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By Our Readers


Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s girl mistakes a lack of package as a lack of interest…

We had been dating for a while, but nothing had really happened between us. A little kissing, but that was all. One night I had some friends over, so we watched a movie. My gf decided she would sit on my lap while we all watched the movie. During the first third or so of the movie, I noticed that she kept fidgeting and readjusting her position. I thought that maybe I just wasn’t the most comfortable thing to sit on. I didn’t think much of it.

The next day she comes over like she always does and asks me if I was attracted to her. I had no idea where this conversation was going, but I told her I was. She explained the previous night that the reason she was fidgeting around in my lap was that she was trying to make me erect and that she couldn’t feel anything. I am incontinent due to my spinal cord injury and often wear diapers. I explained that to her, hoping that would assuage her worries and we could change the topic. I was wrong; it only made it worse.

She told me to prove it. Now, I’m not insecure about wearing diapers; but I could see the writing on the wall. As soon as I got down to my diaper, it would come off soon afterward. Typically, my gf is pretty reserved. Whenever I tried for more than kissing, she would end my endeavors as soon as they started. I told her I would strip down to my diaper if she stripped down to her underwear. Without missing a beat, she looked me dead in the eyes and stripped down, and told me to start stripping down or she would do it for me. I was pleased but very concerned. I’m a bronze member hard, and soft I’m around an inch. I told her that it would take me a minute if she didn’t help me, so she did.

She looked relieved when she realized I wasn’t bullshitting her about wearing a diaper. She then started undoing the tabs on my diaper when I grabbed her hand to stop her. I told her that stripping down to a diaper was one thing and stripping naked was another. I hoped that would end things, but I knew it wouldn’t. She got naked and then took my diaper off and just laughed. She commented how cute my tiny dick was, and I was going wild inside. I got hard from her comments, and I could feel my cheeks getting flushed. She asked me if I was enjoying this and laughed when I said yes. She asked me where a tape measure was, and I just went with it at that point. I showed her so she could measure me, and when she did, she was cackling. She said we should take pics, so we did. She’s not the first woman that’s seen my little guy, but it never gets any easier no matter how many times it happens.


Another reader gets consoled by his mom…

My Mom found out I had a small dick when she stayed with me in the hospital. I had a nasty stomach infection, so I went to the bathroom a lot (diarrhea). I stopped wearing the hospital gown and just stayed naked in the room. The interesting thing is that my Mom had previously said I have a nice chest, but when she saw my small soft penis, she had a look of shock that it could be THAT small, especially since I’m 6 feet tall and twenty years old. It was a few months later when I knew she thought I was small. She said to me one day, “You know, your father isn’t big down there either, so don’t worry about it.”


Meanwhile, this ready gets a little steamed in Germany…

When working as a consultant, I spent a lot of my time working near Munich in Germany. People think traveling for work is glamorous, and it must be great to have an expense account, etc., but the reality is that living in a hotel is quite dreary. So after my first week there, when I was invited to the CEO’s house for dinner on Friday night, I was a very willing attendee. It was just me, the CEO, and his wife. They were both older than me. The CEO was a 45-year-old man who was in relatively good shape. A little taller than me, but not much. His wife was also about 45. She had mid-length, blonde hair was very top-heavy, and, all in all, was very sexy.

It was a fun dinner, and I was thankful not to be eating in a hotel restaurant, again! They told me a lot about the Bavarian culture, and we were sampling a lot of the Bavarian beer! They mentioned that saunas are a big part of the culture, and that is why they have one in their home (not unusual in that part of Germany). They insisted that a post-dinner sauna was a must. I laughed and didn’t know if they were serious or not, and it turned out they were.

So after dinner, the CEO’s wife stood up and announced that it was Sauna Time. A bit merry, we made our way to the back of the house, where they had a little changing area and a wooden sauna that could probably fit about 6-8ppl max. They started to undress.

The issue here is that saunas in Germany are fully nude. The plus side was that I was about to see this sexy lady completely naked. The downside was they were about to see me naked! I was nervous. To compound my nerves, it was as if my dick wanted to run away too. It was doing its best to hide inside me. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. They said to follow them in afterward, and there was a pile of towels in the corner. I tried to fluff a little bit, but it just would not grow from about 1.5inches – I don’t know if it was the nerves or the alcohol or a combo of both! Eventually, I had to come out of the bathroom and join them. Spending too long would be weird!

So I undressed, took the towel and wrapped it tightly around myself, and headed to the sauna. I could see the outline of the wife’s big boobs through the door and go straight in. As I walked in, the CEO almost immediately said, “No, no. No towels in here. Hang it on the hooks outside!”

It was then that I noticed that they were not even wearing the towels. I think my face must have given me away because the wife said, “Don’t worry, in Germany, this is normal. We have seen it all before.”

So I went outside, hung up my towel, and re-entered. All 1.5inches of my cock poking out now entirely on display to my de-facto boss and his sexy wife. As they were sitting down, my cock was basically at their eye level. The CEO immediately said, “Now we know why you wanted the towel,” and started laughing very loudly.

His wife slapped his leg and told him to stop it. As I sat down, she assured me he was only teasing, and of course, they had seen all sizes before. I said it was okay and knew it was only banter (I think in reality, the drinks had taken away his filter). She seemed relieved and said thank you.

She said, “I was worried you would be offended because British people are stereotypically uptight.” I laughed. I think because I was laughing, she then felt comfortable and said, “But now we know why!”

She looked at my cock and smiled widely. She then laughed, and so did I pretending I wasn’t dying inside. It was both exhilarating and humiliating having this big-breasted, naked lady acknowledge my tiny penis in a joking but kind way. The CEO wasn’t packing a huge soft cock himself, but it was still bigger than mine. After that, we just sat and chatted and (sweated!) for 20 odd minutes. The nudity became almost forgotten. I was, of course, still enjoying the view of the naked woman, though.


While this reader isn’t as deep as he thought…

We had come back home from my girlfriend’s business’s annual event in October 2019, and we were making out and undressing one another, and she said to me in between kisses, “Do you remember Steve?”

I probably gave her this frozen face because it came out of the left field, and I didn’t know what to say. Then she said, “The guy at the bar who was the only one wearing a tie? Works in Oregon.”

I immediately remembered who she meant once she said Oregon. I said yes to her and probably still had this perplexed face I was making.

Then she said, “Well, you once asked me about this, so here’s the answer: He’s got four more inches than you have.”

When she said it, she had stripped my clothes off enough so that her hand was around my fully hard cock (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club). Instead of smiling wickedly, she turned her head and made a face as though she was about to burst out laughing but suppressed laughing out loud. It made it way worse, and she was inches away from me as she said it and turned her head and made her full-faced expression.

I asked her, “How much did it matter?”

She said, “Well, for a start, the head of his cock has been deeper inside of me than the head of yours.”

She nearly gulped as she spoke the words to me. Probably for about 30 seconds, I was humiliated beyond belief, and she began to smile.

She finally said, “You asked.”

I remember banging her in pile driver position with deeper and deeper thrusts than ever, and when I had stopped, I looked right into her eyes, and she said while shaking her head slightly, “No, he’s still gone deeper than you.”

I was humiliated all over again.


This reader suffers a severe wardrobe malfunction…

Last week I had my first days at my new university. There are always offers for the new first semesters to help the new students have a good start. So we got a campus rally where some students from higher semesters (mentors) show you the essential spots for your future student life. Part of those rallies isn’t just sightseeing, but also some more or less fun games and day drinking.

We started at midnight at our faculty. Including the mentors and me, we were about 25 (~17 girls and ~8 boys) people in our group. So we visited some spots, did some games, and got in contact with some of the other students. The nice thing about those rallies is that you get to know each other because most people are new in the city and seek some new friends. For most of the rally, I was with three girls, and we talked about our expectations for the next semesters. One of the girls was really cute and pretty hot, so I tried to flirt with her and not make it too apparent that I found her attractive. We reached our last spot with the game, and it was a kind of a park where the students regularly meet each other and hang around. The game was about making a chain of clothes as long as possible and beating the records of higher semesters as they were in their first semester.

A bit drunk, the three girls exchanged about how much of the clothes we’ll get off and add to the chain (just not worn clothes counted). Due to the relatively cold weather, we all hesitated a bit to get our clothes off. The cute girl started to take off her jacket, shoes, pullover, scarf, and jeans (she was wearing a pantyhose underneath). She asked whats about me and if I’m too shy or would do as she did. I didn’t want to stand there like a wimp, so I started to take off my clothes as well, just with my pants on.

She then asked me with a smile: “What’s with your trousers?”

I replied: “But I’ll leave my boxers on!”

She nodded. Keeping my boxers on was pretty crucial for me, as I have a small dick (About 1.5″ soft and a silver member hard). My boxers are pretty wide, so you can’t guess my size from looking at them. So I opened my pants and pulled them down. But due to my slightly drunken state, I forgot to open the zipper completely. So as I removed my pants, they were still a bit too tight, so they took my boxers with them.

Then I stood there, feeling a fresh breeze around my privates and three girls in front of me. The cute girl was the first one who started laughing, and the other two joined her soon. She said: “Ooh, it’s a mini,” and giggled, “I know it’s cold, but it’s not that cold!”

She was right, it was cold, and my dick shrunk even more than usual.

One of the other girls said: “I’ve never seen one so small!”

“At least not on an adult,” the other one added.

Turning red and completely shocked, I wanted to pull my pants back on. But one of the girls stepped on them, and the cute girl found time to take a picture. I then finally could get my pants up and also wear my other clothes. The girls all looked at the freshly taken photo and couldn’t stop laughing and making comments like: “It looks so shriveled, not like a dick,” or, “What a babydick, bet he’s still a virgin.”

(I’m not. I also have a girlfriend. Even though I like to flirt with some other girls). As soon as I managed to get my clothes, I excused myself and left.

This week we had the first lectures, and I was pretty insecure about going there. I arrived there, and some girls just smiled as they saw me. I took a seat with the girl next to me, saying: “Hi tiny!”

The cute girl shared the photo not just with the two other girls but with all of them.


Another reader is sent on an SPH challenge…

For the surprise challenge, my wife was mean. On a Saturday, she told me to get naked and lay down. She then wrote something above my dick with a sharpie and then pulled up my pants so I couldn’t see what she wrote. She told me that I’m not allowed to read until the challenge is done. After that, she sent me to a new gym 1 hour out of town. I should do a training lesson there and shower until at least three men saw me naked. So I drove there, really nervous because of what would happen—thinking about what she could have written.

When doing my trying lesson, I almost forgot about it because it was a hard workout. But when the trainer said we were done, I suddenly remembered and got nervous again. I went to the shower room and got naked, nobody was there at that time, so I started showering. Then I heard another man coming into the room. My heart started beating like hell. Then he went into the shower without even looking at me. I thought that that went easy, but he started looking at me and then stared at my dick while showering.

He was reading whatever was written down there. He started laughing and then immediately asked me if I had lost a bet or what.

I just started smiling and said yes. I thought that was a perfect idea explanation for almost everything. Then he just went on showering and left when he was finished. Just when he left, another man came in. I didn’t hear him coming, so I was somewhat surprised. He looked at me and said hi.

Then he looked down at me and started smiling but didn’t say anything. He just started showering. The guy was super fit and had a huge flaccid dick hanging down there. I was pretty embarrassed with my little one but thought that that was not the thing to be sorry about this time. When he was about to leave the shower, he turned towards me again, smiled, and said: “If I can help out, ask me any time,” and then left.

Man, I wanted to know now. What was he talking about? Nobody was coming in after another 10 minutes, so I left the shower. I was about to put in my underwear when another guy came in. He stood up so he could see my dick and the text. He looked at my dick first and then just shook his head without looking at me at all and walked by. I then got dressed and left the gym fast. I drove home and instantly went to the bathroom to now read what was down there. God, I was so embarrassed.

It said, ‘Too tiny to satisfy my wife.’


Meanwhile, this reader finds he doesn’t compare…

My girlfriend Yasmine has confirmed that I’m the smallest she’s ever been with. Not that it came as much as a surprise. Before we were together, she dated my friend John who is also tiny, and she is best friends with the girl (Carol) that dated John after my girlfriend.

One of the first times we met her was in a bar, and his size came up. Carol said something along the lines of, “Oh my God, how small was John’s dick?”

And my girlfriend said, “Yeah, he had a tiny dick. It was fucking ridiculous.”

They both started making fun of him, saying how they could never feel him inside, or he couldn’t make them orgasm with his dick, and all kinds of crap I know you guys have heard before. They said it all and then repeated it.

I just sat there, fully hard. God, it turned me on so much how they were trash-talking John’s small dick. Especially knowing my dick was much smaller than John’s. I felt like my tiny dick was ready to blow at any minute listening to them talk. They were in hysterics making fun of a guy that was bigger than me.

I needed to know, so I asked the question, “So, how big was he?”

They then came to an agreement that he was a bronze member of the small dick club. I had to join in the mocking and fake laughing, but I’m a silver member of the small dick club. How fucked up is that. I wondered how they’d talk about me when I was gone.

The conversation ended with a toast to ‘bigger and better things.’


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