The Night Watchman

By Anon. For over a year now, I have been working as a night guard for Newton Labs. The pay is good, and I get to carry a gun, but it can get quite boring at times. Turns out tonight was not going to be one of those nights. I was sitting at my post, thumbing through a Playboy, when I saw camera six shut down out of the corner of my eye. I gave the monitors a little tap,

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The Tale of Small Dick

By Anon. My name is Dick Warren. I am 25 years old, 5’4″, and slight build (all over). I work as a stock controller for a small toy selling company. My lovely wife, Liz, is a year younger, 5’8″ with a 36-24-36 figure that most men drool over. We had been trying for a baby for the three years we had been married, but no success. In exasperation, Liz insisted that we visit a doctor together to try and sort

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Our Reader’s SPH Experiences: The Riot

By Anon. The riots and looting in London received much media attention in the UK and worldwide. Many shocking and disgusting stories filled news reports, Twitter, and newspapers. Death, fire, and mass disorder hit sections of the city. Many stories of people losing business, homes, cars, etc., were reported. Another story that shocked me was the stripping of people for phones and bags and a lot of what they were wearing. It’s not uncommon for an expensive bag, sunglasses, jacket,

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Sorority Girls & the Professor!

By mildmanInVa. I had been grading papers late in my office and was walking across the Quad at the University when my arm was shoved up into the middle of my back, causing me to drop my briefcase. Before I could even react, I was thrown to the ground face first and felt a knee holding me in place, putting a quick end to my struggling. A ball gag was roughly put in my mouth, and I was blindfolded. The

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Gymnasts From Hell

By MildmanInVa. After kissing my wife goodbye for the weekend, I grabbed the morning paper and headed back into the house, dressed only in my robe and briefs. She was off to check on her ailing mother, which left me to fend for myself with my new stepdaughter. This was the second marriage for both of us, and 18-year-old Traci was part of the package my wife brought with her when we married two months ago. Traci was an incredibly

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The Job Interview!

By Anon. I sat in the spacious office with the gigantic walnut desk separating me from Darla Worthington, President of Armstrong Industries. I was sweating bullets, being 53 years old and out of work for the past six months. I had to have a job fast, or I would soon be on food stamps. I nervously watched Ms. Worthington slip through the pages of the rather large folder containing my application, aptitude test, resume, and medical exam results. “I see,

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