Femdom Student and her Professor!

By MildmaninVA. You sure know a lot about numbers,” Samantha said to her professor after the room emptied. Doctor Small sat behind his desk, scribbling on some papers. “You know, professor, there is a rumor about you going around campus,” she says coyly, placing both hands on top of the desk. He put his pen down and looked up at her. “And what is that, Miss Gray?” he asked, pushing his spectacles up. “Well,” she said slowly, “some of the

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The Tale of Small Dick

By Anon. My name is Dick Warren. I am 25 years old, 5’4″, and slight build (all over). I work as a stock controller for a small toy selling company. My lovely wife, Liz, is a year younger, 5’8″ with a 36-24-36 figure that most men drool over. We had been trying for a baby for the three years we had been married, but no success. In exasperation, Liz insisted that we visit a doctor together to try and sort

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Small Penis Exposed!

By Anon. James Thomas had always lived in the close. He had always walked past the big house on the corner, set back further than its neighbors, with high fences and dark blinds. He had always wondered who could live in such a scary place. The occupant was said to have an aristocratic heritage, keep her husband in service, and only leave her property under the moon’s light. Those insomniacs and voyeurs who had made out a silhouette in the

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