Football Jock (Gay SPH)


My name is Jacob, but all my friends call me Jake. I’ve always been a big guy. By the time I was a freshman in high school I was 6’8″ tall. At that time, I found out it was easy for me to put on lots of muscle. I proceeded to work out and by the time I graduated I weighed 280 pounds of solid muscle. My size made me the star football player in high school and had recruiters all over me for college. From my earliest memories, I knew I was gay. I was always attracted to men. The girls were all over me and I had fake girlfriends all through high school. This gave me cover for everyone.

There was one thing that terrified me and still does to this day. Even though I’m always the biggest guy in the room, I probably had the smallest cock of anyone. Being as big as I am, it made my cock look even smaller. The more muscle I packed on the more pathetic it looked. When I’m fully hard it is maybe 3.5 inches and while it is average thickness, it looks puny. My balls are smaller than most also. All through high school I avoided the locker room and showers all the time. I had a million excuses for not walking into those communal showers. Had I done that I knew that everyone would know my secret.

My dick is the only small thing on my body. I have huge hands and when I jerk off I can do it with one finger and a thumb. It is pathetic to see. Everyone would assume that I’m in proportion since I wear size 16 shoes. I found a site online where I could buy underwear and jocks that are padded. This would at least show a little bit of a bulge in my shorts and sweats. Even though I was gay, I never had sex with a guy. My sex life was limited to porn and jerking off my pathetic little cock.

During the summer after high school I continued to work out and by the time I left for college I weighed in at 300 pounds. I was solid and ready for the workouts. Since I was in football, we started early. I was settled into the dorm for about two weeks before my roommate showed up. It was great having the room to myself and I dreaded sharing with someone. Even though the showers were at the end of the hall, they were private.

My roommate showed up with the rest of the students. I was just returning from practice and he was just getting settled. He gave me the up and down look that everyone does. They are always blown away by my size. He was all of 5’6 and probably weighed about 120 pounds. He was good looking for such a small guy. We shook hands and my hand dwarfed his. He said his name was Sean.

I laid down on my bed and watched him as he unpacked. As he moved around I realized that he had some meat swinging between his legs. It looked like he was wearing briefs that could hardly contain his size. At some point in time he sat back on his bed and spread his legs. He was used to showing off his big dick. At that exact moment, he said, “Boy, you like what you see?” His directness turned me on. Then he looked at me and said, “Come over here and feel it.” I couldn’t control myself. I was in a trance.

I walked over to him, and touched the tight fabric around his crotch. At that moment, he reached over and tried to grab my package. He poked and grabbed and got a hand full of fabric. He was quick. He reached in my shorts and was looking inside my shorts. Finally, he went under my padded jock and found my puny cock. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. No one had ever felt my small cock except for me. It all happened so quick. My big had was still touching his big package which was growing even larger. Suddenly he broke out in laughter and said, “Fuck. Another big man with a puny cock. You are pathetic. I bet you want my big cock don’t you.”

I was still stunned and just nodded. I knew from the porn movies what I liked. I loved the guys with big cocks. I liked short guys like him with big cocks. He moved quickly and pulled down my shorts and pulled my jock down. All the time he was snickering. Something funny happened. While he was snickering, my little cock got hard as a rock. It was so small that it didn’t take long to happen. In a few moments, I shot my little load. I couldn’t help myself. It all happened so quickly. I was embarrassed as hell.

He looked at me and said, “Now you will service me. In fact, you will service me whenever and where ever I want. I own your ass and your whole body. You will do what I want. If you don’t, I will let everyone know your little secret.”


The feelings that swept over me were overwhelming. It was the first time another man had every touched me and that was making this that much more complicated. And face it, I weigh 300 pounds and am a hulk of a man. No one dares ever push me around. Something in my mind clicked and my hormones were running rampant. I didn’t know what to expect. My only exposure to sex was porn and my hand.

He owned me and he knew it. There was a look of satisfaction on his face that was probably like the one I have on my face when I crush my opponent on the field. I couldn’t wait to suck on his giant dick. The huge cock on that small body was so hot. I felt like I had been set free and now knew my purpose in life. Here I am the All-American football player with arms bigger than Sean’s head feeling inferior next to him. He instructed me to pull off his shorts and start sucking his cock. I complied without even knowing what I was doing. I was instructed to put the head in my mouth and take it slow. I would need to get accustomed to his size. Since he was still soft and probably 8 inches long, I can only imagine how big he gets. He had balls the size of tennis balls. I caught myself staring at him in amazement. There was absolutely no hair on his body. I can only assume he had shaved any hair in his crotch. Even though he was small, his body was very firm. He sported a hot 6 pack abs. He had fair skin and deep blue eyes. His arrogance turned me on and matched my arrogance around everyone else.

My little dick was hard again. It was so hard that it hurt. Sean commanded me to not touch my little puny pathetic cock. Those words made me want to shoot another load. I held back the best I could. I got on my knees and positioned myself between his wide spread legs. I’m so big he had to spread his legs wide. I slowly grabbed his cock in my big hands. It seemed to fit perfectly in my hands like this is the size cock I should have. Slowly, I put the head in my mouth. I had to open wide. My little cock throbbed and ached. Sean commanded, “Look up at me while you suck on my big cock.” I complied and looked directly into those steel blue eyes. I was under his control and he knew it.

As I started to suck on his uncut head, I realized his cock head is bigger than my entire cock. All of this was making me so hot. It’s also the first time I ever sucked a cock and I pick the one that is bigger than anything I have ever seen even in porn movies. I feel his cock getting bigger in my mouth. I was determined to please him and continued to suck down more of his cock. It kept growing and I was looking up into those hot blue eyes as I sucked him. He was enjoying it. You could tell by the look on his face that not many guys can handle his size. I was determined to suck him expertly.

We repositioned so that his legs were over my shoulders. This way I could get deeper on his cock which kept growing. He had one huge damn cock. At some point, I came again without realizing it but Sean knew. He laughed at me and pointed out how pathetically small I am. This only made me hard again and made me more determined to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had. Now he was verbally taunting me. Telling me how pathetic I was and asked me how it was see a real man’s cock. He called me a pussy boy and kept telling me he owned me. This only made me want to suck even more. Then he said, “How in the fuck do you survive the locker room with something that puny? All your buddies must giggle at how pathetic and small you are.” I stopped sucking for a moment to answer rather sheepishly, “No one ever sees me naked. I make sure that I don’t shower around them.” He started to laugh insanely hard and pushed my head back on his cock.

I sucked him until he was hard. It was a hot time. I was sweating and so was Sean. His cock was hard as a rock now. I pulled my mouth off it and admired it. I told him much I loved his cock and that I would do anything to please him. By this time, I was trying to calculate just how big it was. Not only was it long, it was very thick. I had to open so wide to get it in my mouth. It looked to me like it was almost as thick as a beer can. He looked at me again and said, “Trying to figure out just how big it is?” I nodded and then he said, “What do you think?” Still trying to calculate in my head I just shrugged my shoulders. He looked at me and said, “The last time I measured it came in at 12 inches exactly. You are servicing a foot of cock. And how big is your pathetic cock like 3 inches.” He was laughing at me when he said that. Then he said, “I have the cock that fits your body. You were short-changed and now you are destined to be my pussy boy. I’m exacting revenge for being tormented through school as being the puny little gay feminine boy. You see anything feminine about me?” Then he slammed my face further onto his pole.

I wanted so badly to please him. I’m not sure why I felt this way. It just seemed natural that he would be the dominant one since he had the man’s cock. I felt like I had the little boy cock. I have always felt that way. I felt subservient to him. It was so hard to believe that I felt like he owned me. I did everything I could to open my mouth wide and get that cock down deep in my throat. I wanted to swallow the whole thing. I opened and he pushed and pushed. I took about three quarters of it but couldn’t get it much deeper. He stood up abruptly and said, “On your knees boy.” I obeyed.

Due to our size difference, it worked out better if he stood on the bed. That made it easier for me to suck that huge cock. He held my head and started to fuck my face. Those big balls swinging with every thrust. He ordered me to flex my arms. I complied and gave him a double biceps pose showing off my 23 inch guns. He was impressed as he felt them up. My puny little cock was aching. I needed to cum again. I was afraid that he would make fun of me. He was fucking my face for a long time. It seemed like an hour but it was probably about 20 minutes. Finally, I saw those big balls start to tighten up. A few more thrusts and he pulled out and sprayed cum all over my hairy chest. Gobs and gobs of white cum dripping from my nipples and pecs. Without even touching my pussy boy dick, I came again.

Having all his blood pumping into that huge cock must have worn him out. When he came, he collapsed in my arms. We started kissing passionately. Then he whispered, “I want your ass before the day is over.”

There were so many emotions running through my head. I didn’t know what to think any more. It’s like my entire world had just been turned upside down. I felt subservient to Sean now. Something inside made me want to please him at all costs. I was mesmerized by his cock and the power it had over me. It just goes to show that no matter how big I get my body that I will always be puny next to guys like Sean. I’ve always been frightened that someone would find just how puny I was. You must realize how utterly small my cock looks on my body. It is pathetic.

Now I want that dick up my ass. I think Sean passed out a little. I can only imagine how much it takes out of him to get that huge cock hard. That cock is impressive on a normal sized guy. On him, it looks like a third leg. I got up and found a towel. We had a toilet and sink in our room, but the showers were communal at the end of the hall. I went in the washroom and started to clean up. I looked at myself in the mirror. Something had changed in me. I flexed my arms just to make sure I was all right. My demeanor in the mirror had changed. I seemed more relaxed now and not so uptight. It was the first time having sex for me and it was incredible. I would do absolutely anything to please Sean.

I know that I will always protect him from any bully. They must go through me first. Where did the time go? I realized it was time for practice and I had to get across campus. I threw on my padded jock and shorts, put on my size 16 shoes and then grabbed my gear. Sean made a noise when I was getting ready to leave. I bent over and told him that I had practice and had to run.

He said, “Make sure your ass is ready when you get back.”

I nodded and ran out the door. I ran across campus and got to the locker room just in time. I stuffed my gear in the locker and ran out to the field. It was a brutal practice in the hot fall sun. Our first game was coming up soon and the coach was brutal on us. After practice on the field for an hour, we hit the gym for another hour of lifting. My body was aching. The hot sun and the hard practice plus the lifting afterwards drained everything out of me. As the other guys were leaving and heading to the locker room, I stayed back. I always did this back in high school too.

I’d do some extra reps and then hit the gym when they were all in the shower. I’d grab my gear real fast and run out. Today was no different. I did my extra reps and headed off to the locker room. This time I was startled to run into a senior player. He was hanging out by his locker and taking his time. He was the quarterback and not nearly as big as me. He was probably about 6’1” and 225 or so. I still had about 75 pounds on him. I hurriedly went to my locker and grabbed my stuff.

I was running out and he stopped me and said, “What’s your hurry?”

It threw me off guard. I looked at him and didn’t know what to say. I stammered a little and said I had to meet someone.

Then he said, “Without a shower? Man, you are rank. You know that, don’t you?”

I’m sure I smelled bad. I sweat like hell when I work out and with this hot weather, I’m sure I was particularly rank. I hadn’t looked that closely at him until now. Obviously, he was built. He was shirtless and had very little hair on his body. Only a wisp of hair on his chest. He had a great V-shape. It was a sexy look. Then I made the mistake. I looked right down at his crotch. My eyes stayed there for a lot longer than they should. His crotch was sizable. He filled out his jock well and that’s all he had on. I felt my little dick get hard again. I guess I’m the horniest guy around. He sized up my package and must have realized that I’m not packing anything in there. The only thing in there is some extra padding.

Then he said, “Put your stuff down and cum with me. I know where we can have some private time.”

I put my bag back in my locker and followed him. He said there was an old private shower that no one ever used. I’m not sure what I was thinking at this point. I guess I’m just 18 and constantly horny and making up for not having sex before today. I know that I wanted to see what was filling up that jockstrap. Here I am again a huge guy like me weighing 300 pounds following the quarterback around like a puppy dog. While I was walking with him I sized up how hot he looked.

You know, some guys walk cock first. It’s hard to explain but their whole persona is about getting you to notice how big his cock is. Those broad shoulders to the narrow hips extenuated it. When we got back to the remote area, there was a shower. It was nice and private. He turned around and leaned up against the wall and commanded me to suck his cock. I got on my knees and first sniffed his jock.

It was sweaty and had that musky manly scent I felt my little cock get hard as a rock. I pulled the jock down and let out the meat. He had two huge fucking balls. They were trimmed nicely. His pubic hair was trimmed, but not shaved clean. His dick was thick and uncut. He wasn’t as big as Sean, but he was big.

He ordered me to pull down my shorts and stated, “I want to get a look at that pathetic thing you call a cock.”

I complied without even questioning him. I removed my shorts and tried to hide my padded jock.

He stopped me and said, “Let me sniff your jock.” I hesitated but he grabbed it. At that moment, I wished I could run, but I didn’t. Something held me there. He laughed, “You think having a padded jock will make you feel more like a man? You must be kidding. You are nothing more than a pathetic pussy boy.”

My little cock was so hard, I thought I was going to burst right there. I tried to control it, but I couldn’t. I shot cum from my little pathetic cock. He started laughing at me and told me how pathetic I was. He commanded me again to start sucking. His cock was starting to get hard. I sucked it all the way in. I opened wide and knew that I needed to please him. In fact, I wanted to please him badly. I loved the smell and the taste. It made me feel good and warm. It made me feel whole again. As I sucked on him, I could hear him moaning. I could feel the internal moaning. He kept getting harder and harder in my mouth. His cock was big, but not nearly as big as Sean’s cock. I would say it is around 8” long and very thick.

He said, “You like sucking a real man’s cock boy? What’s it feel like sucking this big cock? You like it?”

I moaned and he knew I liked it. I got into a rhythm on his cock. I was stretching my mouth wide and taking in as much as I could. I would suck all the way to the base and hold it for a few seconds and then go back to my regular rhythm. After I was sucking for a while, I felt those big balls tighten. This was the signal that he was getting close. He started to thrust into my throat like he was fucking my face. He would thrust deep and then pull out. I felt his balls getting tighter and tighter.

Then I felt his hands on the back of my head. He pushed my head all the way down on his cock and held me there. I felt the warm streams of come in the back of my throat. Wet, hot and salty as it filled me up. He held me there for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a minute. As he relaxed he let me go and pulled out his cock which was getting softer. I looked down and saw that I had cum again while he fucked my face.

He looked down at me, laughed, and said, “Pathetic pussy boy. What can you do with that little boy cock?”

I was stunned. Now, on the first day that I’ve ever had sex, I’ve had sex with two equally hot men. He looked at me and said lets shower. We washed each other down. I know he was impressed with my muscle mass and size and I was infatuated with his big cock. We quickly dried each other off. I put my clothes on and when we got back, everyone had left. I was happy about that. We both left and went our separate ways. I couldn’t wait to get back to Sean. As I was walking across campus back to my room, my mind was wandering.

This had been one hell of a day and it was still early. My whole life just turned upside down. I now know that my place is pleasing guys with big dicks. Everything about a big dick turns me on. Just thinking about Sean’s big dick right now is making my little dick hard. I have missed out all these years. I would do absolutely anything to please him. Strolling across campus now was different with everyone moving in. It is much more full of life. As usual my size attracts a lot of attention both from both men and women. I’m used to this and love all the attention.

Even though I keep myself big and in shape for football, I like the attention. At 6’8” and 300 pounds it is hard not to notice me. After this season, I want to try for some more mass. I have this desire to be even bigger. Partly I think it’s to make up for my puny cock. Anyway, I love my size. That’s for sure. I know it will be easy to get some juice to help me bulk up. I finally get back to the room and Sean is there in his gym shorts and it looks like no underwear. All I can think is damn, I want that cock again. If I’m honest, I want that cock all the time.

As I walked back in he said, “I’m glad you’re back, my little bitch.” He is so much in charge and I just melt. He then said, “We have some manscaping to do before I fuck you. Get naked and come in here.” I noticed he had a razor out and shaving cream. He goes, “I prefer my pussy boys have a shaved ass and shaved crotch. Let’s get going. Bend over so I can shave your ass.”

I did as I was told and bent over and held on to the toilet. Sean slowly spread the shaving cream over my ass. Remember how big I am. My ass is huge. Then he starts shaving me. He makes sure that he spreads my cheeks and shaves deep in my crack. When done, he wipes off my ass and gives it a couple of slaps. Then he spreads my cheeks again and I feel something wet. I look around and his head is licking my hole. It’s very sensitive but it feels good. He keeps at it for a long time and of course my pathetic little cock gets hard. After a few minutes of me writhing and moaning, he pulls away. Then he commands me to turn around. As I stand up and turn around, he catches sight of my hard cock.

He starts laughing and says, “That has to be the puniest cock I’ve ever seen. You are a real pussy boy. You are MY pussy boy.”

He pulls out the beard trimmer and starts trimming my crotch and balls. The balls take no time and when he’s done he gets out the shaving cream. He says he wants me smooth like a little pussy boy. He applies the shaving cream and shaves the whole crotch area.

When he’s done, he says, “Much better. Just like a real pussy now.”

I’m stunned. I’m so turned on I can’t stand it. My little cock is throbbing. I’ve never had anyone pay so much attention to me. I like it.

Sean then says, “I have to take a piss and I want you to hold it for me. You should know what a real man’s dick is like when it pisses.”

I nodded. He went to the toilet and raised the seat. I stood behind him and had to squat down a little and reached around to hold his dick for him. The size of that monster soft was amazing. It fit my big hands perfectly. It’s the size cock that I should have instead of this puny thing. I looked over him and aimed at the water. I heard it streaming and felt it gushing. The sound it made was loud. It was a manly piss.

It is the sound that tells everyone that there is a real man here pissing and you should notice. I was flooded by so many emotions I could hardly stand it. He pissed for what seemed like an hour. When he was finished, he helped me shake off the final drops and then I let go. I didn’t want to let go. I wanted to hold his big dick all day long.

We walked back into the room and he stated, “Now I’m going to fuck you. Before we do that, I’m going to try to loosen you up a little. You’ve never been assaulted by anything in the ass before, have you?” I shook my head no. He commanded me to get on all fours on the floor. He walked to his dresser and pulled out a couple of small dildo’s. He said, “I’m going to warm you up with these.”

He walked around me and started to lube my ass. I looked around and could feel something in my ass. I’m not sure what it was but it felt huge.

He stated, “Relax. You are very tight and I need to loosen you up a little. I’m going to work around with a couple of fingers.”

I thought it was not so bad. Plus, he had small hands. He was working in deeper and deeper. My little cock was still hard as a rock. He said he was going to use two fingers. After that, I heard him greasing up the smaller dildo. I felt it go in. It felt like I was sitting on a fire hydrant. Nothing had ever been up there before. It was both uncomfortable and exciting. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. He kept telling me to relax. I tried my best. He was pushing the dildo in and out. He kept thrusting it deeper and deeper. I was starting to get into the rhythm and pushing back on him as he thrust. It was starting to feel good. Then he pulled out the larger dildo, which was still only about half the size of his cock. He greased it up and just shoved it in all the way as fast as he could. I lost my breath and was shocked by this movement. It felt so good though. I wanted his cock so bad. I was sweating and in heaven. After I got used to this size, he said it was time for the real thing.

I’m so big, we had to maneuver around so that I was in the right position for him to fuck me. He pulled off his shorts and was stroking that big cock in my face. He commanded me to suck him to get hard. He didn’t have to ask twice. I was still on all fours and he was fucking my face. I want that dick badly and I want to please him. I slurped and sucked and played with those huge fucking balls until I could feel him getting hard in my mouth. I love the size.

I’m spoiled by his size. He held my head and used my mouth and throat to get hard. It takes him a lot longer to get hard that It does me. I work on it, suck on it and flex for him when he commands me to. It seems like an hour, but I finally get him hard. He goes around to my ass and spreads it with lube. I hear him lubing up his pole too. Right before he is ready to push it in he says,

“Remember we are in the dorm. Don’t scream.”

I thought to myself, I’m a big guy. I won’t scream. At that moment, he pushed that giant prick all the way up my ass. I mean he crams it all the way in. Tears flow from my eyes. I know I can’t scream but I want to so badly. I do have some very low guttural moans. I don’t know how far in he went, but it felt like he was ripping up my asshole. It shocked the hell out of me. I never thought it would feel like someone is ripping my guts out. He just stood still for a minute. I’m sure he was giving me time to adjust. Not only is his dick long it’s so fucking thick. I couldn’t speak. I think all the air drained from my lungs.

He said quietly, “Make sure you breathe.” I slowly started to breathe and tried to look around at him. I could only see a glimpse of him. He then said, “I have it about half way in. I want you to get used to it. You are going to take it all. Remember, to open up for me and push back. That will make it easier as I start fucking you.”

I was thinking to myself, “Only half. What am I in for?”

I relaxed as best I could. I felt him pulling out. I thought maybe he changed his mind. I didn’t want to disappoint him. At that moment, he thrusted me again. This time all the way. I’m sure it was all the way. It hurt like a mother fucker. It had me so stretched out that I didn’t know which way was up. It was such a combination of pain and pleasure that I didn’t know what to do. I did know deep down that this is what I wanted and needed. Being a pussy boy is what makes me whole.

That huge cock in my ass made me whole again. I wanted to please him so bad. Without saying another word, he pulled out and thrust all the way in again. He was moaning as he started thrusting in and out. I could feel those huge balls slapping my ass. I wanted desperately to see him fuck me. I looked around and got a glimpse of him in the closet mirror. It was a sight. This 120-pound man basically on top of my 300-pound frame and fucking the hell out of my ass. He had to maneuver in and out and contort his body to fuck me. He was fucking me hard. It was aggressive but not angry. It was like he was in control and he knew what to do to make me feel whole.

That’s what it did. It made me feel whole. After a while I could match his rhythm and work his dick more. I know this made him feel good as I could hear him moan some more. I was in heaven. There were so many emotions running over me that I could hardly count them. The absolute pounding went on for a long time. My ass hurt but it felt good all at the same time. I know I came at least once without touching my little cock, but that little thing was still hard. He fucked me and fucked me some more.

I know he enjoyed my ass as much as I enjoyed his cock. I was his now. I belonged to him. At that moment, he pulled out and started to cum all over my back. I could feel the thick hot streams of cum on my back. They kept coming and coming. My back was soaked. My little cock shot another load without me touching it. It was so hot. Everything was drained out of me. I couldn’t move.

He got up and said, “You better clean off, pussy boy. Now I know I own you. I just ruined you. You will never be satisfied by a cock smaller than mine. You will always server me.”

With that, I got up and went into the sink to clean up. I watched him with that huge cock. I know this sounds odd, but I wanted him again. As I was washing the cum off me, I realized he was right. Sean opened me up to something very new. I am the pussy boy that he says and it makes me feel whole. While I was doing this it also occurred to me that I hadn’t eaten in a very long time. When you are as big as I am, you are used to eating every couple of hours. I can’t lose any size and would prefer to gain some more mass.

I went to the refrigerator and found one of my weight gain shakes and downed it in two seconds flat. I was still starving and decided to head off to the mess to eat. Sean was asleep on the bed now so I slipped out in my shorts and flip flops with a tight tank top on. On my trip across campus to the mess hall, I went through the day’s events in my head. It had been one hell of a day. I was a virgin until about 6 hours ago. Now I’ve been fucked by one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen and sucked on another one. This is very fun. Look what I’ve missed all these years. Even though my ass is sore, it feels great. I feel fulfilled when there is a cock inside me.

It’s like I know what my purpose is. I’m here to please big cocks. The mess hall was more crowded now that all the regular students were there. I piled my tray to the brim. I was ravenous and couldn’t wait to eat. I found the jock tables and went and joined them. I don’t feel so bad with this much food around them. Plus, I can get by with seconds too as I know I will still be hungry. Everyone was chatting about their classes tomorrow and how the jocks get the easy schedules. After I polished off my first tray, I decided to get seconds. I was still hungry. One of the workers caught my eye. He was taller than most guys and very thin. He probably was about 6’2” or so and skinny as can be. His tight skinny jeans were hot as hell and he was packing some sizable meat in there.

I must have been looking at his crotch a little too intently as when I looked up at his face he was smiling. He leaned over the counter and said meet me in room 223 in this building in 20 minutes. I smiled and said I would. I’m shoveling in my second tray of food and my stomach has finally stopped growling. Being this size I can eat as much as I want. I want to gain weight. For me to be successful I need to put on some more size. These guys are huge and quick. I finished my tray and sat back in my chair and rubbed my full belly.

Damn it felt good. It even made my little dick hard. No one can tell since it’s so fucking small. As I looked at the clock, I realized it was time to meet the hot dude upstairs. I got up and dumped my tray and went looking for this room. I practically ran up the flight of stairs I was so excited. I went wandering down the hall. I found it and opened the door and walked in. It was like a small storage room. There was a small desk and a bunch of shelves. Sitting at the desk was the hot guy from downstairs.

As I walked in, he said, “Hi. I’m Nate. I think you want this?”

He was holding his crotch. I must have a big sign on my head that says I will suck cock. Or, you can fuck me. This was blowing my mind. I just nodded my head and said, “I’m Jake.”

So, Nate said, “You want to flex those big arms for me?”

I smiled and said, “You like these 23 inch arms?”

I was grinning while I bent over so he could feel them. My little cock was hard as a rock. This attention was getting to me. I wanted his cock bad. I reached down and squeezed his bulge with my big hands. I heard him gasp when I did that. His jeans were so tight I knew that big cock between his legs wanted out.

He looked at me and said, “What are you waiting for?”

With that I unzipped his jeans and felt inside. He wasn’t wearing any briefs. It was all meat. He thrust his hips up so I could wrangle him out of those tight ass jeans. I slid them down a little and he helped with the rest. They were in a puddle at his ankles. Oh, man was his cock big. Not as big as Sean’s cock, but it was big and fat. The balls were giant sized. I still don’t know how he fit all that meat inside those jeans. I could smell the aroma of sweaty manly cock. It was like a drug to me. He was uncut and thick. The foreskin covered his cock like a fat salami.

His crotch and balls were completely shaved. It was sexy with a cock that big. It didn’t take me long until I was sucking him like there was no tomorrow. I swallowed him all the way. I wanted him to grow in my throat. That made him lay back and moan. He commanded me to flex while I sucked him. I complied. I like showing off my guns. His head is back and he is moaning like crazy.

Suddenly he grabs my crotch and said, “Yep. Just as I thought. A puny dick jock. You guys all try to get big to hide the fact you have a puny cock. You can be my pussy boy.”

I was sucking like crazy. His cock kept growing and growing. By the time he was fully hard, it was probably 9” long and fat. Of course, he’s like 3 times my size. His dick, that is. I’m probably almost double his weight. His body is lean and hot though.

At that moment, he said, “I need to fuck you.”

He stood up and had me get on all fours. The room was small but we figured it out and he was inside me in no time. He didn’t hold back. He went right to work. He was thrusting in all the way and back out. He commented that it was nice that I had a shaved pussy for him. It turned me on when guys referred to me as a pussy. I just seems like my place now. He was pounding away on my pussy ass and pounding away.

His big fat balls were slapping on my ass as he was pounding. It felt very good. He wanted to feel my guns again so I raised up a little and flexed for him. These skinny dudes with giant dicks turned me on. I wanted to do anything for him. He pounded me harder and harder. I could tell it was almost time for him. Those huge balls slapping on my ass started to tighten up. His fucking was getting harder. Then there was one long thrust and he collapsed on my back.

He was totally spent and just laid there for a few minutes. Finally, his dick started to get soft and he pulled out. He went around to the front of me and told me to clean it off with my tongue. I did as I was told. Damn, that tasted good. Again, I realized that I had cum during this encounter. I was still on my knees and he started to pull up his jeans. His did was partially soft, but not completely. He was struggling to pull up the jeans. They were so tight and yet very sexy.

He said, “How big are those guns?” I said, “23 inches and growing.”

He said, “I like that. And I love growing boys. I’m totally into muscle size and mass and you have mass.” He finally got the jeans on and turned to walk out the door and said, “Same time tomorrow!”

With that he left. I was sitting there with my ass still dripping cum. I looked around and found some rags in the corner. I wiped up and headed out the door with the biggest smile on my face.

What a day this had been.

And yet it’s still early.


The End.


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