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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds out the girl he’s crushing on is a real size queen…

Two years ago, I met a girl at work, and she is a real stunner. She was 18 then and 20 now, and I found her on Instagram, and she posts a lot of stuff like hot selfies and about her party life.

In 2019 she posted a short video on her story where she was out at a club, and it was Nineties music night and in that short video, the song ‘Don’t want no short dick man’ was playing, and she posted it with the caption ‘My song.’ I was immediately intimidated because I asked myself if she might be a size queen or just post this as a joke or something like that. I never found out because I ain’t in no position to ask her personal stuff like that. She got into a relationship shortly after and we casually meet at work but have not much in common ever since.

Yesterday I checked on her Instagram again, and she posted THAT song again, and she made a cation that she’s listening to a random playlist, and the song came up, and she made the hashtag #blessed.


Meanwhile, this reader partied too hard…

When I was in high school, I really fucked up. I ended up at a party with people I barely knew and got way too drunk. I passed out, and the guy decided to strip me. I am a big guy with a tiny penis. It was an outside party, so I basically had a flaccid inny. A ton of popular kids from school were there, and they all saw. Everyone knew. It ruined my social life. I never was able to get a girlfriend or have sex. My only sexual experience has been as a bottom for guys. It’s amazing how having a little dick has altered my life. I’m not at all fem, but I don’t feel like a man either. I have to sit down to pee, or I dribble on my pants. As I got older, I came to crave humiliation and bullying. It is ingrained in my psyche now. I’m beta 100%.


While this reader’s wife serves him some smack…

My wife had a shower and shaving to get herself ready for some sexy time during the evening. When nighttime rolls around, she says she’s too tired for sex but is willing to give me a handjob which I’m all for. I ask her if we could make it interesting, and she pretends that it’s the first time she’s ever seen my cock to which she replies, “We’ll see.”

I get into bed with just my boxers on, and she proceeds to start rubbing the front. This is where it gets interesting. Her rubbing goes from a loving caress to like she’s looking for something. She then asks me where my dick is while patting around. I tell her she’s rubbing it, and she laughs and says, “You have got to be kidding me. Let me see.”

She pulls down my boxers and starts shaking her head. “That’s it? I’m so glad I decided not to have sex with you.”

She then proceeds to grab my little soft dick with just her thumb and index finger (I’m about 1.5 inches soft with foreskin) and not jerk it off, but shake it like a toy all while smirking.

Needless to say, I start getting hard at this. My wife keeps making comments while jerking me off, like, is that it? Have you ever had sex? I bet women always make excuses when they see your little cock. I’m only giving you a handjob out of pity. If anyone in work found out I was jerking off a cock this small, I would be humiliated!

I’ve been into SPH for a while, but my wife played into it so much on this night! At this stage, she pulled down her panties while still jerking me and placed my hand between her legs. Then, finally, she just looked at me with a smirk and said, “Do you feel how dry your cock makes me? It’s so small?”

Now and again, I would beg to put it inside her, but she would laugh and say something like, “Why? I wouldn’t even feel it.”

My wife could sense I was close, so she slid one of my fingers inside her (the teasing was great, but she couldn’t help getting a little wet at this stage). She started by moving my hand in the motion she wanted, then she moved to slide up her t-shirt and bra.

At this point, I was rock hard. But I was still being told how small I am while my wife slowly fucks my finger and has her large breasts with perfect nipples on show!

She started to pick up speed and moan a little on my hand and told me how I’m too small to ever have sex with a woman, that was the final straw. I started to cum so hard and kept cumming for what felt like a lot longer than usual!


This reader’s girlfriend has a story to tell…

My ex used to love telling this story to people. When she was 18, she went to Ibiza with a couple of her friends. She had recently got out of a several-year relationship with a guy who had been her only previous sexual partner. She was excited but nervous about the possibility of having casual sex with a stranger. One night while at a club, a guy starts to hit on her. He’s not much of a looker, but he seems nice, and they get chatting. It turns out that the two of them are staying in the same hotel and on the same floor, no less. He buys her a couple of drinks, and after building up his own courage, he invites her back to his room.

She agrees, and after letting their respective friends know, they head off together. Horny and tipsy, they arrive at his room. She tells him she has to pee first and heads to the bathroom. After relieving herself, she opens the door to find the guy stood there completely naked. She looks down at his cock, and it takes her a moment to realize that he is fully erect. As soon as her brain registers this fact, she burst out laughing.

“Oh my god, it’s so small!” she exclaims.

The guy stands there frozen with a dumb look on his face as she leaves, still laughing. She tells her friends about what happened, and they end up seeing him around the hotel for the next few days though he never approaches her. I can only guess the story he told his friends didn’t end quite the same way.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t like the comparison…

While in college, my then-fiancé and I shared an apartment. This meant lots of time spent fooling around and drunk. One day after sex, we decided to take a shower together. We took turns lathering each other up as an excuse to cop a feel. I stayed soft with it being right after sex while she lathered up my balls and dick (clittie would be more accurate, but that’s another story). While doing this, she innocently at the time stated, “With you soft, this is like practice for when we have kids.”

Seeing my reaction and realizing what she said, she tried to backpedal and say, “Of course, you’re much bigger than they would be.”

But the damage was done. That was the first time she inadvertently acknowledged my lack of size.


SDC Reader Deh1753 shares with us…

I wanted to share a true story that started with an embarrassing comparison and ended with a bit of Gay SPH.

Football has always been a big thing for me, and I have played for years. But, unfortunately, age and injuries caught up, forcing me to stop. I then changed job and moved to a new area but found a team looking for some help, so I volunteered my services and ended up as a coach.

The team was a real mixed bunch, and one year, a big group of juniors arrived, using it as a stepping stone to adult football. Despite the age gap, I found some common interests like music with a couple of them, Jack and Will, and over the next couple of years, we got quite friendly.

Obviously, with the football comes the communal changing, and as I had to clear up the changing rooms, you can’t help notice the different ways people are. For example, none of the younger players took a shower after, except Jack and Will, who did from the first time they played.

I’d kind of got used to showering after games over the years. The team I played for was generally older people, and it was expected. I am a bit curious and couldn’t help doing a bit of a comparing, and I was always one of the smallest with about 1.5 inches soft, which sometimes goes even smaller with heavy exercise or nerves.

Towards the end of the season, we had an away game where we were struggling for numbers. I put myself down, thinking I’d be an emergency sub, but someone pulled out late, so I had to play.

The weather was terrible when we were playing, pouring rain and cold. Then, to cap it off, we lost, and everyone trudged back to the clubhouse, hardly speaking on the way back.

There were 2 benches opposite each other, and I found myself sitting next to Will with Jack at the other end. As usual, Jack was first to move to get his kit off quickly and headed for the showers, with a couple of the older guys off to the side behind a door.

I was sat in just my underwear at this stage, and Will was putting his flip flops on and pulling his towel from his bag. Finally, he said, “Are you coming?” as he took his pants off, revealing a pretty small penis which was right in my eye line.

Seeing Will made me think I might as well get on with it and pulled my shorts down. I could see him looking right at my groin, and he had a bit of a grin on his face.

As we made our way through the shower door, the others were coming out, all except Jack. We put our towels on the hooks, walked around the corner, and there were the showerheads, all three of them.

Jack was stood in the middle one backed turned, but as soon as he heard us, he turned around, and his eyes went straight on me. At this point, my penis and balls were still completely shriveled, and I could see a massive smile on his face as he looked at me.

I wanted to get on with my shower, but he was facing me, making a point of cleaning his penis and balls in front of me. I couldn’t really avoid looking, and I was so shocked at how big he was compared to me. It must have been 5 inches (soft) or maybe a bit bigger, which put my little nub to shame.

On the evening after the game, we’d all gone out for a few drinks, and we walked home together as my house was near his. I’d just got in the house when he sent me a message saying, “can’t believe it….”

I replied with, “What?”

Where his response was, “Someone smaller than Will,” followed by a picture of someone’s hands, not his own, measuring his fully erect penis showing nearly 10 inches which is twice my erect size.

I’m sure the hands were Wills’, and although I never asked, I’m guessing they had something going on. The thought of that, along with the shower incident, was very arousing, and I did masturbate several times on the night and have done subsequently on many occasions thinking about it.

I had to pack in the coaching at the end of that season, and I know Jack moved away, but I sometimes wonder if I might have ended up replacing Will at some point.


SDC Reader Steelpeen tells us…

I was listening to music one day jamming out to my favorite EDM artist when I decided to take a shower. I thought my roommates were gone for the day, Rachel and Sarah because they both have work. Rachel is my fiancé, and Sarah is her best friend. Anyways I thought I’d strip naked before walking to the shower, considering how I’m alone and no one will see me. I have a towel in the bathroom, so I’m all set. So I started strutting along to this awesome dance song playing in my head whilst walking to the bathroom when I stopped dead in my tracks.

I saw Sarah, butt-ass naked, who apparently had the same idea. Well, I, like a dumb ass, just stood there unable to move and couldn’t help but stare at Sarah’s tits. I tried to look away, but she saw my staring and coincidentally was staring at my penis as well. Which I might add is very small, only 1 inch when soft, albeit a Bronze Member hard. She was trying hard not to stare at my penis while I was trying hard not to stare at her breasts. ‘Fuck,’ I thought, as I felt the blood rush to my cock.

She spoke first, “I didn’t know you were home.”

“I was in my room. I had headphones on, so I didn’t hear you come in. Don’t you have work?”

“I did, but they didn’t need me, so they sent me home. So I figured I’d take a shower to kill some time.”

I exclaimed, “Same here! Great minds think alike, I suppose, haha.”

“Yeah, yeah… I suppose….”

I saw her take a glance down at my rapidly growing penis. Then, she said, “Uh, hey man, you’re little thing is, uh, growing…”

“Oh shit. Haha. Sorry Sarah, it’s just that you’re in excellent shape.”

I tried to say in a way that didn’t sound too weird. But then, I realized I had just pointed to her breasts when I said that.

“Thanks? She said, “and you’re penis, uh, looks like a mushroom from Mario?”

And she burst out laughing and pointed at my dick. As she did this, her breasts bounced, which caused my hard-on to throb and twitch, but I’m not sure she noticed.

“Ouch,” I said, “I compliment you, and I get a burn for my troubles.”

“Hey, at least you have Rachel, who doesn’t mind. I mean, I think it’s small, but it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks, just her.”

I confessed, “She thinks it’s small too, and honestly, as you know, she’s had sex with a lot of guys who are bigger than me, so when I try to please her and hit her cervix, I just can’t.”

“I’m sure you still can.”

“I mean, you see it. It’s not very long.”


Again I said, “Ouch.”

“Hey, you even said she thinks it’s small! I mean you have girth, so you’re good you shouldn’t worry too much at least you’re not like a pencil! I’ve dated guys twice as long as you, but they had like no girth. It just feels like getting jackhammered on my cervix. It’s not fun.”

Her talking about her cervix made my dick twitch again. She definitely noticed this time.

“Why don’t you go shower and take care of your little twitchy mushroom,” she said and pointed at my dick which was bobbing up and down uncontrollably at this point from a mix of humiliation and her breasts moving around.

“S-sorry, haha, as I s-said you’re in very good shape-ahhh…” But as I said this, I shot a rope of cum toward her and hit the ground. “Oh fuck I’m so sorry, Sarah. Please don’t be mad.”

She was doubled over in laughter and just snickered to me. “It’s okay. Maybe I should shower first,” and patted me on the shoulder, leaving me to consider just how quickly I just came.

Needless to say, this happened a while ago, and it’s completely true. Sarah, Rachel, and I all know this story and still laugh about it to this day. This is by far the hottest thing that has happened to me, and whenever I need a good wank I think about this story.


This reader’s girlfriend won’t touch it…

My girlfriend almost exclusively refers to my dick as my little peepee now, which drives me crazy. My favorite thing she does is fairly new to us, though. When things are getting frisky before, she would frequently give me a handjob as foreplay. Now, she often will reject giving me a handjob because “it’s too small, why would I want to touch it?” So I’m left having to do it myself, or sometimes she denies me entirely. Sometimes she’ll make me admit it, asking me, “Do you think it’s big enough for me to touch it?”


And another wife joins in the fun…

My wife went from talking about how great mine was to now calling it “my little pinky” (due to its pinkish color). My top favorite instance of her doing sph is when she measured it for fun and made a genuinely shocked face then broke out in embarrassed laughter, saying, “oh my god.. babe, I really didn’t think it was that small. I’m so sorry.”


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend has a change of heart…

At first, my gf used to call my dick big, but now she exclusively refers to it as a pee-pee. I’m slightly ba Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club hard, but anytime we fuck, she always asks me if I’m in yet even though we both know I am. Also, a thing she knows I love is that she refuses to give me blowjobs most of the time, and she always says, “No, I can’t. Don’t you know blowjobs are only for big cocks.”

When she feels like teasing me during sex, she’ll say, “Show me what your little dick can do…” as soon as I enter her, and this always makes me cum instantly (often leading to 10-second sex).


SDC Reader Steelpeen is back with more…

This happened when I was a teenager. I was masturbating in my room when I heard a knock at the door. Before I could say anything, my mom walked in, asking if I had cleaned my room. I was lying down naked with nothing to cover myself up with. As soon as she saw me, she closed the door and shouted, “sorry!”

I could’ve sworn I heard laughter.

Later that day, I was in the kitchen when my mom came in. She stopped for a second and looked at me, then kept walking. I could tell something was already on her mind before she spoke, “You know, it’s normal for someone your age to not have started puberty, and that’s okay. Everyone grows at different times.”

My face turned red as soon as she said grows. She was insinuating that I had not started puberty, which had something to do with my dick size. I blurted out, “It has grown… I mean not by much… but still…”

My dick is a silver member long when erect and 7 inches thick. So it’s a chode, basically, and I can say puberty only gave me the thickness and no length, and I’m okay with that because most women care about the thickness.

My mom pointed out, “Your, um, wide, but don’t have much length, so I wanted you to know it will grow.”

I said, “I don’t think so, mom, but I’m okay with that. It’s the thickness that counts.”

She countered my statement, “Yes, but you will find that length is important. Otherwise, you may slip out and not be able to have sex.”

My face was beet red, but I stood up for myself, saying that I’m average.

“Honey, 4 inches is not average.”

I was mortified

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