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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was there when his friend was pantsed…

When I was 16, I was hanging out with two guys and three girls. One of the guys(Sam) was an athletic gymnast who was constantly doing pull-ups on tree branches. One time, as he was doing pull-ups, my other friend(John) grabbed his legs so he couldn’t let go of the tree branch. He put both of the hanging friend’s legs in one arm and pulled Sam’s pants down with the other. Sam was left hanging and unable to move in his underwear, with three girls directly in front of him. His humiliation was worsened 15 seconds later when John decided to pull his briefs down as well. He was left hanging there with his 1.5″ soft dick exposed to the girls as they laughed and gave him the classic SPH sign. He must have been held there for at least 2 minutes. One of the girls took out her iPhone and filmed the ordeal.


Another reader learns the truth in an unexpected way…

Due to my disability, I’m incontinent. In high school, I went for one of my regular checkups at my urologist. A nurse came in with a student nurse with her that was going to be helping out. The main nurse mentioned a urinary device that I could not wear diapers and asked if I wanted to try it out. When I said yes, the main nurse told the student nurse to measure me while getting the device.

The student nurse helped me get undressed and got the sizing chart out for the urinary device as she struggled to hold back a smile. She told me that she needed to measure me flaccid and erect. As she was trying to get a hold of my softy, she asked me to help hold my scrotum out of the way because its size and small penis size were making it hard to manage things. I held my balls out of the way as she measured. She put my penis against the chart and noted that I was in the ‘small’ category when flaccid. I started blushing and got hard. As she smirked, she told me that even though I was hard and didn’t even hit the large section of the flaccid chart, she still needed to measure me against the erect chart. I was blushing harder now as she got out the erect chart and noted that I was in the ‘small size again. She helped my diaper back up and gave my crotch a pat telling me that plenty of guys are small like that. I never really knew that I was small before then.


While this reader was brought undone by a cyst…

Back in my early 20’s, I had a cyst form on my scrotum. I should see a dermatologist, but I didn’t know of any, so I called my primary doctor’s office to ask for a referral. All they knew was that I wanted to see a dermatologist. They didn’t know the reason why. The receptionist said she would ask the doctor and call me back. A few minutes later, she called me back and gave me the name of a female dermatologist. I was too embarrassed to say I wanted a male doctor, so I just thanked her for the name.

I set up the appointment, and I was terrified, knowing a female stranger would see my penis. I have always been embarrassed by my penis size. It’s a grower, so it is minimal in its flaccid state. Even when grown, it is thin and below average in length. I was afraid of it being seen in its flaccid state, but I was also afraid of getting an erection. I got erections extremely easily in my early 20’s. I figured getting an erection was the worst possible scenario, so I was hoping for flaccid.

When I arrived for the appointment and was put in the room to wait for the doctor, my heart was racing. I told the nurse who checked me in about my cyst, and she gave me a medical gown and told me to take off my pants, but I could keep my underwear on until the doctor arrived. I was so nervous that I figured I was safe from getting an erection. I had no idea what the doctor looked like. There was a knock on the door, and an attractive female doctor probably in her late 30’s walked in. After describing my situation, she told me to stand up and let her take a look.

She rolled her chair right in front of me. I started to get that arousal feeling. I knew I couldn’t back out now, or I would make the situation worse. So I lowered my underwear and lifted the gown. To my horror, my penis was starting to get an erection. It was about 25% up when she started her inspection, and it was 50% up when she finished 10-20 seconds later. I covered up after she was done, and she scheduled me for a follow-up appointment when she would cut the cyst out.

The following week I went to the surgical appointment. She said it would be a simple procedure where an injection or two at the spot would be sufficient to numb the area. This time I was instructed to lay on the table and have my underwear off under the gown. The doctor walked in with a nurse in her 50’s. The doctor lifted my gown, exposing me. At this point, I could see both of their eyes on my exposed groin area. I was too nervous about the shot and surgical procedure to get an erection, so that wasn’t a concern this time. However, I was in one of my extreme flaccid states. My guy was retracted as much as it ever gets.

The doctor then proceeded to try to apply gauze and tape to hold my shaft up and out of the way. I suspect this is something they always do to keep the shaft from laying over the scrotum. As soon as she thought she had it pinned down, it slipped out. She tried to pin it down again, and it again popped out. I was so embarrassed. It wasn’t long enough to remain pinned down. She then just rested a large piece of gauze on top to cover it. She then did the procedure. I was super quick, maybe 5 minutes. She then finished with three stitches and told me to come back in a week to remove the stitches.

When I returned the following week to get the stitches removed, a young curvy nurse in her mid to early 20’s led me to a room. She was extremely talkative as she asked me how I was doing. Then she said she sees that I am supposed to get stitches removed. I can tell she has no idea where they are on my body. She has only been informed that I am to get some stitches removed. I then have to tell her about my situation and that the stitches are on my scrotum. At this time, I realize that it will be this nurse taking out the stitches, not the doctor and other nurses who have already seen me naked. She tells me to take a seat on the table, which is in half reclined position. There is no gown offered this time. She tells me to go ahead and lower my pants.

I unbuckled and unzipped, and then I lifted my butt so I could slide my pants and underwear down. I am fully exposed to an extreme flaccid state (I was too nervous about getting an erection). I remember as soon as she saw my penis, she immediately looked up at my face. It was almost an involuntary reaction to register in her mind my face, connecting it forever with that penis. She was super nervous. I’m not sure if she had ever removed stitches from the scrotum before. The scrotum shriveled up and moved a little when she first touched it. She was so hesitant that I jumped in and helped by pulling the skin on my scrotum to give her a flat surface. She then removed the stitches and told me she was finished. She told me to have a good day and directed me the way back to the lobby.

This incident was many years ago. I don’t think small penis stuff was a turn-on for me back then, but I think this event started my journey towards it.


Small Dave tells us…

When the college drama society asked me to be in a play where I had to walk on stage completely naked, I should have said no. I was only chosen because one of them fancied me. But I was flattered and still in denial about how tiny my penis is. I was only 19, but I’d had enough humiliating experiences with girls that I should have got the message: I’m small, a little under 3 inches when erect, and an acorn-sized nub when soft.

I never got naked during rehearsals. It was only on the night that I realized my mistake. It was cold, and my dick barely stuck out beyond my pubic hair. It was a one-night production, so there was a full house of all the students at the small college, including my girlfriend and friends.

As I walked onto the stage, I heard a loud gasp from the audience. Then silence. Followed by the sound of all the women in the giggling, laughing, coughing, heckling. It was the night that my girlfriend, who had never been with a man before me, discovered what she was missing. She started cheating on me soon after that night.


This reader outs her husband to her friends…

My husband has a silver member dick and loves me to make fun of it and tell him that I wish it were bigger. I really got into it too, and I’d do things like pick up a small carrot in a supermarket to tease him – only if a woman was nearby, alone. One evening I was at an Anne Summers party with friends and colleagues, and I bought a ‘mold a willy’ kit, just for fun. Everyone knew that I had bought it and giggled. The following week we molded his willy! I thought he might struggle to keep it erect for the length of time required, but he was so excited that he needed no help at all. Fast forward a month, and I had some girlfriends around for drinks. Some of them had been at the Anne Summers party. I asked my husband to stay away for a couple of hours and told him my plan. Instant erection!

I placed the small mold on the bathroom windowsill in plain sight. They all visited the bathroom at some point, and of course, the ones that had been to the party knew exactly what it was. One of them said to me that she noticed that the mold kit hadn’t worked properly, and I replied, “Yes, it did, that’s it.”

She said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

I said, “Not as sorry as I am.”

Later, he came twice as I told him the story, and he is delighted that my friends now know exactly his size. Our next plan is to get a group of friends to mold their partners, and we can all compare. I don’t quite know how to approach this yet, but he is begging me to do it. And oh, by the way, it’s still on the cill for all visitors to see.


Another reader gets a bad review from a barmaid…

I’m not tiny but smaller than most I know. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club hard. I was married and had a fling with a barmaid I worked with (she’d had plenty of experience), and following our first encounter, we were talking on the phone, and I was talking about being small.

She said, “It’s not that small.”

“So have you had sex with a smaller cock then?” I asked.

“Smaller? Well no. You’re the smallest I’ve been with.”

I’ve jerked off over this comment for 15 years. Why does it turn me on? I don’t know, but it does.


While this reader gets some indirect SPH…

My wife’s sister and cousin are married to brothers. Since we all live in the same town, we are close friends with kids of the same ages. We’ve been a trusted cluster during quarantine, so we’ve spent even more time together.

Until fairly recently, I hadn’t seen how much the brothers were packing, but it was obvious from subtle references that they are both huge.

For starters, both of the other couples have two sons. From what I’ve seen in diaper changes and such, each one of them easily puts me to shame.

Over the year’s they’ve made casual comments that I will never relate to. They’re both really nice guys that have lived pretty sheltered lives (homeschooled, super-Christian), so I know they’re simply innocent about how hung they are.

Just a few of the comments:

The cousin’s husband told us about his vasectomy. He said they “Flipped my thing onto my stomach and taped it down like this” then proceeded to mimic taping it down awfully high up.

The same guy laughingly told us how their oldest son learned how to helicopter.

My brother-in-law once said he hates that he can never get the last drop out when peeing, no matter how much he squeezes and shakes. The other brother said he uses toilet paper to wipe.

My brother-in-law had hernia surgery and complained about the catheter pulling on him every time he rearranged his junk.

My wife is too naive to pick up on this or how jealous I am.


This reader has the looks but just doesn’t have the goods…

In my senior year of high school, I was dating one of the hottest girls in my class. She was 5’6″, dirty blind hair, C cup boobs, great ass, flat stomach, long legs, etc. I’m tall, good-looking, and in shape myself, so landing this girl wasn’t a real problem. The secret I had was I was a bronze member of the small dick club. When she first saw it, she instantly wanted to measure it, she got a ruler, and I tried to push it out to gain some length.

She just laughed and said, “You’re trying so hard, but it’s still not even 5 inches.”

She would make fun of my size all the time, but I figure out the right angles and rhythm to get her to cum from PIV. It went on like this for a while. I loved her making fun of my size. One day about a year after graduating, I bought her a 6.5″ x 5.5″ dildo…she never came so hard before. She even lost her sight for a moment, so she said. Once she felt that size, she wanted more than what I could offer, so we broke up-ish. We would still meet up late at night and have sex, and she’d tell me all about the guys she’s been fucked by lately. How big they were, how they fucked her better…but I was STILL the only one that could make her cum from PIV. This went on for some time. She’d meet me after fucking someone and still have cum coming out of her pussy. I’d get the sloppy seconds. Even years later, we would meet up, and she would make fun of my size while I was fucking her.

Such good memories


Small Dave tells us…

This isn’t the usual kind of life-changing public humiliation story from school, dating, or marriage. But I wanted to share it because it happened really recently, and it made me realize that sph is still my living reality. I finally got round to publishing a sub cuckold SPH story on Literotica. I was surprised by the comments. It was clearly a fictional erotic/porn fantasy and, by definition, made up. But reality and fiction confused me, and I had many comments telling me to find the courage and deal with my cheating bitch wife, kick her out, or whatever. (The inability of the cuckold in my story to do that was the point, so I thought perhaps they were joining in the public humiliation fantasy by role play commenting, but no, they were distraught at a story with dominant women and submissive men.)

It was a made-up story (built from my experiences), but the one bit that was totally true to my own life was the size of the protagonist’s dick. So you can imagine how I felt reading the parting comment of one of the most vitriolic commentators:
“…and are there really guys with 3-inch dicks? I wonder how they make it in life.”



Another reader made the mistake of asking about his wife’s ex…

So I’ve been married to the love of my wife for 6 years now. I’m the only one she’s ever been with physically, and we have a very active sex life. She’s very loving and doting, and we tend to have a more dom(me)sub(her)dynamic. I’ve always been turned on by a dominant woman and things like demeaning, but she never seemed like the type outside of a few rare occasions. She certainly never seemed like the type to say anything bad about my penis, no matter how she felt. That’s why when one day we were messing around, she said she wanted to measure it. I thought to myself that she would say something like, ‘Wow, babe, that’s nice.’

To my surprise, she laughed a loud genuine laugh and told me that she honestly didn’t think it was that small and apologized.

“You’re less than half the size of my ex-boyfriend. I’m so sorry, babe. But I still love you!”

I was taken aback by the sincerity and honesty. I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club.


While this reader is outed on the beach…

Last summer, I went to a local public beach because a girl from school had a massive crush on me. She was a freshman in college while I was about to start my senior year of high school. I’d always try to flirt with her and make small talk, and sometimes I think it may have worked too. One day we talked as I got out of the water, and she said to me, “Is the water cold?”

I glanced down to notice that my trunks were sticking to me, and my small penis of an inch flaccid was slightly noticeable. I went along and told her it was and told her I was totally hung. She must’ve caught my bluff because she came up with a plan. Later that day, she dared me to wear a Speedo, which would show off my true size. I tried to say no, but she kept pushing me, and I had to act confident. I agreed and left to get one. Living in Florida, you can buy surfwear almost anywhere, so I went to the nearest swim shop to find one. There was another hot girl there and asked how she could help. I told her I needed a speedo but had no idea how they fit. She led me to the men’s section, grabbed a couple of sizes, and showed me the changing room.

I needed to get one that fits properly but had enough room for a sock so that I could fake out the lifeguard. The second one seemed perfect for it, and I told her I found the right one. To my surprise, she pulled the curtain and walked right in to check as I was pulling them down. I quickly yanked them up as fast as possible but ended up giving myself an ungodly painful wedgie.

She giggled through the whole thing and said, “Don’t worry, honey. I didn’t see your cucumber, only you crushing your crack.”

I was super embarrassed, but it was about to get worse. She asked me to turn around to show her how they fit and when I did, the laughter was turned up a notch.

“Oh, honey, that’s not a good fit at all. That’s not a cucumber. That’s a little pickle, and these are just way too baggy. Let me check out the kids’ section.”

She walked away laughing, and I knew I had to make a quick exit to avoid further embarrassment. I bought the speedo and quickly left the store, heading back to the beach.

I went to the locker room, stuffed a sock in the speedo, and walked out to display my artificially hung self. The lifeguard quickly noticed and told me how she thought I was lying, but it turns out I was right. I felt so proud of myself and just soaked up the sun for the rest of the day until sunset, completely forgetting about the experience at the shop. When the beach was about to close, I told the lifeguard I was heading to change, and she asked if I wanted to go to her place after. I was so excited and skipped to the locker room to change. I rinsed off in the shower, and as I walked back to my locker, I saw a bright flash and a bunch of laughter. I looked up to see the lifeguard, the girl from the store, and 3 other girls standing in front of me laughing at me while I was buck naked.

To make matters worse, my dick barely had the head sticking out of me because of the cold shower. The lifeguard held my speedo with the sock in it and told me she knew I was lying all along. It turns out that she was friends with the girl from the shop, and they called multiple of their friends to meet them at the beach. They got multiple pictures, sent them to girls in my school, and ran off with all my clothes. The only thing they left was a kid-sized speedo, which was bright orange. So I had to walk home 2 miles in just a Speedo, and a bunch of people driving by got pictures of me with my tiny package.


wap_af tells us…

In my last year in high school, we had a group medical visit. We were several boys summoned at the same time. We are made to enter a room with a medical bed, a measuring board, a scale on the right, a desk against the wall, and a single chair on the left. Opposite, there is a long bench with hooks above.

A slightly paunchy man with gray hair and beard walks in after us. He asks us to undress and keep only our underwear.

Then he calls us one by one. I am the first to pass. It measures my height, then weighs me. He asks me to sit on the medical bed. After taking my blood pressure and auscultating my heart with his stethoscope, he asks me to lie down. He feels my lymph nodes, then my stomach. His hands go down to my underpants. I even feel his fingers touching my pubic hair as he goes under my underpants. I have an early erection. He smiles, he insists with the palpations. And I have a full erection that the others in the room can see through my underpants, which straightens up and tightens. The doctor tells me to get up. I am always erect in front of my comrades, I see their smiles, and they do not miss a moment of the scene.

The doctor stands behind me then pulls down my underpants abruptly, leaving my genitals in full view of the whole assembly. I’m turning red with confusion. Then, passing in front of me, he tells me that the size of the penis doesn’t matter. I disband while he puts on gloves. He palpates my testicles for a long time, then while he has one in his hand, tells me to cough, then taking the other, he asks me to cough again. He says out loud. It’s OK on that side. He asks me to turn around and then lean forward and hold onto the back of the chair.

My anus is in the sight of my comrades. I feel his finger enter my rectum, rotate, and then I sigh when it touches my prostate. He tells me to relax. I have an erection again. He removed his finger and asked me to turn around. I am once again in full erection facing my comrades, who smile even more. He tells me it’s over. You can put your underwear back on and then get dressed,
all the members of the assembly pass one by one and undergo the same inspection.

I realize after this medical examination that I had the smallest penis in the group. I was the only one who got an erection during the exam. I had a reputation as a Gay throughout the school year as a result.

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