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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader remembers his sexual experiences in school…

I was dating a girl, let’s call her O. O, and I was dating for a couple of months; we were young, so things didn’t move fast and hadn’t progressed beyond making out.

One weekend her parents were away. She had the house to herself and invited me over. I was utterly inexperienced sexually and jumped at the opportunity. We went to her bedroom and started kissing. Her clothes came off fast, and I had her completely naked. I was rock hard in my boxers. When I took them off, she looked at my penis and let out a muffled giggle while covering her mouth. I didn’t think anything of it then and continued kissing and touching her.

She asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I let out an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

I lay on my back, and she straddled me holding my rock-hard penis with her thumb and index finger, the tip touching her pussy. I thought, this is it, I’m going to lose my virginity. Then she says, “Aww, it doesn’t fit, too bad,” without even trying to insert it.

I pleaded to try, but I just got a “No, too bad.”

I ended up going down on her and getting a handjob. At this point, I was still clueless. Until Monday at school. She told everyone I had a small penis. There was no animosity between us, the night ended well, but she still felt the need to tell everyone. One of her friends told me she was planning on having sex with me that night but didn’t want to lose her virginity to someone with such a small penis.

When I was 18 years old and dated a beautiful girl in my last year of high school, call her ‘V.’ She was an innocent girl from a good family. Things moved very slowly sexually. Nothing beyond making out.

Three months into our relationship, I got to go camping with her family. Late in the evening, we snuck off to fool around; I thought it would be the regular make-out session. We laid down, and she started undoing my pants and pulled my pants and underwear down. She grabbed my rock-hard penis with her hand, covering the whole thing.

I already could feel the pressure building after a few strokes. ‘Please, no,’ I thought.

Then she said, “Is this as big as it gets?”

With a cute giggle. I instantly erupted, and she turned her head away to laugh. I eventually lost my virginity to her.

After I dated V, I became good friends with a beautiful girl named N. She was fun, outgoing, and the life of the party. We did lots together, I also had the biggest insatiable crush on her, and she knew it.

One evening I had some friends over, drinking and hanging out. She brought a beautiful busty blonde with her who thought I was very hot, call her B. She was wearing tight-fitting low-cut jeans and a low-cut shirt. I was wearing light shorts, no underpants, and a t-shirt. We were drinking lots, and I was experiencing severe shrinkage that night. The girls were whispering to each other secretly while looking at me. B walks over and fake trips into me, grabbing a thorough feel of my crotch, then looks at me and giggles.

I instinctively covered myself in embarrassment and told her to stop. Now she overtly grabbed me and laughed even more. She walked over to N and whispered in her ear. They both burst out laughing. My heart sank. I was mortified. Even though I didn’t hear them, I knew what was said.

I always thought I had a chance with N. This sealed the deal that it was never going to happen. Now she knew I had a small dick.

N had a lot of hot friends that I regularly saw and hung out with. She made it a point to tell all of them about my small dick. N teased me repeatedly, sending me the song ‘Short Dick Man’ and different small penis memes she found. One time after she went on vacation, she told me about a guy she met and gave a blowjob to. She told me how big he was. She even showed me a picture of her and him together.

We stayed friends for a long time and were very close. Every time a new girl was interested in me, N would be sure to tell them I was a member of the small dick club (Silver Member). Maybe she was looking out for me, saving me the embarrassment. I appreciated her and her friendship.


Another Reader is teased by a friend…

A friend I met at work had already rejected me when I asked her for a date, but we were still friends because I’m a beta male with a small dick. (Silver Member)

One day we went to the beach together, and it was nice to see her in a skimpy bikini. We had fun as friends, but I wanted her so badly. Maybe she could tell. After a while, she decided she wanted to do some topless tanning (we were in a private area). I thought I would see her tits, and maybe she was making a move. She had me rub the lotion all over her back and even made a joke, saying, “Oh, is your little clitty all hard?”

I laughed it off. Then she went to take off her top and had me turn around and face the other way before she could. I listened. I sat with my back turned as we chatted, and I was so hard the whole time. I never dared peek, but I could see out of the corner of my eye she was taking a naked selfie at one point and was texting it to someone as we talked. I never saw her tits, and an hour later, she got picked up by a good-looking guy at the beach. I went home and jerked off alone to her clothed Instagram pics. She went off with this alpha man to fuck his enormous cock. That’s my life. I’m a beta.


Meanwhile, this reader got burned by his mother-in-law…

I recently closed on a house, and we are in the process of moving. The wife said she grabbed all the toys and put them in a bag so nobody would see them when they helped us move. Her mom came by the house to help load some of the smaller things while we waited on a friend to bring me the trailer he borrowed. So we start loading the nightstands from our bedroom. We got the wife’s loaded, went to grab mine, and some things rolled around. She said, “What is that,” as she opened it.

I already knew what it was. The wife had forgotten about the few toys in my nightstand drawer. Was some chapsticks and a few other random things, but there were also sex toys. There is a butt plug (luckily in a bag), so she didn’t see it. But she saw two of my chastity cages that the wife makes me wear. Now, if you don’t know, I wear a pretty small cage. It is almost flat. (I want a flat cage next). She laughs and says, “I am not surprised you can fit into something that small.”

That was all that she said. I grabbed the cages and put them in the closet, so nobody else would see them. She laughed a little more but then we loaded the rest of the stuff and took it to the new house.


While this reader feels bad for his father-in-law…

My father-in-law and his wife are in a forced marriage because they’re both broke and have a bunch of kids with different people. So they hate each other, so I wasn’t surprised when my mother-in-law asked my wife about my dick size. Of course, my wife tells everyone, “He’s perfect.”

My mother-in-law decided to tell me and my wife and her two daughters how my father-in-law hung like a toddler and started laughing while we all awkwardly chuckled and looked at each other. He was in the shower while the conversation was going on because he had a short temper and would not have been happy. The subject changed, and he came out, and we played everything off like nothing.

But a few weeks later, his stepdaughter randomly asked my wife and me, “Do you think Dad is angry all the time cause his penis is so small?”

My wife replied, “Absolutely.”

And that’s when I said, “You don’t see me yelling and screaming all day, do you?” and she blushed.

They don’t even take my father-in-law seriously when he gets mad anymore. They just make the ‘pinky sign’ behind his back and laugh the whole thing off.


This reader had a seriously nasty girlfriend…

Hello, everyone. Im 22 years old, and some stories happened to me in the past years.

I had a girlfriend for five years, and after two, the tables turned, and we began a cuckold lifestyle with intense humiliation. She started fucking big cocks of all races, and after some time, she craved more and more big cocks and better lovers than me. During these times, I heard everyday things like, “You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen,” or, “I don’t want to fuck that clit. I want real men.”

Sex, for me, wasn’t regular. She liked this lifestyle so much. Time flew, and she had about 2-3 regular bulls, and my sex life was jerking off to her feet because she was fucking very often with them. Their cocks were so big that she didn’t feel my little dick anymore. However, after five years, she broke up with me and started dating one of her big cock lovers. I met her sometimes, and she usually made jokes like, “So, is there anybody who wants to fuck your small dick? No, nobody wants to fuck that useless thing.”

I still love her.

After this, a couple of girls wanted to fuck with me. A couple of months ago, I was dating one girl, and everything was great until we ended up in bed. My dick wouldn’t get hard because past years with my ex made me a beta bitch that needs humiliation about my penis size. The best I could manage was jerking off to her feet. After grabbing my flaccid two-inch dick, she laughed for maybe five minutes. I was ashamed but turned on. But after this, she wanted a picture with my dick in her hand. I refused.

Then I met another girl and again I couldn’t get hard when we were in bed for the same reasons as above. She didn’t laugh, but she was furious and kicked me out of her house for being a ‘shrimp dick loser.’

Some days ago, I was sleeping with a friend who knew about my last hook-up, and when he saw me in boxers, he said: “Now I get why women treat you like shit. You have a tiny dick.”

And started to laugh. I was quiet and just nodded.


Another reader cucked himself and didn’t know it…

So, for size context, I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club hard. Soft, it’s just a one-inch nub. My partner swears I’m average and appreciate her generosity, but I’m an inch shy of average. In Highschool, I lost my virginity right before I turned sixteen. So obviously, having been ahead of my friends on losing my virginity, I thought I was an absolute stud. I let the confidence go to my head, and kind of forgot about my size.

One night my girlfriend was driving us around the back roads at night, and she got a text from a guy who was openly flirting with her and looking for nudes. I told her I would send him a picture of my dick: ‘Fuck you, she’s getting taken care of.’

I sent him the picture, and he quickly responded. ‘That’s a cute little dicklette. Let me know when you’re ready for a real cock.’

I was upset about it but tried to act cool cause I knew I was still having sex that night.

Flash forward a few months later, and I find out that my girlfriend cheated on me with four guys. One of them being the guy I sent my dick picture to. So not only did I cuck myself, but it’s hard to imagine that picture didn’t come up well. It was happening.

Now it’s like the hottest thing ever but back then, not so much.


Meanwhile, this reader does not enjoy the cold…

I went to college in a town where it snowed and got pretty cold, but being young and full of energy, it never stopped us from partying. When I was a freshman, I quickly became friends with a group of senior guys who lived in a house a quick walk from my dorm and campus. On one freezing winter Saturday, they invited me to come to hang out at their place for a small kickback. Everyone in my dorm was huddled inside for warmth, so I quickly took them up on the offer and walked over to their place.

I get there, and it’s the four guys who lived there and three senior girls I hadn’t met yet. We all start partying and playing some drinking games. After a few hours, one of the guys and girls went off to his room while the other two guys had started smoking weed and were essentially passed out on the couch. The last guy and I played beer pong versus the two remaining girls. Since we were drunk, we played terribly and lost the game without hitting a single cup. Usually, when it’s all the guys we call trolling, the punishment is doing a naked lap around the outside of the house. To my surprise, the girls started cheering and repeatedly chanting, “Naked lap. Naked lap.”

I didn’t think we’d go through with it, but my senior friend just laughed and started walking outside with the two girls cheering behind him. I follow them out to see him already taking his clothes off. I got the sense he was used to this happening after four years of college and that these three had probably already seen each other naked before. He’s now down to his boxers, and the girls turn their attention to me, still fully clothed. “What are you waiting for? Get out there,” they yelled as they pushed me down the stairs onto the snow.

I start taking off my shirt and then shoes, and as I pull down my jeans, I hear cheering and look over to see my friend standing their butt naked with a pretty impressive big cock, at least five inches soft. He’s standing there waiting for me, so I pull down my jeans, take a deep breath, and pull down my underwear. As I said, it was cold out, so I was probably one inch. The girls cheered more and started laughing, so I took no time to start my run around the outside of the house.

The run and cold made me shrivel up even more, and to my horror, we got back to the front door to see the girls and our clothes missing. My friend just laughed and said, “Come on,” as he started walking to the house.

We step inside to see the girls laughing and holding our clothes. They throw them at us and say, “OK, fun’s over here you go.”

I’m now fumbling to get my clothes on quickly as these two girls stand there whispering and laughing at the two fully naked guys in front of them. We finally get dressed and go to the kitchen to take some shots. My friend goes to the bathroom, and the two girls come to me. One puts her arm around my shoulder and says, “So how does it feel to know we just saw you butt naked?”

I give a fake laugh and respond, “That was brutal. It’s freezing out there.”

The girls then look at each other and start laughing. “Oh yeah, we could tell.”

Things went back to normal, and we kept drinking, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the two older girls standing there, laughing about seeing a freshman’s little dicklette.


While this reader exposes himself to a visitor…

I have always known my dick was smaller than average. Even though it is small, I love the thought of other people seeing my small dick. My desires were fulfilled because one day, it happened. My wife, Kathy, was up before I was on a Saturday. I was still lying in bed, half asleep, half awake. I heard a knock on the front door and another woman’s voice! Kathy’s little sister, Mary, came to visit and take Kathy shopping. Before they left, I heard Mary tell Kathy she had to use the restroom.

Now, I have to tell you two things before I continue with the story. One is that I sleep in the nude. The other? Our restroom is just past our bedroom door upstairs.

I wanted Mary to see how tiny her brother-in-law was. The thought of her knowing how small I was down there was titillating and humiliating. This was the golden moment, my chance to see how she would react to my shortcomings! I pulled back the sheet covering me, revealing my little penis. I laid myself as close as possible on the side of the bed nearest to the door. I heard Mary’s footsteps as she climbed the stairs. I pretended to be asleep with my eyes closed. As Mary walked by the bedroom door, I heard her gasp quietly to herself. I couldn’t even imagine what she was thinking about me and my tiny cock.

It felt like she stayed there for no longer than a minute. I indulged every second of it, imagining what she thought about my little dick. In her mind, she was probably wondering how her sister felt anything with my flaccid, little dicklette. Every carnal, racing thought excited me even more than the last. She then finally continued to the bathroom, and soon I heard the toilet flush and the sound of Mary washing her hands. Thinking about how Mary now knew about my humiliating size, by this time, my dick was fully hard (Bronze Member). I then heard Mary walk down the hallway, stopping at our bedroom door again. This time, she would see me in all my little glory. Mary would know how small I was and what her sister was getting, which wasn’t much. She was there for about another minute more. Then I heard her giggle at my little Bronze Member erection. She headed back downstairs, still laughing. It was very embarrassing while exhilarating.

As she arrived at the bottom of the stairs, Mary broke out into hearty, hysterical laughter. She just wouldn’t quit laughing at my expense as she continued her way to the kitchen.

Kathy gave her a weird look. She asked her, “What is so funny?”

She was stuck between laughs but finally was able to blurt out, “I can’t believe how small Tony’s dick is! I never saw one that small before! You never told me! Why didn’t you tell me he was packing a real baby dick.”

Mary’s laughter grew rambunctiously while Kathy remained in silence. She was utterly shocked by her sister’s unapologetic, bursting reaction. She didn’t even know what to say. Mary looked at Kathy’s astonished yet uncomfortable face, then said, “I’m sorry. I just saw Tony naked on my way to the bathroom. After seeing how ridiculously puny his little pecker was, I couldn’t help myself anymore!”

Kathy tried to give Mary an unbelievable excuse. “Mary, you must have seen his dick when it was soft,” she said. “He has a nice length when it is erect.”

Mary smiled hugely and looked at Kathy. “Girl, not at all. I saw his little stiffy. It was soft the first time I passed your room. But as I returned from the bathroom, it was hard and standing at complete attention, which wasn’t much,” she said. She couldn’t contain her laughter. “It was just like a little soldier!” Mary looked at Kathy sympathetically and said, “I’m sorry for learning about Tony’s little dick secret. Let me make it up to you. I will buy you lunch while we shop. I want to hear stories about his little pee-pee.”

After that humiliating exchange, I heard more giggling from Mary as they left. I always wanted to expose myself and show off what little I had between my legs. I didn’t think exposing my small penis would feel this liberating and venereal. What if Mary told their mother how small my penis was? That would be so embarrassing and thrilling. I can’t wait to show my little dick to more people and see their priceless reactions.

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