I quickly changed to catch the bus. I had been running around a lot during class, so I was very hot and sweaty. My underwear was really riding on me, and I wasn’t comfortable, so I quickly took my shorts and underwear off in the locker room before anyone saw it and put on a different pair of basketball shorts without any underwear. That was a big mistake looking back, considering my bully issues. Ironically, I thought, ‘I can’t get a wedgie if I have no underwear on.’

I got on the bus, and the bully followed right after me. He waited until we were in the middle of the bus and pulled my shorts down. And because I had no underwear, I was naked in front of the back half of the bus. I looked down to see my tiny one-inch soft penis exposed and my shorts by my ankles. I heard laughing all around me as I turned red with embarrassment. A couple of girls looked up when they heard laughter and had a shocked look before they began pointing and laughing at me.

Everyone found out I had a tiny penis, and I got pantsed many more times after that.


This reader had some fun times with a girlfriend…

My first long-term girlfriend had been with me for about six months when she finally decided we needed to go all the way. Before that, we’d just done lots of oral and hand stuff. We were both just out of high school but lived with our parents, and she wanted us to be secluded, so she got her brother to let us use his apartment while he was out of town for the weekend with his girl.

We start making out and are completely naked in no time, with some oral and some hand action before we get to business. So I’m a sliver member of the small dick club and thin but with a tall, athletic build. She’s a little thicker but not heavy, like size 10-12. We start with me on top, but I keep slipping out, so we try her on top, same result. Her strokes were too long, and I didn’t have enough dick. She decided we should try it with her on a counter and me standing. Same result, but she started to get upset because it was not working.

To make matters worse, all this in and out has got me about to cum. After a couple more attempts, I cum, all over her inner thigh and lips. She about starts crying over it, but I explain to her it’s my problem, not her problem, then I get her off with my hand as I shrink up to nothing.

She decided we should hop in the shower as it was right next to us. Mostly once we’d finished, I’d go clean up, and she and I’d usually put on underwear. I’m not sure she’d ever seen me completely flaccid. So we are showering, and she says, “So, is your penis really small?”

I was the only one she’d seen. When my dick is flaccid, I’m maybe an inch, but it will retract if I get nervous enough. Either way, it got me all shy, and I had hair down there at the time, so there was basically hair but no dick. I responded, “It is on the smaller side, but I didn’t know it was that small until I was older.”

We had a lot of oral and hand action all weekend but didn’t attempt sex again. We were together for a long time, but PIV was never a big thing for us. Lots of oral, hands, and toys a little later, but rarely did PIV.

Once, she asked me to cum in her and tell me when I did. So I hit it as hard as possible and said, “OK, I’m cumming.”

After I was done, I asked her why she wanted to know. She said, “I wanted to see if I could feel it.”

“What did it feel like,” I asked.

“Um… Do you really wanna know?”

“Hell, yeah, I wanna know!”

“Honestly, I didn’t feel anything. I only knew you finished because you told me. I didn’t even feel your dick inside me.”

We were together for about three years, but ultimately we went our separate ways. However, we hooked up again, like six months after the breakup. She partied a lot. I was told she got around a bit. After we hooked up the last time, I asked her if I was really that small?

She said, “I think you know the answer, but I’ll tell you if you really wanna know.”

I pressed the issue and said, “Yes, I really wanna know.”

“OK. You’re the smallest dick I’ve been with by a lot, and your small is crazy small.” I’d started shaving by then, and she said, “You know it looks like a child’s dick right?” I immediately retracted because of nerves, to which she said, “Oh my God! What the hell? It’s turned into a belly button.”

“It does that when I’m nervous,” I said.

“Why are you nervous?”

“I’m nervous because you just told me I had the smallest dick you’ve ever seen, plus I know you’ve been with other dudes.”

“That’s crazy. I didn’t know it did that? When will it come back out?”

“Maybe if you play with it, he will come back out,” I said.

She laughed. “There’s nothing there to play with.”

That made it pop back out really quick. We did each other again later that night, but only oral and hands. No penetration. Anyway, thinking back on it, it was a great time.


Another reader made a sex tape…

My girlfriend suggested that we make a ‘sex’ tape; I don’t get to have sex with her, so the video consisted of me going down on her, fucking her with a nine-inch dildo until she came. Then she sat on my face and gave me SPH until I came (that only took like 30 seconds).

Afterward, I asked her if she had ever done that before, and she told me that she still had the videos on her laptop. I asked if we could watch them, and she said she would bring her laptop the next time I saw her.

She opened a hidden folder, and there must’ve been at least twenty videos in there; I didn’t get to watch all of them, but from the thumbnails, I could see there were videos of her giving head as well as videos of her getting fucked in multiple positions.

She picked a video of her giving head. Her ex is huge compared to me, much closer to the nine-inch dildo than my pathetic silver member size. He was manhandling her, slapping her with his cock, choking her, and using her in ways I could only dream of. She giggled and said, “Do you see the difference?” as she took out my already rock-hard little dick.

As she started sucking the cock on video, she started to suck me, too. Her head bobbed up and down on the video while she barely had to move with me. I came so hard and quickly. She held it in her mouth and kissed me before stopping the video.

“You can watch another one when you can last longer than the video,” she said.


Meanwhile, this reader learned the truth the hard way…

It all started when I was fifteen years old. In gym class, they made us go to the swimming pool for the first time in many years. When we started toweling off in the locker room after swimming, I went to my backpack and noticed that a classmate had what I thought was a pretty big penis. I thought, what luck my friend has with that. The problem was when I went to dry my hair, I saw three other classmates finishing getting dressed, all with penises that were amply larger than mine. Again I took it to mean that my buddies had been very lucky with their bodies.

It should be said that I had no reference that it is big because of what was in the movies or in porn. Obviously, we were told that this was false and disproportionate. However, what I saw in the locker room made me curious, and I went to look at a forum to see what the average was, which was well below. The truth is that I took it as a lie and manipulation, that it was people who were being sarcastic.

One day I was forced to start swimming to fix my back problems, so I went on my own instead with the school. I got to the locker room, but my classmates (my only references) weren’t there this time. There was something much more traumatic.

I started to change and dry myself with the towel, and suddenly I saw three or four kids about eight to ten years old who were fooling around. I think you can guess what happened. Two of them approached me and asked if they had fixed the hot water in the showers. When I turned around, I realized the dicks of those kids were more or less the same as mine when I was almost seventeen years old. The only difference was that I had hair.

At that moment, my brain clicked. It all made sense. It’s not that the data on the internet was false. It’s not that my friends were lucky. I simply had a ridiculously small penis. At that moment, something automatically happened in my head. I started to sit up and shake with fear, and my heart was pounding when I realized what was happening to me. And the worst thing is that none of my colleagues let me know about it. Nobody made fun of me. There was respect, fortunately. I was just praying that the rumor didn’t spread in school without me knowing about it.

I became obsessed with looking for information and saw that there were still two or three more years of growth, so I just had to hide my penis for a few years.

Well, let’s just say that I’m still hiding it at twenty-eight years old. The worst thing is not the length (I made it to a Bronze Member just). The girth is even more pitiful (I’m a real pencil dick), and to top it off, I’m a prejac too. I don’t have any SPH anecdotes to tell with women because I haven’t even bothered to try to pick them up knowing what’s going on. In college, I found out from a friend of mine that there were some comments about my penis in the past and that many people knew about it. No girl was interested in dating after the rumors. And this is how I became aware of my membership in the Small Dick Club.


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