Humiliated by young Teen Girls

By jufrey ghost


This happened during my last holiday. I had booked an apartment near an optional nude beach, called Barb’s beach. ‘Optional’ means that neither nudity nor clothed bathing is prohibited. But from my experience most of the people in this beach zone are nude, and you very rarely see people in swimwear.

On this particular day, the beach was not very crowded, and I was swimming, in the nude, of course. I had placed my blanket close to a set of rentable but unoccupied sun loungers. After about ten minutes, I glanced back at my blanket and noticed a group of teenage girls who made themselves comfortable on the loungers. They had obviously rented the chairs, and as fate will, they had chosen the ones next to my stuff.

The girls were noisily chatting just a few meters next to the place where I would have to return soon – naked as jailbird! Christ, my heartbeat immediately increased, and I decided to prolong my swimming time as long as possible. But I KNEW that sooner or later, I would have to get out of the water, so I innermost prayed: “Please Lord, let them go for a swim so that I can return to my blanket unseen.”

Of course, that didn’t help, and the girls didn’t show the slightest inclination to leave their place. Instead, they kept talking and lounging. But not naked! As I mentioned, this was an optional nude beach, so the girls simply kept on their bathing clothes.

After another 15 minutes, I got a little chilly, so I had no choice but to step back to the beach. In the meantime, my penis had shriveled to its smallest size. It was only a ridiculous little stub now. The idea of presenting myself in that state in front of all these young girls made me feel uppermost uncomfortable. Finally, I had no choice and slowly slurped out of the water, and as the beach was shallow, the water level relentlessly sank lower and lower.

They noticed me when I was about fifty feet away, my hips only just above the waterline. I couldn’t help to take a brief look at their appearances. In all, they were four girls, each wearing a bikini–one of them a particular skimpy one! I estimated them to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, one of them a few years younger, maybe ten or eleven. When my tiny dick came into view, I sheepishly looked away and glanced rigidly at my blanket! I didn’t dare to move my eyes in their direction even when I finally reached my spot and hastily dried my naked wet body. But I tell you, I literally felt their glances on me!

Still naked, I immediately lie down on my stomach and put on my earphones, pretending to listen to some music. Actually, I wanted to listen to their talk. I was a bit relieved that they didn’t dare to chat about me, which would have been quite embarrassing as I was so close and in earshot.

Instead, their conversation was about trivial girlie stuff. I learned that one of the girls was called Mel (must have been a short term for Melanie). She was a tall blonde nymphet wearing a scarce black and white bikini. By the way, did I tell you that I put on my sunglasses and secretly observed them?? The other girls’ names were Becca, Steph, and the younger one’s Tina.

Mel was obviously the most talkative one. She was very stunning! As I watched her bronze-colored long shaped legs and her black string, which was revealing nearly all of her perfectly round ass, I couldn’t help but get a hard-on. Luckily, I lay on my stomach with clenched legs so no one could see it! Also, that was necessary because I became even harder when her subject suddenly turned to her new boyfriend called Mitch. She was bragging about him and told them that Mitch was already sixteen! Christ, she could have easily passed for sixteen herself, but that definitely meant that she and her friends were much younger, possibly no older than fourteen or thirteen years! Damn, girls mature so fast nowadays…

Then I did something sick. First, I tried to distract myself and fought against my erection. After an endless time, my dick had finally shrunken to its regular ridiculous size. Then I stood up and turned my back to the girls to hop into my shorts quickly. I grabbed my wallet and secretly placed the Microphone-cable of my mobile between my bag and my laundry. I then arranged the hidden microphone in the girls’ direction, adjusted the record mode, and left. My plan was apparent, and I eagerly wanted to know in which direction their conversation would turn while I was away…

After about fifteen minutes, I returned to my blanket. Meanwhile, the girls were all having some fun in the water, and I couldn’t wait to listen to the audio uptake. Therefore, I hastily plugged in the headphones and started to listen to the recording.

I wasn’t disappointed, folks! You don’t know how naughty and wicked young girls can be nowadays! I guess they waited until I was out of earshot when one girl, for sure it was Mel, said something in a low voice. The microphone had captured it, though it was a bit hard to figure out. But she surely said, “Dudes, did you see that guy’s dick?”

Then another girl, I think it was Tina, the little young one, childishly giggled: “It was really small, wasn’t it?” causing the other girls to burst into boisterous laughter!

“Small?” another one, whose voice I wasn’t able to collate, replied: “It was tiny! THAT tiny!”

I guess she must have emphasized her words by making an unmistakable gesture with her fingers. Then Mel added really loud, “That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen on a man here at Barb’s, and I’ve seen a lot!” She chuckled.

More laughing from the girls. The next statement really shocked me as one of them assumed, “He must be a perv or something. I mean… Why would a guy with such a puny dick show it off at a beach!”

If she only knew how right she was!

“Yeah, he must be some kinda freak. I mean, his shitty little dick is definitely unpresentable,” Mel responded.

Christ, my four-inch boner was hard as a rock now! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Mel then saying, “You know what? My boyfriend’s five times bigger! At least!”

“WHOO! WHOO! WHOO!” hooted one of the other girls in delight.

“Mel! You’re so naughty!” protested Becca, just to fall into laughing again.

Hell, what the fuck! How can a girl THAT young be THAT debauched!

My dick was already dribbling with precum when Becca said, “You know what? Next time, Mr. Tiny Dick goes for a nekkid swim. I gonna film him secretly on my mobile!”

Well, I really did not dare to do her that favor. I simply had heard enough, packed my things, and disappeared.

Until late evening I had jerked off three times and still wasn’t able to fall asleep. Around one am, I decided to go for a walk on the empty beach. Because the air was quite mild, I put on my shorts and a thin shirt. I enjoyed the walk as it was a full moon and wonderfully deserted. However, after some time, I spotted two figures on the horizon. It was a couple walking hand in hand and fooling around. When they came nearer, I recognized the girl. It was Mel with her boyfriend! She must have been a bit under the influence, as she didn’t make any efforts to calm down. Christ, that was the last person I wanted to come upon now! But it was too late! The moon brightened the beach, and it was bound to happen that she would also notice me. Yes, folks, she suddenly spotted me and said, “Hey isn’t that Mr. Tiny Dick from earlier?”

Man, she was really in high spirits and having her boyfriend (a tall, athletic guy) around, she was in no way modest! Just as our ways crossed, she beamed, “Yes, honey, that’s him! That’s the guy who was showing off his baby dick I told you about!”

Her boyfriend looked amused as I was staring on the floor, feeling deeply ashamed now. All I was able to bring out was a weak, “Leave me alone!”

However, that encouraged her even more! She just laughed, turned back, and yelled, “What’s up, Mr. Tiny Dick? Gonna jerk off your pathetic little worm?”

As I looked back in anger, she was smiling. That bitch! She then used her thumb and forefinger and simulated an obscene gesture.

“Ya do it like that, don’t ya?” she called as she ‘air jerked’ an imaginary but VERY small cock.

I didn’t dare to answer that bitch, so I just made my way further ahead, trying to ignore her ongoing taunting. About twenty minutes later, Mel and her boyfriend were already out of sight long ago. I decided to turn and march back to my apartment.

If you now think this was an embarrassing and humiliating day for me, you wouldn’t want to know what the girls and Mitch did to me on the very next day when I met them at the beach again! I tell you, it was the most traumatic experience you can imagine…

The End.


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