Our Readers SPH Experiences 111

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader takes his wife to a nude beach…

I used to work half-day Fridays, and often I would sneak off to the nude beach here in town. It’s a popular spot, and sections range from couples to tons of gay men. I knew I would be one of the smallest size-wise going in, but I had no idea I would be the smallest on the entire beach.

After months of convincing, I took note of this, and my wife finally agreed to come out to the beach with me. She said she would only get topless, but I was free to get naked. We set up camp near a couple’s side, and much like the times I would go, there were tons of people. Boats docked the edge with partiers, and the bank was lined with tons of nude men and women.

Of course, once again, I was the smallest cock out there. That went unmentioned by my wife until this one guy came walking around the corner with a beautiful naked woman in tow. He was buff, black, and his cock was HUGE. Almost everyone on the beach noticed. My wife could NOT stop staring. I watched as she stared in awe. Never breaking her stare and even forgetting she had a drink in her hand that nearly spilled.

When we finally got to the car, I could tell she was lost in thought, so I asked what was on her mind.

“Babe, did you see that thing?” she asked.

“What thing, babe?” I said casually.

“I knew dicks got big, but that thing was fucking HUGE,” she said with a shocked voice.

I laughed and said, “Oh yeah, baby? Was it that big?”

She nodded and said, “That thing was scary! All I could think was ‘ow, poor girl.’”

I just laughed and said, “I’m sure SHE doesn’t think that,” and we both laughed about it.


Another reader uses a movie to elicit SPH from his girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I settled in to watch the movie Hall Pass last night. A little background on us, I’m a taller white guy, and my girlfriend is a tall, thick brunette with a nice big juicy ass. I’ve never told her about my SPH fetish, although I try to make subtle comments about my size. I’ll use self-deprecating jokes like ‘sorry I’m not bigger’ and reference my little wiener. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club when hard, and my soft size is barely two inches.

So, for people who haven’t seen the movie ‘Hall Pass,’ there’s a scene where Owen Wilson falls asleep in a jacuzzi in a health club. He yells for help, and two men, one black and one white, run out of the sauna to help him. The camera at once pans down to his fully exposed HUMONGOUS dangling black cock. The scene continues showing his BBC hanging next to OwenWilson’s face, to which he asks the men to switch spots. The white guy asks why as the camera pans down to show his (obviously prosthetic) tiny micropenis.

When the camera pans down to the BBC, my girlfriend gasped and said, “Oh my God,” and put her hand over her mouth.

I looked over at her, and her eyes were glued to the screen. I just played coy like, ‘omg, I can’t believe they just showed that.’ As the camera shows the tiny white dick, she just burst out in laughter and said, “Ouch, that’s rough.”

I knew I had to capitalize the moment and kinda angrily said, “Yeah, it really is.”

Which got the conversation rolling about how I was much closer to the micro dick than the hung BBC in size. She never wanted to hurt my feelings, so she played it off as any nice girlfriend would do and said, “No, no, you’re not small. You’re exactly right for me.”

It was such a rush to see my girlfriend’s reaction to seeing a huge black cock dangling. It made me rock hard almost instantly, and I was so close to blowing my load as we discussed my small dick compared with the huge cocks and how we both clearly knew the black cock would dwarf mine in the same way. Maybe one day, I’ll tell her about my SPH fetish.


While this reader got a huge wake-up call…

Okay. For all you people out there that say, “Size doesn’t matter,” or, “Bigger is not better,” or, “Sex is more than penis in vagina, blah, blah blah,” let me tell you that you are more than likely in one of these categories:

1. You are a dude with a small cock.

2. You are the wife or girlfriend of a dude with a small cock, and your sexual experiences have all been with small-cocked dudes or dudes with a big cock that had no skills.

3. You are one of the “let’s enlighten these heathens” types and speak with little to no sexual experience.

First, who am I to be saying anything? Well, for starters, I thought I had a BIG cock. I have dated many of the hottest girls in my community, and I have had sex with all of them, and all moaned and screamed. Later, I found out that most faked their orgasms. Second, I never saw another man’s erection in real life. I’ve only seen them on the men in porn, whom I always considered freaks of nature.

One day, a friend of my girlfriend tells me that she saw a photo of my cock that my girlfriend had on her phone, and she wanted to talk to me about it. Well, this woman is a MILF hottie, so I figured she was attracted now that she saw my ‘woman slayer.’ So I got all macho and started speaking like I’m some well-endowed porn star, saying, “Oh yeah, do you like my big cock, huh?”

She looked at me with a smirk on her face and said, “What? What the fuck are you talking about? You have one of the smallest dicks I have ever seen! But you must be doing something right because my friend has stayed with you this long and has not cheated. She must be in love with you because I know she has had some big cock and she loved it! If it were me, or any other woman, we would have put you in panties and made you watch a real mans’ cock fuck us. I know boys that are 12-years-old that have dicks longer and thicker than you.”

I looked at this hot chick and said, “Small dick? It AIN’T SMALL.”

She started laughing and asked me how long it was because she was certain that at least one woman had wanted to measure it to see how big it truly was. Then she laughed at her use of the word ‘big.’

I told her my size. It turns out I’m a silver member of the small dick club, but it’s thick. So I have a silver member chode.

She said, “Exactly, and have all your girlfriends been loyal to you”?

I thought about it and realized that every single one of my girlfriends broke up with me because they cheated.

Then she said, “They all cheated because you have a small dick, and I’m willing to bet that you are one of those men that treat women with love and gentleness during sex, right”?

She was right. I was a scholar, a gentleman, and a lover, too.

She said, “Deep down, every woman wants to be fucked deep and hard by a BIG, FAT, cock that can stay hard for hours and is owned by a man that knows how to shove his women and rough-fuck them like a slut. Fucking their wet cunts and making them cum hard more than once, even squirting all over.”

I was unable to speak. Then she said, “Your dicklette is pathetic.”

Since then, my girlfriend admitted that my dick has never made her cum and that she has cheated on me with lots of men, some of them my friends, and all of them much bigger than me. She told me that she loves me, but a small dick like mine will never truly satisfy a sexual woman. Eventually, she left me too. Today, my sex life consists of me stroking my small dick. I have spoken about dick size to many of my lady friends, and all have said that they prefer a large cock over a small dick when fucking or even giving a blow job. When I ask what a small dick is, most have anything smaller than five inches is pathetic.

So, there you have it, people. Size does matter. It is what it is.


This reader decides to play strip poker…

Once upon a time, a group of friends of mine was at a small get-together, and as the crowd thinned out, there ended up being a group of 9 of us leftover, 5 girls and 4 guys. We were all just the right amount of liquor that our inhibitions were gone, but we were still coherent. We ended up deciding that the right move was to play strip poker. I had always thought that was some trope and that people didn’t play that, but I agreed anyway.

Now my dick is pretty small. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, hard and thin, a real pencil dick. I figured the guys there would all pretty much be right around average, though my dick is abnormally small soft (it’s basically just the head when soft). I figure I’ll end up getting a chance to be hard, so it shouldn’t matter all that much.

As the game progresses, we get to play. It’s obvious people are just trying to lose to get naked. By this point, the guys are basically just down to jeans and underwear (we’re all pretty fit, so we definitely don’t mind showing off our abs), and the girls are in various stages of undress, either just bra and panties or bra, jeans and whatever they have on underneath. Two rounds later, and the first guy ends up completely naked and losing. He starts to pull his boxers down, and it was already obvious he was big, but this thing had to have been 8 inches SOFT. I figure it’s just an anomaly.

Girls hit a losing streak, and two are now naked, one wearing just panties and two still in bra and panties. Two guys are in boxers, and I’m still wearing my jeans. The girls can’t stop looking at the massive cock they’ve been presented with, and one is even lightly touching herself, just staring at him.

Then, the two other guys end up losing out too. One pulled his boxers off, and holy shit, he’s huge soft too, probably more like six inches. Then the next guy, and they’re basically dick twins.

Oh fuck. I realize the other guys are all huge, and I’m tiny. So either I win, or I end up absolutely humiliated by the contrast.

I really focus and try to win, but I only last about four more rounds.

I stand because I signed up for it. I gently pull my boxers down, and the girls start giggling a little. Finally, one says, “Oh my God.”

Another says, “I’m so sorry,” and at this point, they’re just outright laughing.

The other guys are just grinning with their big cocks hanging there, and the biggest one says, “I guess it’s colder in that chair.”

I’m dying of embarrassment at this point, with five hot, naked, or nearly naked girls and three hung dudes laughing at me. I go to cover myself up with my hand, but the girls finish getting undressed and suggest we all get hard. I reluctantly go along with it and end up wishing I didn’t. I’m basically just rubbing the head of my dick with two fingers while all the other guys fit their whole hands-on with a cock to spare. They’re all at least 8 or 9 inches hard, and with their full girth on display, and here I am with my thin, silver member dick.

We did all end up fucking. Two girls went off with the biggest guy, and the rest of us paired off. The last girl was less than thrilled she got me, but she said I was hot, so I can still make it work. So we ended up just 69ing, so I got to cum in her mouth, and I made her cum with my tongue, so it wasn’t all bad.


SDC member pinky_prick tells us….

This is an account of just one of my many experiences of being bullied in high school. The bullying at first had nothing to do with my pathetic penis size. Suffice to say, my dick, even in its erect state, would look more in place as one of the smaller digits on my hand than it does between my legs. No, that particular flaw of flaws was not the target of my bullies until the incident I am about to relay. There were always plenty of other juicy faults on my body that bullies could work with.

I was a soft kid, weak, skinny, timid, and a cry baby. I also came across as not the sharpest tool in the shed, but this was more because of my timidness and unwillingness to excel at anything just in case it targeted me even further. Certainly, all this made me totally unattractive to the girls in my school who sided with the boy bullies and never missed the opportunity to join in the fun.

Now let me introduce you to my most hated bully at school. His name was Wayne. He was quite the alpha male, to be sure. Recall every trait I told you about myself so far, apply the opposite, and you have Wayne. As much as he was possibly the most appealing boy to the girls in school, I hated the most. I have no doubt that’s why he singled me out for his bullying. The girls who were always with him were not innocent. They would have often put him up to it too it as well.

Wayne always had girls with him, he always had hot girls wanting him. He was popular in class and quite smart at lessons, which also got him on side with the teachers, especially the female ones. But of course, his favorite thing to do was to bully the losers in school, especially me. Even when he made hurtful jokes about me in class in front of the teachers, they would not chastise him for it. When no teachers were around, he’d bully me in front of his girls who’d just laugh when he punched me and smacked me on the head or while he was pushing my face into the ground and spitting on me.

He’d call me names like sissy, loser, faggot, and weakling. I sometimes tried to fight back, but he was too strong. Usually, I just laid on the ground in a fetal position, crying while he’d kick and spit on me. All I could do was hope it would end soon. Of course, for a boy my age, all this happening in front of girls made it even more humiliating. It was almost perverted fun for those girls to bully a boy rather than the other girls. This went on for a long, long time, but then one day, an incident happened that changed the style of their bullying and set me on the road of what to expect from the opposite sex the rest of my life!

One day Wayne ambushed me on the outside school grounds along with another boy and two girls. They dragged me kicking and screaming to the boy’s toilet block. Even the girls came into the toilet to watch. The two boys shoved me and pushed me to the floor. Then they dragged me by the arms and legs over to the urinal trough. They pulled my school pants and underpants off and pushed me into the trough. Then they threw my pants into the trough as well.

The girls cheered and laughed and screamed with delight. They laughed so loud it must have been heard outside the block, but no one came to help. I was lying with my back in the piss trough facing up and naked from the waist down. First, the girls made fun of my dick, which was now in their full view. I could see the smug look on their faces, then came the laughing as they chanted, “Ewwww… Tiny dick, tiny dick,” they kept repeating it over and over.

The boys joined in. They were repeating, “Sissy boy, sissy boy,” over and over.

Then to my added humiliation, Wayne unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis, it was massive compared to mine, and it was sticking right out from his zipper. Suddenly I felt his warm piss as he urinated up and down my body, lingering around my penis and then even on my face. The others just cheered him on. Then he put his cock away, and the boys turned me over and held my face down on the filthy floor. Finally, they tried to get me to lick it. “Lick it faggot, lick it !” they yelled.

He invited the girls to piss on me as well, but they both declined, but while I was lying on the floor now face down, the girls trampled me. Both girls took turns walking on my back while my face was still pressed against the filthy toilet floor. They weren’t wearing heels, but their school shoes hurt so bad and left bruises on my back for weeks. All I could smell was piss. My eyes were stinging from Wayne’s piss, I was bleeding, hurting, but they didn’t care.

Then, just as quickly as it started, it was over. They all ran out of the toilet just before a teacher came in. They must have had a lookout. The teacher helped me get up, and I put my pants back on. My underpants were too soaked in piss to wear. He kept asking who did this to me, but I was terrified to say anything. If I told him, things would only get worse. Instead, he seemed more annoyed at me for not telling him anything.

Then, rather than dealing with this terrible scene, he found like a responsible adult, he checked me over before coldly telling me to go straight home and get out of my stinky clothes. That would have been a disaster for me, too, with my abusive stepmother at home, another story in itself. If I came home early, she would know something had happened, so I spent the afternoon wearing those piss-soaked clothes, hiding.

My penis, my skin was burning from being soaked in Wayne’s urine, but I waited till the right time to go home and then sneaked in, hoping my stepmother didn’t notice. I quickly got my clothes into the washer. She never even asked me how I got my bruises later. She was used to seeing me bruised, and some were done by her own hand.

After that day, the girls in class would often go it alone when bullying me, especially mocking my small penis. This was when I got the name Pinky Prick from one of them. She and other girls giggled all the time when I’d walk past them, and they called me that name most of the time from then on for the rest of school. The incident in the toilets was legendary to the other kids.

The next day in class, a girl put her hand up for the teacher’s attention, and when asked, she said the classroom stinks of piss, to which the whole class erupted with laughter. The teacher didn’t get the joke, but obviously, the whole class had been given the news of what they did to me. This incident, above all others, is the most erotic to me now. What is so great about it is that it really did happen exactly as I described. When I recall it and even while writing it down now, there was always a temptation to embellish it to suit the SPH fetish mindset, but I don’t. The best thrill is knowing it doesn’t need to be changed, it happened just like I described, and that’s the most SPH-fetish satisfying fact of all.

Like many of us now into small penis humiliation, it wasn’t always erotic to look back on our life experiences. It wasn’t until much later that I started to get turned on by being degraded by women. God knows I have cried thousands of tears for failed attempts at a relationship, savage rejection, hurtful insults, sniggering behind my back, etc. I’m nearly 40 and still haven’t had sex with a woman. Not only that, but I also haven’t even experienced a passionate kiss with a girl. Now I’m resolved, content to recall and masturbate to all the horrid things women have done to me and not even try to interact with them. Thank you for reading my story.

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