An Unexpected Presentation

By BabyDickLover.

I lay on my bed, drifting to sleep from the dull world of physics. I am a university student, and during this winter break, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to take an accelerated course. This course would help me graduate early, but I dreaded physics. It was a challenging class, and I needed to pass, so most nights were dedicated to my textbook, devoted equally to studying scripture. I slowly began to lose focus, and during that, I received a text message from my good friend, Jara.

“Hey Vanessa, I am sure your eyes are living in that textbook, but this will brighten your evening.”

At the time, Jara attended an immersive winter break experience in Ibiza. I really wanted to go, but I couldn’t afford it and didn’t qualify for any financial aid. It bummed me out because I could never afford to attend events like these all my life, and I always thought people judged me for it. I attend a prestigious university; most students come from wealth and privilege.

Most students don’t make it a big deal, but some arrogantly remind me, like Josh Pecker. Josh is a very successful athlete on the soccer team, and he constantly reminds everyone how amazing he is. It pains me to admit he is hot. He is a tall, buff white guy and very charismatic, which is how people overlook his asinine attitude. He believes in progressive ideals, and if you disagree with him, he repeatedly shames you. He shames me for being religious because he is an atheist. Needless to say, we disagree entirely, but I still treat everyone with respect. I wish he did the same because he always finds different ways to criticize me coldly for how I think.

In one situation, he humiliated me in front of the entire class when we took the same public speaking and debate course. He made me feel like a complete moron for believing we should increase the drinking age because our brains develop until we are 25 years old, and we shouldn’t soil that precious time on consuming alcohol. He literally called me an “idiot” during the debate, and while the professor punished him for saying that, the entire class of 450 students laughed at his comment and basically affirmed what he said. I was more embarrassed than I ever have been in my whole life. I felt depressed for over a week and couldn’t stomach attending class. Eventually, it died down, but Josh always made it a point to remind me.

I waited patiently for what Jara was about to send me. A video popped into our message, and I played it. It looked like it was filmed in a nightclub or somewhere like that.
I thought, “Wait, this is—that’s Josh, and he’s up on stage with a hot woman or stripper. What the hell, she is stripping him. Why did Jara send me this? I don’t want to see this.”

The video continued, and—

“Oh my goodness, wait, she just pulled his…”

I couldn’t believe what this video showed me. It felt like my mind lied to me, and this wasn’t real. My eyes widened with soaring glee, and I squinted, trying to make out Josh in this particular state. Automatically, without hesitation, I covered my mouth and started giggling.

I responded to Jara’s text, “I can’t believe what I just saw, LMAO.”

“Neither can I. It was a surprise to all of us, hahaha. Now I understand why he’s always so angry with the world. I would be, too, if you know, I was like that. Could you even see it?”

“It was tough, but I had to zoom in and squint my eyes.”

“I don’t think there is enough zoom functionality in the world for that to happen.”

“Wait—I have an idea. 😈”

“Oh no, you and your ideas…”

An evil smile crept up on my face, comparable to the Joker’s wicked grin.

“This is the ammunition I need. Josh will be sorry he ever challenged me.”


Ten weeks later…

Every student needs to complete an introductory biology class—a massive class with over 500 students. I snooped around to discover the class Josh signed up for to enroll. I convinced Jara to register for the same class and assured her she wouldn’t regret it. I needed to find the ideal opportunity to show this video of who Josh really was. The professor announced instead of a midterm exam, we would present a creative, oral report on a fascinating subject about the human body. This fantastic news provoked my ultimate chance.

I was in a previous class with Josh and remembered his Google account. With the help of my friend, who is a software engineer, she assisted me in hacking his account. I was in the public library, where I explored his entire history, hoping to find his presentation. I stumbled on it and was impressed as I looked through it. Luckily, he included a slide on a video demonstration. I needed to be agile, nimble, and ultimately, delicate in this situation and ensure nothing can trace back to me. I needed to switch the video right before his presentation. Watching the video again, I still can’t believe this was real, and I can’t imagine how the class would react. I couldn’t wait to find out.

A week later, it came slower than I thought. I presented splendidly and made sure to do it right before Josh. I signed up to present before him. Before I presented, I added several files to the computer so he would have difficulty closing the video. I watched with pleasure as he presented. Quickly, I logged into his account to replace the video. He told the story of the brain with charisma and confidence. That will be gone relatively quickly. He played the video.

The video started at a nightclub in Ibiza. It was a fun night filled with excitement and dancing. A beautiful stripper wearing only a thong and bra prompted Josh to stand onstage. He enthusiastically joined her, she started dancing on him, and he caressed her sexy sides.

Everyone in the classroom looked absolutely shocked, and some utterly disgusted. And Josh frantically tried to turn the video off, but nothing worked. Josh—with horror in his pitiful eyes and shaky palms, failed to shut down the video. He knew exactly what was going to happen. He never knew this was recorded and already suffered extreme humiliation from his fellow peers during the winter break experience. He begged them, and they agreed they wouldn’t mention it to anyone.

In my mind, “This is perfect. Everything is going according to my elaborate plan.”

The video proceeded with the stripper laying Joshua down on his back as she teased him by touching him everywhere. She stripped him completely, leaving him in only his underwear. The audience was interested in seeing what this beautiful, athletic stud was packing. She violently ripped off his underwear with her bare hands like a predator hunting its prey, arousing the audience with her sexual tenacity. His privates bounced elegantly for the now ecstatic audience. Now, everyone had a clear image of the hot naked man pridefully showing off his sexy body. His unmistakable shame was enormous, but something wasn’t and would never be.

Between his muscular, smooth legs was a ridiculously tiny penis. It was an extraordinarily small button nub almost nesting inside him. He was completely smooth, almost like a boy before he reached puberty, which I’m sure everyone was questioning if this man even went through puberty. Josh was clearly inebriated as he staggered on the stage, so he couldn’t comprehend his humiliating position with everyone in the club gawking at his little baby-like shortcomings.

The stripper looked wildly surprised as she first saw how tiny his penis was. She almost couldn’t believe it. She had the biggest smile but wanted to remain professional. She grinded her bodacious ass on his little, tiny gherkin, covering the entire thing with minimal effort. She grabbed his little boy penis with two fingers and wiggled it before him. This goddess looked to the audience, and many women either gave him the small penis sign with their fingers or flexed their pinkies at him. Several people shouted:

“That is a very small penis.”

“I had no idea they came that ridiculously small and pathetic.”

“I want that little tiny worm in my mouth.”

“Who let the kid in the bar?”

“I just want to slurp up his teeny cutie patootie.”

“His future girlfriend will always be faking it.”

“That’s got to be the smallest weenie I have ever seen.”

“I am drooling at him. Look how adorable he is. You may want to change his diapers.”

“Jesus, he must go pee-pee on his miniscule balls, even those I can barely see.”

“He sure is cute; too bad about the baby peen.”

“What a pretty little boy and tasty pinky.”

“Look at that! He shaves his little pee-pee. Aww, poor boy is so small, he shaves it just to see it.”

“Wow, my little one is huge compared to that little thing.”

“Where is this little boy’s mommy?”

“Aww, I can barely see it. I feel so bad for him. I hope he finds a girlfriend one day, but it will be difficult.”

“It must be freezing in this room.”

He slightly understood what was happening and covered his little genitals with a timid smile and rosy cheeks. The stripper giggled slightly and roughly pulled his hands away, exposing the tiny little pinky tip for everyone’s pleasure. Several attendees found this scene quite amusing, but many people clearly pitied him going through life with very little to show where it mattered. Secretly, some men were proud of what they had after seeing the super cute little baby firehose petite Josh was carrying. His muscles vastly contrasted the teenie weeny grape attached to his legs.

There was someone in the audience who couldn’t contain herself at all. She couldn’t quit laughing at the little show this brave boy was putting on. The stripper took everything off him, leaving him completely butt naked like the day he was born. She happily threw his garments to the screaming audience members and treasured them like pans of gold.

She picked him up, and he danced with her. His dancing showed everyone just how tiny he was as the little guy hopped up and down with each move Josh performed. So many people were pointing, recording the event, and laughing louder than a drunken sailor. Everyone hooted and catcalled the brave man, having his privates exposed like they were. The ridiculous laughter directed at his little cock wouldn’t stop. Many members of the audience infantilized him based on the very tiny shape and size of his little penis.

She grabbed his teenie weenie dinkle, and it began to harden. It grew to a whopping and giant 3.5 inches, and measuring it wouldn’t do anything; it was clear that he was sporting one of the tiniest erections these people had seen. It was thick, though, which could be an advantage for the shy little wee-wee guy. She fondled his little boner with her bigger pinky. This made the audience laugh even more raucously. What a little baby tallywhacker as it sprung around like an adorable bobblehead. They danced together as his hardened pre-teen ding-dong was bouncing to the music.

A fat woman screamed, “Oooh, baby. Shake that little thing for momma.”

He giggled and shook his little feather with confidence. He held his hips with sheer assertiveness and self-assurance as everyone looked closely at his undeveloped little thimble leaking gallons of pre-cum as he dry-humped the air. It was so tiny that even the air was unsatisfied. He turned around and twerked his rock-hard ass. The stripper spanked him a couple of times. The video ended around there with the filmmaker laughing the loudest out of everyone at his minute little ding-a-ling.

The entire classroom was shocked as the video finished, but many viscerally laughed out of the absurdity of not only the video but the little star of the video. Hundreds of students couldn’t believe Josh Pecker had the most petite pecker they had ever seen. This was the one who was better at everything, and he made sure they knew it.

Now, he’s confronted being the best at everything, except having sex, for obvious reasons. Josh couldn’t do anything to shut down the video, so he had to muster up the courage to stand there and smile sheepishly as the video continued. He knew this was his worst nightmare, and we all sat here soaking up his tiny, little, microscopic, minimized, compact, diminutive half-inch dinky winky.

This wouldn’t be as fun if he weren’t hung like a little freaking toddler incompetent of satisfying any girls in the room. I looked right at him, and he faced me. My eyes sharpened with retribution, and I smiled with temptation. He looked right at my amusement with humiliation as his little penis was degraded by almost everyone in the classroom.

The worst part was that he flirted with many female students and treated them like crap after they rejected him. They were incredibly fortunate in their choice not to date this little boy posing as an adult. His baby face was completely red with embarrassment, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Even the professor was sick and tired of this athlete’s attitude and was discreetly finding pleasure in this. The video finally ended, and Josh just stood there frozen. Everyone continued giggling—even the professor tried to suppress her laughter.

The professor finally spoke, “Well, Josh, can you please explain what we just saw?”

He screamed, “I don’t know what that was. I had a video of how the neurons worked.”

Everyone was now—without caring—looking at Josh’s tiny button crotch area. They were elated with how flat it looked.

“Do you think we buy that bullshit? You wanted to expose yourself, you nasty little flashing pervert.”

He was surprised at how horrible his professor was being.

“It isn’t true at all. Why would I want anyone to see my lit—umm, me like that?”

“To see your what?”

“To see me naked.”

“No, Josh, what were you going to say?”

“Fine, why would I want anyone to see my penis?”

“That isn’t what you said. What did you say?”

Josh looked horrified and clenched his jaw, “Alright, why would I want anyone to see my little penis?”

The entire class erupted in even more giggles.

“I don’t know why you wanted to show your LITTLE penis to the entire class, but I shouldn’t tolerate this. Usually, I would punish any student for this indecency, but what punishment could match the humiliation you just experienced? You probably thought this would help you find a girlfriend, but your tiny plan backfired as everyone laughed at your very small penis. Actually, I am passing you for this from your exceptional presentation, and because your little stunt is what I asked you to provide. The assignment was to show how extraordinary the human body can be. That incredibly tiny micropenis is indeed ‘extraordinary’ for the extra small size.”

He held his head down with shame as he walked back to his seat as everyone giggled, waved their pinkies, and squished their two fingers together. I could barely contain my laughter, and neither could Jara.

I shared the video with the entire campus in the following weeks of this incident. Everyone knew how tiny Josh was; he would probably never live it down. He was cursed with a small, stunted penis, and now everyone knew. Everyone called him “Josh Little Pecker.” Fortunately for him, a cute girl named Twiggy approached him after class. She had a desire for men with very small penises, and she wanted to date him. She promised she would do nasty, dominating, and wondrous things to his little package. They’ve been together since, and he seems happy to be with her. I’m a little annoyed he found his little happy ending.

He was supposed to suffer indefinitely, and I don’t think I will get over this. He seems happier, more optimistic, and genuinely a more sociable person. I wonder if this situation humbled him or if he’s glad he is no longer a virgin and his little dicklette can swim and get easily lost in a warm pussy now.

It doesn’t matter because I can tell he is mortified that his little penis was exposed, and that was enough for me to be satisfied. He must be so embarrassed that everyone knows and has seen his little nubby noogie. Eventually, it died down, like everything else. However, he was still paranoid that anyone he met on campus knew about his scrawny-sized little secret. I heard the locker rooms were the worst for him. He still received many smirks and giggles from people around him, and many reminded him of the incident.


The End.


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