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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader shares how she shamed her boyfriend one night…

This past weekend, my boyfriend came to stay the night at my place. Since COVID, date night at home has been our new thing, so we usually just cook and watch movies, but this weekend we were invited to have dinner with my neighbor and her boyfriend. I used false names for the purpose of the story, but here’s what happened.

My neighbor Kathy is a few years older than I am. She was one of the first people to befriend me when I first moved into our complex. Before quarantine, we would hang out often, especially even more so before she met her boyfriend, Rich. They’ve been together for some time and seem to be real-life couple goals.

Dinner was great; we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine my boyfriend brought along with us. We talked and laughed, and Kathy kept it coming with the mimosas. Throughout the night, I kept noticing Rich and his obvious bulge through his joggers. I had tried my best to not make my glances obvious, but my boyfriend caught me staring a few times.

At this point, we’re all tipsy, but it’s still fairly early for a Saturday night. Kathy invited us to stay to watch some movies and have a couple more drinks. We all coupled up on the couch; I’m sitting beside my boyfriend with a leg draped over his knee while Kathy is lying with her head in Rich’s lap. Throughout the movie, Kathy and Rich seemed to get more and more comfortable. I noticed a little touchy-feely going on a few times, but Kathy never changed positions.

When the movie was ending, Rich was getting up to use the restroom; as soon as Kathy moved her head, I noticed Rich had the biggest erection in those joggers. It bounced a bit as he got up, and I swear it looked as though he stuffed a can of ‘Airwick’ in his pants. I looked to my boyfriend to see if he noticed, and sure enough, he did. Kathy made a comment, “Watch where you swing that thing.”

We all chuckled, and I responded to Kathy with, “Oh my God, now I know why you’re always happy.”

The way Kathy laughed and joked about it reminded me of how I was with my ex. There is a certain glow you can see in women that are in relationships with hung men.

I decided to push the envelope a bit and asked Kathy, “Does it ever hurt?”

She laughed, and something in me knew that she could tell I was trying to feign my naivety. “It’s wonderful. Definitely took me some time to adjust, but it’s been the best sex of my life,” she said.

Rich had made his way back mid answer smirking and asked, “We still talking about my dong?”

My boyfriend laughed a bit nervously, and I shot him a look and answered Rich, “Yeah, it’s unbelievable.”

Rich’s smile grew, and he said, “Oh, it’s not that big.”

Kathy weighed in, “Yeah, come on. I’ve seen how Sean (my boyfriend) walks. I know he’s packing something.”

My boyfriend opened his mouth to respond, but I had already blurted, “Kinda, but nowhere near that.”

There was a hesitation, and I almost thought I went too far, but my boyfriend broke the silence. “So, you just gonna blow up my spot like that? Damn it, be ya own…” and everyone laughed.

“You know I don’t need a big cock, babe. Your size and tongue get the job done.”

Kathy chuckled as though she was amused, and said, “I used to think the same thing. To me, it didn’t matter, and then you have that first night where you lose track of the number of times you cum and damn near blackout from the dick.” She noticed my boyfriend with his mouth ajar and said, “Not that you can’t use what you got. I’m sure you guys’ sex is great.”

I laugh. “No, no, it’s cool.”

My boyfriend said, “I’ve been living with my dick for 27 years. I know it’s not magnificent. Certainly not that so I get your pride.”

“I am very proud of it. You guys should see it, it’s beautiful,” Kathy responded with a beaming smile

“I bet it is. Can we?” I chuckled.

Rich, who’d been sitting there just smiling as though very accustomed to his fat dick being the topic of conversation, finally started up. “Come on, I don’t wanna do that to Sean.”

By now, I was snuggled up on the couch with my boyfriend and felt his Bronze Member erection poking my side, so I knew he loved this.

“That’s your business, I don’t care. Just don’t expect me to show mine after,” Sean joked.

I tried my best to seem just a little curious but not super interested, and Kathy was surprisingly on board. After a little back and forth, Rich finally agreed to show it and got up and pulled both his joggers and boxers down to his knees. Honestly, his dick was perfect. He was at least 6” long on a semi-hard and had a slight curve to his right knee. He was uncut but thick and clean with a huge mushroom head.

I really can’t say what my face must’ve been looking like cause Kathy started laughing, and my boyfriend kept a fairly good poker face. Rich twisted from side to side, and it slapped his thighs loudly, then he grabs it by the base a flopped it around as it grew quickly. Finally, he pulled back the skin revealing his huge head before he let his now harder but still not fully erect dick drop down between his legs. It was easily about 9 inches. Then he pulled up his pants and sat down. In all, it probably lasted about 15 seconds, but my pussy was literally drenched. I admitted it was pretty nice and tried to leave it there.

“How’d you stack up Sean?” Kathy teased, and he just laughed and admitted he didn’t.

The convo kinda died there. We hung out for perhaps another 30 minutes before we got ready to say our goodbyes.

Kathy and Rich walked us to the door, and I took one last glance at Rich’s obvious bulge and joked, “Yawl be careful with that thing,” and everyone laughed.

My boyfriend and I went upstairs. My boyfriend and I ended up tearing each other’s clothes off once we got home, but he came pretty quickly in the first round. The second round thankfully made up for it, but honestly, it was the thought of sucking Rich’s big dick that helped me to orgasm.

We spoke about it after the fact, and thankfully he was really satisfied with the evening. He told me he didn’t expect it to go the way it did (I didn’t either), but it was really amazing.


SDC Member tadpole13 tells us his tale…

I’m a 30yo tiny dick virgin I’ve always had a crush on my mums 54yo friend Jenny, she’s a large lady with huge double GG’S. We get along really well, and one night after a few drinks, she caught me staring at her huge boobs. She told me I was a naughty little boy and put her hand down my pants searching for my Gold Member tadpole.

I was so embarrassed when she said, “And I do mean LITTLE boy,” she then followed it up by teasing me with, “What would mommy say if she knew her boy is a perv who has a tiny pee-pee?”

Before I knew it, she stripped me naked and put me across her knee and spanked my bottom while making me admit that I play with my tiny dick thinking of her boobs. She then undid her bra and turned her back, and when she turned around she just had her hands covering her breasts they were amazing they hung down so low I instantly started jacking off I so badly wanted to see her nipples, but she said this isn’t for little boys which made me jerk even harder. The sound of her laughing and telling me my little willy was pathetic was so hot! She made me pull up my boxer shorts when I told her I was about to cum so my mum can see what a perv I am when she does the washing and sees my cum stained underwear.

From that day, I’ve been obsessed with her, and she uses it to her advantage. She loves that I buy her bras and panties (size 22) shoes whatever she wants. Whenever i’m at her house she’ll always find an excuse to change into something sexy, she loves to turn her back to me and unclip her bra sometimes she’ll ask me for help it drives me crazy when I only get to see some side boob sometimes I would use her toilet to masturbate, and she would bust me wanking and give me another spanking and then send me home to mommy with a red bottom.

She wouldn’t let me touch her boobs, let alone fuck her, but I told my friend Jamie that I was having sex with her like I was some big stud. Jamie being only 18, thought it was pretty cool. I was fucking a huge tit GILF. He was actually jealous. One-night Jamie rings me while I was at Jenny’s and says she’s been sending him topless photos, I told him he’s full of shit and hung up. Then I get a picture text, and there they were nipples and all! That lucky bastard got to see my dream girls tits before me! I was so angry, and less than 15 mins later, there was a knock on the door. It was Jamie.

I’m like, “How did you know Jenny lived here?”

They both looked at each up with smug looks. “Well, here’s the thing, Jamie looked me up on Facebook we started chatting, and he told me that I was fucking you?’

My face went bright red.

Then she looked me right in the eye and said, “But that’s not true, is it, little one?”

She then confessed to Jamie that I had a tiny schoolboy dick to which he responded with a pic of his 8-inch dick, and things went from there. I tried to protest he was just a boy when she grabbed my shorts and yanked them down, exposing my soft Gold Member tool, she then took his pants off, and his cock was huge!

“Who’s the boy now?” she laughed and told us to stand together naked so she can take a comparison pic.

She then took Jamie to the bedroom, pushed him onto the bed, and told me to stand in the corner. She then stripped off into her pink silky bra and panties that I bought her. Jen looked at me and said, “Don’t you wish this was you?”

At that moment, she lay on top of him and undid her bra. Instantly they fell into his face I’ll never forget they were bigger than his head! I was so jealous this kid was getting everything I ever wanted, I swear he must have sucked them for 20 mins. I started to stroke myself while starring at her tits, so she took her size 22 panties off and put them over my head so I couldn’t see them anymore. It was so frustrating listening to them, fuck! Jen said I could play with my little guy, but I had to ask Jamie’s permission, which I reluctantly did.

It was so humiliating when they were both encouraging me to stroke my baby dick, I don’t think I lasted 3 mins. I was then told to go get some takeaway, and when I got back, they were at it again this time I wasn’t allowed to watch, so I sat and listened to them while stroking myself off again. Since then, she’s slept with 15-20 guys, and 5 of them were in front of me. She tells me she’ll give me a mercy fuck one day, but I doubt it. She has introduced me to her 67yo friend who likes little dicks. Hopefully, she’ll take my virginity.


While this reader gets laughed at while taking a pee…

I was 20 years old and taking a short road trip alone. Where I’m from in the tri-state area, many of the married dads are kind of cocky, tough guys. Very macho and self-assured. Alphas, who are unafraid to dish out humiliation to a beta like me. I don’t mind being the beta to their alpha, but I don’t actively seek out this sort of thing.

I had to pee halfway through my trip. I had to piss bad because it was a long wait until the rest stop. My clothes were pretty tight on that day, so when I walked up to the urinal, there was little to cover my RIDICULOUSLY small acorn-like soft cock. The urinals had absolutely no cover. They were low to the ground, and they were deep. So, it was your cock, then a load of open space in front of you.

When I walked up and pulled my small dick out a bulky, mature man was right next to me. He instantly looks at my cock and starts laughing. I turned beet red and couldn’t stop grinning, I was so embarrassed, but also, I wasn’t a bad sport about it. He was also pissing. I didn’t have the nerve to look at his cock, but in my peripheral vision (out of the corner of my eye), it looked like he was holding a horizontal dark Italian beer can. We both took long pisses. He laughed. I stood their pissing bit by bit so fucking red and embarrassed. I didn’t try to shy away or hide my cock. He kept looking and laughing.

He seemed to in his late 40’s early 50’s. He had a heavy Italian-jersey accent. Wish we got to really compare, but I was just too caught off guard and too shy.


This reader learns some home truths from a couple of exes…

This happened to me in college while visiting my hometown during the winter break. A group of us got together at a friend’s cabin and drank a lake’s worth of alcohol. At one point, I was quite inebriated and saw two girls sitting on the oversized couch talking. These weren’t just any two random girls, nope, they were both ex-girlfriends of mine who I had slept with while dating them.

I obnoxiously squeezed in between them and started talking. They rolled their eyes and laughed. They were both used to my antics and were barely phased by the way I was acting.

At one point, Michelle, who was to my left, asked me, “So, are you dating anyone at school?”

I responded with, “Nah, just fucking around. You know how I am.”

Sylvia, on my right, said, “Seriously? Ugh, you are such a pig.”

Michelle then asked Sylvia who she was dating to which she responded with, “Ummm, Richard and I have been a couple for 3 months now.”

Michelle said, “Oh, wow! Richard R? Umm, Sylvia, you know he and I used to be a thing in senior year, right?”

Richard was notorious in our school. There wasn’t a girl he hadn’t fucked. Nerd or popular kid, he fucked them all. It was a running joke with us guys that we were just his sloppy seconds. Girls fucked him but dated us. A real cuck mentality now looking back at it.

Sylvia nodded and said, “Yeah, he’s sweet. He has been coming to my school almost every weekend. It’s been fun.”

Then Michelle asked her something that shocked both me and Sylvia. “How do you like his dick?”

My eyes went wide, along with Sylvia’s. I turned to Sylvia and asked very rudely, “Yeah, how is Richard’s dick?”

Sylvia didn’t bat an eye at my rudeness and said out loud, “A lot better than your tiny little thing!”

This caused half of the room to turn to us. Michelle then followed with, “Oh fuck! I mean, I wasn’t gonna say it,” while laughing.

Sylvia then said, “Right! He (meaning me) was my first, so I thought that was as big as they got. Then I got with Mario, and he was way bigger. I was relieved, could you imagine just having sex with baby dicks all the time. Yuck. So, I thought OK, this is a relief, I can be OK with guys Mario’s size. But then I met Richard and OH WOW was I wrong. Hung is best.”

Michelle laughed and said, “Yeah, I fucked him (meaning me) after Richard.” She then patted my leg. “Sorry, sweetie, but when you got naked, I almost walked out of the room. I didn’t because you were my ride home. I only fucked you cos I needed a ride home. If that wasn’t a factor, I would’ve told you to fuck off with your baby dick.”

I was in shock but honestly too drunk and embarrassed to say anything. Then Michelle asked Sylvia if she wanted a drink, and they left.


Another reader suffers the embarrassing condom fail…

So, a few days ago, I had sex with a prostitute (tired of rejection and jacking off). While I was having sex with this pro, the condom slipped completely off, but I kinda kept going. It took a little while because I have to kinda work angles to get any kind of friction. So, once I came and slipped out, she got up to wipe herself off and realized that I was supposed to have worn a condom. She got pretty upset and told me how fucked up it is to sneak off the condom.

I was like, “Oh no, I swear I didn’t sneak it off. It must have slipped off and is still in you.”

She snaked her finger in and retrieved it. She started to laugh as she tossed the rubber in the bin. She said, “Well, this is one time you can be glad you’re so small, cause if you had tried to sneak attack raw dog me, I’d get my pimp out here and he’d cut your little Dickie clean off.” Then she left.

So, the next day I noticed a kinda raw spot on my penis, and I got all paranoid, so I went down to the CVS minute clinic for an STI test. When I got into the office, the lady doctor said, “What brings you in today.”

I said, “I kinda want to get an STI test.”

She said, “Uh-oh, has someone not been practicing safe sex?”

“I tried to.”

She said, “You tried, what does that mean?”

So, I had to explain to her how the condom slipped off on accident. She went, “Ah, OK, well, I’m gonna need you to drop your drawers for the test.”

When I dropped pants to the ground, she smirked, and under her breath, she said, “Ah, I see what happened.”

Then she rolled her stool up, so her face was up next to my crotch pinched the head of my one-inch poking out nub and stuck a cue-tip up my urethra and swabbed it. This morning she called with my results I’m clean, but before she hung up she told me to invest in some slimmer fit or iron grip condoms


While this reader shares a couple of his moments of SPH zen…

When I was 17, my mom took me to the doctor for my sports physical. My mom stayed in the room, and when the doctor examined my testicles. I got hard. When it was all over, the doctor asked if we had any questions, I shook my head, but my mom asked if I would see any more development down there. “He seems kinda small for his age,” she asked. I was so embarrassed.

On my 21st birthday, me and 4 friends (2 guys 2 girls) went to a concert in Virginia. We got a hotel room for the night. In the morning, I got up to brush my teeth, and when I came back from the bathroom to get my clothes, Amber started giggling. I was like, “What is it?”

She pointed at my boxer fly. Since I’m so small and I never hang, I always poke straight out my little nub poked its head out of my fly.


This reader has been cuckolded by some huge toys…

Having a tiny penis has always made me dread changing in the High School locker room. I remember the communal shower so vividly. It provokes the butterflies to come back in my stomach. I remember watching the boys with big cocks walk around without hiding in a towel. No reason to hide a cock if you are proud of it, something I most definitely was not.

Now, as an adult, the embarrassment mostly comes from doctor visits or the infrequent sex my wife and I have. You can only get asked, “Is it in yet?” so many times before the name-calling begins.

The Dildo and Harness she bought was a surprise gift. What a surprise when she told me to put it on over my underwear. Now Laurie gets the fucking she deserves, and I get the double humiliation of knowing it isn’t my Silver Member dick in her making her feel so good. Nowadays, my orgasms only come from my own hand. She won’t even touch it anymore.

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