Life Changing Revenge Humiliation

By Embarrassed_Men.

My name is Greg, and this is my hard-to-tell story of how my friends humiliated me so badly in public to get revenge.

Frank and Jeff invited me to go to the nude beach with them and spend the whole day there. They had never seen me naked before, and I often commented about my big dick, which was true. I’m more of a grower, even though I have a ‘just-below-average’ size dick hard (five inches on a good day). But my big body and legs make my dick look tiny when I’m soft (two inches without shrinkage). I’m a very big, muscular, bearded, rugged guy, and I get assumed to have a big dick because I look tough. I wanted to keep my reputation that way.

I had too much to drink once, and I pantsed Frank when he got out of the pool. A group of three guys and two girls saw and started laughing. Even with the cold water, one of the girls whistled and told him he had a nice size dick. Frank laughed it off, but I could tell he was pissed. I’m surprised he didn’t say anything later.

I sent Frank a picture of my dick later when I was hard and made my dick look bigger with a good angle. I told him he wished he had a dick as big as mine. I didn’t plan for him ever actually to see me naked.

I told Jeff I didn’t feel like going to the nude beach and didn’t want to make them feel bad about how much bigger my dick was. Jeff rolled his eyes.

“I want to go to play a joke on Frank,” Jeff said. I’m going to tie both arms behind your back with zip ties. I will tell Frank whoever has the smallest dick between you will spend the entire day at the nude beach naked with the zip ties,” he said.“But Frank won’t know that we will steal his clothes for the day regardless. You and I can keep our clothes on,” Jeff said

“Sounds funny,” I said. “He’s going to be so pissed and embarrassed. I can’t wait to see how he handles being seen naked by strangers all day.”


The day of the beach came, and it was a busy Saturday with the most people I had seen. We entered the nude part of the beach and parked the truck. I felt excited knowing what would happen to Frank and was so glad it wouldn’t be me.

Jeff explained to me and Frank the game he wanted us to play, and I saw a look of interest in Frank’s eyes. As pissed as he was when I pantsed him, I thought he would probably say no. But he said to bring it on, and he knew his dick would be bigger than mine.

Part of me got self-conscious when he said that because I knew that with the contrast of my body making my below-average dick look like a microdick, he maybe did have a bigger cock. I remembered the girl at the pool complimenting his size, even with shrinkage. I calmed down again when I remembered this was a setup, and Jeff would cut the zip ties off of me after we were both tied up.

First, Jeff started with me. He had me put my arms behind my back and tie my wrists with a long zip tie. He tightened it so tight that I could not move my forearms apart. Even knowing the plan, this gave me a little feeling of anxiety. Jeff then pulled out his phone and hit the record button. I thought that was weird, but then the thought of recording Frank getting pantsed gave me a sense of satisfaction. Jeff then explained to the camera what was going on. I was a little confused because Frank still had his hands free.

“Who’s going to be butt naked at the beach today,” Jeff asked me with the phone recording.

Knowing Jeff was on my side, I told the camera I had a big cock, and Frank’s small dick would be putting on a show for the beach crowd today.

Frank laughed and said, “You better have a cock you’re proud of, big tough guy. I’d hate for a guy that looks and acts so tough to get embarrassed for an entire day in public.”

I smiled at the thought of Frank naked and helpless and said, “I can’t wait for the camera to see how small your dick is going to look next to mine. This will be the longest, most embarrassing day of your life. The size of my cock is going to make your mouth drop.”

“Yeah?” Frank said, went behind me while Jeff was still recording, and pulled my shorts forcefully to the ground.

Before I had time to react, Frank pushed me over, and I landed on my back, onto my tied-up arms. Frank then grabbed my shorts off of my feet and tossed them to the truck. I had already been shirtless, so I was completely naked and unable to cover myself.

“Ahahahaha, what the fuck is that, dude? I thought you said you had a big cock,” Frank said. “That’s embarrassing as fuck, man.”

Jeff laughed while I looked up at him with a look of desperation. Instead of helping and getting the plan back on track, he came over with the camera and was trying to get a closeup of my naked body. I rolled to my side and tried to ball myself up and cover my completely exposed dick and balls. I looked up in horror to see a couple of groups of people had stopped what they were doing to turn around and see what the laughter was about.

“Hold his legs down,” Jeff said to Frank, still laughing loudly and causing more people to look.

Frank grabbed my feet and pulled them towards his body, causing me to uncurl and causing my dick to pop back into full view. My friend’s laughter grew again at the sight of this large muscular tough guy naked on the beach, clearly feeling utter humiliation at what was a helpless situation.

“Well,” said Frank with a smirk, almost out of breath from laughing. “I’d say I’m surprised, but I kinda figured. The ones that try to act tough usually compensate for something, and DAMN, does that need some compensating.”

I opened my mouth and could barely find the courage to speak. I explained that I’m a grower, but my big body makes my soft dick look tiny. When I finally looked down, I was shocked to realize I had a bit of shrinkage. I’m guessing it was from the stress of the situation. This just made my dick look that much smaller. I knew I would only get laughed at for trying to say I had shrinkage on a warm summer day at the beach. My soft dick was now almost an inny.

“You have the junk of a nine-year-old,” Jeff said, loud enough so the people nearby could hear.

I could hear snickering from nearby groups of people. I heard one voice say, “Poor little guy,” in a way that I could tell he was also finding this amusing.

“Look here,” Frank said. “You’re about to spend the entire day naked on the beach. Want to know why?” He said, “One, pantsing me in a public place was not cool. Two, all your bragging about you having a big cock was bullshit, and now everyone gets to laugh at you for trying to be such a tough guy. Three, you agreeing to strip me on the beach after already pantsing me crossed the line.”

‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘They were both in on this.’

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Frank said. “Jeff and I will drive a few miles down the beach and drink from the cooler. You can either stay here the entire day and show everyone that tiny excuse for a dick, or you can do your best to man up, walk down the beach with your arms tied behind your back, and come find us at the truck.”

Still so humiliated that my friends were seeing me naked and recording me. On top of that, I could barely speak. “Hey, please,” I said. “I felt really bad about what I did at the pool.”

“Well,” Frank said. “I don’t feel bad about this. See you, dude. Better hurry. Your little clit will get sunburned.”

Still unsure if they were serious about following through, I watched them grab my clothes, get in the truck, and speed off down the beach and out of sight.


I looked around, saw that people had stopped looking, and slowly got up, feeling completely exposed and humiliated. I wouldn’t say I liked for anyone to see me naked if I even thought there was a chance that my dick might look small. I was stressed out, and the anxiety was showing on the size of my shrunken dick. I looked over to see two other guys naked. One had a bit above average size dick but was thick with pretty big balls. The other guy looked like he had to be over six inches hanging soft. I knew the heat was probably making him bigger, but that didn’t do anything to make me feel less self-conscious and humiliated.

I started walking down the beach quickly. Even though it was a nude beach, I noticed many people stop to stare. I’m assuming it was the embarrassed look on my face, my arms being behind my back, and the worst thought of all, that they were amused at the size of my dick on such a masculine-looking guy.

At least some other people are naked, too, I told myself. This didn’t comfort me that much because each time I looked around, I became more self-conscious looking at the size of the other guy’s cocks, and then back down at mine, which looked minuscule at this point. A real baby dick. I saw Frank’s red truck off in the distance a few miles later. I could see them sitting in beach chairs, looking to be having a good time.

When I got closer, Jeff finally noticed me and turned his phone in my direction. “Ahoy, captain baby dick,” Frank said, clearly drunk and very amused with himself. “How was your stroll on the beach? Did you feel like a tough guy showing off your muscular body?”

I tried to shield my body from Jeff’s phone, knowing it didn’t matter anyway. “I’m ready to go home,” I said, probably sounding like a pouting child.

“Awww,” Frank said. “The tough guy had a hard day at the beach. Maybe it’s harder to be so tough when your little dicklette is out of those shorts you wear to shield it all the time.”

“My dick isn’t—” I started to say and looked down.“I want to go home,” I said again, feeling as exposed and embarrassed as two hours before, when I first got stripped naked.

They told me they would let me back in the truck and cut the zip ties if I did one last thing. The humiliation had been so long and intense at this point. All I could do was stare in submission, knowing I wanted to be clothed again and pretend this never happened.

“You have to wear this,” Frank said, holding a pink device. “It’s a chastity cage meant for guys who are small in the dick department, like you. The pink reminds you that you’re not a tough guy like you think, are you? If the little secret you walk around with everywhere wasn’t enough of a reminder.”

I continued to stare and couldn’t form words. My pride had been sucked away completely, and I couldn’t put up a fight with my friends at this time. “Whatever that is, OK,” I said, thinking this would finally end.

Frank stepped forward and, right in the middle of the beach, shoved my dick into the chastity device and locked it. My dick had shrunk to a flaccid inny with the shame so strong. The pink cage was so small that my dick had to be stuffed even with shrinkage.

“Now turn around and show the crowd,” Frank said. “This is a reminder to NEVER fuck with me again, babydick.”

I looked down in humiliation at the sight. I couldn’t bring myself to turn around. That was just too much.

“Watch this,” Jeff said.

Jeff hit the alarm button on the truck, and at once the whole beach crowd turned around to look. At that moment, Jeff put his hands on my shoulders and spun me around while Frank helped hold me in place once I had been turned around. Even being a nude beach, the crowd knew this was some prank. A big bearded guy wearing a small pink chastity cage and being held in place by his friends.

Cheers, whistles, and laughter filled the air.

“Hold still,” Frank said. “That lady’s trying to take a picture of you. Bet you’ll never tell anyone else you have a big cock again,” he whispered sinisterly and mockingly into my ear.

They finally let me get into the truck, and we made the hour’s drive home.


I was in shock and embarrassment trying to process the situation while they laughed and seemed to be having a great day. Jeff made comments about how small my dick looked when Frank pants me. He put the video in slow-mo and laughed loudly, making fun of how my small-looking dick and balls bounced up and down before Frank pushed me over. They kept me naked with the cage on until we got to my house. I didn’t say a word on the way home.

“So,” Frank said. “I want to ensure that you’ll never try to embarrass me again, so here’s the deal. That pink cage stays on you for an entire four weeks. You shower with it, sit down, pee, and wear it in public. And you won’t be able to jerk off for four weeks. I’ll be keeping the key with me.”

“Look, I’m sorry,” I said.

“If you don’t agree to wear it, you’ll be more sorry,” Frank said. “Jeff already sent me video footage of your little secret you got, and I’m sure you don’t want that getting out forever into the public.”

“OK, fine,” I said, knowing that if he humiliated me this much, he would not hesitate to send those videos out to everyone he could.

“See you in four weeks,” Frank said.

He cut the zip ties from my wrists and threw my clothes out the truck window towards my house before they drove off. I quickly bolted towards my clothes and put on my shorts first, looking around to ensure no neighbors were outside.


I spent the next three weeks reliving the humiliation of the beach and wondering who saw it. I was questioning my personality and whether I was the tough guy I thought I was. Could I be tough and have people think I have a small penis? I couldn’t imagine feeling tough while someone laughed at my dick size. Could I be tough and naked at all?

Part of me would feel arousal when I thought about Frank and Jeff laughing at my dick size. I was embarrassed and confused that this was turning me on. But with the cage on, I couldn’t get hard at all, and the frustration was intense.

One day before Frank had agreed to take the cage off, he sent me a forum post about how guys used cages to shrink their dick permanently. He said four weeks should have permanently shrunk my dick by a full inch and that it should stay under two inches when I’m soft.

I called Frank immediately. “What the fuck?” I yelled at Frank, still unwilling to yell any louder. “You knew this would permanently shrink my dick?”

Frank chuckled and casually said, “Yeah, dude. Since you spent your whole life bragging about your big cock, you wouldn’t mind if it was smaller. Plus, I think the even smaller dick fits your personality better. Big tough guy on the outside but an insecure guy with a secret he doesn’t want the world to know.”

I was shocked and stayed silent for an entire minute.“Take this off me tomorrow. Please,” I said, finding some courage amongst the humiliation.

Frank just chuckled and hung up.


Later that day, I was in the gym working hard, trying to forget this whole ordeal consuming my thoughts. As I was about to start my next set of squats, I looked to see Frank and Jeff walk into the gym. What the fuck? I didn’t know they even knew where I worked out.

They walked over, and Frank said, “I see you’re here trying to compensate with the rest of your body, huh, tough guy.”

I ignored them and noticed Jeff start recording with his phone as I went to do my next set of squats. I didn’t understand why he cared to video me working out, but I knew it probably wasn’t good. Either way, the gym is where I feel dominant and confident that I can be a bit cocky and intimidate others. I pretended I didn’t see Jeff’s recording and put extra weight on the bar to look more impressive.

I grunted loudly on purpose as I lifted the weight off the safety bars. I stepped back and did my first rep. On the beginning way down on the second rep, I noticed Frank step up behind me. Before I had time to react, he forcefully pulled my shorts down to my ankles and quickly removed one of the safety bars and the other.

When I stood back up, I was met with the most humiliating sight I’ve ever seen. I was looking at a large, tough-looking guy naked from the waist down, with a small pink chastity cage, right in the middle of the gym. My legs were shaking, and I had nowhere to put the bar. I couldn’t cover myself, and I noticed more people in the gym turning to watch and laugh at the unusual sight.

Jeff continued to record and moved the phone closer for a closeup shot, making sure to get every angle of what had to be the most humiliating sight ever in a public gym.

After about thirty seconds of Jeff and Frank laughing hysterically, I couldn’t stand up any longer, and my legs collapsed. The bar fell backward behind me, and I fell back onto the bar. Frank took advantage of one last way to humiliate me and quickly pulled off what was left of my shorts. I was sitting on the floor in shock, using both hands to cover my groin. I shouldn’t have even been surprised, but Frank started bolting toward the front door with my gym shorts in his hand.

I quickly jumped up and started running after him, not thinking clearly or knowing what else to do. Then the realization hit me of how ridiculous I looked. A big guy running through the gym, naked from the waist down, and using two hands to cover me up. I couldn’t keep up with Frank or Jeff and stopped cold, knowing I was humiliating myself further. Jeff and Frank were already at the door. Jeff was getting last-minute video footage of my embarrassing run through a crowded gym.

I slowly looked around to notice more video cameras and that the entire gym had stopped what they were doing to look at the hilarious scene. I noticed the guys usually intimidated by me now had the most ear-to-ear grin of satisfaction and laughter.

I sped, walked to the locker room, still covering myself, and stayed in one of the stalls for about twenty minutes until I worked up the courage to come out. Still covering myself, I had to endure the humiliation of asking strangers if they had an extra pair of shorts. At the same time, I used two hands to make completely sure that no one else would see the cage. After twenty minutes of asking strangers and seeing a few other gym members I recognized walk in to see my situation, someone was finally nice enough to give me a pair of shorts.


The next day I got a text from Frank that said, ‘If you want the cage removed today, be at my house at four pm. It’s your only chance.’

I got to Frank’s house later to see many cars parked at his house. I walked into what looked like a party and noticed everyone turn to stare. I heard giggling and noticed people reaching for their phones.

“Welcome, shrimp dick,” Frank said for everyone to hear. “If you want the cage removed, this is your chance, bud. Drop your shorts and show everyone what you’re packing.”

Everyone laughed and had their phones out to video.

“Frank,” I said quietly, pretending everyone wasn’t already listening. “Please, don’t.”

Frank laughed and held up a key. “You’re not shy, are you, tough guy? You didn’t seem shy in the gym or about telling people how big your cock was. Let’s see it. If not, and you want to keep the tiny pink cage on forever, I completely understand. You’ve got two minutes to decide before I smash the key to pieces.”

I knew he would do it, and I’m sure everyone here had seen the video of me getting humiliated at the gym. I took a deep breath, covered my groin with one hand, and dropped my shorts to my ankles.

“Step out of them, tough guy. And the shirt comes off, too.”

I had to uncover my groin to take my shirt off. The giggles in the room turned into howling laughter while people moved around me to get a better view.

“Good boy,” Frank said. “Now, hand me your clothes. If you cover yourself again before you leave this house, you won’t get the key.”

I bent down to pick up my shorts, accidentally exposing my butthole to a laughing room of people, and then handed my clothes to Frank. One guy was laughing so hard that he was in tears. I felt humiliated and was doing everything to restrain myself from covering myself.

“Good boy. It’s funny how being naked turns you from a tough guy to a submissive comedy show,” Frank said. Frank then walked to his front door, opened it, and threw the key in his driveway. “See you, tough guy. Maybe some pills can help you with that little problem of yours.”

“I… My… My…keys are in my shorts,” I said.

Frank reached into my shorts, pulled out my keys and phone, and tossed them out the front door. I bolted out the front door, picked up my truck keys, cage key, and phone, and quickly got in my truck. The party was outside the house, laughing hysterically with their phones pointed at me while I drove off naked.


When I got home, I was shocked but not surprised that the key didn’t fit. Frank tricked me again. I knew there was no point in convincing him to give me the real key. He was set on humiliating me as much as he could think of ways. With the fear of my dick permanently shrinking from the cage, I spent the next week calling locksmiths and getting laughed at, hung up on, or having the locksmith think someone was playing a joke.

I finally found a locksmith who hesitantly agreed to try to remove the cage. I walked into his workshop and told him we had talked on the phone. An annoyed look went over his face as he wasn’t sure either if this was just some weird joke.

“OK, bud, come behind the counter and drop your shorts,” he said. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.”
“Can we go somewhere private?” I asked, barely able to find the courage to speak.

“Look, dude. You’re lucky I agree to this, and I’m NOT going into the bathroom alone with you.”

I went behind the counter and looked around. Only a couple of other people were in the room, but the counter shielded my lower body from their view.

I slowly dropped my shorts, feeling like I was doing something inappropriate. When my shorts reached my knees, I looked up to see a slow grin start to appear on this previously annoyed man.

He started to say something but was trying to hold back laughter. “Hold tight right here, bud. I’ll be right back,” he said, quickly turning around and attempting to cover his mouth so he didn’t burst into laughter.

With my shorts now around my ankles, he returned with one of his female coworkers, who immediately did her best to put on a pretend, serious face at the sight of me naked behind the counter. He didn’t need her help, but he wanted someone to share in the experience. He told me he wasn’t touching my dick and needed her to try the different keys.

After twenty minutes of trying different keys, one finally fit, and the cage dropped to the floor, making a clashing noise in the workshop. To my horror, my dick didn’t expand as I had hoped. Even with the worst shrinkage imaginable, I had never seen my dick look so small and shrunken.

“Well,” the male locksmith said with a big air of humor. “There you go, bud. Hope you learned your lesson about putting that shit on your body.”

I felt too in shock and embarrassed to speak. The lady used both hands to cover her mouth, doing her best to stay professional and not burst out laughing. He asked for two hundred dollars because of the type of situation this was. I didn’t dare to argue, and I think he knew that. I handed him my credit card and paid.

“Well, OK, bud,” he said, trying to hide a big grin. “You take care now, OK.”

I could tell he was doing his best not to start making jokes right before me.

“Thank you,” I said with a meek, barely audible voice.

I quickly walked out, looking at the floor, and didn’t look back.


Over the next few weeks, I checked in my shorts daily to see if my dick had started returning to its normal size. It didn’t. I even started using a penis pump, which made it a little thicker for a couple of hours, then shrunk back to its pathetic state. Before the incident, I could get a five-inch boner, maybe a bit more on a good day. Now it was only four inches when hard. Soft, I was now like a turtle, where previously I could have two inches there without shrinkage.

Following this experience, I knew I had to get used to knowing my dick, which I was already self-conscious about, was even smaller. Whenever I was in public, I had this irrational fear that someone would suspect I had such an embarrassing-looking dick.

I started feeling inferior to other men, and part of me started finding this arousing. I knew that almost every guy I interacted with had a bigger dick, and they would probably laugh or not take me seriously if they knew what was in my shorts. To ever try to explain to anyone why my dick is smaller than it used to be, was an even more humiliating thought. I didn’t try to act tough anymore when I was in public.

Frank and Jeff had sent a few videos of me to as many people as possible. Someone messaged me on Facebook and sent me a video they found on a website of me getting pantsed in the gym and running naked after my shorts. The video was edited to be seven minutes long and showed in slow-mo, then zoomed in and paused at certain points that showed me completely exposed and humiliated. At one point, the video paused when I had just been pantsed, and I was squatted down with my butthole and small balls completely visible. Because of the mirror, you could also see the front of me and the tiny pink cage between my legs. That picture showed up a few times on Twitter. The comment section was mortifying.

I was both horrified about ever getting exposed in public again and simultaneously turned on by the idea. After a while, I started jerking off to the video of me getting pantsed in the gym. I would get off on reading the comments that were making fun of me humiliatingly. I was confused to be humiliated and feel inferior about how small my dick was and why it turned me on so much for others to know. I was this former tough guy jerking off to people laughing at my dick size and public humiliation.

I avoided ever being seen naked in public by someone again and wondered what it would be like. I hoped I might run into Frank and Jeff again somewhere inside me. I didn’t know if I would get turned on by being exposed so badly or just mortified again, but I think some of me wanted to find out.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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